Saturday, December 31, 2005

see you next year!

which is a few hours away.

Goodbye 2005!

For me, it was a great year, some of my goals were achieved and I'm so grateful with that. Thank God for a blessed year and I hope next year will be equally good or hopefully better.
My mother insisted for me to wear red because its good luck according to some Feng shui expert she heard on radio. Because I'm obedient I did not only wear a red shirt but I matched it up with red pants. Remember the Chinese Dance our class performed last semester? I'm wearing the "better half" of our costume. I look ridiculus I guess but its only for a day and no one will see me aside from my family so its okay.
Every New Year's eve I dont really join the noise and fireworks extravaganza outside. Why? Well first I have asthma so I dont like being surrounded with smoke. Plus, I am occupied with an activity inside my house. I have this tradition already to listen and jot down the different yearend countdowns of FM stations. I have been doing this since 1998 and I keep my notes in a notebook but unfortunately my "records" from 1998-2001 got lost. Anyways, my siblings find this tradition of mine weird...hehehe....but I love doing this since I always have this feeling of excitement as the djs unravel the hits of the year. I'm proud to say most of my guesses what songs will hit the top post is correct. Even though most radio stations conduct their yearend charts at the same time, I'm still able to track them all, years of experience I guess. Anyways I've already recorded some results of the yearend countdown and I posted it at an Internet forum. If you want to see it here is the link:

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

If I were a Game KNB contestant

Whenever I have the chance to watch the noontime game show GAME KNB, I can't help but notice how its host Kris Aquino "cross examines" the contestants. Sometimes I feel embarass for the contestants (and Kris as well). She often ask questions on their romantic lives and she could be very nosy. She is shocked when some of the players haven't had a girlfriend ofr 8 years, the reasons of their break up and sometimes she sorts of meddles with their relationships. If ever I became a contestant I guess Kris will have an interesting "cross examination" with me.
Kris: So how do you pronounce your name
Me: JE-KUP po
Kris: bakit Jecoup ang name mo, ang weird/unique naman
Me: Kasi po, I was born in the time of coup d etat,(I'm sure your mom remembers that well.) so my father thought na to name me after that, nilagyan lang ng J since lahat ng kapatid ko starts with letter J.
Kris: so dapat JE-KUH kasi french ang origin ng name mo
Me: yung iba po yun ang tawag, pero yun na po yung kinalakihan kong pronounciation
Kris: oh well, so do you have a girlfriend?
Me: wala po
Kris: kaka break?
Me: di po wala po talaga
Kris: as in since birth wala talaga?
Me: opo
Kris: really? *gasp* magpapari ka ba?
Me: hindi po, talaga lang wala..
Kris: di ka pa na inlove?
Me: opo
Kris: Baka naman hindi girls type mo
Me: lalo pong hindi
Kris: ay naloloka ako sayo, mag start na nga tayo...

^^ That conversation will most likely to come up if I ever became a GAME KNB contestant. So I guess I 'll just settle being a homepartner instead

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


My Internet connection was busted for five days. It was really a frustrating experience. I had so many things that I want to do that got aborted because I was "disconnected" My ISP had some problems and I actually called the customer service everyday asking them (politely) when it will come back. Thank God, today it returned.
After a long time, I finally decided to register at Friendster. My friends were wondering why I did not have an account. My answers to them varies, "I want to be unique", "I have no use for it", " I could not open that since I have no Internet back home" "ERS (our library's computer section which I greatly rely on for Internet) blocks it so I can't access it anyway" etc. etc.. But since now, I have an Internet access, why not? When I registered, I got so lazy to "polish" it so I decided to do it next time. But I forgot to do it becuase I was absorbed with my academics (prelims is nearing and tons of assignments) and extra curricular stuff (deadlines for articles!). Then when I'm already free, I forgot my password! So I have to retrieve it, when I'm about to open my email to get the password, --ahhh!-- I got disconnected since my Internet card is already consumed. So the next day, with my new card I tried to connect again but I had no internet access (see story above). So today, I got reconnected but instead of filling up profiles or inviting people, I was engrossed with browsing the accounts of my highschool classmates. It was fun seeing what they are up to. I lost contact with almost all of my highschool classmates. I felt "reconnected" in some way reading their sites. I even sent messags to them, hope they have read it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

2005 Favorites of an ordinary music listener

These are the list of the songs that I love during this year. I’m no music expert, I don’t exactly know how to analyze a songs’ content and its other attributes. I will not say these songs are the best. I’m no rocker, hip hopper or whatever. Yes, I’m more of a mainstream listener (at some point mushy, baduy, bubblegum pop-ish). I consider a song good when it is pleasant to my ear. And the following songs were the standouts for me this year.

10. Pinoy ako- Orange and Lemons
Okay, I admit this song is overplayed and I know for a fact that it is a rip off and I really don’t buy Orange and Lemons’ alibi that the song is just inspired, but I don’t want to be hypocrite to say that I hate this song because before all these things happened I really like the song. I find it catchy and the message of the song is good but sad to say the aforementioned events happened, much to my disappointment. Still, I wont leave this song out of my list.
9. Gemini-Spongecola
From this song I learned a new word “vacuous”. Hehe. Seriously, I like how this song turned Romeo and Juliet into a whole new level.
8. Wake me up when September ends- Greenday
I like the message of this song. The title itself speaks a lot.
7.We belong together- Mariah Carey
The song that revive Mariah Carey’s dwindling career. I love this song and I consider one of Carey’s best. This song is hard to sing because when I saw this song performed in the local variety shows, the performers’ version was bad. (read: screaming)
6. I’m feeling you- Santana feat. Michelle Branch
I’m bias with this song. I missed Michelle Branch sooooo much and when this song came out it became an instant favorite. Santana + Branch= good music.
5. Especially for you-MYMP
I love MYMP’s rendition. The first time I heard this song was last summer at ERS (the Internet/Computer section of our library). The people in the counter played the MYMP CD repeatedly that this song grew on me.
4. My humps- Black Eyed Peas
My favorite dance track of the year. This is the type of song that makes me wish that I knew how to dance. Plus the music video rocks and Fergie is now included in my list of crushes.
3. Crazy for you- Michael Cruz
I know that more loves the rendition of Spongecola but I like Michael Cruz’s version better. I find his voice more effective than Yael. I like how this Madonna song became a rock ballad. And the Star in a million finalist gave delivered it well. Too bad few people appreciate it.
2. Weak-Jojo
Jojo is really one of the best young singers at the moment. Her rendition of this song is fantastic. I could consider her as a young Mariah Carey. I just hope when she grows up she wont be a “Britney’ or “Christina”.
1. You and Me/ Blind- Lifehouse
I could not choose which song is better so I decided to put them both together on top. I really like Lifehouse, I even had their two albums (in cassette tapes by the way) and I thought their hiatus would be permanent. I’m so glad that around summer they returned with a bang, both songs are good then again “Hanging by a moment” will still remain as my favorite. I’m worried however since after “Blind” Lifehouse did not release another single. Will they be dormant again? I hope not.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I'm so glad that I finally have an Internet connection at home. I have been dreaming for so long for this to come true ( sounded so dramatic). It happened just recently when my parents purchase a new computer set. The old computer I use before is a "hand me down" from my father's company.It was actually good that we had a free computer and for 3 years it was really useful to me. However, since the computer is obsolete it is prone to virus and it software(not sure what it is really called) is not applicable to a modem and for the printer we bought. Plus, even the Microsoft office is so slow that sometimes it "hangs". Anyways, my parents told me that come Christmas upon the release of the "bonus" they will buy me a new a computer set and it happened! I'm so grateful to my parents. One setback is the Internet connection is really slow but still its better than nothing.

Monday, December 19, 2005

I feel Christmas now

Previously, I rant over how I dont feel that its the Christmas season already, that everything feels so ordinary but this week I'm proud to say I feel Christmas now! What made me feel Christmas-y? I guess I have discovered the true essence of this season. Yeah, that sounds so cliche but I could not find any phrase that will capture the essence of my experience of seeing Christmas in a whole new level. Well, it started when I found out that my co-staffer at Heraldo Filipino will give me a gift for Christmas. I was so flattered that I decided to buy her a gift too. When I was in a store deciding what to buy for her, I also felt buying gifts to my other co-staffers who became my close friends and also my editors from whom I learn. Then I thought of buying gifts too my other friends who were really became a special part of my life. My presents for them was not that expensive but it felt good giving them. And from that on I was in the Christmas mood once again something that I never felt for years.I guess this was the reason that made me relinkish my love and excitement for Christmas. If before I only like the receiving part of the gift giving tradition and see the other end as a financial burden, now I understand that the cliche (yes, another one) "Its better to give than to receive" is really true.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The bottle I always see

Probably the most popular beverage here in DLSU-D will be C2! For those who are not familiar with it, C2 is bottled tea. But of course it tastes better from the regular tea (because if it isnt,it wont sell). C2 means Cool and Clean and it has flavors (the regular green tea, apple, lemon,peach and black tea).
Image hosted by

Accordiing to its manufacturers' website [] "C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea is an invigorating, convenient, and contemporary adaptation of this thousand-year old, healthy drink.Delicately brewed from fresh green tea leaves, Camellia sinensis, C2 captures the Yin and Yang of nature with its soothing and relaxing component, coupled with a mild rejuvenating element that restores vitality."

