Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Midyear

I'm back from Heraldo Filipino's Midyear Workshop. Thank God, it did not rain! It was really fun. I'm glad that 90% of the HF Team 22 members were present. Previous workshops, only half or even less of it attended. So this midyear is a breakthrough. We also saved money because we opted to cook our meals than have catering services. Each section who were assigned to cook was able to save money. Plus, the cooking session is some sort of teambuilding for them too.
We had our teambuilding first, click here to see the how it was played out. We had our Gawad Abdul later that night. The Gawad Abdul is the HF Awards night, it has two parts, the goof awards and the serious awards. Our theme for that night was Holloween, so everyone wore a costume. I also asked each section to have a presentation.The Graphics and Photo sections did an "interpretative" dance, the News section [an all girl team] danced Lady Marmalade, The literary section, living up to their nature, did a skit, Sports section "exercised" to the tune of the DLSU hymn, and the Art section spoofed the Editorial Board which was hilarious that actually resulted for them to win the BEST PRESENTATION. The Features section beg off since the feat ed told me that they were too exhausted from cooking the dinner. We had 20 goof awards, some popular awards were the Senior Citizen award for the oldest HF member[Gino from Graphics edged out Ros from Art by a month, he is 23 yrs. old), HF is my Home award for the staffer who had the most number of residency hours [Mica from Sports won, 500 plus hours) and Talipandas ng taon [Talipandas is an inside joke at HF, Paul from Features won).]. After the goof awards we announced the promoted staffers. 3 apprentices were promoted to Junior Staff status while 7 staffers were promoted to Senior Staff status. And the highlight of the night were the recognition of exemplary HF members. Here are the winners:

Outstanding Section: Literary
Outstanding Section Editor: Patricia Cruz, News
Outstanding Staff: Michaela Grimaldo, Sports
Most Promising News Writer: Rubilyn Valdez
Most Promising Features Writer: Millicent Andres
Most Promising Sports Writer: Luis Olitoquit [unfortunately he did not attend the midyear workshop]
Most Promising Literary Writer: Patrick Quintos
Most Promising Artist: Jumel Estranero
Most Promising Photographer: Andrew Tadalan
Most Promising Graphic Artist: Geronimo Santiago

I was happy to see the smiles of the people above as they received their certificates of recognition. I really hope this will even inspire them to be the best that they can be.
I told the staffers who were not promoted nor received an award not to be disheartened but instead strive more and their time will come.

As for the rest of the workshop, there were lots of bonding moments from playing games, swimming [not me though], videoke [yeah, i sang haha] and lots of kwentuhan sessions. I'm glad to see some of the shy staffers were able to come out from their shell.

It was a memorable workshop. I'm glad it went smoothly. I'm kinda emotional since the Midyear workshop signals the end of the first semester and the start of the 2nd [and my last] semester with HF.

I just could not believe how time flies. The midyear workshop that I attended during my first year with HF is still fresh in my memory and now I was the one who facilitated it.

I guess, I should stop here before I get too nostalgic.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Stop the rain!

It's raining cats and dogs right now! NOOOOO! If this continue it might mess up with our Midyear workshop. Dear Lord,please do not let this be a typhoon. We could not afford to cancel the workshop. We could not. It will be a big problem. BIG! Please cooperate Dear Mother Nature.
I'm so friggin worried. I could not imagine the consequences if the midyear will be canceled because of the rain. Oh no. Please don't rain anymore. Please stop. Please.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Midyear Madness

HF's Midyear Workshop is on Oct. 29- 30 and as expected preparing this is not hassle free.I will not expound anymore but this is one tough job. I want the midyear to be a success. I'm excited and nervous! I'm preparing myself with the problems that may come. I really hope the workshop will run smoothly. The Midyear Workshop signals that start of the 2nd semester and my last one at that. The first sem was very challenging but I survived. But the 2nd semester will be tougher, more publications to be released plus I will have my OJT. Wheew....time flies.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Erap received a pardon. I'm not pleased but not surprised, I saw it coming.
Enough said.


With this, news on the Glorietta bombing took a backseat and I'm afraid it could be forgotten and the attention will be all about Erap, portraying him as a "hero". Whatever.


Some of my family members sympathizes with Erap. Not a long ago we hated him. Now,I guess I'm alone.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am so happy that my thesis is seeing light. I finally interviewed an executive from Studio 23. You know, that is the remaining link for the revision of my thesis. And it was not easy to set an appointment, it took me a month to get a schedule. I was already worried yesterday and when Studio 23 called me informing me of the schedule, i want to cry (OA haha). Ok, that's all for now, I just took a break from revising my thesis.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feeling Better

Today I'm glad I was able to fix already all the financial stuff needed for the UNIGAMES coverage in Bacolod and the INKBLOTS seminar in UST. What a relief. Also, the layout for HF2 is almost finished. Just one page not yet laid out [doodles]. But I already printed the galley for proofreading. I will be very careful and observant this time because last issue we committed a HUGE error, our issue was dated June-July 2006 in the front page, instead of 2007! Although in the succeeding pages, 2007 was printed. Still, an embarrassing boo-boo
On Monday,I will go to DLSU-Manila to attend a meeting with my fellow Lasallian campus journalists. Well, its passing the torch sort of, as we will talk about La Sallian Schools Press Conference (LSPCON) in University of St. La Salle,Bacolod next year, Time flies, it was just a few months ago when we were going gaga and very nervous about LSPCON because this is a big event.But I'm glad we pulled it off and we got glowing reviews. It is now Bacolod's turn.


