Monday, June 30, 2008

Fifty Tunes

The fifty songs that I adored for the past six months of 2008 :)

1. With You-Chris Brown
2. Whatever it Takes-Lifehouse
3. Evidence-Urbandub
4. No Air-Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown
5. Betamax-Sandwich
6. Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis
7. Procrastinator-Sandwich
8. Say it Again-Marie Digby
9. Pasubali-Spongecola
10. Low-Flo Rida feat T-Pain
11. Shadow of the Day-Linkin Park
12. Bye Bye-Mariah Carey
13. Guillotine-Urbandub
14. Migraine-Moonstar 88
15. These Hard Times-Matchbox Twenty
16. Akala Mo Lang-Zelle
17. Maskara-Rivermaya
18. 4 Minutes-Madonna feat Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
19. Beat It-Fallout Boy feat John Mayer
20. Cat and Mouse-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
21. Forever-Chris Brown
22. Given up-Linkin Park
23. Nine in the Afternoon-Panic at the Disco
24. Damn Regret-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
25. Say-John Mayer
26. Don't Stop the Music-Rihanna
27. One Word-Elliott Yamin
28. Take a Bow-Rihanna
29. Love Like This-Natasha Bedingfield feat Sean Kingston
30. Thunder-Boys Like Girls
31. All Around Me-Flyleaf
32. Under Repair-Imago
33. Pocketful of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield
34. Monobloc-Pupil
35. crushcruscrush-Paramore
36. Love Song-Sarah Bareilles
37. Forget About Me-Little Bit
38. Uh Oh-Taken By Cars
39. I'm Yours-Jason Mraz
40. Realize-Colbie Caillat
41. Touch My Body-Mariah Carey
42. Break the Ice-Britney Spears
43. Leavin-Jesse McCartney
44. Pitong Araw-Hale
45. See You Again-Miley Cyrus
46. Always Be My Baby-David Cook
47. Sweet and Low-Augustana
48. Chasing Pavements-Adele
49. Mercy-Duffy
50. I Don't Want You to Go-Kyla

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life's Simple Pains Part 2

My last blog entry was about the temporary Internet disconnection I had, little do I know that the following days the situation will get worst. I had no Internet connection for almost three days! And it was so frustrating. Every once in a while I will get connected but it will only last from one to two minutes! Every time I see the 'limited/no connection" icon I think my blood pressure went up haha. I really felt strange not being online for days. I felt that there's something missing. Hindi ako mapakali haha, I will check out every hour if I already hae a connection. What's even more frustrating is that it was so hard calling Smart Bro's Customer Service hot line and whenever I get connected, my conversation with the call center agent will be cut off midway. I think I called the hot line for a bout a hundred times and talked to about ten agents. There was even a time I lost hope already haha. But I talked calmly to the agents because I don't want them to be the shock absorber of my 'pain' since I know it would not help me. What's even a bit crazy is that before I sleep I included in my prayers to have my Internet connection back again.
I literally jumped when I finally had a stable connection around 6PM tonight. It was the first time in the 13 months we've subscribed with Smart Bro to experience this inconvenience. And I hope it wont happen again.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life's Simple Pains

Today I was so frustrated because my Internet was busted! I was really in bad mood all day because I could not do my usual Internet routines. I felt like exploding. Then later on I realized how I was so attached with the world wide web especially the past month. It's quite funny when you come to think of it how I was so upset with the the fluctuating Internet connection I had today, as if I was really doing something very vital haha.
And yes when my Internet went back to normal around 9pm I was so deliriously happy haha.
I guess we do really have those little stuffs in life that if they wont work according to what you have been used to, we will get upset as if you experienced the greatest catastrophe in life.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second Time

