Friday, August 21, 2020

Distance Learning

 So my nephew's Grade 7 class has started by receiving the video materials and the books.The videos  were given to my sister via a flash drive while also being available through Google Drive. My sister and my nephew are also part of official Facebook group chats of the school and class while there's also the official student online platform where modules are uploaded and the schedules of submissions and such are posted. I watched the videos, some are provided by a textbook supplier which are quite good and has the Encarta feel but what I really like the videos produced by the school themselves especially the Math one. The teacher was in the video while there's a Powerpoint slide presentation for the visuals of what she's discussing. The teacher's voice is clear and she conducts herself as if she was really in the classroom. It was able to dig up my Math nightmares memories too! I'm glad my sister enrolled my nephew in this school as they are really quite competent so far. It's very essential because this new system is such a big challenge. 


Unknown said...

Nakakainggit etong time nila na sa bahay sila nagschooling. Ayoko na lang isipin na wala silang choice for now.

forg/jecoup said...

Sabi he prefers daw school sana pero syempre he enjoys sa bahay kasi may computer. Literal na di kasi sya nakalabas ng bahay since last day nung pasok nya sa school