Meaning to say this is a healthy drink.Maybe this is the reason why it became so popular, people are starting to get health conscious. Goodbye to softdrinks? Well not really but still in our campus you could practically see C2 bottles everywhere, when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. All canteens and concessionaires sells it, every table in those canteens there is 95% chance that you will see someone drinking it. Even if you just walk around you will see someone,whether student, faculty or employee, holding a C2 bottle. Of course trash bins welcomes tons of C2 bottles everyday, I once saw a bin overflowing of C2 bottles. Classrooms are not spared. Seeing a C2 bottle left in a chair is nothing new, I once overheard a professor in his senior years saying as he entered the classroom and saw a C2 bottle in the table "Bakit ba lagi ko na lang nakikita to?" (Why do I always see this). It also left me wondering, bakit nga kaya (why is it)? I drink C2 sometimes and I like the lemon one (and most people too since yellow C2 bottles are the ones I always see followed by the apple flavor). But my loyalty remains with tetra pack juices (zesto, funchum), its cheaper and its not that heavy in the stomach. Will C2 remain the king of beverages or is it just a fad? Lets wait and see.....
C2 photo taken from

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Water Worries

For three days,we were "thirsty" for water...

The water district had a malfunctioning motor or some vital instrument to circulate water to our village so our water service was interrupted. Having no steady water connection was hell! And the whole village also felt grumpy as I have notice irritated faces of people clutching pails,drums and anything that holds water passing in our house. When it rained, we were so desperate that our pails and basins were placed outside to scoop the rain drops. Last Thursday, when I saw the first few drops of water in our faucets I gave out a sigh of relief. Its really true that you will only appreciate something when its gone so I'm glad that our water service is back and I hope it wont disappear...................forever.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

one thousand seven hundred fifty pesos

For the first time in my life I shell out 1,750 pesos to buy something "I really want". No its not clothes, shoes or even books. Previously the most expensive I bought was a paperback edition of Harry Potter which cost around 500 pesos but last Saturday my record was broken. So what did I buy? Its the DVD of first season of Gilmore Girls!

So what made me buy that thing even if it is expensive? Because its a rare find especially here in Cavite [I bought it at SM Dasmarinas]. When I was browsing at a video store,I was really shocked to see a Gilmore Girls DVD, so I did not hesitate,I grabbed the copy and went off to the cashier and paid for it. Good thing I had 2,000 pesos in my wallet that time because normally I dont bring that amount of money in my wallet, well I guess I was "destined" to have it.
Yeah,you might say I should have bought the pirated one, but naahhh, I prefer the original even it cost me, anyways this is my favorite show so It's worth every penny. I've finished watching 5 out of the 21 episodes so far and I'm so looking forward this weekend where I 'll continue my Gilmore Girls season 1 rush....


I hope next time I will also see a Survivor or Amazing Race DVD too, because I'll definitely buy it given that I still have money. :)

Friday, December 02, 2005

What happened to my Christmas?

It's December already.....
Honestly, I really feel that everything is coming so fast. When you come to think of it, I should feel Chrismas-y. But no... I don't feel it. It really depresses me why I don't feel as excited as before. It is just things are not the same as before. And what really bothers that there is really nothing bad happening to my life for me to feel this way. Have you ever felt that something is wrong but you yourself could not determine what it is? It is the way I feel with Christmas.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Kiss

Our class watched the school play "Kung paano ko pinatay si Diana Ross", we were actually required to do so since our World Literature class asked us to do a reaction paper. The plot is all about a closet gay [Surprise! actually a lot of plays I have seen here in my school always has a gay theme] and "Diana Ross" is the "alter ego" or the gay side that Andy [the lead] is hiding all his life. Honestly, the story was good and the screenplay was fantastic. But one thing that I did really likie, it had kissing scene between two men. And it is not just a simple kiss, it was a long, torrid kissing. Okay, you might think that I'm fickleminded but I just want you to know that I have nothing against homosexuals. I agree that there is nothing wrong or sinful about being such. I don't want to be judgemental yet I don't want to be a hypocrite. I'm not really comfortable with seeing a kiss between two individuals of the same gender. But I know the kiss was necesarry for the story and I salute the actors for being brave to do that since I know they are aware that people might give negative feedbacks.

Friday, November 18, 2005


This second semester will surely be a challenging one. First, we have our three major subjects already. I'm glad that the professors of these subjects are really good. I've heard from the third year students that when they took these subjects last year the teachers they had were not really good, I was really worried that we will have the same ones too.. Thank God that was not the case... Ms. Carillo of Introduction to Journalism is no non sense teacher while Mr.Umali of Intoduction to Broadcasting will surely put out skills to its best... To be honest I'm worried that I will not perform well with this subjects but I'm excited as well since this is it, the subjects that will make or break us [our class].
During HF's midyear seminar workshop, I was promoted from being an apprentice to junior staff. I was so happy that the Editorial Board appreciated for the work that I have done. But I was also sad that some of my batchmates [and good friends as well] did not get promoted. I know they felt sad because if I will feel the same way too if I were in their shoes. Being promoted means more challenges in fact for the fourth edition of HF I have 6 assignments one of which is the banner story. Also, I'm also a trainee of our Office and Circulations manager, so I'm trying my best not to disappoint her. Two days ago, I had my first experience with circulating the the third issue of HF. It was one tiring task but at the same time fulfilling. Being part of HF, mushy as it may sounds, is one the best things that happened in my life.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Holiday Hassles

Second semester started last Monday, well, for some I guess. Because of the week long holiday DLSU-D had last week it had affected the enrollment schedule of some students (Good thing my schedule was not affected). Thus resulting to a pandemonium since lots of students (mostly freshmen) lined up to enroll. I felt sorry for the students who have to endure severe inconvenience since the lines were really loooooooong. And that line is for one process only. Some said to me that they finished the procedure late afternoon and some were not able to finish it. That's why I dont like too many holidays, some of the work that needs to be done were not accomplished. It's okay to relax and unwind but we must not overdo it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Journalism… from the experts themselves.

The Inkblots 2005 is seminar/workshop attended by different student publications from all over The Philippines. The event, also known as the National Journalism Fellowship, is organized by University of Santo Tomas’ official student publication “The Varsitarian”. Held in Thomas Aquinas Research Complex and Beato Angelico Building, University of Santo Tomas from October 17-19, 2005, The seminar/workshop is a three-day series of lectures on news writing, features writing, culture and lifestyle writing, cartooning, broadcast journalism, campus paper management among others. I and staffers Patricia Aurora Cruz, German John Sipin and Associate Editor Mary Claire Mercado represented Heraldo Filipino, the official student publication of De La Salle University- DasmariƱas. Mr. Christopher Gabriel, Student Publications Director of DLSU-D, attended the event also.

The first day was held at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex. It was started by Charie Villa, a former Reuters correspondent who is now part of ABS CBN. She relayed her experiences on being a journalist for more than a decade. After the keynote speech it was followed by lectures on Investigative Journalism by Sheila Coronel of Philippine Center on Investigative Journalism [PCIJ], Filipino literature by Michael Coroza and Culture and Lifestyle writing Ruel De Vera, a Philippine Daily Inquirer writer. The lectures were very informative and the speakers entertained questions from the audience. Mr. Coroza and Mr. De Vera livened up the discussion with their sense of humor. The lectures ended around 6 PM after that an opening cocktails followed however, the Heraldo Filipino team did not attend due to time constraint.

