Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Ultimate Chart Geek Moment

Campus 99.5 Weekend Top 20 @ 12/ May 9,2008

20. The Way I Am-Ingrid Michaelson
19. 4 Minutes-Madonna feat Justin Timberlake
18. Realize-Colbie Caillat
17. Love Song-Sarah Bareilles
16. Empty-The Click Five
15. Rule #1 Wag Mo Aaminin-Overtone
14. Almost Lover-A Fine Frenzy
13. Teardrops on my Guitar-Taylor Swift
12. Forget About Me-Little Bit
11. Evidence-Urbandub
10. With You-Chris Brown
09. Low-Flo Rida feat T-Pain
08. No Air-Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown
07. Chasing Pavements-Adele
06. When You Look me in the Eyes-Jonas Brothers
05. All Around Me-Flyleaf
04. Take a Bow-Rihanna
03. Damn Regret-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
02. Leavin-Jesse McCartney
01. Always Be My Baby-David Cook

So why did I post that? Well, last night [which is just a few hours ago] I won in the contest of Campus 99.5's Weekend Top 20 @ 12. There were two ways to win, one on the phone and the other on the YM. I joined the latter since I don't have the means to call their station [no landline at home]. The contest is name all the songs played in the countdown in order and guess the remaining songs, I submitted my answer when the song reached no.5. I almost did not win since my first guess was Damn Regret is no.2 and Leavin at no.3 but I changed my mind the last minute. And well my last minute change was the right decision after all. I was so friggin happy when The Triggerman congratulated me on air! Of course he had difficulty on how to pronounce my name hahaha.
So what's my prize? I actually forgot what were those, I think I got gift certificatea to some spa and Triggerman's restaurant. Believe it or not, I did not care about the prize when I joined the contest I just want to win. Kinda lame, eh? Winning this contest is a big achievement for a chart geek like me, hahaha.
Well, you see I've been this chart geek since I was 10 and of course Top 20 @ 12 is already legendary and I remember back in the day how I wish I could join the "guessing game" of the show since most of the time my guesses were correct and I get frustrated to the callers who don't get the correct answers. But I don't have the means to call the show plus I'm terrified to call hahahaha.
And well,times have changed. Campus Radio shut down last year but was resurrected this year on the 99.5 frequency. I remember anticipating the return of the top 20 @ 12 but during the first few weeks of Campus 99.5, top 20 @ 12 was still off air. And I found out through that upon the return of the countdown, Triggerman will not host it anymore (However he is still connected with Campus 99.5, as it turns out, he is the current station manager of the station). But we, "die hard fans" petitioned to convince the Triggerman to go back and it was a success as two weeks ago The Top 20 @ 12 returned in the airwaves with the Triggerman at helm. I was able to chat with him on his return through Campus 99.5's YM. I was even part of those who did a live coverage on his return at
Last week, the guessing game on the top 20 @ 12 returned but I still could not join coz we don't have a landline anymore and I don't have enough load to call through my cellphone. But I shared my top 5 prediction with Triggerman through YM and got 3/5.
And when I found out that there will be also a contest through YM also, I was so ecstatic since I could now have a shot on winning. And I did!
I'm excited to get my prizes next week at the Campus 99.5 booth. Although I admit I'm more excited to see the station rather than the prizes itself. I'm hoping to see the Triggerman, Jimmy jam or John Hendrix when I go there.
I'm just so happy. I still could not sleep hahaha.

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meredelmae said...

hi Jecoup. congrats on winning d contest. ur post is very interesting. it made me nostalgic as i remembered d days when i also used to listen daily to triggerman's top 20 @12. that was when i was in highschool. i can relate to ur feelin of xcitement in guessing d top songs in d ryt order. that was an old contest. ddn't know it still exists. i understand that ur not concerned on d prize. haha =)