Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm currently reading three books. Yes THREE books, salit salitan haha. First is PEKSMAN (mamatay ka man) Nagsisinungaling Ako [at iba pang kuwentong kasinungalingan na di dapat paniwalaan]
What a long title right? This is written by UST Creative Writing professor Eros Atalia. The style of the book is like Bob Ong as the author relays his tounge-in-cheek views on Pinoy life. This is really a fun read although he tends to be judgmental at times.
The next is Bagets: an anthology of Filipino Young Adult Fiction published by the UP Press. The book is divided into two parts, the Filipino stories and the English stories. I like the Filipino stories more but it does not mean that the English stories are bad. I like the selection of stories it ranges from family conflicts, self actualization, of course love life haha and growing up. This is a light read but the heart is there.
Lastly I'm also reading Kellybites the Book yes by my favorite radio DJ, Kelly. This is a collection of poems and other words of wisdom lifted from DJ Kelly's blog. The book is a bit expensive but it has a purpose since the proceeds will go to Project Brave Kids, an organization who helps children who have cancer.
You'll love the way DJ Kelly writes, she uses simple words yet the way she constructs the sentences will pull your heartstrings. You will somehow see a piece of yourself in one of her writings. Its like DJ Kelly has put to words some of the emotions you are feeling all along but could not express freely.

This is one of the stuff that I enjoy being a bum haha. You know having a lot of free time to read books. Last school year was so hectic I hardly had time to read books for leisure.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Graphics courtesy of "Senator" Ed

Congratulations to fellow biter and man nurse Joel "Joogie" Gonzaga for winning the Kellybites' Nights Maxville Idol. He sang a guy version of the song "Don't Cha". His rendition is really good. Last night was the announcement of the winner on the show and DJ Kelly interviewed the top 2 finalists on air, 2nd place went to the very mysterious Caz who sang "Because of You", on the phone interview we found out that he is also working for a radio station as well. Third placer Jan Gironella also called up DJ Kelly tonight. As the official tabulator (naks!) let me share to you some facts, Jan was the most voted in the multiply. I received about 40 private messages on multiply voting for him and they are real people ah hehehe. Caz meanwhile got the most votes on the textline and phoneline. But why did Joogie won? He got high votes for both.

Here is the breakdown:


151 pts= multiply
159 pts= phone/text

TOTAL: 310 pts


23 pts =multiply
241 pts=phone/text

TOTAL: 264 pts


168 pts =multiply
40 pts=phone/text

TOTAL: 208 pts



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Congratulations to HERALDO FILIPINO! We reaped awards in the College Editors Guild of the Philippines competition held in Davao yesterday. Palad bagged 2nd place for best literary folio and the HF newspaper is also 2nd place in the Broadsheet category. Good job everyone!

Well I'll admit I'm a bit sad since we did not win for both categories and LS magazine not being awarded at all (I believe it was deserving but I'm bias since I'm the EIC hehe). And especially last year we won best broadsheet and for my term we are only 2nd place. I know 2nd place is not bad at all. But it kinda showed that somehow, maybe, the quality of HF may have dipped under my term. Here I go again, just forgive me about this insecure feeling.

But hey at least the broadsheet and the lit folio were still recognized!

Thank You CEGP and hats off to HF Team 22!
Good luck Team 23!
Go for the Gold!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