On the second day, the seminar was moved to the Beato Angelico Building. Two lectures were delivered on that morning first was News writing conducted by another Inquirer writer, Luige Del Puerto followed by Features writing conducted by Mr. Nestor Cuartero, entertainment editor of Tempo and feature writer of Manila Bulletin. The latter conducted a “mock” press conference to test the participants’ skill on writing. The “mock” press conference featured Champ, the lead vocalist of the popular band Hale. Several participants (mostly girls) lined up to ask questions to Champ. However a lot of time was consumed for that activity since the participants also asked for an autograph and to take their picture with Champ. When the speaker noticed that he is running out of time he announced that they will not entertain “questions and requests” for Champ anymore. He then asked the participants to write a lead for an article that will talk about the aforementioned activity. His comments on our pieces was that it was more of a “news lead” rather than a “features lead” but staffer Patricia Cruz was commended for her lead since it was creatively written and not stiff. On the afternoon session of the seminar, there were four parallel sessions lined up namely Photojournalism by Ernie Sarmiento, Cartooning by Rene Aranda of The Philippine Star, Column writing by Rina Jimenez David and Broadcast Journalism by Arnold Clavio of GMA 7. However, we were not able to attend all of the sessions since we were asked to choose only one session since all four sessions will be done simultaneously. The HF team picked cartooning by Rene Aranda. Aranda discussed that what is important in drawing an editorial cartoon is the concept. He also cleared that sometimes not all he draws is exactly the same way he felt. He said that it is the paper’s stand and not his personal conviction. After his discussion he asked the delegates to make an editorial cartoon base on the topic Calibrated Pre-emptive Response. Later on he selected the three best editorial cartoons and fortunately two members of the Heraldo Filipino made the cut, yours truly garnered third place and German placed second. Aranda commended my concept despite the lack of artistic style and he liked the sarcasm of Sipin’s work [He referred the hosing down of the rallyists as “patubig ni Gloria”]. After the parallel session we went home.
The third and final day of Inkblots started with a Plenary Session with Christian Esguerra, former Editor in Chief of ‘The Varsitarian” and currently working with The Philippine Daily Inquirer. He discussed Campus Paper Management; he was an effective speaker since he really knows what he is talking about and is experienced with the topic. He also gave advice to the student publications that are having conflicts with their school administration. After that session was the lecture on Sports writing with seasoned sports analyst Quinito Henson. He also conducted a “mock” press conference, the guests were coach Ryan Gregorio, rookie Jondan Salvador and veteran Richard Yee coming from Purefoods, a team from the Philippine Basketball Association [PBA]. This time several guys lined up to have their chance to ask questions to the three. After that Mr. Henson asked the participants to write an article about the press conference. He picked top five articles and unfortunately no one from HF made the list. The winners were awarded with Chunkee corned beef gift packs. The next lecture was about Journalism Ethics delivered by Marites Vitug, publisher and editor in chief of Newsbreak. The last activity was a Panel discussion and open forum with the topic on the dangers of being a journalist. Panelists include Alice Colet Villaloid, a former New York Times correspondent, Jiggy Manicad, a GMA 7 reporter and Glenda Gloria, managing editor of Newsbreak. It was enriching activity since the speakers gave out sensible answers to the questions raised by the respondents. However Ms. Villaloid talks so much that she took a lot of time when she answers questions which sometimes bores the delegates. To cap off the night and the whole seminar as well the organizers conducted a Fellowship night where the different student publications are expected to mingle and share experiences. But due to the fact that we live in a far place and it’s not really practical to stay that late we decided not to attend the said activity.
Inkblots 2005 is one of the best conferences, campus journalists could be a part of. This is where student writers learn from the people who know well how powerful the media is. It inspires the student scribes to further hone their talent because we after all are destined to be at the forefront of the media industry in the future.

Friday, October 14, 2005


I had my last exam today [Philippine Constitution] and I have submitted my final paper [Introduction to Communcation Theory].
Now I have no more academic worries..... woohooo!!!
To sum up the past months of my life, let me share to you some of this semester's higlights:
  • Of course, My big achievement for this semester is being a part of Heraldo Filipino[HF]. I learned a lot during my 3 month stay so far. I have met a lot of people, from our editors to my fellow staff to the different people I have interviewed. I have learned how to overcome some of my inhibitions and work professionally. Plus, I finally put to practice what I love doing, writing. I'm not a "good" journalist yet but I know I will be someday. Seeing my articles for the first on print is something that I will cherish for a long time.
  • The subjects this semester are more interesting than what I have taken up the previous semesters. I obtained better grades [I have gotten my first grade of 4.00, the highest grade in my school,for my REED class]. I hope to be a Dean's lister but I'm not holding my breath. The most memorable subject will be Art Appreciation, where my leadership skills was tested as I have been designated as Assistant Producer for our theater play. Fortunately, the turn out was a success.
  • The population of my class,JOU21, went down. Some shifted to another course, some have to stop because of financial difficulties while others just vanished without a trace.But also this semester we welcome shiftees and a transferee namely Gerard,Daryl and Jennifer. We also had a classmate who is part of our block but she only have one class with us, Pauline. And I must that girl is smart, she was the one who had the initial idea of doing the [award winning] story of "Sayaw sa Dilim" that we performed.
  • I joined La Sallian Speech Club but I'm disappointed since I did not really enjoy being part of it. I guess I had high expectations. It was the same feeling I felt with Friends of the Library[FL] last year. Speaking of FL, I was the Vice President of that club for a month but I have to resign since HF has this policy that the staff are prohibited to be officers of any student organizations since it might cause a conflict of interest. I must say FL is a better club compared last year, I'm so proud with the current officers.

Another chapter of my college journey comes to an end. I'm looking forward for more "adventures" for the coming semesters.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And the award goes to...

Broadcast Journalism 2-1!

Our class won the Best Play in our Art Appreciation class. We bested out 5 other classes. We also won Best Actress and Best Screenplay. Actually we did not receive trophy, plaque or anything; just a simple "Certificate of Participation".Don't get me wrong I'm not being maarte, I'm okay with a certificate but it would have been nice if they have given us certificate of recognition rather than a certificate of participation. Anyways, The fact that we won is aready one big achievement. All the hardwork paid off. My classmates we're cooperative even the irregular students also help to make our play a success [oh... there is one who did not help but she rarely attends class] I salute all of them, the actors and the production people. Compared to our [horrendous] performance in Buwan ng Wika last year, this production prove that our class could do great when it comes to class presentations. As the assistant producer, I'm really proud that everything went smoothly. I just hope this will continue until we reach our major subjects wherein we need to really work hard because as I have observed with the upperclassmen, the productions they do are really difficult and delicate.

More Power to Broadcast Journalism Batch 4!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


....of Embarassment

Yesterday, we had our Foreign Dance Competition. As expected my group, "The Yellow Earth" dance from China made a big mess. The boys of our class were combined with Management and Marketing students and all of us did bad on our performance. Our timing sucks, we our not in unison, some forgot the steps, in short it was a nightmare! Plus our drums that we paid for 450 pesos was a joke, the drums were obviously rushed and it really looks awful. We felt cheated. One the hosts for that program was annoying, he keeps cracking up lame jokes that only he finds funny. The girls of our class who were merged with Psychology students did fine. They performed Japanese Parasol. I did not finish the program becasue I know we will not win anyway an I'm really exhausted both physically and mentally. I'm glad that this thing is over.
....of Pride
After that unforgettable experience, I went to HF's office and I was informed that the second issue of HF will be circulated today. I was excited since this is my "official debut" as student scribe. When I first hold a copy of HF2 I immediately search for my articles, two of my articles are at the front page. I felt an overwelming feeling of joy. After three months on working on my articles, I finally see it on print. Maybe to some it may sound corny and mushy but as you know this is my first time to write for a school paper and ever since I was a child I have always dream of it. Finally it happened and I'm so glad. It's worth the wait.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I am disappointed.
I cant seem to do things as I hope for. Yesterday, I had my speech for my Speech and Oral communication class and I failed to deliver it well. Although I did not hear a feedback from my professor I just know that I will not get the grade I want. Sometimes there are stuff that dont need to be verbalize for me to get the message. I messed it up. My topic was not that interesting plus I delivered it bad. I mis pronounced words, I have poor diction plus I was really conscious on forgetting that I glance constantly on my piece which is so wrong since it will really look that I am just reading my piece rather than speaking it from the heart. That was my problem, I did not spoke from the heart. I just talk and read the words. I was impressed with my classmate Nelly who gave a good speech. Her was speech was moving, she was honest and sincere, qualities that I lack. Delivering a speech is not just using deep words or voice projection but really having the knowledge on what you are talking about. The speech may have a nice content but if the speaker is like machine operated who just throw out words the speech will not be effective. Lastly, the reason for the speech must be to express and not to impress.
Another lesson learned.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Today, my brother finally ends his "hiatus". He graduated from college about two years ago but he did not work nor to attempt to have one. It's not that he do not want to but there were reasons why he was unemployed for the past years. My brother is not confident that he has the skills to handle a job. I can't blame he graduated from a school where he was not trained that well to face the real world. Plus my parents seems to like that he stays home. My brother helps my mother doing house chores. As for my father...well... he always like us,his children,to be "at home and safe from harm". Don't get me wrong, my father is a good person, he is hardworking and caring. But he has one BIG flaw, he is a worry rat and overprotective. He seems like he want us to be in his "leash" forever. I remember many "verbal sessions with voices that could match up a microphone's voulume" between my father and brothers everytime they went home past curfew [the curfew is 6 or 7pm at least or in some lucky time 8pm]. My father is always scared that my brothers might get get into danger when they are out at night. I appreciate his concern but he is already suffocating us. When the cellphone became popular I thought this might ease my father's constant feeling of worry since he could now contact his kids but I guess it became even worse. He sends SMS like every hour, and if you missed a call or text his nervous cell will work again and negative things will be running through his head. What's even worse is if you have a lowbat phone thus you could not response to him, he will be frantic. My father thinks that we are still young kids who could not take care of ourself.When he is not in his "worrying period" my father is a sweet guy. I just hope that someday he would loosen up and let us grow up. My brother started work today and since today is my father's day off he insisted on accompanying him there. My brother agreed on it to avoid complications. It's not a good sign.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Soon to be Stressed-out