Yesterday, I received a text telling me that I passed the first exam I took last week at that company and now I advanced to the next level, online examination which happened earlier today. It was hard haha! I was asked to write a web content article for RF Online, a computer game, I don't know any thing about computer games! We were given two hours to do research online and write a 750 word article. I think I may have flunked that exam. I was able to make it on time but my output was awful. *sigh* Although, I was told that I will be informed if I pass by Monday.This time my chances of getting in is 50-50 or worse 30-70. Oh well.
After my exam, I went to Paragon Plaza for the second time to claim the five CDs I won during Campus 99.5's Weekend Top 20 @ 12 last Friday night. I arrived just in time when Triggerman was about to play the #1 song for the day and well I was greeted on air--full name-- haha!. The Triggerman was very nice and he said that he was glad to finally meet me, I felt the same way too as I met one of my favorite DJs since I was a child.
I love my prize! I got five CD samplers from Warner,MCA,Viva,Sony and EMI!
At least my day had a good time after the stressful exam I took.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Students are jumping in joy as there are no classes today but hey I'm not affected anymore. And it kinda felt sad when I realized that fact. Today was a sunny day, what an exact opposite of yesterday's gloomy atmosphere. The weather is just so unpredictable it really makes one scratch their head.
Read news about the survivors of the ferry tragedy yesterday and it was really depressing because there were scenarios that are could be something taken out of a movie. One example is that there were thirty survivors on a rubber boat but only twenty eight made it alive as the two were taken away by the large waves of water that "attacked" them. I read that news in horror and pictured myself in that situation (I'm always like that). It will really traumatize me witnessing people dying and you can't do anything to save them.
I am really praying that the survivors will be survive another "battle" that they will face now: Moving on after that harrowing experience.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I woke up today with no electricity. It was raining cats and dogs. Yesterday, reports say that here in Cavite we are experiencing Signal #2 and to be honest I did not feel that yesterday's rain was that hard to be categorized in that level. But around 12 midnight when I was about to sleep, it rained hard and well I was proven wrong, the wrath of Typhoon Frank started and should not be belittled.
So there, with no electricity means no Internet or TV for me. Good thing though we have a transistor radio and monitored the news and I was shocked with the news, a ferry sank in Romblon. Reports says that MV Princess of the Stars of Sulpicio Lines (they were also the owners of Dona Paz, the worst sea tragedy of all time) experienced engine trouble few hours away from its destination and unfortunately it coincided with the rough seas caused by Frank and there the tragedy happened. There were 626 passengers and 121 crew on board the ferry and as of press time, there were three people rescued and two found dead while the rest are still missing.
On other news, there are about 900 families displaced by flood in Metro Manila while Eastern Visayas incurred an estimated 900 million worth of damages because of the typhoon.
After reading those news, I really felt ashame of myself as I was whining earlier because of the brownout while there are people suffering more from this calamity. Lights went back on around 3 PM, my "little pain" was eased but I felt sad knowing that there are lots of people there experiencing larger-than-life dilemmas who are not sure when and how they could see the solution to their Typhoon Frank-induced problems.
I thank God me and my family are safe.
Let us pray for the safety of the people affected by Typhoon Frank and for the souls of the people who passed away.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Finger Crossing

So this morning I took the examination for the company I was applying to. It was basically an English proficiency test. I think I did fine but I don't want to be confident (after all I still got confused with the use of "in" and "on" plus my hand writing is not that good, arrrgh!). The HR told me (and the other two applicants as well) that we will be informed through text if we pass the exam and will be scheduled for another exam. Waiting is the most difficult part. But I will not hold my breath for that one. I'm still on the hunt for possible jobs. But I really hope I'll pass that one.
And to cap off the night, I joined, once again, Campus 99.5's Weekend Top 20 @ 12 guessing game and this time listeners could send in their guesses on what songs will comprise the top 5 for the week through their new text line and yes, for the 3rd time, I won! And I love my prizes so much this time: 5 CDs!!!
I will claim it next week by all means haha.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I woke up with a text message telling that I am scheduled for an examination tomorrow. It came from one of the companies where I e-mailed my resume. This is it, my vacation is almost over. I am now in full gear to battle unemployment haha. I certainly don't want to prolong my stay with the club of 3 million Filipinos who are unemployed right now haha. My exam is scheduled at 10:30 am. I hope things will turn out fine.
I was surprised when I found out that the primary suspects of the Sulu Kidnappings are the negotiators Mayor Alvarez Isnaji and his son Haider . I did not saw that coming. I'm in no authority to judge this latest development but my guts tell me that they are not involved in the kidnapping and this may cause another rift since Isnaji is affiliated with MNLF. I smell something wrong here, it worries me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I was glued to the radio last night until the wee hours in the morning to listen to the coverage on the journey back home of Ces Drilon and company. I was so happy that they were freed after almost 10 days of being held hostage by an unknown vigilante group. Senator Loren Legarda was instrumental as she also negotiated to the kidnappers. It was an under the radar move which is good since it could have jeopardized the results if Legarda's negotiations with the kidnappers were publicized. In an interview with DZMM, Legarda shared that she was communicating directly with Ces through her cellphone and this was also the way for Legarda to talk the kidnappers. Legarda said how terrified Ces and even told her that please tell her (Ces) if there is really a chance for her to be freed so she could accept her faith already. I could just imagine how scared and frustrated Ces have felt during those times.
Later on the day, she and her crew Jimmy and Angelo along with Senator Legarda had a mini press conference upon their arrival in Manila International Airport. I like how Ces admitted that because of her disobedience on some of her superior's warnings it lead them to this crisis. It was a horrifying experience but I'm glad to see Ces holding up well, as well as Jimmy (who was threatened to be beheaded) but Angelo was silent, maybe he was really traumatized or just shy.
I was also shocked when Ces said that there were young people that were part of the group that kidnapped them. How young? There were 12 year old kids!
Like Ces Drilon, I don't symphatize with the kidnappers but it will really make you think why they did such thing? And to be honest, I really find Mindanao mysterious in a way.
Ces really learned a big lesson and probably this will be her most memorable not just in her career but her life. It also affected me in away since I dreamed to become a journalist. But I dunno if I could be really a true-blooded journalist, I don't have that kind of courage.
But I really look up to these people, they risk their lives to investigate an issue and deliver the story to us hoping that it could somehow open our eyes.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