graphics courtesy of "senator" Ed

This was the singing contest" last night on Kellybites Nights over at 103.5 Max FM. Well, it started as an accidental suggestion by biter Niko (biters is what we call ourselves, listeners of DJ Kelly's show) that turned into a event. At first it was all for fun then things got serious (well sort of haha) some of the contestants really campaigned for them to win. So how did the contest went? DJ Kelly asked aspirants to send a MP3 of them singing a song (1 minute) over the weekend, 11 submitted and became finalists. DJ Kelly uploaded the 11 entries here and multiply users could already vote, they could vote up to 3 people with corresponding points (top1-3 pts, top2-2pts and top3-1pt). This is where I became part of this event, I was chosen to be the official tabulator of votes, Saturday pa lang I already began receiving votes through PM and votes could also be posted on the official multiply page of Maxville Idol. And there were really a lot of votes, I was amazed by two contestants, they really have so many friends on multiply hahaha.
It was really fun on the actual show, DJ Kelly copy/pasted the text votes to me (we did the transactions through Multiply PM) she also updated me of the phone votes. It was really fun doing that. There were a lot text votes as in. 2968 may have crashed down. You could see the minute-by-minute coverage of the event by fellow biter Niko here and of course the live multiply conference we had where a record breaking 3,049 comments were posted on that multiply page (DJ Kelly should have a share on the income revenues of Multiply with the amazing hits her site is receiving).
So how was my experience as the official tabulator? Yes it was toxic as in hindi ako magkandaugaga jotting down the text/phone and checking out the multiply conference and my PM for votes. But I had so much fun, really. But I failed to cast my vote, I forgot to do so haha. The event was really exciting and I'm so proud I had a "pivotal role" there. Towards the end of the show, I was about to send the top 3 to DJ Kelly but my PC hanged, DJ Kelly have to kill time and extend the show while waiting for my PM. Embarassing!
Anyways, the announcement of the MAXVILLE IDOL will happen tonight as I type this entry.
I will just share how much points the contestants received:

1. 310 pts
2. 264 pts
3. 208 pts
4. 175 pts
5. 153 pts
6. 143 pts
7. 109 pts
8. 50 pts
9. 49 pts
10. 36 pts
11. 20 pts

I counted about 200 text/phone votes and 100 multiply votes. Toxic but so much fun, really.
Thank you to DJ Kelly and the Biters
Tune in to Kellybites Nights
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Betamax and 50/50

This is my current favorite song. Bukod sa napaka catchy eh you can't help but feel nostalgic while listening to this. Yeah I'm still young at 20 but somehow I felt old listening to this song PLUS watching the music video intensifies the feeling since it features the popular games noong bata pa ako. Somehow I felt sad kasi in my neighborhood wala ng mga batang naglalaro ng sipa, tumbang preso, luksong baka, nanay tatay, teks, chinese garter atbp. The kids are now inside computer shops or playing with their PSPs. The song reminded me how good the old days were.
And we still have our betamax at home, I don't know if that is still working though.


I went to Campus 99.5 yesterday to claim my prize. My father accompanied me since before we went to Paragon Plaza (where the station was located) we took care of some stuff. Well, although I already knew before that the booths of 89.9 Magic, Mellow 94.7 and 99.5 are all located in one location, I was still surprised that those stations are literally dikit-dikit.
Anyway, I got a CD (Hershey's Unforgettable Kisses compilation) but I was not able to get my gift certificate at Triggerman's cafe since when we came he was in a meeting and I could not wait that long. I don't really feel bad about not getting the GC though but instead I was disappointed I was not able to meet the Triggerman personally. Next time, I hope.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Knew It

You should strongly consider majoring in Education, such as early childhood education, middle childhood education, secondary education, or related majors (e.g., Vocational Education, Special Education, P.E./Physical Education).

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests. Psychology is a great minor for education majors.




