My problem is that I procastinate. I tend to do things the last minute. I really get the energy to do stuff when the deadline is near. But I'm worried since the next few weeks will be h-e-c-t-i-c.
Practices for our chinese dance to be performed on September 30. Debates scheduled on the 27th. There is also my speech [date not known yet] andI'm the assitant producer for out play on October 7. Plus I have five articles for HF3 and the deadline is near and I haven't started anything mainly because I have to do two articles for HF2 that were originally assigned to somebody but they weren't able to do it. I have to rush it really. Now I'm scared if only this time that we are just taking minors and we are so busy, how much more if we take the major subjects? We will have three major subjects next sem: Introduction to Journalism, Introduction to Broadcasting and Laws of Mass Media. I just hope I could handle my academics and HF well since I don't want to give up the latter. And also still hoping that despite all these stuff occupying my time I could still have the time to do something for fun [In my case,watching TV]. For now, i better start working....or else.....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

edited forwarded blog entry

courtesy of

1. jec
2.jay-kuh [my name is pronounced as je-kup but most people call me that way]

3.gilmore guy

2.being helpful
3.being simple

THREE THINGS YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF penmanship speed of speaking
3. my hesitations


1.eyeglasses (I always wear it anyway)

3.rubber shoes

2.Michelle Branch

1.'Hanging by a moment'- Lifehouse
2.'Goodbye to you'-Michelle Branch
3. 'Before I let you go'-Freestyle

1. write for the sports/features sections of HF
2. photography
3. public speaking


TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order)
1. I don't play any kind of sports
2.I can't be a vegetarian
3. I always study


1.sense of humor
2. good conversationalist
3. being caring

1. smoke
2. drive
3. play sports

1. Watching TV
2. reading
3.surfing the internet

1. write my pending articles
2. buy a new book
3. watch TV

1.newpaper writer
2. scripwriter
3. teacher

3. England


1. I like romantic shows/movies
2. I'm physically weak
3. I like listening to mellow music


1. I hate shopping
2. I don't spend too much time in the CR
3. I don't care how I look

Monday, September 05, 2005

Legally Human

Today I turn 18. I'm now legally human. I'm not a "minor" anymore. But I don't feel 18, I feel like I'm still 15. [Hence,when I was 15 I still feel 12,well I guess I'm 3 years delayed] When I look in the mirror I don't see an eighteen year old. I feel that I'm not ready to grow up. In the States 18 is the time when some kids starts to be independent but I could never see myself in that situation. I guess at 18 I should be mature but I'm not. I'm still a kid but I'm now nearing the end of my "teenhood" phase of life but I can't see myself evolved to a young adult anytime soon. Maybe when I turned 21 I will feel 18.
I never celebrated my birthday with a party. I know some kids beg their parents to throw them a party but I did not feel that urge to ask my parents that. Actually for sometime they were encouraging me to have a birthday party but I decline. I just don't want to do it. I don't like experiencing the hassles of preparing food and other stuff and cleaning up. I just want to celebrate my birtday in a simple way. I also never treat my classmates, I'm not being selfish or what but the times are hard today I don't want to make any unnecessary expenses. Plus if they are real friends they don't have to pressure me to treat them.
Birthday wishes:

* No more asthma attacks [So far this I did not have any serious attack of asthma]
* Good grades [I hope that I and my class will do good on the activities fo the finals]
* Peaceful home[I just hope my family will not face big problems in the near future]
* Good economy [sounds traditional? but that is true I am really hoping for the best for the Philippines]
* Away from harm [like holduppers,snatchers,juvenile deliquents,dengue etc...]

Friday, September 02, 2005

113 days to go

Today I woke up at 4am to review for my midterm exams. My mother who wakes up early to do some early housechores was listening to the a radio program on AM radio and then this particular show started with a Christmas song then the announcer hollered "113 days to go before Christmas!". I was surprised since I did not notice that Christmas is coming already. When I was young once September 1 comes, I will start my Christmas countdown because I am so excited about it. But as years goes by I'm starting to forget my tradition since I don't "feel" Christmas anymore. Last year was the worst since I was not really happy during Christmas season. What's even worst is that there is no particular reason why I was feeling that way last year, I just felt nothing special. That's why sometimes I wish I am a kid again.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Smoke gets into my Nerves!

While in the jeep this morning something annoyed me.It's not the music nor the noisy DJ of Love Radio (kailangan pa bang i memorized yan, for pete's sake), it is not the traffic caused by people who are ignorant or lazy to cross in the right way nor the insensitivity of some passengers ("Hello Lady, someone just left the jeep could you move a little since I'm only sitting like a quarter of space") but the oh-so nice driver stop in the middle of the road to buy his precious cigarette and he smoked it till his lungs content. I hate smoke.Any kind of smoke wheter it came from burning leaves, from a vehicle or incense. But what really irritates me is smoke coming from cigarettes. This is something I could not fathom, Why do people smoke cigarettes?. Come on what are the benefits do cigarette bring us? And when I see cigarette ads there is this"government warning" that says cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health, if is really hazardous why show it in the first place? It is like saying buy this it could kill you. I do not want to lecture on how bad smoking cigarettes because this topic has been discussed a lot of times from our parents to school teachers to the media, people already know how dangerous it is but still they still continue it. Well I'm not telling people to stop smoking since it's their prerogative. Smoke until your lungs burn out but please DO NOT SMOKE IN PUBLIC PLACES because there are still people who cares about their lungs.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Short" Stories

Another overdue update, You see the internet connection here in my school is malfunctioning. One time the connection is good then after a few minutes it will be gone again. Seeing "cannot find server" and "page cannot be displayed" on the screen annoys me. Well today the connection is okay but the question is for how long? Anyways here are my "short" stories about what's goin on with my life.

Heraldo Filipino

* The first issue of Heraldo Filipino will be released finally. It was way long overdue. It should have been released in July but HF experienced problems. Sometimes I feel that I'm a jinx coz why does this problem happened during the time I'm a part of HF?

*I will be part of the second issue of HF intially I have 3 articles but it went down to one.I wasn't able to interview bro.armin because of class conflicts. Then my article on economic crisis was moved to HF3 and the only article left is my story about the Dean's list. Oh well :(

*The news assignments for HF3 was released and I have 2 tasks: about SPO and Cavite Studies Center. Our news coordianator also assigned assignments to non-news staff. I felt sad since I know that our news coordinator is disappointed since we (the news staff) are so slow on our assignments.