TV Tidbits

  • Today the scholars for the second season of Pinoy Dream Academy were announced and I was so disappointed. It looks like they have chosen people who would be interesting for reality TV than actual singing talent.However, I will still watch because I like the first season so much and I remember being bored during the first few weeks of the show but later on got hooked. PDA season 2 could be interesting plus I like the judges headed by Ryan Cayabyab. But PDA 2 already lost points with the lackluster set of finalists.
  • On the other hand, the second take of the Idol franchise here in our country through Pinoy Idol of GMA 7 is underwhelming. Well that is a sugarcoating of my actual comment really. I'm really disappointed with the production: the set is not appealing (another sugarcoating). As for the finalists, there are quite a few standouts but they lack the "x-factor" or "charisma".
    And well this I would not sugarcoat, Raymond Gutierrez is such a lousy host!
  • I just watched the season 4 finale of Desperate Housewives on Studio 23 last week and I was surprised with *SPOILER ALERT* the twist of flash forward to five years towards the end of the episode was shocking and really left me wanting for more. I believe this was a good setup for an interesting season 5. Because well the show really lost a lot its charms and rebounded a bit this season.
  • The most buzzed new US show is handsdown Gossip Girl and I have to admit this show is such a guilty pleasure though I'm not yet finished with season 1 (I watched the first few eps last year online and now following it through ETC on SBN 21, i have no cable by the way). And Blake Lively as Serena is so hot! At first I was more attracted with Blair since she reminded me of my all time TV love (haha) Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Girls but Serena/Blake really oozes with so much sex appeal haha. But seriously, the show's storyline is so over the top haha and well those actors as high school students? haha. But I really applaud Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame aka the voice of Gossip Girl, she really did a good job and she did it so remarkable even though the role is quite small.
  • But my favorite new US shows last year are Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money. Pushing Daisies is now aired on 2nd Avenue (on RJTV 29 for people like me who have no cable or Sky Cable subscribers). Eli Stone will also be shown on 2nd Avenue I believe. Chuck is both seen on C/S RPN 9 and AXN while Dirty Sexy Money will be aired by Studio 23 this July. I love Pushing Daisies, the show is describe as a Forensic Fairytale. The way the story is told is so quirky yet charming plus the cinematography and the production design is so breath taking. Chuck is a spy show ala Alias but lighter. The lead guy named Chuck (of course) is a nerdish guy who became an accidental spy. I love his chemistry with his love interest Sarah, a real spy/agent played by the gorgeous Yvonne Strahvoski. Eli Stone meanwhile is well written and directed show. Its dramedy with some musical numbers for some episodes. The story revolves around lawyer Eli Stone who was diagnosed by brain aneurysm but somehow in some mystic way he begun receiving "premonitions" or "signs" that lead him to change his view as a lawyer. Dirty Sexy Money, on the other hand, is a look on the lives of the Darling family, an elite family with so many skeletons in the closet.
  • I need to catch up on LOST, this show is so engaging and the flash forwards added spice to the show. I'm so glad that the program's producers already announce that this show will end in two years time. Meaning to say fans will no longer be worried of a cancellation or an unnecessary extension that will drag the story out. Setting the end game for the show will make way for a well structured story.
  • David Cook, American Idol winner is so popular. And I will go out on a limb and proclaimed he could be the most popular AI winner and alumnus in the Philippines. His rendition of Always Be My Baby is being over played to death from the masa to the upscale pop stations. His coronation song "The Time of My Life" is also popular. But could he sustain the popularity and will his just be a 'star of the moment' and a goner tomorrow?
  • Because of the popularity David Cook I heard many saying that season 7 is the best season of AI. I beg to differ. Season 5 is still the best for me, the final 12 overall was good and it was really exciting as the competition was stiff. There is a variety of talents. Eight out of the twelve finalists had post-AI recording career the most successful of them all is the 4th place Chris Daughtry. Too bad Taylor Hicks did poor but well he really is not a "pop star" his music is niche but he is really good. But my personal favorites of that season were 3rd placer Elliott Yamin and runner up Katharine Mcphee. Elliott had a good career as an indie recording artist while Katharine flopped =( Katharine will be part of a movie though. She is so gorgeous and I have to say she is the prettiest AI alumnus ever.