created with
Naaliw ako sa results at nag ka 25% pa ako sa Physics/Engineering/Computer haha, higher than expected.
I know 4 years late ang survey na ito hehe. Pero malay nyo pwede pa naman ma pursue ito ang #1. We'll never know right.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I did a lot of house chores today. Kudos to me haha. I decided to lessen my lousy time by surfing the Internet all day now that I'm now an official bum. Plus, my mother needed an extra hand this time because the person who do laundry for us resigned today. Yes, that was the reason I was extra busy this day. I admit I don't like house chores haha but hey I gotta do it. And I feel good. I need that feeling.
May is gonna end soon. And this coming June will be the first time in 14 years that I will be not in school on that month. Feels strange since I'm already used to the feeling of looking forward on the upcoming school year once this time of the year comes in. But I graduated already. Time to move on.
But I chose to be a bum for a while and my parents support my decision haha. My mother even encouraged me that I should pursue Masteral studies already but I said no since I need a break from school and I want to work first for like one to two years before I pursue a masteral degree.
I feel blessed that I'm not really pressured to find work immediately, we are financially stable with my three older siblings having stable jobs so as my father. Yes, I will take advantage of this situation. I've been a studious and hardworking student for 14 years (including my three years as campus writer) I need a break, right?
I need to think what I want to do. Because I'm confused on what career to pursue. No.....I know what I want to do, I just don't know how I could enter there. Or just afraid to make the first step. Or I don't know how or where to start. Or afraid to fail again. Or I'm just too lazy. See, my mind is so messed up.
Jaja, my former classmate, texted me earlier telling me she had her first salary. I kinda felt envious. Buti pa siya.
I'm excited to earn on my own. But first I need to find a job.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Second Chance and Last Look

Remember when I won in the contest of Campus 99.5 's Weekend Top 20 @ 12 two weeks ago? My prize was forfeited because I failed to claim it however last Friday I joined again and WON for the 2nd time. Haha. I hope it will not rain on Thursday so I could go to Paragon Plaza and visit the Campus 99.5 booth already.
I finally finished reading Harry Potter book 7. I bought the book last November 2007 pa but got so busy with school that I essentially forgot to finish reading the book hahaha. Now that I have free time I was able to finish the book at long last. Here are my thoughts:


I did not like the epilogue that much, I was craving for something more and not just who ended up with who (it was obvious anyway). I like the Battle of Hogwarts, wonderfully written and I'm curious how it will be played out in the movie. I liked the book but ranked third only on my all time favorite HP book (#1 is Prisoner of Azkaban followed by Goblet of Fire). There were so many deaths in the book, but I was affected the most with the death of Dobby, the free Elf *sniff*
I like how my favorite character which is Neville Longbottom played a pivotal role in the final book. Neville rocks! The final showdown between Harry and You-Know-Who was a bit anti climactic and resembles a classic Filipino action movie wherein before the protagonist and antagonist kill each other they will have a long conversation muna, haha.
Snape's story was engaging but basically he is a guy with unrequited yet neverending love. Mushy but it worked. And yeah Dumbledore being gay actually made sense.
Over all, 'Deathly Hallows' was successful in wrapping up the 7 year journey of Harry Potter and friends. I started reading HP as a fresh graduate from grade school and finished reading it as a fresh college graduate. I will not call HP the greatest work of literature of all time but this is definitely one remarkable and unforgettable book series.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I was supposed to blog about my last day as EIC last Thursday but I had an extended stay until Friday to finish off some responsibilities. I was supposed to write this last weekend but got too lazy too do it haha.
And now I changed my mind, I will no longer write my last day as EIC.
As I've said before, my year as editor-in-chief was one roller coaster ride. I had lots of realizations throughout the year. So many lessons learned. If I will grade myself as year as EIC following DLSU-D's grading system with 4.00 as the highest grade and 0.00 as failing grade, my grade will be 2.25. I am being honest with that. How I wish I could grade myself higher. But I admit I performed below expectations, I cracked under pressure, I was so disorganized and I would like to keep problems to myself. And lastly, I am too "soft" to be an EIC. It worked to my disadvantage.
Somehow, I think I did good in motivating my staff though, out of the 30 apprentices we had at the start of the school year, 23 still remained until the end. That's high because normally, the number of apprentices who survived a year at HF is below half of the original start-of-the-school-year number. And I'm proud to say I was able to discover future HF gems in the future. Aside from the new staffers, I was able to "resurrect" long lost staffers and most of them did fine throughout the school year. I did have a problem handling my co-editors though. My insecurity and the aforementioned "softness" were my flaws. Plus, in the editing/writing department I sucked.
I feel so guilty for being a mediocre leader and most of all a lousy campus journalist. There were so many nights I cried because I could not handle the pressure anymore. Yeah, I'm a weakling. I'm sorry Heraldo Filipino.
Sometimes I wish I should not have pursued being an editor, I was doing well as a regular staff for two years. But this was God's plan and all setbacks happen for a reason. I may not understand now but in the future I'm sure this will come in full circle.
I know this topic has been so repetitive here in my blog. But I need to write this again. I need this.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Day Left

