Monday, December 31, 2007

My TOP 10 TV shows for 2007

- One of the best ensemble in recent years. The story lines are engaging and you would really care for the characters.
- This show is a breath of fresh air. Many criticized the show as being too sweet, but its "sweetness" is cutting edge, and the one factor that put this show above the rest. Plus the performances are good especially Chi McBride and Kristin Chenoweth, even the dog, DIgby, is charming.
- Lots of complaints had been thrown at LOST this year but the latter half of season 3 brought back why we loved LOST in the first place, the shocking season 3 finale will always be remembered as one the memorable season finales of all time.
-The show lost its magic during the 6th and the first half of the 7th season. there were contrived stories and some "out-of-character" moments but the last few episodes of this show brought back its former glory and reminded us the "spunk" this show had. Although, it had a "rushed" series finale it was still able to wrap up the show nicely. Definintely a show that will be missed.
- This show proved that the traditional sitcom is not dead. The characters are well played out and the chemistry between the actors is good. What's amazing about this show is how they tell the story for each episode, what show could pull off a "flashback-within-a-flashback-within-flashback" story than HIMYM?
-The show went back to some basics and I like it. Every episode is exciting, thanks to one of the best set of castaways in recent memory, even the considered "boring" castaways brought something to the show before their exit.
- I did not like who won this season but still I will not disregard the fact that this season was still an enjoyable ride. The Blondes and Charla & Mirna made this season a good watch for me. People complain how this show always win in the EMMYS but come on, this show is very difficult to produce and the producers never fail to deliver.
-An underrated new show. It all has the elements of a gripping primetime soap opera. The characters are interesting and the storyline is intriguing.
- If I base it from the latter half of season 3, this show will not make my top10 however the 4th season renewed my interest for the show.
So far the 4th season is going back to the roots of the 1st season, hopeful.y the show will sustain the momentum. I'm loving it, the addition of Dana Delany is a good move/
- This is my hit-or-miss show of the year. The latter half of the 1st season rocked! Although I felt the season 1 finale was a bit underwelming. When season 2 started, it was boring but during the last few episodes this year, the show starts to kick @ss once more. If these show have not been so inconsistent this could rank higher on my list but still despite the flaws of the show it is undeniable how captivating this show is

Friday, December 28, 2007

My "Hot 100" for 2007

Here are my top 100 songs for 2007. I'm a chart geek since 1998, I monitor and record various music charts and have a notebook where I record Yearend charts since 2000. I have a personal weekly countdown too which also started in 2000. I'm not really a music expert and my taste in music is very mainstream pop as reflected with my top 100 songs for the year. Aside from preference another basis of this list is airplay here in the Philippines; so some of the songs in the chart are not really favorites but I consider popular to some degree this year:

1. MAKES ME WONDER- Maroon Five
2. WAIT FOR YOU-Eliott Yamin
3. MAGBALIK-Calla lily
4. YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
5. UMBRELLA- Rihanna feat. Jay Z
8. WHAT TIME IS IT?-Cast of High School Musical
11. SUNDO-Imago
12. BEAUTIFUL GIRLS- Sean Kingston
13. TEENAGERS- My Chemical Romance
14. JENNY- The Click 5
15. GIRLFRIEND-Avril Lavigne
16. TULIRO- Spongecola
18. 'WAG KA NANG UMIYAK-Sugarfree
19. APOLOGIZE-Timbaland feat. One Republic
20. THNKS FR TH MMRS- Fallout Boy
21. STOLEN-Dashboard Confessional
22. GIMME MORE- Britney Spears
24. HOME- Daughtry
25. CATCH ME I'M FALLIN- Toni Gonzaga
27. PAPAYA- Groovy Chick
28. LIPS OF AN ANGEL- Hinder
29. IKAW- Sarah Geronimo
30. THE WAY I ARE- Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson
31. SALAMAT-Yeng Constantino
32. THE SWEET ESCAPE- Gwen Stefani feat. Akon
33. IT'S NOT OVER-Daughtry
34. UPSIDE DOWN- Six Cycle Mind
35. IF WE FALL IN LOVE- Yeng Constantino and RJ Jimenez
36. JUST SO YOU KNOW-Jessie McCartney
37. IT ENDS TONIGHT-All American Rejects
39. WAY BACK INTO LOVE-Hugh Grant and Halley Bennet
40. TATSULOK-Bamboo
41. SAY IT RIGHT- Nelly Furtado
42. I WANNA LOVE YOU-Akon feat. Snoop Dog
44. WHEN YOU'RE GONE-Avril Lavigne
45. FAMOUS LAST WORDS- My Chemical Romance
46. HATE THAT I LOVE YOU-Rihanna and Ne-yo
47. WHEN SHE CRIES-Restless Heart
48. DINAMAYAN-Six Cycle Mind
49. ONE LOOK-Kjwan
50. PASAN-Calla lily
52. PRINSESA- Six Cycle Mind
53. LOVETEAM-Itchyworms
54. TIME IN- Yeng Constantino
55. OVER IT-Katherine Mcphee
56. GLAMOROUS-Fergie
57. KEEP HOLDING ON-Avril Lavigne
60. NO ONE- Alicia Keys
61. ALE-The Bloomfields
63. I'LL BE ALRIGHT- Sarah Geronimo
64. PILIT-Hilera
65. MOVIE-Spongecola
66. SIGNAL FIRE- Snow Patrol
68. BACK INTO YOU-Amber Davis
69. PAG IBIG NA KAYA-Christian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go
71. HERO/HEROINE- Boys Like Girls
72. SO FAR AWAY-Bamboo
73. HOLD ON-Shamrock
74. TADHANA- Moonstar 88
75. YOU ARE THE MUSIC IN ME-Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron
76. DEAR KUYA-Sugarfree
77. FIRST TIME-Lifehouse
78. IKAW LAMANG-Silent Sanctuary
79. WAKE UP CALL-Maroon Five
80. FALLING AWAY-Miguel Escueta
81. WHAT I'VE DONE-Linkin Park
83. GIVE IT TO ME-Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake
85. CANDYMAN- Christina Aguilera
86. SUNBURN-Sandwich
87. WALA NANG IBA- The Bloomfields
89. COOL OFF- Yeng Constantino
90. GUILLOTINE-Urban Dub
91. HEY THERE DELILAH- Plain White T's
92. TUYO NANG DAMDAMIN- Silent Sanctuary
94. I'LL STAND BY YOU-Carrie Underwood
95. SAMSON- Regina Spector
96. AMBISYOSO- Kamikazee
97. MOVIN ON-Elliot Yamin
98. NEVER LET HER SLIP AWAY-The Bloomfields
99. SALA-Pupil
100. HEADLINES-Spicegirls

Thursday, December 27, 2007

1 vs. 100

OJT Day 13:

So I resumed OJT with Journal Group of Publications today. And I was very productive. For an hour I was the only one proofreading. My co-interns were absent and the first shift proofreaders were all on leave [the other proofreaders will come later pa]. I was alone. Na pressure ako haha. I was nervous to commit errors or miss out something. But fortunately I did fine. Well, I enjoyed it. I like being that busy.
Another first, maaga ako nakauwi, no heavy traffic!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MMFF 2007: First Impressions

I have not watch any movie yet but I saw some Youtube clips of the trailers of the entries so here are my first impressions:

-This film is interesting. It shows the good and bad sides ng mga Pulis. I find the story intriguing and the cinematography is top notch .For me ito ang pinaka impressive sa lahat.

- I believe this movie is full of wit especially the dialogues. And I like Judy Ann Santos here, I like her more with this comedy roles than drama.

- Is this a drama or dramedy? Nevertheless Eugene Domingo delivered and Gloria Romero too, natawa ako dun sa "busog ako" and "gaga, hindi pa ako mamatay" scenes. As expected, magaling si Maricel dito at may quotable line sya yung "anong tingin mo sa akin pawnshop?", the premise is also interesting kasi sa province talaga common yung "ipapa ampon ang mga anak" sa kamag anak/kakilala.

- I think the movie is fun to watch. I like Marian Rivera here, she is hilarious lalo na dun sa line nya "may nagsusuot ba na taga Payatas nito at may pool ba sila". Ruffa's character's daughter here is adorable too.

- Sa totoo lang, maganda ang premise ng movie kaso na overshadow sa casting kay JINGGOY ESTRADA, come on, hindi pleasant panoorin si Jinggoy sa screen. Sana ibang actor na lang.Pero story wise I think this movie will deliver

- good for the kids. This is good for family viewing as always. But if you want a worthwhile movie there are better choices, but if you just want pure mindless fun, this is a must see.