*There will be this PALAD writing workshop this September. Last year I planned to join this workshop but my shyness ruled over me so I did not pursue on doing it. Good thing now I could now attend since I'm part of HF already. I'm also persuading my other classmates to participate since I know they write good they just need some boost and I think this writing workshop will be of a good way on unleashing their skills


* Midterm examinations is next week already and it will be another busy week for me.However we have two days that we do not have an exam scheduled. But the bad thing is are exams are piled up in the succeding days plus we have this "schedule made from heaven" You see on Sepember 2 our first exam is scheduled from 8-9m then the next exam is 4-5:30pm, talk about giving us time. Oh well I hope I will do good in my exams

*I'm worried for the final period since I know JOU21 will face lots of school work. Here is a preview on what awaits us:

for PE: We will join this competition on foreign dance, the girls will do Japanese Parasol and us guys Chinese Dance.
problems: Physical Exhaustion and a big amount of money will be spend on costume and props

for Art Appreciation: We will do a production (Theater I guess).
problems: Since It's a class thing I expect problems on cooperation and the process of doing a play

for Retorika: Debate and Forum
problems: Public speaking skills and Filipino teachers are somewhat hard to please like when we did our speech in FILI101 we did our best but the teacher gave us not so satisfying grades

for Speech and Oral communication: what else but addressing a speech
problems: same with Retorika

TV Stuff

I do not watch TV as frequent as before but still I still manage to watch some shows

*I like this new show on studio 23 "Jack and Bobby". The actors are good they really are effective and I like Grace, the eccentric mother of Jack and Bobby. Sometimes you wanna slap her then in some instances you want to symphatize her. On the second episode she delivered a speech and it was powerful. Here it is (courtesy of TwizTv BTW):

Good evening. I'd like to welcome all of you tonight to a renaissance. For some of you, tonight marks a return to your college life. For some, a new beginning. And so on the eve of the tremendous journey upon which you are all embarking, I would like to offer you a thought to take with you. Okay, listen carefully. You will fail here. All of you. College is not the culmination of your high-school career; it is the beginning of your adult life. Only it's a slow, sweet beginning that feels nothing like what life in all it's attending obligations will eventually bring, so fail here. Be bad at things. Be embarrassed, be afraid. Be vulnerable. Go out on a limb, or two, or twelve, and you'll fall, and it'll hurt ... but the harder you fall, the further you'll rise. The louder you fail the clearer your future becomes. Failure is a gift, welcome it! There are people who spend their whole lives wondering how they became the people they became. How certain chances passed them by. Why they didn't take the road less travelled. Those people are not you. You have the front-row seats to your own transformation! And in transforming yourself you might even transform the world! And it'll be electric, I promise you it'll be terrifying, but embrace that. Embrace the new person you're becoming. This is your moment. I promise you it is now. Now! Not, not two minutes from now, not tomorrow, but REALLY NOW. Own that, know that, deep in your bones, and go to sleep every night knowing that, and wake up every single morning remembering it. And then ... (She laughs. "Have a Little Faith In Me" is playing again in the background) ... keep going. Keep going. (wild applause)

*On September 3 season 5 of Gilmore Girls will premiere on Studio 23.I'm so excited since the season 4 finale was a cliffhanger and I really want to know what happens to Rory's stupid decision and Luke's surprise

*The Amazing Race: family edition is also coming soon, I'm really curious on how will this competition with 4 people per team as oppose to the usual pair. Plus the fact that it is a"family edition" mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters,uncles,aunties,cousins in one team, will it bring good or bad to the show?

*Survivor Guatemala will premiere this September. This is the 11th installment ;I wonder how will Mark Burnett keep the show's torch flaming since they have almost done all things to keep this show interesting

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I have been wanting to update my blog for the past days but there were lot of circumstances that stop me from doing it. I was busy with school and HF stuff, then if I had the time to visit ERS it was closed and when it was on line again their server was so slow that opening up this site takes a a lot of time. Because of that my stories that I want to write about had piled up which leaded to this multi-story entry.


My REED professor revealed something that really shocked me. His colleagues tried to get rid fo him by falsificating documents. I could not believe this of all people that could do this shameless act, Religious education professors! They who supposed to teach us good acts. But I know my professor was hurt I could see it into his eyes.


Last week my uniform (the barong) was burned when it was ironed by my mother. It was not her fault since the iron malfunctioned and when it was pressed on to my uniform it automatically burned it. I only had two barongs and that lead me to have one barong to wear last week. When I got home I wash the barong and when I wake up in the morning I ask my mother to iron it (I don't know how to iron and I don't want to take risk). Good thing last Monday I bought a new barong, I will no longer experience the hassle of having a wash and wear uniform.


Two Sundays I finally had my haircut. I have been wanting to have a haircut but I was either busy or lazy. I was really uncomfortable with my old hair since it perspires me more. Plus I have been having pimples at the back of my head due to my heavy perspiration. When I saw my the back of my hair through a mirror I saw that I had scars already due to this pimples. Now I will really try to have a haircut once a month.
Also when I had my haircut I saw this mother dragging his kid to the barbershop. The kid was wailing like a pig being butchered. When it was his time to have his hair cut the kid was hysterical, his mother have to hold him so that the barber will not have a hard time. I really wonder what was the kid thinking about, when I was young I never really got scared with getting my haircut. Maybe the kid thought he might die when he ahve his hair cut. or maybe he was so attatched to his hair that cutting it is like taking something away from you. Oh well, anyways the kid had a semi-kalbo haircut.


My father accomnpanied my brother to get his driver's license. They had a hard time since the people there are making their life hell. But when my father asked someone to help them, the guy ask "How much?". My father was so desperate that he agreed on giving lagay to that guy. My father said that if they did not do that it will take months before my brother gets his driver's license. Shortly after my father gave the money his license was released. That is how dirty the government agencies are. I thought this things only happen in Metro Manila but it is also present here In Cavite. That's why we cant see progress because the people in the government agencies are rotten.


I watch Tru Calling and I like the show. The season one finale had a good twist. It left me wanting for more but the show's second season only had six episodes since FOX cancelled it due to low ratings. I am disappointed because just when the story is just getting exciting it will end abrubtly. I know that it will not have a proper conlcusion. Tru Calling will now belong to the group of TV shows that left me hanging.


It has been a month since I became part of the team of Heraldo Filipino. I had three assignments. Two of it are already in the typing process and I will pass it later this week. But my interview with Bro.Armin is still not accomplised due to some uncontrollable forces. During the month I stayed at HF I have met lots of new people and gained new friends. I also have interviewed two people in the school administration and I had a good time. I'm looking forward to more learning experiences at HF.


The Prelim grades were released I was surprised with the results. The highest grade you could obtain is 4.00 and the lowest is 1.00 and grade of 0.00 is a failing mark. Although I did mediocre in my examinations (except REED where I have gotten a perpect score) my preliminary grades are high.

REED- 3.75 (I love this subject and I'm glad I have gotten a high grade)

PE- 3.50 (Good thing it had a written exam)

Art Appreciation-3.25 (This is the most shocking grade I had since I barely passed the exams and my "works of art" that I passed are horrible, the teacher even commented that it was monotonous, I think I don't deserve that grade)

Retorika,Intro to Communication Theory- 3.00 (I'm happy to get a high score in intro to com theory since a lot of my classmates have gotten low grades)

Computer and Philippine Constitution- 2.75 (I thought I will get a lower grade on both subjects since I did get low scores on quizzes)

Speech and Oral Communication- 2.25 ( I am disappointed to get this grade since it ruined my "winning streak" however I feel that I deserve this grade since I did not excel in the oral exercises and thw written quizzes are low, I hope to get a better grade for the Midterms)

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Open Window

Something happened in my Introduction to Communication Theory class. The topic for the day was the Johari Window. The Johari Window is a way of intrapersonal relationship that tackles four windows which tells something about your personality assesment
Image hosted by
The OPEN window tells something that I and everybody else know
The BLIND window tells something that I don't know but another person know
The HIDDEN window tells something that I know but nobody else know
The UNKNOWN window tells something that I and other people don't know
We we're asked to do a presentation about it. It was good since we got to open up something about ourselves but when Joselito who is a irregular student presented his hidden window the mood of the class changed. He opened up how he feels alone and unwanted and then he cried. Our class transformed from a simple lecture to a sharing/advising/counselling session. My classmates gave thier advices,views and some also shared their own experiences. Joselito spoke again and he said that he also feels bad when people (his own father too) suspected him of being gay because of his mannerisms and the fact that he is the only male of three offsprings;her sisters might have influnced her to turn gay. He also said that his classmates mock him about that. That's when I also shared something and gave him advice. I was also been suspected of being gay due to many reasons like I don't do "macho" things. I told Joselito that I know what he feels since I also feel it. I know it's hard when people(friends,family) judge your personality. But don't let them bother you as long as you know within your heart that you are not homosexual do not care what they tell about you. I used to be really bothered when people suspect me of being gay to the point that I try to do those "manly" stuff just to prove them wrong. But I got tired eventually I just thought let them be on what they think of me. I know being a man is not measured on how macho you are or how many girls you dated so why do I let myself be bothered with this? I hope Joselito understand what I was talking about (you know I talk fast). Also another irregular classmate of ours Arvie also spoke his mind. He revealed that he is gay and he was really conscious on what we (my block JOU21) will think about him so that's why he rarely participates in class. He went on saying the experience he had and how he learned from it. I admire him for openingh up to us. Our block really don't mind of him being gay (well some girls find it sayang since they find him cute). We accept him whoever he is because there is nothing wrong with being gay. It was a thought provoking class it was good to know that some people are brave enough to unleash their inner feelings. Some may find what happened mushy but for me it will be one of the memorable classes I ever had.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well it's been a week since I updated my blog. I have been busy with my exams and some other stuff. Well here is a summary on how I faired on my exams: MEDIOCRE. I think will not get low scores but the results are not that high, just okay. I don't think having a OK grade is bad is just that I feel if I study more I will get better scores. Some of the exams could been easy but I just did not prepare that much because I was too lazy. I just browsed my notes and some subjects are just not that interesting to me so I'm not really motivated to study. In my first sem here I had a subject which I really did great, it was Literature of the Philippines. I have gotten perfect scores on both prelims and midterms, nobody else in my class have done that. So far in my almost two years stay here in DLSU-D that's the only time that I had 100% on a major exam. My average on major exams is 10 points away to a perfect score. During that time I was really engrossed with the subject and the professor is really great. After that no other subject really gave me that effect. Well I'm just taking up minors and a "minor" major maybe as I go on with my course I will encounter subjects that will get me moving.