Tomorrow, May 15, is my last day, officially, as the Editor-in-chief of Heraldo Filipino, the official student publication of DLSU-Dasmarinas. It will also mark the end of HF Team 22 and on May 16 HF Team 23 will take over. My HF life will end tomorrow. I'm almost finish with my remaining duties for the publication. It's the end. I'll prepare my digital camera. Yeah, I'm a sentimental dude haha.
Anyway, my HF journey is one long rollecoaster ride. I experience both the extreme highs and lows of life through HF. And I will be always be grateful to HF for the lessons I've learned. I will never forget my three-year stay with Heraldo Filipino. Wait....I'll save all these stuff for tomorrow haha.
Well, let me share this, I tracked another former DJ of WKC/KC FM again through multiply this time. He is sir John (The "Seahorse" during the "We Are Family" era) . He is so nice and he even shared to me some stories and pictures!
Being able communicate with those djs feels like meeting up with long lost friends.
I think I could not claim the prize I won in the Campus 99.5's Weekend Top 20 @ 12 last week.
I'm sort of busy this week =( This is the second time I won on a radio contest, the first one was with DJ Kelly's show on 103.5 Max FM but I failed to get my prize. Sad.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Love KC Extra

Sir VinZG posted this at YouTube today. It has been six years since I last heard the KC FM theme. Well, I'm on another nostalgia fit again, haha.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Love KC

I was so nostalgic today. An integral part of my childhood was listening to the radio. Yes, as a child I stay indoors most of the time because I always get sick. And well I spent my childhood with home-based past times, there's television and reading local komiks. But one of the special things I enjoyed doing was listening to the radio and my all time favorite station is 93.9 WKC "We are Family". The station was catered to the so-called masa audience but they are not the kind of masa station that we have now. 93.9 WKC was wholesome and cute and very child- friendly to say the least. Some of the DJs have 'sidekicks' which are very 'cartoonish' with some derived from the "Sesame Street Characters" which includes my personal favorite, The Count, who hosted the music countdown of the station of course. The Count, I guess is the one to blame why I became a chart geek :D
I really adored this station. I always listen to it whenever I can.And dreamed that someday I could work for the station.
In early 2000, the station reformatted to become 939 KC FM and recruited popular DJs Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1 that is when the station became an upscale station. This happened during my early teens and the reformatted KC still won my heart and became my favorite station once more even though they are now in a new format. I love the programming of the station, very listener friendly and not pretentious. KC still retained their charm. This was the logo of the 93.9 KCFM:

But on May 15, 2002, 93.9 KC FM had its final airing. And you know what, even though this is embarassing to admit, I cried during their last day. It was really a sad day, I remember I was tuned in the all day from Chico and Delamar's farewell to the last show which ended around 6 pm. The last song played was "Goodbye" by the Spice Girls. After that, it was an end of an era for me. I was really attached with KC, since I really grew up with this station. A few months after, 93.9 became the home of iFM, a masa station in the mold of the top-rater 90.7 Love Radio.
I admit I hated that station to death but as years pass by I accepted it. KC FM will not comeback. I'm not a fan of iFM, I guess will never be, but I don't hate it. That's life as they say and they provide employment and some people enjoy their station. But not me. Maybe I'm bias haha.
I still became a radio geek especially countdowns but no station ever replaced 93.9 WKC/KC FM in my heart.
Every time May 15 comes near I will always remember the last days of KC FM. Like today, we are three days shy to the 6th "death anniversary" of KC FM. And well this morning I was browsing the friendster accounts of some of today's DJs and I thought of searching for the accounts of former KC FM jocks and I did it by using the search by company function of Friendster and well I found the account of Vincent Garucho/VinzG, a former DJ of DWKC's two eras. I send him a private message expressing how I missed the station and gave him the link of the "Anyone Still Remembers KC FM?" thread I made at
And guess what after a few minutes HE REPLIED! And what's even great is that he registered at PinoyExchange and posted in the thread and we sort of chatted with him for about two hours in the thread, we were reminiscing about the good ol days of WKC/KC FM and what they are doing right now. He even shared some pictures! And I like this one that he posted in the forum:

I guess it's safe for me to say in behalf of the WKC air crew THANK YOU! You've made our jobs... those late late nights, holiday-less days, long work-filled weekends and taxing mall tours all worth while. hehehe. It was more fun and play than actual work with people like

I feel so happy that I was sort of instrumental for him to realized how KC FM and the people behind it left a significant impact to a lot of people. DWKC may be gone but it will never be forgotten.

Check this out:
That was the old website of 939 KC FM.
Big thanks to whoever preserved the website.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Ultimate Chart Geek Moment

Campus 99.5 Weekend Top 20 @ 12/ May 9,2008

20. The Way I Am-Ingrid Michaelson
19. 4 Minutes-Madonna feat Justin Timberlake
18. Realize-Colbie Caillat
17. Love Song-Sarah Bareilles
16. Empty-The Click Five
15. Rule #1 Wag Mo Aaminin-Overtone
14. Almost Lover-A Fine Frenzy
13. Teardrops on my Guitar-Taylor Swift
12. Forget About Me-Little Bit
11. Evidence-Urbandub
10. With You-Chris Brown
09. Low-Flo Rida feat T-Pain
08. No Air-Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown
07. Chasing Pavements-Adele
06. When You Look me in the Eyes-Jonas Brothers
05. All Around Me-Flyleaf
04. Take a Bow-Rihanna
03. Damn Regret-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
02. Leavin-Jesse McCartney
01. Always Be My Baby-David Cook

So why did I post that? Well, last night [which is just a few hours ago] I won in the contest of Campus 99.5's Weekend Top 20 @ 12. There were two ways to win, one on the phone and the other on the YM. I joined the latter since I don't have the means to call their station [no landline at home]. The contest is name all the songs played in the countdown in order and guess the remaining songs, I submitted my answer when the song reached no.5. I almost did not win since my first guess was Damn Regret is no.2 and Leavin at no.3 but I changed my mind the last minute. And well my last minute change was the right decision after all. I was so friggin happy when The Triggerman congratulated me on air! Of course he had difficulty on how to pronounce my name hahaha.
So what's my prize? I actually forgot what were those, I think I got gift certificatea to some spa and Triggerman's restaurant. Believe it or not, I did not care about the prize when I joined the contest I just want to win. Kinda lame, eh? Winning this contest is a big achievement for a chart geek like me, hahaha.
Well, you see I've been this chart geek since I was 10 and of course Top 20 @ 12 is already legendary and I remember back in the day how I wish I could join the "guessing game" of the show since most of the time my guesses were correct and I get frustrated to the callers who don't get the correct answers. But I don't have the means to call the show plus I'm terrified to call hahahaha.
And well,times have changed. Campus Radio shut down last year but was resurrected this year on the 99.5 frequency. I remember anticipating the return of the top 20 @ 12 but during the first few weeks of Campus 99.5, top 20 @ 12 was still off air. And I found out through that upon the return of the countdown, Triggerman will not host it anymore (However he is still connected with Campus 99.5, as it turns out, he is the current station manager of the station). But we, "die hard fans" petitioned to convince the Triggerman to go back and it was a success as two weeks ago The Top 20 @ 12 returned in the airwaves with the Triggerman at helm. I was able to chat with him on his return through Campus 99.5's YM. I was even part of those who did a live coverage on his return at
Last week, the guessing game on the top 20 @ 12 returned but I still could not join coz we don't have a landline anymore and I don't have enough load to call through my cellphone. But I shared my top 5 prediction with Triggerman through YM and got 3/5.
And when I found out that there will be also a contest through YM also, I was so ecstatic since I could now have a shot on winning. And I did!
I'm excited to get my prizes next week at the Campus 99.5 booth. Although I admit I'm more excited to see the station rather than the prizes itself. I'm hoping to see the Triggerman, Jimmy jam or John Hendrix when I go there.
I'm just so happy. I still could not sleep hahaha.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Remembering Funny Komiks (A Revisit)