- Ok naman yung cinematography pero hindi man lang ako natakot pero pwede na ito for cheap thrills. Ang cute din ng casting, to see a mix up of stars from rival networks

- Impressive ang effects but I find the premise of the story pretentious, parang ang boring eh. And well it is obviously a rip off of some Hollywood film

-Quotable line: "kalabaw ang ninakaw ,kalabaw din ang papatay" Enough said.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

When it seems the magic slipped away...
We find it all again on Christmas Day.

Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to waste,
There so much to celebrate.
Believe in what you feel inside,
Give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need, if you just believe.

--- Believe
Josh Groban


Today is Christmas Eve. I feel happy. The family is complete. I have so many things to be thankful, our family went to difficult times this year but we survived it. In school, it was a challenging year for both Academics and HF matters but I survived it. I just realized that as I grew older I'm beginning to realized the true spirit of Christmas. I could not deny Christmas today is different when I was young and because of that I used to whine how I could not "feel" Christmas but two years ago I felt the Christmas magic again, something happened to me and I'm glad it paved the way for me to feel Christmas spirit once more. And it will stay.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

I miss the Internet

For the past two days, 11pm na ako nakakauwi galing OJT and I'm too tired to surf the net. The traffic was very heavy yesterday and last Friday, well it was understandable since Christmas is fast approaching [as of press time, 1 day, 12 hours, 36 minutes and 19 seconds to go 'til Christmas day haha].Day 11 of my OJT: I was again for the third time, solo flight. When I entered the office it was unusual since nary a person was there. 'Yun pala there was this Christmas lunch happening on the 7th floor [Journal's office is on the 6th floor] hosted by the mother company of Journal. So work actually started late becuase of that. I was "forced" by the employees to go upstairs and eat too, I refused at first because I'm shy eh and I'm not an official employee of Journal naman haha.Pero wala rin din ako nagawa kasi the EIC himself invited me to eat and I figure out that if I refuse again it would be impolite. Day 12 of OJT: Another party na naman, this time exclusively for the Journal Group of Publications Editorial team. The employees brought their children along so the office was crowded. Work was not that regular because of the festive mood. Also, on that day Christian, Giselle and I exchanged gifts [we were supposed to give gifts today, Sunday, but we moved it earlier since we will not have our OJT today]. They gave me a Polo each. Thanks guys! We left the office early yesterday and did not attend the Christmas party although we were invited.My parents were in Makati yesterday [Christmas shopping!haha] so I joined them after OJT, that's why I left Journal at 5pm [I usually leave the office 6:30 to 7:30pm].
Today, I decided to have a rest day since this week, I attended my OJT from Sunday to Saturday [except Wednesday when I went to school]. I will resume OJT on December 26.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Today is Day 10 of my OJT and after I ended my shift today I added up all my hours from the start and the total is 50 hours. 150 hours to go.

Today is quite a boring day at the office, we only proofread a few pages. But still this day was still memorable as our articles were published on today's issue of People's Journal. We wrote for the Paskong Pinoy supplement section of People's Journal. I wrote two articles one about Simbang Gabi and the other is a collaboration with Ghie about celebraring Christmas in time of crisis. I woke up early and went to our neighbor who sell newspapers and I bought two copies of People's Journal and then went to promote the issue to my friends through text (buti bumalik na Unlimited texting ng Globe haha). My heart jumped when I saw my articles. Iba ang feeling eh
A dream come true and a good start. Thanks to all my friends who bought today's issue and greeted us after reading our articles.Thanks to Mam Ann for trusting us and Sir Gus for the oppurtunity. Sana maulit muli haha!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


HF released its third issue today. For the first time, we were able to release on time. It would have been a mess it we were late since our front page has a Christmas theme and we release it next year. However, partial copies were only delivered to us today but the remaining order will be out tomorrow. Next year will be tougher. We have two broadsheets, two magazine, 1 art/photo folio,1 literary folio, and a students' election newsletter to release in a span of three months. Good luck. I hope we will not be late.

Here is the cover for the third issue of HERALDO FILIPINO:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


OJT Day 9:

Finally, after a week, the three DLSU-D interns are complete hehe. Christian was absent the past few days. Two proofreaders were absent today. We started our shift when we helped Kuya Buddy sort out the copies of today's issue of the dailies to be given out to the office. Kuya Buddy is Journal's resident go-to guy, meaning he does a lot of errands but he is not complaining. But his workload is very heavy, hindi na sya magkanda uga uga eh. So we offered our help, at first he was too shy to accept our offer but we insisted since we are not doing anything so far since it is too early. I'm glad we were able to help him out and we plan to do it everyday we are on OJT he needs help.
Christian,Ghie and I decided to have exchange gifts since we will see each othet naman usually this Yuledtide season because of OJT. We will give our gifts on December 23, Sunday. We each had a wishlist haha. Matupad kaya? hehe
And Mam Anne showed to us the proof of the "Paskong Pinoy" special section of Journal where we saw our articles! We could not hide our excitement as evident with our smiles haha!
I'm not yet sure when it will come out though. But friends please watch that out. I wrote an article about Simbang Gabi. It is just a short feature article but still...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's the exam week, not for us though

All our four subjects moved their exams on January 2008 so JOU41 had an early Christmas vacation. Yehey! But of course there is a downside with this since we will welcome 2008 with back to back to back exams. Oh well, it's okay since this will be our last prelim exams ever huhu. Actually I will feel sad for the latter half of the semester since this will be fast paced and we only have roughly 3 months before we graduate. So how fast will this be? Classes resume on January 8 then midterms exams is scheduled from January 30-February 5 while the finals [for graduating students] will be from February 18-23. See how short our time left?
It is a bittersweet feeling.

My Day 7 on my OJT happened on a Sunday. The Journal office had very few people there that day. Mam Vilma was surprised to see us interns having their OJT on a Sunday. Well, the feeling is a bit odd for me too since I usually spend my Sundays slouching around at home. Anyways it was still a nice day for me and when work started it already felt like a normal day.

Today is Day 8 of my OJT and for the second time I was on solo flight. But I was not bored since I had a nice conversation with Mam Vilma, she is my favorite proofreader there. I am learning a lot from her and not just OJT-related stuff but life's lessons as well since she has a colorful life.

Anyways, I discovered some things with Journal like problems they face because of the conversations of the employees there. One of the common topic I hear are money-related issues.It made me think that soon I could face this dilemmas too, could I handle it like the way they do. What I really admire from the journal people is that even if they are facing lots of problems and pressures they still find a way to laugh it off. Well maybe because, I could really see that they love what they are doing.

Oh and Mam Ann [the supplements editor who assigned us to write articles two weeks ago] told me our articles will come out this week! I am excited!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Summer in December?

The weather is HOT!
The sun shines like it is April or May.
The weather is weird, last week it was cold but why a sudden change?
Cold weather come back.


Last night I had a meaningful conversation through SMS with a high school friend. It actually started with his ranting over Globe's decision to not have Unlimited texting service anymore [he called the customer service and it is confirmed, sad news for us. Sulitext na lang starting next year.] Anyways, from there it went on to our college life, plans after graduation, his lovelife, nursing and call centers and some high school days reminiscing. It is good to see that I was able to reconnect to an old friend. Because when I started college, I lost contact with my RCCS friends. Last night reminded that I should never forget my past. What happened molded me to what I am now and will I be in the future.


Yesterday, was my grandmother's birthday. Her first birthday "up there". I miss you Mama Eyang and Happy Birthday.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fighting Temptation

Temptation to sleep that is. And Blogging is a tactic to stay awake.