Last Monday La Sallian Speech Club release the students that passed the screening and fortunately I'm included in the list. To be honest I am confident that I will make it to LSC since I did fair well on their screening but what surprise me is that I had a high score= 93%. I did not expect that and by the way I ranked no.2. It's a given fact that I talk fast and I really need to work on my speech skills so I was really surprised that they find me good enough to get that score. It gave me hope that I could still be able to speak with confidence and clarity (and slowly of course). Well it's been good semester so far,first I was accepted at HF and now I'm a part of LSC and I passed with flying colors.


Yesterday I saw my English teacher in highschool. We had a small talk and when I told him that I'm taking up Broadcast Journalism he said that I could make it. He also said to me that it was his frustration to be a journalist too bad circumstances prohibited him to attain it. My English professor is one of the one I look up to. Because of him I got interested with communication and it lead to me taking up this course. He is an excellent teacher, I learned a lot from him. Seeing him reminded me of why I love working with words. I hope that I will meet his expectations and could really make it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Prelude to Prelims

Today is the start of the Preliminary Examinations. But I'm here at ERS (the internet section of the library) surfing the net. Why am I doing this? I should have been studying right now. Well,I have no exams scheduled today. Here is my examination schedule:

Wed 07/20



Thu 07/21



Fri 07/22

So far my favorite subject is Philippine Constitution because I like the scope of the subject. Plus the professor is good he knows what he is saying, he is not the bookish type. I'm attentive at his class and it wakens up my soul after being inside a one and a half hour class that is not so interesting (read:boring). But my favorite teacher is my REED143 prof. He really has a positive aura and he makes us laugh which I did not expect from him since he is the soft spoken type. He delivers jokes unexpectedly and the punchlines makes us cringe. My other classes are just okay. I'm not good with art so i don't enjoy art appreciation class. Introduction to communcation started good but when we started discussing theories my interest went down. Speech and Oral Communication is a good class aside that we are in an air conditioned room I love the oral exercises although I still find being videotaped awkward,I realized how imortant it is it since I could see what aspects I should improve on. Retorika is a so-so class aside that the topics are not really interesting the schedule is from 7-8:30am my energy is quite low and with that class I'm really having a hard time to concentrate. Computer classes are okay, the hands on exercises are easy since it only involves MS Word but the quizzes I'm just mediocre. I could have done better with my quizzes if I studied more; I only scanned the hand outs because I was too lazy to review.
Anyways I'll do my best to get good scores with my prelims tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Inside The Office

Yesterday I stayed at the Heraldo Filipino office from 1pm till 7pm. The first four hours I spent practically doing nothing. Anyways I read the rough draft of the forthcoming issue,actually they asked us to proofread it. But I really did not do that since well the other staff already did it and there's nothing much left for me to correct since they did a good job and I think I'm not really good in proofreading especially when it comes to grammar. There were also other apprentices mostly frsehmen in the office we had some chat later on the senior staff joined us but the conversation went to Bush to PGMA to World History to Religion to Philosophy, topics that I know little about. But I enjoyed listening to them, I just love how their views contradict sometimes. I like listening to debates but I don't like participating that much . Around 4pm the news staff had an orientation leaded by our news coordinator Deofelyn Ocayo or Ate Lhen as she likes people to call her (not the ate part actually but I choose to call her with ate since I'm her subordinate) . We started by some "getting to know each other" activity where each of us take turns in asking questions and of course answering it. I got questions like what's your favorite book,strengths and weaknesses and expectations at HF news. Someone ask her(Ate Lhen) to described us (the news staff) in one word she described me as articulate. I was surprised since being articulate is something that I could never think of myself. To be articulate is to be clear; distinct; express with clarity and is skillful with words. I assumed that most people do not find the way I speak clear since I talk so fast, well I may sound distinct; skillfull with words? Hmmmm.... Now this is a challenge. The orientation covered topics such as rules and regulations, the people we need to know and some other guidelines to be an efficient HF news staff. Then came our assignments, I was tasked to write about Bro.Luistro's stand on the PGMA issue. Ate Lhen told me that she will assist me on how to work this article out, she said that she has talk to me personally but since we already lack the time she said to me to come tomorrow (which is today) at the office. I'm really nervous about this, this is my first assignment for HF I hope I won't mess up.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Good News and Bad News

Good News!

I passed the Heraldo Filipino panel interview! But I was designated to the News Section which I did not originally applied for (Features and Literary were the ones I applied to) Still I think the editorial board made the right decision since based from the answers I have given on the interview I did poor on questions pertaining to subjects about Features and Literary. Well I believe i faired well when they asked me about news like the GloriaGate Scandal, E VAT, jeepney discounts etc. There were 6 applicants including myself and only one did not qualify. I felt bad about him and imagined myself what if that happened to me? Good thing I did not experience that since it will definitely crushed me. We, the newbies, will be called The Apprentices which means we will not be in the staff box yet and be subjected to deep observation. We have to do our best for us to be promoted. It will a great challenge since I have no clue on how campus journalism works I will just depend on my instincts and of course will ask around. It's a good thing there is also a senior staff of the news department that shifted to Broadcast Journalism and became a part of our block ( in short, my new classmate) at least there is someone I could ask to. What a night it was, It's actually the first time I came home at night (7:30pm). I don't really like staying out late but last night I waited for the results We have to wait for all applicants to finish the interview before we could know the results and since there were six of us and I was second to be interviewed I waited for about an hour but it was worth it. They (the HF staff)actually offered us to eat after we find out the results but I declined since I have to go home already. But the gesture was nice and I really felt that they are welcoming us with open arms. We actually need to complete a duty of 250 hours at the HF office given that I will now have lesser time to hang around at ERS (the internet laboratory of our library). I will start my duty on Tuesday since I have to fix some things up with my other organization Friends of the Library which now brings me to the....

Bad News!

I have to resign as Vice President of Friends of the Library. The editor in chief told me that one of HF's policy that its staff are prohibited to be officers of school organizations. They asked me if I was willing to give it up, as much that it hurts me to say it, I said "yes". I love FL, it was my first and only organization I joined in during my freshman year but I have to follow what i want., which is to write. For years I have been dreaming to be a campus writer, In highschool there was no opportunity and that made me want it more. In my first year I was too scared to try. Now I already made the first step and I don't want it too pass by. I told this to CMC, the president and Mam Rhoda, our adviser although it made them sad they accepted it. I was really guilty since I feel I abandoned FL. I said that I will still help them even though I will be just a regular member. Tomorrow is our General Assembly CMC asked me that I should still be the VP tomorrow so that there will be no confusement with our new members, I will just pass my resignation on Monday. I'm sad about this but I have to thank FL because they understand me that I just want to pursue my dream

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Eyeglasses Broke...Again!

