Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Gilmore Guy

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If you ask me what is my favorite television show I will quickly say "Gilmore Girls". This show might be classified as a chick flick but I don't care. Honestly I don't know any other guy (straight ones) that watches this show. Maybe since the lead are females boys are scared to be typecasted as gay if they watch this show. Too bad since they are missing a good show. I like how the shows flow. Here in the Philippines we are nearing the end of season 4 and I'm really hook on it. Since season 2 I have never missed an episode of Gilmore Girls. Too bad I had an irregular viewing habits during it's first season but I'm planning to buy its DVD (once the original copy hits Philippine shores). What do Gilmore Girls have that I enjoy watching it so much?As I have said earlier I like the story, it is not draggy. The script is so witty and delivered excellently. I don't get tired watching every week. It has a Good Cast

From the leads to the supporting cast and even the very small players that have brief screen time are fantastic. I love lorelai she is a cool mom, her one liners are so funny. I always laugh when she chats with rory,Emily,Luke,Michel etc. The younger Gilmore, Lorelai II or Rory is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. I will admit that the first reason why i decided to watch this show is because of her. I love her,she is my dream girl
She is smart,nice and adorable. I like the fact that she loves reading and writing. I also love how she helps her Korean bestfriend Laine and her control freak classmate Paris.
I have to admit that I also love the love stories of this girls (by the way guys are also capable of the "kilig" feeling so don't be too shocked on the following thoughts) I find lorelai's love life interesting she really has this chemistry to the men of his lives. First off Christopher, rory's father. The two really look good together. I also have this sentimental feeling to them since I want their family to be together again but it wasn't really meant a lot of a events tore them apart.
Lorelai' s other guy Luke is I think the guy for him. Since the beginning of the show sparks had been flying all over. The writers are really good in teasing it's viewers. We really cant wait to see them to be together ( the latest episode shown here "Luke can see her face" are showing Luke finally making a move to Lorelai, Oh God I will not miss the succeeding episodes)

Rory's love life on the other hand is more complicated and emotional. At first he was torn between Tristan and dean but he chose the latter. But when we Luke's nephew,Jesse came to the picture she was again torned between him and Dean and he chooses Jesse. Unfortunately they broke up. For me I still believe that Tristan is still the guy for rory but I don't see them reuniting anytime soon ( The actor who plays Tristan now have its own show One Tree Hill)

I forgot to mention my favorite character,Kurt he is Stars Hollow eccentric guy. He seems to do all kinds of job. I love that guy coz he is really funny although he is really weird.

Last year Gilmore Girls won an Emmy for outstanding Make up, they deserve it anyway coz the make up for that episode where they played"Live Paintings" was magnificent

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After reading this you probably think that I'm a Gilmore Girls addict, well you're right!

if you like to post a comment pls. Don't include spoilers. Remember that the latest episode I have seen is Luke Can See her Face of season 4.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Romance isn't part of my vocabulary

There are a lot of things which I find myself weird. One is that I never felt my heart "beat". Don't get me wrong I'm not a love grinch it is just that it is the truth. Strangely I could honestly say that I never had any crushes to the people I knew personally (classmates,friends). I only had crushes on celebrities. And I realized this queer phenomena since I was a kid. When my classmates started having crushes I felt left out. So when they ask me who my crush it I will tell that she is from the province. When my family ask me I will tell someone from school but not in my grade I will tell that she is from a higher grade. I lied a lot. As I grew older I did not change, I also convice myself that maybe I really have a crush on someone I'm just in denial but after years of self examination I'm really sure I did not have any crushes ever. I really feel like a freak , there is no one I know that never had any crushes. I'm 17 I should be going gaga over a girl but no. Honestly I do want to get married someday but I don't think that I could be a good husband or even a boyfriend. I'm too insecure and selfish to be one Maybe that it is, I'm destined to be alone. My brain had stopped my heart (or hypothalamus) to love since I knew for a fact that I'm not really capable of loving in a romantic way. It saves me from heartaches. Maybe there are really people that are better off alone. Maybe that includes me.