I need to be awake to finish an important HF task. Well, I was absent for OJT because of this anyway, But it is okay, I could make it up naman lalo na that Christmas vacation is already looming. Of course I will use the "vacation" days for OJT. Anyway, I had my 4th day of OJT last Saturday, we had no classes since it was Dasmarinas Day so I used it for OJT. That daybwe met Mam Vilma, fresh from her leave hehe. She was not there during my first three days and I must say she is the nicest proofreader there, very accomodating and approachable. After OJT, I went window shopping to kill time as a I wait for my brother who works as a driver to finish his duty so we could go home together. There were many people but I bet there will be more if Glorietta did not experience you-know-what. I felt sad seeing the "walls" covering Glorietta 2. Remnants of a tragedy.
Last Sunday, I did not report for OJT because I decided to rest plus everybody in the house is out, so I became the house sitter. I read this book that i bought 4 weeks ago but I'm nowhere near finishing it because I did not have the time and energy the fast few weeks to finish it.
On Monday, was OJT Day 5 and I was solo flight because ghie and christian did some thesis work. In my fifth day, I've observed a pattern already in the showbiz section of the dailies, there is always a Marian Rivera article. There is also one story printed in People's Tonight that got me, 15, 000 people flocked Luneta because of a rumor that some group will hand out 100 thousand each as "aginaldo". A lolo even died with his last words as "Niloko kami". Tragic.
Yesterday, was Day 6 of OJT, early afternoon there was a tension beause there was a smoke, so we thought that there could be a fire. It turns out the floor below had some construction going on. The incident was funny because one employee remarked "Naku baka delaying tactic yan". That day was the release of the 13th month pay, go figure. Anyways, that day we were given a table for us interns, previously we sit on the tables of proofreaders who were absent or had their day off but yesterday for the first time, all of them were present so we have no space but the proofreaders were sweet and went out of their way to help us have a spot and they did it very quick. They are so nice. I made a mental note to give some token of appreciation to them when I wrap my stint with them.
That night, I chatted with some classmates and found out some sad news.
I wont expound it as of the moment.
Today, as I've said earlier I did not had my OJT becuase I love HF hehe. It was a busy day that I have to take the work home. But I am not complaining.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I feel bad

I was supposed to blog about OJT stories but I am not in the mood anymore after finding out a very bad news during a YM conference with a couple of my classmates earlier. Our classmates who did a docu thesis failed the defense. And they are back to zero. I was shocked. I know their group has some problems but I never thought they will end up facing that. They only have two options, accept their fate and take comres2 next sem or they will do another thesis, individually, with a submission on January 15. Very difficult situation. I could not imagine what they are feeling right now. As one of my classmate said, they could not feel jubilant after their defense [which was after them] because our other classmates suffered a very devastating result.
On Thursday, where we will have classes I do not know what will I say but definitely I will not say "It's okay" because I know it is not. They invested a lot for this thesis and it was all for nothing.
Lord, please guide my friends. I just hope this will not leave them a wound that will not heal.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

4 Days

Dec.4 Tuesday

2nd Day of OJT at Journal. I went early, around 1pm and when I went to the proofreaders section I was the only one there so basically I did not do anything but browse the issues of the dailies for that day and checked out the pages I've proofread. Then Christian came but Ghie was absent because of some thesis stuff. Speaking of thesis, Jasmin submitted the revised thesis, it was an easy revision since we had minimal changes which I am really glad about.
The first page that was given to us for proofreading was the showbiz section of Taliba. I was amused actually because the blind items struck me haha. Then other the pages came. Since Journal had three dailies it is unavoidable that they have repetitive stories. There was this story on Nina that appeared on all three dailies.There were idle moments when there no pages to proofread since they are still not finished so it was quite boring so we decided to eat and as we leave the building we saw Mam Anne and reminded us of our articles which is due the next day, she was nice but the way she said "Bukas ah" quite gave an impact to us since we were conscious that we could disappoint her. Actually that day I still have no idea what to write about.
Anyways when we got back to the office, it was the peak time for proofreading so we like it since we are busy again. After two of the three dailies are already complete we decided to leave early since we will write our articles pa.
But it was traffic so I was still not able to go home early nevertheless I still worked on the article and slept 1am the next day just to finish it.

Dec. 5 Wednesday

I woke up around 8am and was shocked when I saw that the laptop is not there. Well, my sister [who owns it by the way] brought it at work. I have not printed my article yet since I will reread it. Anyways, I just went to a computer shop here in our place, actually, it has been months since I last went there and I was surprised how the shop has changed. Mas sosyal na sila with all their brand new PCs and I'm glad their printing cost is cheap already, 3 php per page, they used to charge 5 php the last time I went there and 10 php when I was in Highschool.
Anyway I had my article printed there and also emailed it to Mam Anne.
In the office, Ghie was there already so we are already complete. We were busier today than yesterday so it was good. And for the 2nd time, my buena mano was Taliba's showbiz section! haha
Around 3pm Mam Anne was in the office already and we submitted our articles already and a after an hour she said a good response on my article
Also on that day, there were snacks being passed around and they also gave us! We had chips, donuts and C2. Well, it came from Journal's advertisers.
There is also an office girl there who has a "mini sari sari store" and at first we were shy to buy at first but then we got hungry and we bought snacks there. She was nice anyway.
Well we ended our third day around 7pm.
As we go home we felt stranged that we have to go to school tomorrow. We felt that we have been with Journal for a long time already.

Dec. 6 Thursday

Back to school. In the morning I worked on our case study for Cross Cultural. My load was quite light since it was a pair work and Gerard already finished half of the work and he emailed it to me last night. I was not able to work it out when I went home yesterday because my sister went home late already and she had the laptop.
I had a hard time finding a yellow presentation folder where we have to place that case study.We were required to use one specific color of presentation folder only. It is a Sir Ramirez class afterall. For our class, it was yellow. May nag hoard yata ng small starfile yellow presentation folder, wala sa national bookstore ng glorietta,greenbelt, sm dasma,southmall at bacoor!
Anyways, it was good we found one in one of the shops near DLSU-D but it was not starfile but a new brand Focus, incidentally our case study was about a magazine named Focus, what a coincidence. I already brought extra folders for reserve hehe.
So before class it felt like ages since we last saw our classmates and we had lots of kwentos about our respective OJTs.
After class, I went to HF. I miss HF since I was gone for three days. Of course, problems on lay out progress welcomed me but what else is new anyway?

Dec. 7 Friday

We had no classes on Professional Ethics because of a confusion. Our room is at Bulwagang Jose Basa but there was a program there so we were instructed to VBH104 but the room had a class ongoing. And 20 mins had passed but Sir RS was nowhere in the vicinity of VBH. So we got paranoid and went to his department. We found out Sir was absent BUT we had a substitute professor and he went to VBH and did not saw us. We explained that the room had a class and were just in a Kubo near the room. Then the faculty checker called the department, also confused. It was a messy day. And in the end the class was cancelled.

After that I went to HF, presided the staff meeting and edited articles. Before I went home I had a chat with some of the staff and editors about childhood games, schools before, enchanted kingdom and swimming classes. Very random but I enjoyed it and it lasted for an hour. This, random conversations on anything and everything, that I will miss the most about HF when I graduate. Wait....I'm getting premature senti mode already ha!ha!

Before going home I went to a bank in SM to deposit for my and my brother's savings account [so busy with work, he have no time to do it anymore].
As I left the bank, I saw fireworks outside SM. Maybe it was for Dasmarinas Day tomorrow or for Christmas. Anyways, it was a nice way to cap off my day.

Tomorrow, classes are suspended because it is Dasmarinas Day and Immaculate Concepcion so I will use the day for OJT.

I'm excited to see Journal's office once again.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day One

Today I started my OJT at the Journal Group of Publications in Makati. We [me and my classmates Christian and Giselle] came in early, 10:30 am, but we were told that we would start later that afternoon since we will be proofreaders and their work starts in the afternoon.
So around 2pm we started our OJT as proofreaders. It was okay since I already have experienced with that with Heraldo Filipino. There are three daily publication Journal Group of Publications have: People's Journal, People's Tonight and Taliba. I handled some pages in People's Journal and it was good experience, every mispelled word and typo I see excites me, hehe. We ended at around 7:30pm.
The people in Journal are very nice from the EIC to the HR to the proofreaders themselves. They are very accomodating and I felt relax. Our workload today is just okay since there are actually three proofreaders there plus us three interns. There were also times when we already finished proofreading and we don't have anything to do since some of the pages [the news pages mostly] of the dailies are not yet ready for proofreading so we had to wait.
Good thing though, that moment the HR approached us and asked if we could be supplementary writers, of course we accepted it. We met the supplementary section editor and gave us assignments with the deadline on Wednesday already.

Overall, it was a nice first day and I believe I will enjoy my stay with Journal as the HR told us that for the latter half our internship there we will experience being a beat writer, now that is something I'm so looking forward to.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Starts

After a long time of not changing the skin of this blog, today I decided that it's time to change my template and since it's already December I opted to transformed this site to Christmas mode. Pasko na!
This a way for me to start spreading the Christmas love to everyone. I will also work on putting Christmas music here. I just have to figure out how, anyone there could help me? The downside of being an amateur when it comes to HTML it is that when I changed my template my links were all gone! Oh well, I just have to do it all over again. Masipag naman ako hehe
Also check out my Multiply site and Friendster account which are both on Christmas mode too.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

What a week!



