Thursday, March 19, 2020

Pandemic worries

Now COVID-19 / coronavirus crisis is at the peak.
Classes cancelled
Work cancelled
Malls closed
Luzon lockdown
Shows stopped production
So many worries online

I'm asthmatic so I'm vulnerable. My parents are over 60 and they are vulnerable

I'm so anxious lately. I miss the ordinary life of going to work and only dealing with traffic to stress me out. The uncertainty of it all is making me so nervous about the future. I took an afternoon nap today so I can keep myself from constantly checking the news. I tried watching entertainment stuff TV or movie and doing more household chores but I just can't keep my mind off things really

I now regret whining about trivial stuff and personal angst/insecurities now that a bigger than life problem is affecting us worldwide.

I desperately want to go back to the old life