Friday, May 09, 2008

Remembering Funny Komiks (A Revisit)

I posted "Remembering Funny Komiks" blog entry two years ago. So why I am reposting this again? Well, I was a bit surprised that long after I posted this entry, I still received comments every now and then. And it was good to see that I was not alone, marami din pala kaming mga laking Funny Komiks. And today this blog entry received another comment and guess from whom---- from someone who used to work with Funny Komiks! Wow! I was so suprised, too bad s/he commented anonymously :(
Anyway, I'll once again share to you my brief but heartfelt nod to the legendary Filipino Funny Komiks For Children

The topic of reminiscing my favorite comics FUNNY KOMIKS [FK] came up when I read a friend's blog. I really love funny komiks,I have collected it for a decade. I started when I was 4, the age when I don't even know how to read yet, my brother just read that to me. Actually, my family is a huge fan of komiks, my siblings were the initial people who collected funny komiks, namana ko lang. Too bad their collection was burned when we had a fire in the place we use to live in (Sta. Ana Manila). When we moved here in Cavite the first thing I looked for is their is someone selling funny komiks, luckily I found not just one but two magazine stalls selling FK. My real motivation to learn how to read is FUNNY KOMIKS, I dont want to depend on my siblings anymore. I want to experience it. I continued my funny komiks for a long time. I even send my drawings (na binakat ko lang naman) and my works were published. That's my first experience in seeing my name on print. It happened twice, the first one though my name was misspelled [Jecusp Asombruelo] I guess that happened because of my awful penmanship that why I made it sure the next time that my handwriting is legible already. I witness how the price of the comics became higher as years goes by.It started at 3.50 then 5 then 7 then 9 until it reached 17.50! I stopped buying FK when I was in 3rd year highschool because I just find not entertaining anymore,it lost it charm,its becoming anime-ish. But my 7 years worth of collection is still with me (too bad I had lots of issues that got lost), and I will never throw it away nor sell it to the junkshop. It's a part of my life already. I dont know if FK is still in circulation but the stall I used to buy it does not sell anymore. Sad.
now I will post the comments I received for this entry:

from Miyon Emorej

hello! I'm a Funny Komiks reader. FK was the medium for me to have new friends. Uso noon yung mga penpal penpal hehe.. Too bad they stopped publishing... =(

from river

Must say I can relate to that... the motivation to read... though its tagalog, I think it made me able to read at age 4. Plus the creative touch, its (FK)where my first influence in art came from. Now I work as a graphic artist in an advertising and promotions company. If i am not mistaken FK started around 1978-1979. my dad used to buy ir till the late 90's. That influenced me to collect comics by marvel, dc, and image in my highschool years.Just wonderin' if someone out there would shell out upto what extent for FK's # 1 issue. (",)

from pyrolactus

hello, I'm a funny komiks reader too,
some of my copies was already damaged by termites, I've read that your collection was still with you, I'm looking for some 33 issues of funny komiks... I have those but those are the copies that are already damage.. a scan copy will do, not the whole komiks but
rather a small part of it... If you have a spare time for the poor guy. which is me, drop me an email: , I'll tell you there the issue numbers of the funny komiks I'm looking for... T.I.A

from GZO

hello!my dad used to buy ir till the late 90's. That influenced me to collect comics by marvel, dc, and image in my highschool years.Just wonderin' if someone out there would shell out upto what extent for FK's # 1 issue. (",)

from an anonymous person

yo, there! it's gud 2 know dat der's still sum of us hu misses funny komiks, 2. well, i was a collector since 1983. i can remember obliging my uncles 2 buy me a copy of the komiks everyweek... without giving them money 2 buy it... only, i lost d copies i intented 2 collect sana... more dan 2 decades thereafter, i can still recall my fave strips like planet op di eyps, superdog, niknok, bing bam bung, gong di egol, mr & mrs, noon.. ngayon... not to mention deyr weekly feature abt Filipino heroes... i wish i could still see old copies of my favorite komiks...

from "traxor"

kewl...i'm also using traxor as my alias which is the character of the comic serial (AX ryt?) where i think you got your alias. I stil have a few copies left in my's darn good to reminisce your childhood once in a while

and the most special comment I received

enjoy na enjoy ako reading those comments about funny komiks. brings back lots of memories. dati kasi akong member ng funny komiks family, kami nina larry alcala of bim bam bum, ls martinez of superkat, vic crisostomo niknok, tenny henson little angel, atbp.

Whoever you are sir/mam, THANK YOU! Be proud you became part of FK. You were a part of something that brought joy to thousands of Filipino kids for decades. I'm proud that I'm part of that special group.
Funny Komiks was legendary and I'm glad I experienced the joy of waiting every week to find out what will happen next to my story. It was one of those simple pleasures in life.
I sometimes hope today's kids was able to experience this.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry guys! The long wait is over! Funny Komiks is already back this week!

Just check the komiks stands near you!

The current publisher is INFINITO publishing.

Unknown said...

Paborito ko ang Funny Komiks noong bata pa ako.

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Maraming salamat.