Coup attempt

all in one week


Yesterday was chaotic
Today is already okay
The curfew was lifted
PNP apologized to the media
Trillanes is the man of the hour
Conspiracy theories are sprouting
We are back to normal
So it seems


I went to the mall today. There were so many people there. Tomorrow is the first day of December...It's the Christmas season already! I hope you will feel the season. I know it was not what it used to be. But enjoying the spirit of Christmas depends on you. Do not start the season being pesimistic. Sometimes it is our own fault why we can't feel Christmas.
I'll stop right here before I get too preachy. Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 30, 2007


Starting 12 midnight until 5 am CURFEW will be implemented in Metro Manila,Region 3 and Region 4.


Bago ako pumasok eh napanood ko nga sa news na nag walkout nga sila Trillanes. Pagdating naman sa school yung ibang classmates ko clueless sa balita although yung iba narinig na yun. Pero we were all pre occupied with sa pag aasikaso ng OJT at thesis. Business as usual


When I got home my mother was watching the news and I asked her kung all day ba yan ang palabas, sabi nya oo. Then ang balita pagkadating ko eh pinosasan ang mga media. I was shocked. Tsaka lang nag sink in sakin na malala na pala ang situation. Then up next sa news eh yung announcement na mag kaka curfew nga. Mas lalo akong kinabahan. Nag text brigade na ako about sa curfew, walang pasok bukas baka gabihin sila.

Hay nakakaba ang mga pangyayari ngayon lalo na yung pangigipit sa media. Kahapon nasa Makati ako at nag aasikaso ng OJT sa People's Journal. Paano kaya kung kahapon ito nangyari o ngayon ako nag asikaso ng OJT?


Sana hindi mangyari ang iniisip ko ngayon. In this situation, you can't help but feel paranoid.


Tapos na yung coverage ng major networks. Back to regular programming. Pero ewan ko lang kung may gana pang manonood ang mga tao ng Princess Sarah o Zaido sa mga pangyayari ngayon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Minor Revision

We had our thesis defense today and the results are great! We were given favorable response by the panelists [sir artin and mam sarile] and Mam Sarile even praised our Chapter 2 [Review of Related Literature] Me and Jasmin were surprised because we did not expect that since we thought our RRL is not that strong. During the defense proper we were not given a hard time, no nerve wracking cross examination and Mam Sarile even commented that she does not see any problem. I am so happy because I know Mam Sarile is hard to please and we are glad that she liked our thesis. The one thing I did wrong according to sir Artin was how I wore my necktie
I am also pround of my classmates because out of the 7 who had defense today [the first batch by the way], 5 were Broadcast Journalism students. Kudos to PIO peeps Ruzelle and Ate Mars, the Mangangalaykay group Jan,Christian,Levin,Cherisvil and ghie ,the ZTE queen Jinky and the Rizalistas Nelly,Bebeth and Jaja.We all did good today guys!

Thank you to our very supportive thesis adviser Mam Nornelyn Cachuela and Communication Research 2 professor Sir Artin Umali for the pushing us to be the best that we could be.

To my thesis partner Jasmin, we did it! What's amazing is that we never really went overnight, we worked on our thesis online, through Yahoo Messenger. All our hardwork paid off.

Thank you to our respondents, the Broadcast Journalism students from first year to to fourth year for cooperating by answering our survey sheets. Without your responses, our thesis will not be possible

To Mr.Leo Katigbak of Studio 23, we are so thankful that you accomodated us and squeeze our appointment for interview despite your hectic schedule.

Thank you God, for guiding us throughout this thesis writing time.

Nabunutan na ako ng isang malaking tinik

PS: LUMINDOL pala kanina, hindi ko naramdaman,kung nagkataon pala na malakas yung lindol napaka eventful naman ng thesis defense namin hehe

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Going Green

The Environmental Special of La Salleno [magazine of Heraldo Filipino] titled GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT had its launching last November 15 at Tanghalan Julian Felipe. It is another breakthrough since this is the first time that HF had a launching for one of its publication. I'm happy to report that the event was a success. Former Actor and Environmentalist Roy Alvarez Graced the event. Kudos to the Features Editor Christine Weizel Gulfan for a job well done as well as all the editors and staff who helped for making this event a success. Special thanks to Environmental Resource Management Center and USC for co-organizing this event and The Filipiniana Dance Company for their performance. To those who attended, THANK YOU! Hope you learn something about the alarming environment issues. See photographs of the event here.

Too bad though, I was not present the whole time because of classes nevertheless I was not worried because I know the event will run smoothly because the people who I trusted to manage this event worked very hard.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Nostalgia Fit [Elementary days]

I studied in a very small private school at Bulihan, Silang, Cavite (note: we are really are far from Silang proper. Dasmarinas, GMA, Carmona are way nearer to us. I really have a hard time explaining where I live because when I say Silang people think we are near Tagaytay and some wonder why I ride a jeep going to GMA,well my barangay is just in front of GMA sandwiched between Dasma and Carmona. The name of the school is Risen Christ Catholic School (RCCS). Sounds Fancy? To be honest my school was not that good. We have no library, clinic, school publication, gymnasium, auditorium,laboratories,clubs (except the student council) and other facilities that is needed. RCCS rarely joins inter school competitions.Our school is just made up of two buildings,the other one during my time was not that completely furnished because the third floor rooms was not painted and had no doors! (Thank God I never had a homeroom there).Our school is also known as Simbahan since before the construction of the buildings. the school was located near the church (Risen Christ Parish) but the name sticked. Incidentally there are other schools in my place with weird nicknames. There are two public elementary schools adjacent each other, one is named Bagong Buhay Elem School the other BSSPES (I forgot the meaning).Their nicknames are "Bago" and 'Luma" The public highschool was previously known as, well 'high school", but later on it became "Annex". So if your new in my place I know you will find it weird when you ask someone where s/he studies and their response will be "simbahan", "bago", "luma" and "highschool/annex". Anyways, back to my RCCS reminiscing, I studied there for 10 years (grade one-4th year).I did not enter pre school because I refuse to be away from home but my mother "forced" me to finally enroll but straight to elementary na since if I became a preschooler first I will be behind since its already late when I started studying. Due to some shock I felt with the new environment, I did poor during the first grading, all my grades were 80 below (but no failing mark). But my mother strive to teach me and later on I had good grades. I even entered the top 10 list on the succeding grading periods but was disqualified to be part of the final top10 come recognition due to my poor first grading performance. But i had a pa consuelo award (Most Diligent). The succeding years I became a consistent honor student (gr.2- top 6,gr.3 and 4, top4). In fifth grade we had a star section (before we did not have and the ranking of the honor students were done per section not the over all batch) and I faced stiff competition but one good thing about it that it did not become personal. I experienced sharing the 10th post with two other people during the first grading then i jumped to 4th the next grading and maintained it the next grading but for the final list I ended up at no.5. During that year the honor's list was comprised of 23 students and every grading the rankings changed,the only one who was not defeated was the top 1 (actually that guy hold that place for 10 years!). The next year, grade 6, the old system came back (the honor students were split up) but it was a bit unfair,in the end I ranked 8th (6th honorable mention).I was surprised with the result and I knew something was wrong. Hindi sa pagyayabang But I knew how I performed in class and I did not think I will end up being 8th.I found out that my other classmates shares the same feeling that something was wrong. But we did not do anything, we were just kids....

In elementary, I love to play but later on because of my asthma attacks I was just confined with just observing them. Although I still play but I restrict my self from playing strenous stuff like habulan and taya tayaan. Teks, jolens,scrabble, dampa those are the stuff that I play.

Despite my 'nerdy' personality I was not really a bully's target. I don't know why...

I love going to school because that is the only place where I have friends.

To sum this up, my childhood is a bit unusual. I'm such a studious, grade-conscious kid back then. But in academics I feel happy because that is the only thing I excel on.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Four Reasons Why I am Happy Today

  • After weeks of delay the second issue of Heraldo Filipino was released today [see entry below].
  • I received my HF evaluation and I'm pleased with the outcome. Thank you team 22 for the trust and the kind words you've written in the comments. I will strive even more in performing my responsibility.
  • The second draft of our thesis was also released today and it only had a few stuff for us to fix. Sir Artin added that if our thesis adviser is satisfied with the third draft, we could now be scheduled for defense. And I believe we are nearing closer since before we submitted our draft 2, our thesis adviser told us that our thesis is already okay. I'm nervous for the defense but I could not wait any longer. Wish us luck.
  • So far I love my subjects this sem because we have the two of the best professors in DLSU-D teaching us. Sir Roel Ramirez, APR for Cross Cultural Communication and Dr. Ricardo "RS" Santiago for Professional Ethics in Media. They are the type of professors that really challenges the students to be the best that they can be. I'm so looking forward attending their classes


After weeks of delay the second issue of Heraldo Filipino was released today. So far the feedbacks we've been receiving are generally good.It really feels good whenever I see a student reading HF. Weeks of hard work paid off. Next week La Salleno magazine will be out and it is all about ENVIRONMENT.