The Glorietta bombing is very tragic. May God Bless the souls of those who passed away.And whoever did this, will pay. I'm very sure of that.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I don't feel comfortable lately.My head is full of so many things to do. Yeah, stress is kicking in.
Stress on a sembreak, haha. Earlier, I lost my cool in the HF staff meeting. It was not supposed to happen, I began the meeting in a happy mood, I was talking about some details on the Midyear workshop on Oct.29-30. This midyear instead of ordering food, we decided to assign each section to cook. We will give them a budget for that then some of the people began yapping that they should have a larget budget blah blah and we announced that they should only buy on stores that gave valid receipts more complaints came in. That's when I lost my cool, Yeah I know that buying in Palengke will be cheaper, but hey the money they wil use come from the HF trust fund, and everything we spend should be reported to the accounting and of course that's where the "receipts" play the role. I told them that managing finance in HF is friggin hard, it is so complicated. The reason I want them to do this for them to experience how it is to manage the fund and be responsible. To appreciate more that being an editor is not just about writing and editing, there is more into that. I told them to be resourceful, creative and be industrious. Man, am I being too ambitious? I was having doubts if this"staffers-preparing-the-meals" idea is a good one. I hope it is.

The second issue of HF is so delayed. It was supposed to be out this month but it will pushed till November. I'm disappointed. Could I be one of the worst EICs HF ever had? But I don't want to have my spirits go down. I will do better next sem.

Academics? Just doin fine. Got my grades today, not complete though since some professors did not pass their grades on time. I got two 3.75 and one 3.50. (4 is the highest mark in DLSU-D). I'm waiting for two more grades and I believe I did well on the two.
Grades for thesis is obviously on hold since that subject is extended til next sem.Not entirely our fault, even though that's what I feel they have been rubbing into our faces. They say we are poor research writers but let me just say that isn't it weird that ALL senior students in my department have "poor research writing" skills? I know we have our flaws but for us to take all the blame? That is unfair.

Sorry with the rants. I just want to release this things bothering me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saying Goodbye

What a dramatic title. But actually I'm just refering to GILMORE GIRLS which will air its last episode tomorrow, 8:30 pm on Studio 23 [it ended last May in US]. Seven seasons [seven years] of watching this TV show, I'm sort of attached with this show already.One of my all time favorite American shows. Some people think this show is for girls only. But not really, yeah the shows really skews the female demographic but the writing of this show is really good and witty and once you watch this show regularly you will fall in love with it regardless of gender and age. But I admit the first three seasons were the prime of the show because the later seasons dwindled [especially season 6 and the first half of season 7]. Still, the thought of no longer seeing a new episode of GG will be really different for me.Oh well, the show had a good run
, Bon Voyage Lorelai and Rory!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I will have my last exam tomorrow, normally it will signal the end of the sem and the start of the sem break. But not for me. For sure I'll be busy during the sembreak. Not that i'm complaining. When I was a freshmen, just an ordinary student, I was bored to death during those weeks. Of course when I joined Heraldo Filipino, I kiss sem break goodye. Not that I was forced too. I remember going to the HF office during the sembreak even though all my articles are already ok or I don't really have an assignment, I just love being at the office and finding a thing to do. Well, this sem break, will not just be about HF duties [and there are lot pending you know] but also for acads. Well, the thesis. Working on the draft 2. I hate to admit that I'm not doing good on working on it so far. Yeah, I am being lousy. Damn, I need to get my act together so I could finish it already.
And there are also HF duties I need to work on. Early today, I'm happy that I was able to finish 4 documents for HF. I kinda like writing proposals for the different HF activities [including the problems that arises when preparing one] and the feeling when those papers are approved is a GREAT feeling especially when I overcome an obstacle. I'm so glad we will have a MidYear Workshop, we did not have last year which was sad because my first Midyear Workshop two years ago was one of my unforgettable HF memories. I hope this coming Midyear Workshop will be great.
Another nostalgic moment for me was when I was writing the Inkblots seminar proposal, two years ago I was the one chosen to attend that and now I'm the one preparing it. Honestly, i want to attend the Inkblots 2007but of course I want my staff more to be there than me. Besides, i'll be too busy to this sem break.

So basically, I don't really have a sem "break". But I'm happy.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Hell Week

Tomorrow is the start of the "hell" week. So many things needed to be accomplish this week for my subjects. Actually, it already started a week ago but it was just the primer if you get what I mean. It's hard to balance things, and allot equal time and attention on all the projects pending. In some tasks I'm already delayed and there are things that I need to do but I do not know how to squeeze it in. Hard. hard. hard. I just hope this week will run smoothly.