What a nice start my day! While I was in a jeep on the way to school when one of the lens of my eyeglasses fell, good thing it fell on my bag and not the ground. but the screw got lost, well I did not expect it to find it anyway. It's the second time that this happened to me last year when I was watching a school play my lens also fell and got lost. I t was dark there so my lost lens have g0ne forever. I did not buy a new pair of glasses immediately instead I substituted an old lens (I broke an old eyeglass and took the one of its lens). It was really a hard time since the grado of the lens did not match. So when Christmas came when my parents ask me what I want to have. I said a new pair of eyeglasses. And after 7 months it happened again, good thing I had save the lens, I will just fix it. I realized how important my eyeglasses are like now I am really uncomfortable since I could not see clearly. My eyeglasses have become a part of me, I only took it off when I sleep and take a bath. Some people that I bump with this morning already asked why am I not wearing my eyeglasses. That's what makes me recognizable, I'm the guy who wears eyeglasses. Although I have only been wearing eyeglasses for five years I really felt that it was a long time. But it will be an interesting day, let me see how I will cope without my eyeglasses

The text message that made my day

Here is the text message that I received yesterday at around 11am:
"CONGRATULATIONS! You are qualified for the panel interview on July 7 4pm at the heraldo filipino office. Pls be on time"
I could not believe what I have just read. I think I read that message for about 4 times before it sunk to me " I have passed the qualifying exam".I took the exam last May during my summer classes. After weeks of not hearing from Heraldo I assumed that I failed. I really was not confident that I will make it anyway, the qualifying exam was really hard that all my creative cells was drained out. My handwritng was really awful since I'm so tired (The exam took for about 2 to 3 hours). Plus I felt that I did not gave good essays because the topics/questions was hard and there was one topic that I have no clue what is it all about. I also had my insecurities since I lack the experience of being a campus scribe ( As I have said in my earlier entries my Highschool did not have a school paper). During my freshman year I planned to apply for HF but I chickened out since I'm clueless about campus journalism. However I really felt bad about it because I am such a frustrated writer and I had so many "What if" questions. So I promised to myself that I will not be a coward again and try for our school paper once the oppurtunity comes in. When I saw an announcement that they are on lookout to be a part of them I immediately went to their office. I thought that if I fail at least I tried, I just don't want another oppurtunity pass by. I'm not really an official staff yet but passing the qualifying exam is an achievement to me. I'm really nervous about my interview on July 7 but I'm also excited about it, I really hope that I could really make it.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Speaking Of....

I have troubles with how I speak. I talk fast to the point that I already eat my words. Ask my classmates ( even teachers) on how will they describe and they will say "Mabilis magsalita" (he talks very fast). I never really realize that I talk really fast not until our Speech and Oral Communication class. We had an oral activity and it was video taped, when the tapes where playing then I realized aside that I look awful on camera (but that is another story) I really talk so fast that even I had a hard time understanding what I said. Aside from that I have a poor diction. This really made me feel bad since I'm also frustrated to be a good speaker. I want to speak in a well modulated voice so that people will clearly hear what I want to say. Oral Communication is really important coz it's direct communciationand this will make or break you, first impressions are also made on how you present yourself orally. I have a theory on why I speak this way, I have asthma and I always feel like gasping for breath when I speak. I applied at La Sallian Speech Club, because I believe I could learn how to speak well through this organization. I really hope that one day I could speak clearly and what I say will not just be heard but listened.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Being a Liability

I really feel bad today because I feel like I'm not being useful to the school organization I belong to (Friends of the Library) I'm actually the vice president. It was an impropmtu thing actually. When the former officer texted me that they will now appoint new officers for the school year and she asked me if I want to be an officer I said yes. I thought that I will get lower positions like PRO or Business Manager but I was shocked when I found out that I was assigned as the Vice president. I thought of refusing to accept it but I realize that the former officers are really having a hard time to manage this org since it is sort of a mess and I don't want to be add another pain in the head to them. I accept thinking that it will be a great challenge for me and plus I'm a good leader when it comes to class presentations so I assume I could handle it. But reality check I'm a person who dislikes HASSLE and I try to avoid it. I have lots of "I can't do that" reasons. Like in our recruitment period I can't stand being alone in our booth mainly because I'm shy on facing people and I'm not a good sales person so i thought that I will do more harm if I stay around the booth, but by not staying in the booth I also do harm since prospective applicants might slip away.But what can I do, my apprehensions is ruling over me? I'm really not prepared to this thing, In highschool we don't have this kind of stuff (my former school has no clubs actually). I think it's a good thing that i did not pass the application for the school paper since I know that I couldn't do it good anyway besides that my writing style is so mediocre I know I can't handle the pressure.
But still I will not quit as being the VP for my org, I will still do my best to be an asset and not a liability.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Forg's List of Favorite Tv shows

I'm a certified a couch potato. I like watching television and my favorite channel is Studio 23 mainly because it is the home of my favorite shows. My taste varies from teenyboppers to police dramas to sitcoms to reality shows but I will narrow my list to 10

1. Gilmore Girls
2. The Amazing Race
3. Survivor
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Spongebob Squarepants
6. 24
7.America's next top model
8.Will and Grace
10. Just shoot me

and for local ones, the ones I like are mostly off the air'

1. 5 & up
2. Points of view
3. I witness
4. Probe team
5. KNN
6. Bayani
8.Hiraya Manawari
9. Y speak
10. The weakest link

Saturday, June 18, 2005


I'm a boy who cries a lot. I remember during my first day at school I cried a river when my mother left already. Although later on I was already used to be left at school but there were other reasons to ignite me to cry. When they fetch me late, I cry. When i fell on a seat i cry. When they tease me I cry.That's why I had a reputation of being sensitive at school so my classmates were so careful not to make me cry. I thought it will be good since no one will dare to harm me but as I grow i've started to realize how silly and humilating I was. Boys should not cry if you do it you show signs of weakness and will be called as Gay. I dont want that to happen so I started to be more cautious. In some situations that I felt like crying I forced not to. I want to be strong, but at home when I'm in bed and everyone is asleep I cry andI do without any sound, I don't want people to hear me cry. I'm weak I admit it. I just don't want to keep angst, frustrations and insecurities in my chest I want to let it out. Every shed of tear is equivalent to evry inch of pain I feel inside.
Now I'm 17 years old and still a crybaby. But no one sees it unlike before. I cry about anything that makes me feel bad. Whenever hear the phrase "Boys don't cry" I shudder and ask myself "Why?" Answer me...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Too Good to be True

I never thought that this will happen to my sister. It happened last Sunday on the bus way home my sister met this chinoy guy and they became instant friends he even offered her to take her home but my sister refused but they exchanged numbers. My sister felt that this guy might be the one to heal here broken heart (Her 9 year relationship ended over a year ago and I know she had hard time to move on). My mother was happy since she wants Ate to have a boyfriend so as to forget her ex. The guy started waiting for her at work to take her home and everything seems to be okay. He even gave my sister three red roses last Wednesday.My sister got smitten by this charming guy but I was suspicious I just dont trust the guy. And I was right there is something wrong about him and good thing he showed his true colors early on. It happened last night the guy borrowed the cellphone of my sister's co worker citing that he needs to text someone, the friend trusted him since he is also convince by the guy's charm and it happened..... the guy disappeared in an instant and so as my sister's hope to find new love. I just hope my sister wont lose hope that she could still fall in love...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Random Thoughts

The Purpose of Existence

- Why are we here? Why am I alive? These are questions that all of us think of. What is our purpose? We have no destiny. We make our life. Life is full of choices and it’s our job to find out what choice will fit to us. That’s why we have our own will to make our decisions. Everyday we make decisions. This decision shapes our future.
- The ultimate goal of our existence is to be happy. What is then happiness? Happiness is contentment, making your life worth living for. Happiness is hard to achieve; many never attained it until their death. The reason they were afraid to make choices. They are afraid to fail. But failing is normal if we don’t fail we will not be successful. You must experience to be at the bottom to appreciate fully being on top. God does not set us to a planned life but he is just there to guide us it is up to us if we follow its way.
- In order to succeed we must work on it. We could not just sit down there waiting for luck to come. It will depend on us to make our life better. Success in life has a wider scope, it is not limited to economic status only. You could be rich but not successful. How could it happen? We are not born in a world where success is waiting in the door. You could be lucky that you will be born into a family that is wealthy yet as you grow you will not feel contented thus making you unhappy then you will seek for the thing that will make you fulfilled. To achieve success you must first encounter troubles since this obstacles will test your patience and will to achieve success. There is no short cut for success. If you take the easy way in you can not claim that you are successful.

Relating with the others

- Treat others with respect since you don’t want people to disrespect you. You should have friends since from them you will learn. There are things in life that you will learn on based on your friends’ experiences. When your friend commit a mistake you tend not to follow it, when he does something exemplary you will be inspired to emulate it. It is normal that you will encounter people that you will have disagreement on since we are all unique thus we all have different ideals, don’t complete shut your mind off if you hear someone say negative things to you examine yourself who knows he might be true. But if he is wrong the best way to deal with him is to ignore it. You should avoid having enemies even if you dislike someone just ignore it. Ignoring it will make it go away. We could not force someone to like you but do your best to prove him that you are not worthy of his disgust if it does not work its not your problem. But don’t be a martyr you should know if someone has cross the line and you must stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself does not mean picking a fight but letting them know that you are not their slave.
- Don’t worry that sometimes you feel you want to be alone, its normal since there are things that you want to do by yourself. It does not mean that you are alienating yourself but you just value your privacy.