Here is the frontpage for the second issue of HF:

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This is the 6th page where I have my column:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, November 09, 2007


We had our OJT orientation earlier today. And well reality kick in for me. We have to complete 200 hours. And well we could start in two to three weeks, there are just documents needed to be taken care of. Well, as expected, I'm nervous and excited. Worried because on how I will be able to manage and cope this sem, 2nd sem is fast paced compared to the first sem, so there is a limited time for so many things to do. I'm talking about HF stuff, this sem there 2 contests we will organize, 3 more issues of the broadsheet, 1 issue each for LS,Just Play, Alipato,Palad and Decreto. All should be finished and released within this sem.
Oh and There is still the nerve wracking thesis saga. And I'm kinda guilty because this week I'm not being productive. Must get back to work mode.There is no more room for "pa easy easy" lifestyle.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Start of the End

Tomorrow is the start of the second semester. I only have four subjects left plus OJT and thesis defense. Only a few months left before I graduate. I will make the most out of it. This will be a nerve wracking semester. I just hope come tomorrow we will have schedule for thesis defense already or notice if we need a draft 3. The waiting is killing me. I want to move on with my 2nd sem subjects already. But the past [aka thesis] is still haunting us.
I have not made any move regarding my OJT, the semestral break for me was so busy with HF duties and thesis revision. Plus, our department will have an orientation first, but they did not announce when? Hopefully tomorrow, everything will be cleared to us already.
The final semester and for the nth time how time flies...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pathetic Drama

I love my family, but I just could not stand what's happening right now. I'm irked with my older siblings, for pete's sake they are now in their late 20s but they haven't matured. Yes, they have jobs but I still feel nothing have changed, my brother's salary for example is manage by mother, could not blame my mother though since my brother does not handle money properly. But then again my brother should prove to my parents he could do it, he could be independent. But I guess he is not ready yet. But when will he be ready? My sister, our eldest, lately I'm annoyed with her. I salute her hardwork and her being madiskarte but lately she is acting like a brat. Right now there is a drama in the house because of her. She got tampo with Tatay because Tatay was cold to her earlier in the morning, Tatay's reason is valid, he asked something from my sister but she did not do it. I also understand that Tatay is sometimes annoying when is angry to us because he does not scold us or confront us personally but instead he would text us very hurtful words. I experienced that too, but I don't make a scene thus creating a bigger problem. That is what my sister is doing right now. What a drama queen! She should act her age. Add to that Nanay's nagging who does not help because she would just find people to blame. She is worried, i know and she releases that through nagging even if her sermons does not make any sense.
I'm so annoyed right now!I'm sorry if I am releasing it through this. I just want to let it is out!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gawad Abdul: Halloween Edition

Gawad Abdul is the Heraldo Filipino Awards Night which happens every Midyear and/or Yearend Workshop of HF . [By the way, in case you're curious Abdul is our mascot, he is a dog which symbolizes watchdog]. To spice up Gawad Abdul for this year's midyear workshop we decided to have the theme of Halloween and it was fun, because a lot of the staffers really dressed up. I failed to mention in my previous post that we also awarded BEST COSTUME, it was won by an art staffer, Ella. This is how she looked like:

Actually, nag-effort talaga ang art section sa costume, just look at them:

To see more Gawad Abdul pictures, click here

The Art staff and Photographer Andrew were really in Halloween Mode that night and took more pictures and the results were really amazing. Here is a sample:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

See more pictures at Andrew's Multiply account

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Midyear

I'm back from Heraldo Filipino's Midyear Workshop. Thank God, it did not rain! It was really fun. I'm glad that 90% of the HF Team 22 members were present. Previous workshops, only half or even less of it attended. So this midyear is a breakthrough. We also saved money because we opted to cook our meals than have catering services. Each section who were assigned to cook was able to save money. Plus, the cooking session is some sort of teambuilding for them too.
We had our teambuilding first, click here to see the how it was played out. We had our Gawad Abdul later that night. The Gawad Abdul is the HF Awards night, it has two parts, the goof awards and the serious awards. Our theme for that night was Holloween, so everyone wore a costume. I also asked each section to have a presentation.The Graphics and Photo sections did an "interpretative" dance, the News section [an all girl team] danced Lady Marmalade, The literary section, living up to their nature, did a skit, Sports section "exercised" to the tune of the DLSU hymn, and the Art section spoofed the Editorial Board which was hilarious that actually resulted for them to win the BEST PRESENTATION. The Features section beg off since the feat ed told me that they were too exhausted from cooking the dinner. We had 20 goof awards, some popular awards were the Senior Citizen award for the oldest HF member[Gino from Graphics edged out Ros from Art by a month, he is 23 yrs. old), HF is my Home award for the staffer who had the most number of residency hours [Mica from Sports won, 500 plus hours) and Talipandas ng taon [Talipandas is an inside joke at HF, Paul from Features won).]. After the goof awards we announced the promoted staffers. 3 apprentices were promoted to Junior Staff status while 7 staffers were promoted to Senior Staff status. And the highlight of the night were the recognition of exemplary HF members. Here are the winners:

Outstanding Section: Literary
Outstanding Section Editor: Patricia Cruz, News
Outstanding Staff: Michaela Grimaldo, Sports
Most Promising News Writer: Rubilyn Valdez
Most Promising Features Writer: Millicent Andres
Most Promising Sports Writer: Luis Olitoquit [unfortunately he did not attend the midyear workshop]
Most Promising Literary Writer: Patrick Quintos
Most Promising Artist: Jumel Estranero
Most Promising Photographer: Andrew Tadalan
Most Promising Graphic Artist: Geronimo Santiago

I was happy to see the smiles of the people above as they received their certificates of recognition. I really hope this will even inspire them to be the best that they can be.
I told the staffers who were not promoted nor received an award not to be disheartened but instead strive more and their time will come.

As for the rest of the workshop, there were lots of bonding moments from playing games, swimming [not me though], videoke [yeah, i sang haha] and lots of kwentuhan sessions. I'm glad to see some of the shy staffers were able to come out from their shell.

It was a memorable workshop. I'm glad it went smoothly. I'm kinda emotional since the Midyear workshop signals the end of the first semester and the start of the 2nd [and my last] semester with HF.

I just could not believe how time flies. The midyear workshop that I attended during my first year with HF is still fresh in my memory and now I was the one who facilitated it.

I guess, I should stop here before I get too nostalgic.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Stop the rain!

It's raining cats and dogs right now! NOOOOO! If this continue it might mess up with our Midyear workshop. Dear Lord,please do not let this be a typhoon. We could not afford to cancel the workshop. We could not. It will be a big problem. BIG! Please cooperate Dear Mother Nature.
I'm so friggin worried. I could not imagine the consequences if the midyear will be canceled because of the rain. Oh no. Please don't rain anymore. Please stop. Please.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Midyear Madness

HF's Midyear Workshop is on Oct. 29- 30 and as expected preparing this is not hassle free.I will not expound anymore but this is one tough job. I want the midyear to be a success. I'm excited and nervous! I'm preparing myself with the problems that may come. I really hope the workshop will run smoothly. The Midyear Workshop signals that start of the 2nd semester and my last one at that. The first sem was very challenging but I survived. But the 2nd semester will be tougher, more publications to be released plus I will have my OJT. Wheew....time flies.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Erap received a pardon. I'm not pleased but not surprised, I saw it coming.
Enough said.


With this, news on the Glorietta bombing took a backseat and I'm afraid it could be forgotten and the attention will be all about Erap, portraying him as a "hero". Whatever.


Some of my family members sympathizes with Erap. Not a long ago we hated him. Now,I guess I'm alone.

Currently Listening

I'm no music expert, I'm just a casual listener. My music genre: Pop/Mainstream radio

My Current Favorite songs (in order)

1. Apologize-Timbaland feat. One Republic
2. Walang Misteryo- Imago
3. Never let her slip awy- The Bloomfields
4. How far we've come- Matchbox Twenty
5. Wag ka nang umiyak-Sugarfree
6. Gotta go my own way-Nikki Gil
7. Jenny-The Click 5
8. Sala-Pupil
9. Hate that I love you- Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo
10. Love will lead you back-Kyla

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am so happy that my thesis is seeing light. I finally interviewed an executive from Studio 23. You know, that is the remaining link for the revision of my thesis. And it was not easy to set an appointment, it took me a month to get a schedule. I was already worried yesterday and when Studio 23 called me informing me of the schedule, i want to cry (OA haha). Ok, that's all for now, I just took a break from revising my thesis.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feeling Better

Today I'm glad I was able to fix already all the financial stuff needed for the UNIGAMES coverage in Bacolod and the INKBLOTS seminar in UST. What a relief. Also, the layout for HF2 is almost finished. Just one page not yet laid out [doodles]. But I already printed the galley for proofreading. I will be very careful and observant this time because last issue we committed a HUGE error, our issue was dated June-July 2006 in the front page, instead of 2007! Although in the succeeding pages, 2007 was printed. Still, an embarrassing boo-boo
On Monday,I will go to DLSU-Manila to attend a meeting with my fellow Lasallian campus journalists. Well, its passing the torch sort of, as we will talk about La Sallian Schools Press Conference (LSPCON) in University of St. La Salle,Bacolod next year, Time flies, it was just a few months ago when we were going gaga and very nervous about LSPCON because this is a big event.But I'm glad we pulled it off and we got glowing reviews. It is now Bacolod's turn.