Friday, June 13, 2008


The fast few days I was able to chat with my classmates through YM and text, updating each other with what is going with our post-graduation lives. On my end, there's really nothing new to update on my life as I am still a bum with my life revolving on household chores, listening to the radio, watching TV and surfing the net, exciting eh? Anyway, back to my classmates, most of them have work already and majority are in the call centers. I know some of our college professors will raise their eyebrows over the decision of my classmates to grab the opportunity as one of my professor said before we did not study for four years to answer phone calls. But what can we do? Those are the jobs that have many openings and they offer just compensation especially in these hard times, that is so important. I understand the decision of my classmates especially some of them really need it, financially speaking. As for me, I'm sure I will not pursue call centers. I don't like the work nature of the job. But don't get me wrong I don't look down on the call center industry, it is a difficult job. Some of the classmates I talked too that they somehow felt disappointed that they fell into the bandwagon 'Don't worry the feeling will go away when you have your first paycheck", I joked. I advice that there is nothing wrong with that, it is a decent job but I told them that they should save money so when the time comes that they felt like leaving that job they would have a fall back and they will feel more confident to pursue other stuff since they are not broke.
On the other have, I have two classmates who are now working in companies related to our degree, one in a PR agency and the other one in Viva Entertainment. I also have classmates who are working in companies not quite related with our course namely a bank, an airline and a pharmaceutical company.
And well there are still a handful who are like me, a bum! And some not yet finish with the binding of their thesis hehehe.
Anyway, I quite it find hard to explain when they ask me why I'm not working yet or even passionately looking for one, they could not believe that I just don't feel like working and I enjoy being a carefree person for now haha. However, I feel pressured since they are telling me that with my "credentials" kuno I could find a job easily. I just said, it does not matter it will still be hard I'm sure. But I felt pressured with that kind of expectation from people.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

