Saturday, December 23, 2006


Its the Christmas season, lets enjoy! Don't be a grinch. I know some of you feels that it isn't Christmas but then again we should not join the "I-hate-Christmas" bandwagon. Merry Christmas to Everyone! and if you don't believe in Christmas, well Happy Holidays! I know life is hard nowadays but this is the time to forget it, even for a while and lets savor the moment. Let's think of the things that we should be happy about, things that we should be thankful for. I have mine and here it goes

1. I'm thankful that my family is okay. No major family crisis this year. There are fights, but petty ones and could be resolved in less than 48 hours. I'm happy that all of us are in good shape. Although early this year we had a scare when my mother was diagnosed that theres a cyst growing in her ovary. Good thing, it wasn't that dangerous and was cured immediately. I'm happy that my previously bum brother found a job, its a job that he did not studied for but it IS the RIGHT job for him. Well, I see how fulfilled he is. I guess thats what matters, He feels now that he has the right direction. I'm thankful that despite the economic crisis, my father is not affected. Although the company he is working was quite affected with the economic crisis, his job held steady.My father is so passionate with his work and I could not imagine what will happen to him if he lost his job. I'm thankful for that my sister I guess found new love, its blooming and I'm happy for her. You see I think she is now recovering (or recovered) from her bad breakup with her boyfriend for 10 years. I'm happy that we are financially okay. We're not rich nor poor. We could afford our needs and have some for our wants.

2. I'm thankful that my parents approved of the course I want to take.I know some (or a lot) of parents decides or influences their kids on what course to take. I'm happy that I never saw an inch of disapproval or skecptisism. When I said to them that I will take Broadcast Journalism, without a doubt they said "Thats okay, its your choice". I know and I think they also know that this course might not that be financially rewarding, but they trusted me that I could do this anyway. Well if they did not support me, i guess it will really hard for me to take this course because my spirits could be dampen.

3. I'm thankful for my block Broadcast Journalism 31 SY 06-07. We had a great run this year. We produced a newspaper, short films, news programs above all. Who thought we could survive this? I'm so happy that all of us in the block are now really into this course. In our freshman year, I' m worried about the future of our block, but first impressions are not always right and I was glad I was proven wrong. We have half a sem, summer terms and one more year ahead of us. And I'm sure we will all survive this.

4. I'm thankful for Heraldo Filipino. I'm so glad I became a part of this family. With HF I met a lot of people that despite of the different personalities could still work together and created a wonderful relationship. Special thanks to the Editorial board of last year who trusted that I could be an asset for HF despite my lack of experience and other flaws, becuase if they did not decide to pass me in the panel interview, I would notbe in HF and miss out on a lot of stuff. With HF, my self esteem blossomed. With HF, I saw the school in a different light, I learned how to explore it and deal with it on its good and bad sides. I have to admit that what at first wanted was just to see my name on print but later on I've learned that being a campus journaliss is not just being able to publish stuff just for the sake of having something published, it is not just being able to write articles with deep and falmbouyant words to impress people with how extensive your vocabulary is, but campus journalism serves a greater purpose. Thanks to HF, I learned how to care not just for myself but for other's people welfare.

Well the above four items were the serious stuff lets go the "lighter" things I'n thankful for:

Thank you...

5. Blogs. Well I really loved this Internet community,its easy to use and provided more avenue to share your thoughts and pieces of your life.

6. Youtube. The one who created this is such a genius with YouTube I could see stuff from Music videos to TV show snippets.

7. TV on DVD. Yeah, I'm so glad that with dvds I was able to watch a lot of shows I miss and be able to watch lots of episodes as long as I can hehe.

8. The Internet. Man, without, communcation and information dissemenatio will be harder, right?

That's it (well the list could go on longer but then again I'm limited with the money I could afford to pay in this Internet house, haha)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is my 100th post. Wow, I've been a blogger for almost three years now. I'm an accidental blogger, I've registered here at blogger without knowing anything about it but alas it became a habit, an addiction.It became an avenue for me to share my thoughts, release stress and even to meet friends. Although,lately I'm not blogging as often as before, well at least here in blogspot, because I'm a little more active at my other blog but still I could not abandon this blog, my original blog. Thanks to all friends and people who took the time to read my entries and leave a comment.

Anyways,let me share to you my favorite posts:

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