The Glorietta bombing is very tragic. May God Bless the souls of those who passed away.And whoever did this, will pay. I'm very sure of that.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I don't feel comfortable lately.My head is full of so many things to do. Yeah, stress is kicking in.
Stress on a sembreak, haha. Earlier, I lost my cool in the HF staff meeting. It was not supposed to happen, I began the meeting in a happy mood, I was talking about some details on the Midyear workshop on Oct.29-30. This midyear instead of ordering food, we decided to assign each section to cook. We will give them a budget for that then some of the people began yapping that they should have a larget budget blah blah and we announced that they should only buy on stores that gave valid receipts more complaints came in. That's when I lost my cool, Yeah I know that buying in Palengke will be cheaper, but hey the money they wil use come from the HF trust fund, and everything we spend should be reported to the accounting and of course that's where the "receipts" play the role. I told them that managing finance in HF is friggin hard, it is so complicated. The reason I want them to do this for them to experience how it is to manage the fund and be responsible. To appreciate more that being an editor is not just about writing and editing, there is more into that. I told them to be resourceful, creative and be industrious. Man, am I being too ambitious? I was having doubts if this"staffers-preparing-the-meals" idea is a good one. I hope it is.

The second issue of HF is so delayed. It was supposed to be out this month but it will pushed till November. I'm disappointed. Could I be one of the worst EICs HF ever had? But I don't want to have my spirits go down. I will do better next sem.

Academics? Just doin fine. Got my grades today, not complete though since some professors did not pass their grades on time. I got two 3.75 and one 3.50. (4 is the highest mark in DLSU-D). I'm waiting for two more grades and I believe I did well on the two.
Grades for thesis is obviously on hold since that subject is extended til next sem.Not entirely our fault, even though that's what I feel they have been rubbing into our faces. They say we are poor research writers but let me just say that isn't it weird that ALL senior students in my department have "poor research writing" skills? I know we have our flaws but for us to take all the blame? That is unfair.

Sorry with the rants. I just want to release this things bothering me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saying Goodbye

What a dramatic title. But actually I'm just refering to GILMORE GIRLS which will air its last episode tomorrow, 8:30 pm on Studio 23 [it ended last May in US]. Seven seasons [seven years] of watching this TV show, I'm sort of attached with this show already.One of my all time favorite American shows. Some people think this show is for girls only. But not really, yeah the shows really skews the female demographic but the writing of this show is really good and witty and once you watch this show regularly you will fall in love with it regardless of gender and age. But I admit the first three seasons were the prime of the show because the later seasons dwindled [especially season 6 and the first half of season 7]. Still, the thought of no longer seeing a new episode of GG will be really different for me.Oh well, the show had a good run
, Bon Voyage Lorelai and Rory!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I will have my last exam tomorrow, normally it will signal the end of the sem and the start of the sem break. But not for me. For sure I'll be busy during the sembreak. Not that i'm complaining. When I was a freshmen, just an ordinary student, I was bored to death during those weeks. Of course when I joined Heraldo Filipino, I kiss sem break goodye. Not that I was forced too. I remember going to the HF office during the sembreak even though all my articles are already ok or I don't really have an assignment, I just love being at the office and finding a thing to do. Well, this sem break, will not just be about HF duties [and there are lot pending you know] but also for acads. Well, the thesis. Working on the draft 2. I hate to admit that I'm not doing good on working on it so far. Yeah, I am being lousy. Damn, I need to get my act together so I could finish it already.
And there are also HF duties I need to work on. Early today, I'm happy that I was able to finish 4 documents for HF. I kinda like writing proposals for the different HF activities [including the problems that arises when preparing one] and the feeling when those papers are approved is a GREAT feeling especially when I overcome an obstacle. I'm so glad we will have a MidYear Workshop, we did not have last year which was sad because my first Midyear Workshop two years ago was one of my unforgettable HF memories. I hope this coming Midyear Workshop will be great.
Another nostalgic moment for me was when I was writing the Inkblots seminar proposal, two years ago I was the one chosen to attend that and now I'm the one preparing it. Honestly, i want to attend the Inkblots 2007but of course I want my staff more to be there than me. Besides, i'll be too busy to this sem break.

So basically, I don't really have a sem "break". But I'm happy.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Hell Week

Tomorrow is the start of the "hell" week. So many things needed to be accomplish this week for my subjects. Actually, it already started a week ago but it was just the primer if you get what I mean. It's hard to balance things, and allot equal time and attention on all the projects pending. In some tasks I'm already delayed and there are things that I need to do but I do not know how to squeeze it in. Hard. hard. hard. I just hope this week will run smoothly.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Today I interviewed Henry Omaga Diaz of ABS CBN for a school project under sir Jun Del Rosario's class. We haven't had hard time scheduling a interview with sir Henry becuause Sir Jun was the one who actually helped us get an appointment. We did not expect Sir Jun to do that we just asked him if he knows how to contact Mr. Henry Omaga Diaz since they are former co workers and right then he picked up his cell phone and called Mr. Henry and scheduled us an interview. He also helped the other group who will interview Gus Abelgus.
We almost failed to interview Mr. Henry because the guard over at ABS CBN is giving us a hard time good thing though Kate [from the Gus Abelgus group] contacted Sir Jun and asked for help and he asked us to give the phone to the guard and-alas- we were let in. Sir Jun was a big help.
We waited for a while at the ABS CBN newsroom, and right there I could really feel the tension and stress, well it was almost 5 pm that time and the news people were busy obviously for TV Patrol.
We were called up and proceeded to the News and Current Affairs office to meet Sir Henry. He was nice and very accommodating to us. I felt at ease while interviewing him. Our topic was about the use of hidden cameras in Investigative Journalism. I learned a lot from him.
I'm glad we finished one of so many tasks ahead. This will be a stressful last few weeks of the semester. Wish me luck that I could accomplish successfully all the assignments knocking on my door.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome Back

After a month of hiatus, thesis is back. Oh well, our draft one got a poor grade
Draft two is due on October 5. A consolation though is that the chapter 4 has no big problems. That chapter is very vital. We have a weak chapter 2. Need to focus once more to meet the deadline. We need to pass a 95% better output this time.

For three days, I became a student administrator for Students' Week. I became the Student Publications Office Director. I had fun though of course there were problems I have to handle but hey I'm with Heraldo Filipino, so facing stress is nothing new hehe.


Two weeks left for regular class this sem. Once more, how time flies. I'm now loaded with so many school projects, two documentaries, one exhibit for our educational broadcasting, thesis (see above). Plus press work for the second issue of HF and first issue of LS.


As the sem draws to a close, I'm evaluating myself. How was I as student? as EIC of HF?
I think I did fine but not that great as I hope I would become.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My favorite cliche

How time flies...

It really is. It's already the finals period for this sem. I'm now swamped with so many things to do. We will have our thesis defense next sem pa raw according to our prof when I talked to him earlier. It's almost a month since we submitted our first draft. I was thesis-free for the last few weeks. And anytime this week, it will be back. Must get ready.

Last year, I was in Baguio, attending a campus journalism workshop. Now, a new breed of HF people went there to experience it. I had great time last year and I'm sure they will too.

Last week, we [JOU41] had our Retreat. It was really great. Had a nice bonding time with my blockmates.And I'm just glad I belonged to this block. I used to have frustrations on my section but as the years went by, we became better and stronger. I will sure miss them once we graduate.

Tomorrow is the 6th Palad Seminar-Workshop. I just hope things will turn out fine tomorrow. But honestly, I just feel that we are not fully prepared. Or I am just so nervous because Palad is already an establish event at HF, I just dont want to screw that up.