I posted "Remembering Funny Komiks" blog entry two years ago. So why I am reposting this again? Well, I was a bit surprised that long after I posted this entry, I still received comments every now and then. And it was good to see that I was not alone, marami din pala kaming mga laking Funny Komiks. And today this blog entry received another comment and guess from whom---- from someone who used to work with Funny Komiks! Wow! I was so suprised, too bad s/he commented anonymously :(
Anyway, I'll once again share to you my brief but heartfelt nod to the legendary Filipino Funny Komiks For Children

The topic of reminiscing my favorite comics FUNNY KOMIKS [FK] came up when I read a friend's blog. I really love funny komiks,I have collected it for a decade. I started when I was 4, the age when I don't even know how to read yet, my brother just read that to me. Actually, my family is a huge fan of komiks, my siblings were the initial people who collected funny komiks, namana ko lang. Too bad their collection was burned when we had a fire in the place we use to live in (Sta. Ana Manila). When we moved here in Cavite the first thing I looked for is their is someone selling funny komiks, luckily I found not just one but two magazine stalls selling FK. My real motivation to learn how to read is FUNNY KOMIKS, I dont want to depend on my siblings anymore. I want to experience it. I continued my funny komiks for a long time. I even send my drawings (na binakat ko lang naman) and my works were published. That's my first experience in seeing my name on print. It happened twice, the first one though my name was misspelled [Jecusp Asombruelo] I guess that happened because of my awful penmanship that why I made it sure the next time that my handwriting is legible already. I witness how the price of the comics became higher as years goes by.It started at 3.50 then 5 then 7 then 9 until it reached 17.50! I stopped buying FK when I was in 3rd year highschool because I just find not entertaining anymore,it lost it charm,its becoming anime-ish. But my 7 years worth of collection is still with me (too bad I had lots of issues that got lost), and I will never throw it away nor sell it to the junkshop. It's a part of my life already. I dont know if FK is still in circulation but the stall I used to buy it does not sell anymore. Sad.
now I will post the comments I received for this entry:

from Miyon Emorej

hello! I'm a Funny Komiks reader. FK was the medium for me to have new friends. Uso noon yung mga penpal penpal hehe.. Too bad they stopped publishing... =(

from river

Must say I can relate to that... the motivation to read... though its tagalog, I think it made me able to read at age 4. Plus the creative touch, its (FK)where my first influence in art came from. Now I work as a graphic artist in an advertising and promotions company. If i am not mistaken FK started around 1978-1979. my dad used to buy ir till the late 90's. That influenced me to collect comics by marvel, dc, and image in my highschool years.Just wonderin' if someone out there would shell out upto what extent for FK's # 1 issue. (",)

from pyrolactus

hello, I'm a funny komiks reader too,
some of my copies was already damaged by termites, I've read that your collection was still with you, I'm looking for some 33 issues of funny komiks... I have those but those are the copies that are already damage.. a scan copy will do, not the whole komiks but
rather a small part of it... If you have a spare time for the poor guy. which is me, drop me an email: , I'll tell you there the issue numbers of the funny komiks I'm looking for... T.I.A

from GZO

hello!my dad used to buy ir till the late 90's. That influenced me to collect comics by marvel, dc, and image in my highschool years.Just wonderin' if someone out there would shell out upto what extent for FK's # 1 issue. (",)

from an anonymous person

yo, there! it's gud 2 know dat der's still sum of us hu misses funny komiks, 2. well, i was a collector since 1983. i can remember obliging my uncles 2 buy me a copy of the komiks everyweek... without giving them money 2 buy it... only, i lost d copies i intented 2 collect sana... more dan 2 decades thereafter, i can still recall my fave strips like planet op di eyps, superdog, niknok, bing bam bung, gong di egol, mr & mrs, noon.. ngayon... not to mention deyr weekly feature abt Filipino heroes... i wish i could still see old copies of my favorite komiks...

