Friday, January 31, 2020

What a start

Last day of January 2020 but the events that have unfolded already felt like it's been a year! So many things have happened from earthquakes, wildfires and recently a volcano eruption and a deadly virus!
It does feel scary to think about it but one needs to relax because panicking and going paranoid won't take you anywhere really. The Taal volcano eruption hit close to home but Thank God we didn't experience that much save for ashfall. My heart broke for all those people affected and glad a lot of them are finally on the road to recovery as the alert level have been lowered now allowing them to return to their homes. And now after that problem had been showing some signs of positivity then this coronavirus is becoming an alarming problem now. It's so weird to see a lot of people in the streets wearing face masks. I hope to God no one from my loved ones will get affected from this. It is scary but we need to calm down and hope for the best. The only thing we can do now is to do precautionary measures.