Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Short" Stories

Another overdue update, You see the internet connection here in my school is malfunctioning. One time the connection is good then after a few minutes it will be gone again. Seeing "cannot find server" and "page cannot be displayed" on the screen annoys me. Well today the connection is okay but the question is for how long? Anyways here are my "short" stories about what's goin on with my life.

Heraldo Filipino

* The first issue of Heraldo Filipino will be released finally. It was way long overdue. It should have been released in July but HF experienced problems. Sometimes I feel that I'm a jinx coz why does this problem happened during the time I'm a part of HF?

*I will be part of the second issue of HF intially I have 3 articles but it went down to one.I wasn't able to interview bro.armin because of class conflicts. Then my article on economic crisis was moved to HF3 and the only article left is my story about the Dean's list. Oh well :(

*The news assignments for HF3 was released and I have 2 tasks: about SPO and Cavite Studies Center. Our news coordianator also assigned assignments to non-news staff. I felt sad since I know that our news coordinator is disappointed since we (the news staff) are so slow on our assignments.

*There will be this PALAD writing workshop this September. Last year I planned to join this workshop but my shyness ruled over me so I did not pursue on doing it. Good thing now I could now attend since I'm part of HF already. I'm also persuading my other classmates to participate since I know they write good they just need some boost and I think this writing workshop will be of a good way on unleashing their skills


* Midterm examinations is next week already and it will be another busy week for me.However we have two days that we do not have an exam scheduled. But the bad thing is are exams are piled up in the succeding days plus we have this "schedule made from heaven" You see on Sepember 2 our first exam is scheduled from 8-9m then the next exam is 4-5:30pm, talk about giving us time. Oh well I hope I will do good in my exams

*I'm worried for the final period since I know JOU21 will face lots of school work. Here is a preview on what awaits us:

for PE: We will join this competition on foreign dance, the girls will do Japanese Parasol and us guys Chinese Dance.
problems: Physical Exhaustion and a big amount of money will be spend on costume and props

for Art Appreciation: We will do a production (Theater I guess).
problems: Since It's a class thing I expect problems on cooperation and the process of doing a play

for Retorika: Debate and Forum
problems: Public speaking skills and Filipino teachers are somewhat hard to please like when we did our speech in FILI101 we did our best but the teacher gave us not so satisfying grades

for Speech and Oral communication: what else but addressing a speech
problems: same with Retorika

TV Stuff

I do not watch TV as frequent as before but still I still manage to watch some shows

*I like this new show on studio 23 "Jack and Bobby". The actors are good they really are effective and I like Grace, the eccentric mother of Jack and Bobby. Sometimes you wanna slap her then in some instances you want to symphatize her. On the second episode she delivered a speech and it was powerful. Here it is (courtesy of TwizTv BTW):

Good evening. I'd like to welcome all of you tonight to a renaissance. For some of you, tonight marks a return to your college life. For some, a new beginning. And so on the eve of the tremendous journey upon which you are all embarking, I would like to offer you a thought to take with you. Okay, listen carefully. You will fail here. All of you. College is not the culmination of your high-school career; it is the beginning of your adult life. Only it's a slow, sweet beginning that feels nothing like what life in all it's attending obligations will eventually bring, so fail here. Be bad at things. Be embarrassed, be afraid. Be vulnerable. Go out on a limb, or two, or twelve, and you'll fall, and it'll hurt ... but the harder you fall, the further you'll rise. The louder you fail the clearer your future becomes. Failure is a gift, welcome it! There are people who spend their whole lives wondering how they became the people they became. How certain chances passed them by. Why they didn't take the road less travelled. Those people are not you. You have the front-row seats to your own transformation! And in transforming yourself you might even transform the world! And it'll be electric, I promise you it'll be terrifying, but embrace that. Embrace the new person you're becoming. This is your moment. I promise you it is now. Now! Not, not two minutes from now, not tomorrow, but REALLY NOW. Own that, know that, deep in your bones, and go to sleep every night knowing that, and wake up every single morning remembering it. And then ... (She laughs. "Have a Little Faith In Me" is playing again in the background) ... keep going. Keep going. (wild applause)

*On September 3 season 5 of Gilmore Girls will premiere on Studio 23.I'm so excited since the season 4 finale was a cliffhanger and I really want to know what happens to Rory's stupid decision and Luke's surprise

*The Amazing Race: family edition is also coming soon, I'm really curious on how will this competition with 4 people per team as oppose to the usual pair. Plus the fact that it is a"family edition" mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters,uncles,aunties,cousins in one team, will it bring good or bad to the show?

*Survivor Guatemala will premiere this September. This is the 11th installment ;I wonder how will Mark Burnett keep the show's torch flaming since they have almost done all things to keep this show interesting


Anonymous said...

hallu jec. ^^ hay. i love debates actually. tip lang, it's not really the research you've done tha matters, pero yung stuck reliable knowledge mo on both sides. tapos listen carefully during the debate. you may pick up ideas then and there. ^^

good luck on your art app. sa art app ko... GUMANAP AKONG MADRE. ^^

grabe.... busy busy bees tayo ngayon. ^^ sensya na hindi nga rin ako nakakabisita sa blog mo, AT ACTUALLY, bad trip na rin ako sa connection sa ERS.. kaya ako mismo ayoko munang pumunta don. dalawin mo naman ako sa CSO office. ^^ my new home

Unknown said...

trip ko big brother! i'm a convert! i'll be definitely waiting for the amazing survivor. hehehe...