Monday, January 29, 2007


I have an unusual name. JECOUP. I believe I'm the only person in the world with that name. It was derived from Coup d'etat. Because my parents said I was born in the midst of the coup attempts against President Cory Aquino. And they added the letters JE in harmony with my three older siblings with J- starting names. At first I find it weird to have this kind of odd name. But due to my unique name I'm easily remembered as the "guy with that unusual name". Plus I could predict when a new professor is about to read my name in his class list, s/he will stop as if trying to figure out how to pronounce that damn name hehe. My name is often mis spelled or mis heard, usually people think that my name is JACOB. Good thing that in the important records I have my name spelled correctly. My name could be pronounce in two ways JE-KUH or JE-KUP. But honestly, I like the latter better since this was the pronounciation I was used too. Only in my college days were most people call me JE-KUH than JE-KUP. Also in my college years, a new nickname spawned, JEC! I don't know how it started but I realized having a nick name will make it easier for other people to call me. When I was with with a high school friend and we bump into a college buddy, my high school friend asked since when did I became "JE-KUH and JEC". I smiled.

I like my name. It's different and unique. I don't know how to explain it but I really feel this name really suits my personality.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I'm so disorganized this week. I'm swamped with lots of school stuff. I don't know how to manage it really. I like to do a lot of stuff in so little time. I cram. This is so damn frustrating. What's worse is that sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with all those things to do that I tend to get lazy and waste my time doing other stuff to "escape" those tasks. I don't know why I feel this way, it's bad I know. I just need to collect myself. I need to get my act together. Fast.


Things I need to accomplish ASAP:

1. Music Video for Cinematography
2. Community profile for Development Broadcasting
3. Photos for Basic Photography masked as Photojournalism (This is subject is fun but is so frustrating when the pictures I took when developed ARE ALL WRONG! I just dont KNOW how to use the SLR camera that much to make capture a good photo)
4. All those preliminary stuff for Communication Research ( a really big problem as I anticipated before)
5. A documentary for Electronic Newsroom 2
6. Those paper works for Technical Writing (relatively easy to do but I tend to neglect this subject because I'm more concentrated with the majors)
7. Pass the articles for HF, LS and Just Play. geez, of the 5 articles I'm tasked to write I have only done two so far, and out of the two I only submitted one!I kept forgetting to pass the other article I finished (I left it back home and kept forgetting it to place it my bag the night before!. Damn, so embarassing.


I want to do my thesis solo but I got scared so I opted to join a group to do an APPLIED thesis. But really my heart is not with it. I want to do a Basic research and I have a topic in mind but I'm scared that I may fail by doing thesis alone. I'm so torned really.

Monday, January 08, 2007


I was already on my way to school when I receive a text telling me that our 7am class was cancelled because our professor texted our class president that she is sick.

But I'm already at school anyway and decided to go to ERS. And as of the moment I'm the only here. Nothing new since during my freshmen year I'm an ERS addict and even I go there as early as 7am because I want to surf the net. Well maybe because I don't have Internet at home why I consider ERS a haven for me. (We had a brief dial up connection that lasted for two months).

The year is just starting and my To do list is pouring in. I always think that this time of the school year is the toughest. It gets tougher as the years go by. My academic stuff in my fresmen year pales in comparison with what's in store for me this year as a third year student.

I have like 5 articles to write for HF. This time not only the broadsheet but also for the JUST PLAY and LS SPECIAL. This is my first time to write something for the magazines of HF. It's a challenge for me since I dont really excell writing feature articles. (Hanna and Travis bear with me )

Plus, I'm the coordinator of the student elections newsletter, HALALAN. Ngaragan ito. Last year we failed to release Halalan but I wont let this happen again. By hook or by crook haha