from "traxor"

kewl...i'm also using traxor as my alias which is the character of the comic serial (AX ryt?) where i think you got your alias. I stil have a few copies left in my's darn good to reminisce your childhood once in a while

and the most special comment I received

enjoy na enjoy ako reading those comments about funny komiks. brings back lots of memories. dati kasi akong member ng funny komiks family, kami nina larry alcala of bim bam bum, ls martinez of superkat, vic crisostomo niknok, tenny henson little angel, atbp.

Whoever you are sir/mam, THANK YOU! Be proud you became part of FK. You were a part of something that brought joy to thousands of Filipino kids for decades. I'm proud that I'm part of that special group.
Funny Komiks was legendary and I'm glad I experienced the joy of waiting every week to find out what will happen next to my story. It was one of those simple pleasures in life.
I sometimes hope today's kids was able to experience this.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


That's all I do when I feel so bad. Although I do cry in private. Like now when everyone here at home are asleep. I just feel so bad today. I hate being weak. Weak physically. Weak emotionally.
I'm so frustrated at things in my life right now.
When will this end?
I'm so tired.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Today, after a month, I finally finished my school clearance. It took a while because I was lazy and procrastinating hahahaha. Anyway, because I was already cleared I could finally get my diploma, the real one. The one given to us last March 25 at PICC was a "greeting of congratulations" masked as diploma haha.
Here is the "fruit" of my four years of hard work:

I also requested for my Transcript of Records (TOR) which was so expensive! 255 Pesos! However, I was not able to get it today and will be available on May 15, 2008!
What a coincidence since that date, as I've mentioned before , is my last day as EIC of HF.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Twenty Tunes 5

Current Favorite Songs

1. Maskara-Rivermaya
2. Say it Again-Marie Digby
3. With You-Chris Brown
4. Damn Regret-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
5. Evidence-Urbandub
6. Beat It-Fallout Boy feat John Mayer
7. Given Up-Linkin Park
8. Leavin-Jesse McCartney
9. Uh Oh-Taken By Cars
10. Whatever It Takes-Lifehouse
11. These Hard Times-Matchbox Twenty
12. No Air-Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown
13. 4 Minutes-Madonna feat Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
14. Always Be My Baby-David Cook
15. Pitong Araw-Hale
16. Low-Flo Rida feat T-Pain
17. Monobloc-Pupil
18. All Around Me-Flyleaf
19. Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis
20. Akala mo lang-Zelle
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

15 days to go...

The past three days I've been at school for clearance,(umusad na rin sa wakas, haha!) and HF stuff. Wel,l I need to finish all my pending task before May 16. May 15 will mark the end of my HF life. But no worries, since I will be leaving HF in good hands. The transition has already started actually. I don't go to the office as often as before and when I'm there I don't stay that long anymore.
After my term as EIC ends, it will now be the official end of my college life.
Time to leave DLSU-D.
Time to move on.
Lately, I've been catching up with my (former) classmates through text and YM. Some are getting frustrated that they could not find a job, the others are making the most out of the summer season, there are also a few who are bored to death, there are some lucky ones who have jobs already while some will start soon.
When they ask me about my plans, I will always say that I'm finishing some stuff for HF and wait until my term ends officially.
After that ?????
Yes, I don't know yet. I don't know where will I go.
That's why I decided that I will rest first. I need time to think and reflect.
May 16 will be the start of my "vacation".
I may be undecided or confused at present but I know for sure what I want to do 6 to 10 years from now:
I will teach.