I'm so excited on next sem's OJT. There are two opportunities knocking on my door,one is almost sure while the other 50/50 but what I really want is the latter. So i will take the risk and hope that I'll get in. But if not, I already have my back up plans.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britney and Erap

I watched Britney Spears "comeback" performance at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS over at YouTube and it was awful. Britney is not a good singer but she makes up to it through her dancing but her 2007 VMA performance was dreadful. Lacks energy and she shouldn't have worn that, it highlighted her current figure . She used to have great abs. Britney is train wreck.

I'm glad Erap was convicted guilty. But whether I like it or not Erap is the "star" right at this moment, the sympathy is on him. Thanks to PGMA's bad reputation, bumango si Erap, which sucks because it does not follow that if PGMA is not a good president, Erap was.
I was really smirking when I watched a news report that showed that the Erap supporters prepared two shirts, placards, posters etc. one for if erap is convicted guilty and another if not. Well funded ah?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Must See TV: Brothers and Sisters

ave you been craving for some good family drama on television?
If your answer is yes, then I recommend you to watch Brothers and Sisters. This program has a stellar cast lead by accomplished movie actress Sally Field and some of our TV favorites Calista Flockhart [Ally McBeal] Ron Rifkin [Sloan of Alias], and Rachel Griffiths [Six Feet Under]. This program tells the story of the Walker family as they deal with their issues with one another. This show is classified under the drama category but this show is not heavy drama because it also has its funny moments especially the scenes with Nora [Field], the mother and Kitty [Flockhart] her daughter who is the only Republican in their family. I like the writing of the show because of its sharp, witty and could-relate-to dialogue and conversations that will really tug your heartstrings. The casting of this show is excellent, all of them have chemistry. I also like that the characters in this program are not one dimensional, when there are conflicts, there is no usual protagonist/antagonist. Sometimes, all the people involved in a conflict have their own flaws.This show brings out the best and worst out of each family member and makes us think, hey, they're exactly like my family.

Mondays, 9:30pm, Studio 23

Sundays, 10:00pm, ABC

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No longer a teen

My clock in my cellphone says its 12 midnight. Its already September 5. With that, I turn20. It's my birthday. Two decades. I've been into this world for that long. Goodbye teenage years. I know I was not your typical teen. I may have missed out on a lot of stuff normal teenagers do. But there is no regrets. I used to regret on the things I did not do. But as the years go by, I've learned that every choices I made helped me grow and molded me into what I am today. And I thank God for that.


As some of you may know, this day is not really a "happy" birthday because of the shocking death of my grandmother last Sunday. The last few days were so difficult. I go to school and for a time I forget the pain. But no matter how I distract myself, the pain is still there. I feel so sad. I know someday I will accept that she is no longer with us. But please understand that even though I know that Mama Eyang does not want me to sad on my birthday, I could not pretend not to be sad. But I appreciate the people who are cheering me up. Your words are greatly appreciated. I'm touched.

But please understand why I don't feel like celebrating at all.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Saddest Birthday

My birthday is on September 5. An this will be the`saddest birthday. My father informed just a few minutes ago, that my grandmother (maternal) died. It was sudden. A few hours earlier our relatives from Bohol called telling that mama eyang was rushed into the hospital. My grandmother is a healthy woman so it really shocked us to know that. I feel so sad. When my mother called me, I cried so hard. Her death affected me very mucH. She is the only living grandparent I have since my other grandparents died when I was really young. I admit we are not really close since she could not speak tagalog that much. But I love her and always admire her for being a strong woman. She lives alone in Bohol although almost of her neighbors are relatives. I just feel so sad, because I haven't seen her in like 6 years. My mother saw her last year when they had a vacation. Who would have thought it would be the last? It just painful for me because I know my mother is in pain because she was not with her mother on her last few moments here in this world. We have a plan pa naman that after I graduate we will visit her. It will not happen anymore. I just feel so sad right now. I'm still in shock that Mama Eyang is no longer with us.

God Bless mama Eyang. I love you very much and I'm sorry

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nearing the climax

A Wednesday night and its not raining.
No more [unnecessary] cancelation of classes on a Thursday, finally.

We submitted the chapters 1-4 of our thesis on time last Monday. Thank God. But I know it will have major corrections once our first draft will be returned to us. I admit I'm not really fully satisfied with what we submitted. We could do better. But hey I'm glad were coping up so far

Midterms is already next week, time flies so fast. We only have three written exams while the rest of our subjects we will do productions in lieu of a written exam. A documentary [ala Supersize Me/ Incovenient Truth] for docu field production and a Social Sciences educational radio program for Educational Broadcasting. And for both productions I'm the leader so another hectic week ahead. But I'm enjoying doing it. And I prefer to do productions than take a written exam. I learn more.


On HF, we're close on solving this problem [that we inherited hehe]. I'm really praying that this problem will be resolve already. So that I could have a "peace of mind".

Next month, we will conduct the 6th PALAD Creative Writing Seminar Workshop. The past PALAD seminars were really succesful. I hope it will be the same this year. And I'm really excited since one of our guest speakers is Mr. Lourd De Veyra of RadioActive Project Sago fame. I'm glad he accepted our invitation

Also next month we will also have the ALIPATO Photography Seminar-Workshop as part of the Students' week celebration of DLSU-D. We invited speakers from PDI and they also accepted it.

I'm excited and nervous because organizing back to back seminars will not be that easy. But my experience with Lasallian Press Conference last May trained me very much.

And of course we are also working on the second issue of the broadsheet and first issue of La Salleno magazine [which I'm confident to tell you that this issue,content wise, will be really good].


Despite my busy life, people are noticing that I'm gaining weight. Haha. I love to eat when I'm stressed out.


During the "bagyo break" I found myself watching KOKEY. Haha. What a fun show to watch. Maybe it's the voice of that Alien I found amusing.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a day!

  • The first issue of the Heraldo Filipino broadsheet was released today. I'm glad although it's a bit delayed (thank you rains hehe). I'm a bit disappointed since I found some errors that I overlooked. I'll do better next time.
  • I was so busy with academics. Revising the questionnaire for our thesis, meeting my groupmates for our case study analysis for Investigative Journalism then a radio production for Educational Broadcasting which I am the director. I was literally confused with so many of my classmates calling me , "Jec! Jec!". Next week will be the most stressful since next Friday is the DEADline of the first draft of our thesis.
  • My friend from AB Communication told me that I was included in their quiz. I was suprised reall. Their subject is Editorial Management and their professor (Sir Polo) asked who is the current EIC of HF hahahaha. They were shocked, it's amusing to know that. Never in my life that I would thought that I will be a quiz item haha.
  • A sheet was passed around today in class asking our preffered companies for our On the Job training next semester. Majority of my classmates picked ABS CBN and GMA. I was the only one different since I've written down Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star. Well, I would really love to have my OJT in the print media. Although TV and radio interests me too. Print tops my list!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

No Classes Tomorrow

I should be happy right? But I am not. Having the classes suspended tomorrow means that we will not be able to conduct our survey for our thesis. Arrgh... Cancelling classes is a tricky thing, the complaints of late cancellation of classes has been staple already. It's gut feel sometimes. I remember that I had class that was still pursued despite calls for cancellation early in the morning but midway through the class it rained really hard, so the classes were suspended anyway. On another occasion, classes were suspended a day before because of the weather report that says that a storm will hit the country. On that day, it did not rained hard, just ambon. But of course there were incidents were they got it right like last year's Milenyo.

Oh well, we need the rain because of the dry spell Luzon is experiencing. But along with the rains comes floods and other incoveniences, It's a package deal I guess.

I hope we will have a class on Friday. The deadline for our thesis is fast approaching.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wake Up Call

I became too pessimistic that I almost jeopardized everything. I got too scared, I admit. It's a shame now that I think of it. Because of fear I could have mess up things more. One thing I did right was to consult them. I'm very touched that they understood what I felt yet they still enlighthened me and prevented me from commiting what could have been one of the biggest mistake of my life. I'm so happy I'm with this people, they showed me the light. They did not judge me.I should never be overcomed by my weaknesses.Be tough. Think Positive. I will fight this problem with more courage. Thanks to them.

I'm really praying hard that things will turn out okay in the end.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today I attended a meeting with the other student leaders of DLSU-D, well it was worth my time but it lasted two hours and I was late for my class but my professor was absent, though his secretary showed up and collected our assignments and killed time by having it recited. After my class I went to Bulwagang Jose Basa where I was invited by the Political Science Program (PSC) Council to be a resource speaker in their SONA forum.Yes, you've read it right, I was a resource speaker. I kinda hesitated to accept the invitation but I find it rude if I reject since I know its not easy to organize this kind of event. I'm not really an expert in Philippine Politics, social science in general but heck I've thought that joining this forum will be beneficial to me too. I was right, the other speakers, three professors and a PolSci student were really good, they have given good insights, and not just one sided. As for me, I know among the five panelists I was the weakest, I did not mess up but I did not shine. I felt embarass when the PSC president introduced us the speakers as EXPERTS! Define Pressure hehe. Anyways, the one good thing I said in the forum that the PSC president and the other panelist like is my answer to the question what is the true State of the Nation? My answer was the country is struggling but I'm not losing hope.
Anyways, the token I received was a gold DLSU-D letter opener, a coffee mug and certificate. Well, it was a nice experience but I really felt weird being on the other side, I used to be an ordinary student who attends this kind of seminars,symposium. Now I'm the on the"hotseat".