- There is a God who created us. For us to be here someone greater than us must have started it all. But we cannot see him in a person form. He is neither a man nor a woman. It is normal to doubt if he really exist for it is the first step to know him. Questioning his existence is the quest to know who he really is. When we doubt him we resolve to do things that will satisfy our curiosity. Consequently we will stumble to the answer we have been looking for.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Things I learned from my Subic trip

Last weekend my father had a company outing at Subic, we came along (my mother,older brother and me). Well how was it? I will summarize it by enumerating you what I have learned from that trip:

People don't know the meaning of assembly time.
The assembly time was supposed to be 5:30 am but when we arrived there there are only a few people. They started arriving around 6:30am. And these are professionals and they don't know the value of time.

Traffic makes me more dizzy than a moving bus.

3.It's okay not to bring your own snacks since my father's co workers provided us already with food.

We came home still our bags almost untoched since our food was mildly consumed.

Videoke inside a bus is a no-no

5.The reason why there are spoiled brats because there are parents that are too cool.
I noticed my father's co worker who is so lenient with her kids to the point of disrespecting her but she only laughed. I know she wanted a good relationship with her son but she gotta let him know who is the authority.

6. Either me or my brother & father have a urinary problem
My father & brother urinate every stop of the bus and i constantly hear them that nature is calling them again. While i only had two each of the two day trip. So who has the problem?

7.Dolphins are amazing animals.
Our first stop was OCEAN ADVENTURE, an open water marine park and it had a show and oh boy i was impressed. It is a shame that we forgot to bring a camera but the memory is inside of me forever.

8.Of the whole sem i took up Swimming i only learned 50% of it.
Oh well at least i did learned and i still applied it when we went swimming. The best thing i coiuld do was floating

9.I want to have a cable.
Our room had a television on it and it has cable! We never had cable in our home so I was ecstatic so i surf the tv till midnight

10.Tigers have talent fee.
The next day we went to ZOOBIC SAFARI and i was surprised when the staff there said that you couldn't take a picture on one of the tigers there unless you pay its talent fee.

11.There is Jollibee everywhere
On our way home i noticed that every town we came across I saw a branch of jollibee

12.Metro Manila is flooded with billboards
Another thing i notice on our way home are the large billboards that you could see practically everywhere. Left or right you will see and they are huge.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

it's unFARE

Last night the headline of the news "Fare Hike Approved" I said to myself "Not again" Last year (in time of my freshman year) they had a fare increase and after a year right exactly at this month (May) they did it again. I want to hate the jeepney drivers but i realized that they dont want it also but circumstances lead them to do that. we have one enemy: The Greedy Oil companies. They increase oil prices like every week. When i first hear it "Oh it is just for 50 cents it wont hurt" but I realized it happens every week and the 50 cent increase is for every liter (i think) and of course the jeep needs a lot. Oh I so hate the situation. I imagined how much do these drivers earned? i think majority of their earnings will be spent to oil plus if they don't own the jeep they have to pay a daily rental fee (boundary), So how much do they bring home, I believe not much. As much as I'm hurt to say this the fare hike is really needed. So hwo will be the new minimum fare, will it be 7 pesos? I remember the fare from our town to Alabang costed 9 pesos then 12 pesos then 15 pesos then 18 pesos and last year 22 pesos. So how will it be this time, 25 pesos? I f you imagine before the 25 pesos will cover two people's fare but now it is only for one. And im only 17 how much will the fare be when i reach 27 ( 50 pesos?). What sad is that these fare hike will consequently lead to price increase of basic commodities. The only solution I think to this oil problem is that we should have alternatives for this oil, i remember years ago a guy invented a water fueled car, whatever happened to that? If only his invention became succesful we wont have any "oily" problems (we are surrounded of water anyways). But i guess we can't do anything about it. Who is to blame? Tell me...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Gilmore Guy

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If you ask me what is my favorite television show I will quickly say "Gilmore Girls". This show might be classified as a chick flick but I don't care. Honestly I don't know any other guy (straight ones) that watches this show. Maybe since the lead are females boys are scared to be typecasted as gay if they watch this show. Too bad since they are missing a good show. I like how the shows flow. Here in the Philippines we are nearing the end of season 4 and I'm really hook on it. Since season 2 I have never missed an episode of Gilmore Girls. Too bad I had an irregular viewing habits during it's first season but I'm planning to buy its DVD (once the original copy hits Philippine shores). What do Gilmore Girls have that I enjoy watching it so much?As I have said earlier I like the story, it is not draggy. The script is so witty and delivered excellently. I don't get tired watching every week. It has a Good Cast

From the leads to the supporting cast and even the very small players that have brief screen time are fantastic. I love lorelai she is a cool mom, her one liners are so funny. I always laugh when she chats with rory,Emily,Luke,Michel etc. The younger Gilmore, Lorelai II or Rory is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. I will admit that the first reason why i decided to watch this show is because of her. I love her,she is my dream girl
She is smart,nice and adorable. I like the fact that she loves reading and writing. I also love how she helps her Korean bestfriend Laine and her control freak classmate Paris.
I have to admit that I also love the love stories of this girls (by the way guys are also capable of the "kilig" feeling so don't be too shocked on the following thoughts) I find lorelai's love life interesting she really has this chemistry to the men of his lives. First off Christopher, rory's father. The two really look good together. I also have this sentimental feeling to them since I want their family to be together again but it wasn't really meant a lot of a events tore them apart.
Lorelai' s other guy Luke is I think the guy for him. Since the beginning of the show sparks had been flying all over. The writers are really good in teasing it's viewers. We really cant wait to see them to be together ( the latest episode shown here "Luke can see her face" are showing Luke finally making a move to Lorelai, Oh God I will not miss the succeeding episodes)

Rory's love life on the other hand is more complicated and emotional. At first he was torn between Tristan and dean but he chose the latter. But when we Luke's nephew,Jesse came to the picture she was again torned between him and Dean and he chooses Jesse. Unfortunately they broke up. For me I still believe that Tristan is still the guy for rory but I don't see them reuniting anytime soon ( The actor who plays Tristan now have its own show One Tree Hill)

I forgot to mention my favorite character,Kurt he is Stars Hollow eccentric guy. He seems to do all kinds of job. I love that guy coz he is really funny although he is really weird.

Last year Gilmore Girls won an Emmy for outstanding Make up, they deserve it anyway coz the make up for that episode where they played"Live Paintings" was magnificent

to prove you take a look at these:

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After reading this you probably think that I'm a Gilmore Girls addict, well you're right!

if you like to post a comment pls. Don't include spoilers. Remember that the latest episode I have seen is Luke Can See her Face of season 4.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Romance isn't part of my vocabulary

There are a lot of things which I find myself weird. One is that I never felt my heart "beat". Don't get me wrong I'm not a love grinch it is just that it is the truth. Strangely I could honestly say that I never had any crushes to the people I knew personally (classmates,friends). I only had crushes on celebrities. And I realized this queer phenomena since I was a kid. When my classmates started having crushes I felt left out. So when they ask me who my crush it I will tell that she is from the province. When my family ask me I will tell someone from school but not in my grade I will tell that she is from a higher grade. I lied a lot. As I grew older I did not change, I also convice myself that maybe I really have a crush on someone I'm just in denial but after years of self examination I'm really sure I did not have any crushes ever. I really feel like a freak , there is no one I know that never had any crushes. I'm 17 I should be going gaga over a girl but no. Honestly I do want to get married someday but I don't think that I could be a good husband or even a boyfriend. I'm too insecure and selfish to be one Maybe that it is, I'm destined to be alone. My brain had stopped my heart (or hypothalamus) to love since I knew for a fact that I'm not really capable of loving in a romantic way. It saves me from heartaches. Maybe there are really people that are better off alone. Maybe that includes me.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Student Politics makes me sick

I'm so disgusted with the student politics here in my school. Since I'm a freshman I had high hopes for these so called student leaders. But heck during the campaign period I already sense the animosity between the two political parties. It is not just simple competition its deeper. I have learned that the political clashes here in my school has a bad history. The opposing parties really have personal grudges with each other. They accuse each other of cheating, corruption blah!blah! Now this election the losing party filed a petition against the winning party. Then the latter was disqualified and the circus began. The disqualified party retaliated bad they are accusing the commit on elections as being biased and even the school organ they diss it too for being partisan. I'm really sick with these students for God's sake we are in one school we should be united. When I entered this school I have heard that one of the problems is that majority of the student population are passive meaning to say they don't care about the school'events, issues and other matters. I promised myself that I wont be part of that group. I joined one interest organization and I also practiced my write to vote. But now I can't blame the students if they really don't care, The student leaders the ones that we should look up to are bad examples. They are unreachable plus look at the election how did it turn out? Chaos! How would the students be interested in participating if they don't see something that could boost them. Its a dirty system and it really disappoints that this small school community has too much politicking that makes me want to vomit.....