On Aug. 1, I will also speak about Publication Management for the Council of Student Organizations which will launch a newsletter this sem. I hope I'll do better this time since the topic is my field. I don't want people who invited me to be disappointed but sometimes I can't stop but feel that I don't deserve to be placed on this pedestal, I sometimes think I'm overrated.
But heck, I know I can do this. I just feel insecure at times. It's normal I guess. But I will not let "it" win.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Guilty Pleasure Returns!

Here is a sneak peek of High School Musical 2. I'm not really part of the target demographics of this TV movie but I really did enjoy High School Musical 1. The songs were very catchy, I just love the feel good music of this TV movie. And base from this video, I guess the sequel will be as enjoyable as the first one.

What Time Is It? by the High School Musical 2 Cast

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Br. Armin and Sir Jun

Br. Armin Luistro,FSC, De La Salle Philippines President,visited HF's office today. It was a short visit, too bad he did not see the other HF people as only me and art staff Jheerick were the only ones present in the office at that time. Our former associate editor J.E who now works with Br. Armin texted me early morning informing me that Br. Armin will drop by the office. I was surprised, I have a make up class that time but I asked permission to go out early because I need to go HF since few people stay at the office during Friday mornings, baka walang madatnan sina Br.Armin. Thank God, my professor allowed me.It was nice meeting him. He asked me a few questions, small talk. He was nice, he has a friendlier aura than the other Lasallian Brothers I've met so far (I'm not saying they are not friendly, they were nice to me too but they have a different vibe, they're more formal I guess). Br. Armin and J.E treat each other like barkada. I find it amazing how their relationship evolved, it started when J.E emailed a complaint to Br.Armin and now he is working for him. Ironic, isn't it?
We had a fun and enriching class on Special Cases and Problems in Broadcasting and Journalism (wheew.... what a long subject title) under Mr. Jun Del Rosario. This professoris terrific! I'm learning a lot from him. The problem only is he is always late in class. But I guess the reason for his tardiness is because he came all the way from Quezon City, where he is the news executive producer for the morning show of the government stations. How I wished that he taught at DLSU-D noon pa. Well, It's better late than never. I really hope he will still teach in DLSU-D after this sem because the next batches of BroadJourn and AB Com students should experience being in his class because they will really learn a lot

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Blood

Today was HF team 22's first Panel Interview. We interviewed 12 students and 11 passed.
Here is the breakdown:
2 passed for News
3 passed for Features
1 passed for Literary
2 passed for Sports
1 passed for Art
1 passed for Photo
1 passed for Graphics

It felt strange being on the other side. Two years ago I was the one sitting there in the middle of the two tables being grilled by the editors (especially Ate Maycee, the terror hehe). Now, I'm the one doing it. Time flies.
This will be an exciting year, the apprentices of this batch is a melting pot of different personalities. I really hope many, if not all, will be with HF til they graduate.

Last Thursday, I lost my ID! Kung kailan 4th year na ako tsaka pa nangyari ito. Grr... My ID has a sentimental value, it survived so many occurences it almost got lost.Plus, it has my "first year" look hehe. I thought me and my ID will be together til the end (dramA! lol). Oh well, I hope whoever found my ID will return it. But, I guess the chances of getting it back is slim. Haaayyy.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


When we had a seat work for my first class last Wednesday, June 13 (opening of classes), I had a realization with the word (and numbers)I wrote in the paper:
And so it begins. The FINAL year of my college life. My junior year was very memorable because of all the things that I've experienced which help me grow and mature(plus in that year I had my best academic performance since I became a Dean's Lister for the two semesters!).
I don't know if I could duplicate such feat this year. The subjects are harder, definitely. Sir Artin (our professor for Video post-production and Communication Research II) warned us already that he will be stricter this year and he will not think twice in failing a student who could not meet his requirements. I so believe him since last year a lot of students failed to graduate because they flunked Sir Artin's subjects.
We've met two new professors already: Ms.Quadra for Educational Broadcasting and former ABS CBN reporter and Cavite provincial Board member Jun Del Rosario for Special Cases and Problems in Broadcast and Journalism. Since they are new profs, I don't have the idea with their teaching styles;if they're strict or what. But based on my first impressions with these two profs, they mean business. During our first meeting with their respective subjects, we already discussed lots of stuff. So much for the first meeting being a sort of "orientation". They have already assigned us so many home works.
Oh and I will also embark on the most challenging year as I assume leadership of Heraldo Filipino. I got off to a rocky start but things will get better, hopefully.
I won't deny I'm nervous with the great pressure I'm facing. But one of the things I've learned during our HF Year end is that don't over nurture your fear. I'm optimistic I'll survive this year. But it wont be easy, that's for sure.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am now a Yahoo Messenger user. Add me up, my id is jecoup9587. Haha, I'm such a late bloomer with a lot of stuff and one of this is the YM. Well, before i was a complete idiot to what the heck that is. I only use the internet for research, blogging, joining forums, email,friendster,reading hehe. But this month, when we had an internet connection once again at home(we had for a month dial up internet access before which was a waste of time,electricity and money, this time we're using Smart Bro) I decided to try that YM thing. And well its fun pala hehe. So guys add me up, but introduce yourself incase your IDs are different from your name or you don't have an avatar of your real looks hehe.


Today, our yearend proposal got approved already. Preparing that thing was so stressful and not easy. We have to consider a lot of stuff, it was hard and complicated. So I was a bit annoyed when I heard not so good remarks when they find out some details of the seminar/workshop. If they only knew what we went thorugh for the past week just to get things done.


I almost forgot that tomorrow is the distribution of summer grades. But then again I already knew my grade a week ago since it was posted in the dlsud portal already. I will just get the hard copy for filing. I like my grades (3.50 for PublicRelations and 3.25 Rizal). It was not an easy summer term especially PR which was an exhausting subject so thats why I'm so glad to get a high mark (and the highest grade in our class hehe). This summer term also served as a testing ground on how I will balance my academics and HF work. 'm glad I did well. Thank God!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The school year hasn't started yet but I'm already exhausted with so many things to do.

But it's better to be tired than be bored.

Today, we had the ocular inspection of the printers. It was fun. Syempre special treatment kami dun hehe. I asked questions to the people touring us in their plant, too many questions I think. I caught someone lying, I asked a tricky question and his answer was too good to be true.

Good thing,I don't have summer classes anymore because I could now focus my energy with HF stuff. I have so many things to do. My term faces lots of problems from broken PC and printer, being understaffed (with some of the remaining staff planning to file for LOA), tight budget (sana marami mag enroll this sem hehe) and some other problems that we inherited hehe.

Because of the LSPCON preparations and majority of the EB have (mandatory) summer classes, we have delayed some of the activities that should have been done this May. We started the pre bidding later than usual. And the yearend workshop is now scheduled on the first week of June. And we haven't really prepared that much for the recruitment for the freshmen orientation which is tomorrow.

Oh well, I had my first editing experience yesterday (courtesy of the HF Sports, Give them a round of applause for early submission of articles ). I kinda felt weird when Hanna (our Assoc) gave me the articles that i'll edit. I admit kinareer ko yun hehe, I read the article so many times making it sure that I did not left out anything or committed editing mistakes. I hope I did fine.

And before I end, earlier today Pat (our News Ed) texted me and said that the office of the Mayor of Dasmarinas called up and said that they made a tarpaulin congratulating HF for winning first place for the Broadsheet category on the College of Editors Guild of the Philippines awards. I was surprised since I don't know how did they know that info. If they called up during the campaign season, I will be suspicious but they called after the election and with winners already, I'm quite intrigued with this.Anyway, I'm glad that they showed appreciation on the achievement of HF.

The end of May is nearing. The final year of my college is about to start. And I know it will be a tough year.

I will embark on this journey with this thing in mind

Make 'it' Happen

Friday, May 18, 2007


Let me share to you a montage made by Gerard Joseph Atienza of the 2007 La Sallian Schools Press Conference hosted by DLSU-D. You will see how the three day seminar went in this audio visual presentation