News = Sad Face

I was really shocked when news broke out that Broadcast Journalist Ces Drilon and her two TV crew were kidnapped allegedly by the Abu Sayyaff. I'm really worried about Ces and company, this is so scary. The pundits are asking for ransom reports say. But ABS CBN declined to give in. I understand their point but I don't know how could the TV crew be saved. There has been limited reports regarding the crisis which I think is good so as to avoid the plans of the powers that on saving Ces and her TV crew to be spoiled. I could imagine the horror their family is feeling right now. Nakakapraning
I read in PDI that we are the only country left in the world who follows a 10 year education system with 6 years in elementary and 4 years in High School since the rest of the world is now following the 12 year schooling system with a middle school/junior high. I read that the problem is that our education system is being compressed resulting to "a little bit of this and that" but without any concentration. If you come to think most of the student enter college at the age of 16 and well I noticed that a lot of freshmen are not yet "mature" for college, in the other countries people enter college at the age of 18. But well it is still debatable since age could not really say much about maturity. Of course there are schools here in the country who have a grade 7 but those are the private-elite schools. But are the products of those schools really have an edge?
If you ask me personally, a 12 year education system is really a great idea since it will provide more intensive learning for the students but the problem here in our country is that we don't have finances to back it up. Come on, many statistics already mentioned that the number of students who enrolled in grade 1 will not finish high school, worst elementary even. Plus there are already problems with lack of rooms and facilities in our public schools with the present 10 year system what if we add two more years, where will the students have their classes? On the roof tops?
There was this news I watched last night where some elementary kids got food poisoned from the puto they bought from their teachers. I feel bad for the kids but I also feel bad for the teachers and even the lady who provides the puto. Those teachers are so underpaid that they have to eat their pride and sell stuff for more income then this happened. I could feel how guilty the teachers are feeling right now. What a twist of fate isn't it? The puto maker was also interviewed, she is a middle aged lady who have been baking and selling putos for 17 years and she claims that this is the first time this happened. It may have been the fault of the lady since she may have neglected some stuff but for sure it was not intentional but what can she do her reputation has already been tarnished. Could she still putos and what if this is the business that helps them survive each day? Life is so hard.
And I also watched another news feature the other day about the clearing operations of sidewalk vendors near schools by the MMDA. I know the purpose of the MMDA but I can't help but feel sad for the vendors. Especially when I saw the vendors crying (some hysterical) when their goods were confiscated. Sometimes I think if there could be a way where the two parties could be both happy?
That's why I sometimes shy reading/watching news because this kind of news err reality depresses me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's already close to 2 am I type this but hey I am still awake. I am waiting for my father to go home because well someone needs to open the door and prepare food hehe. Anyway, my father is a company driver so he do really have an irregular works schedule. It has been that way ever since I was a child and I really applaud my father's hard work. I hope that I will also be an asset to the company where I will work in the future.
Speaking of work, I already had my first job application in a magazine. I e-mailed my resume and sample works last Friday. Let's wait and see.
But really I'm enjoying this free time I have. Although I've been doing lots of household chores lately it's okay, my mother needs the help anyway. She said to me though that for the first time ever we will get house hold help once my sister gives birth already. I believe its the right decision since she will take care of her grandson since my sister has to work. She really needs a household help since I also have limitations for some housework (plus by that time I could have work already).
Today is the opening of classes in my school, DLSU-Dasmarinas. Feels nostalgic. I miss being a student, I miss DLSU-D, I miss my classmates, I miss HF. But well I have to move on. What's good about being a student is that there is a foreseeable end for everything. Now I'm off to the great unknown. And it's scary.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I finally changed the song in this blog after a month of featuring Second Chances by Michelle Branch. The song now featured is the rendition of Neil Diamond's "I am...I said" by American Idol 7 finalist Brooke White which also became her swan song because she got eliminated during that week. While a lot went gaga over the Davids of that season, I rooted for Brooke although I know she has no chance of winning. I was hoping she could be the last woman standing but she failed. I like her because I dig her style plus I really love her personality, such a sweet and charming lady. She did had lackluster performances like her rendition of "Hero" of Mariah Carey and she did messed up the lyrics of "You Must Love Me" during the broadway week because she does not have the confidence on stage the other finalists had. But I still supported her. And what's good is that I was not alone on my love and support for Brooke White because in, I met around 15 people who love Brooke White too. You could see the Brooke White Pinoyexchange thread here.
I hope Brooke White would have a good post-AI career even though she placed fifth only. I hope she would the same career path like my other favorite contestant of all time, AI season 5 third place Elliott Yamin.
My favorite radio DJ, Kelly of MAX FM was assigned to a new time slot that started last Friday she is now on weekdays 9am-12noon. Obviously, the show will not be called Kellybites Nights anymore so the new name of her show is The Bite Club. I will miss her night show since listening to KBN has been a habit for me since February. But I will still listen to her on her new timeslot. DJ Kelly is really a charismatic DJ and a person I really look up to. If you will ask me to name someone as my idol in the media I would say in a heartbeat: DJ KELLY.
It's a boy! That's the gender of my sister's baby. He will be the first grandchild of my parents. My sister is due on August. Her relationship with the father of her son is complicated. I admit that I got sad that she got pregnant in a complicated circumstance and I know my parents also feel the same way but we all agree that is better that way for now.Yes she is of age already as she is 30 years old but we know it's not yet the right time. We support ate but I know my parents were disappointed but they did not let it show because they don't want my sister to feel bad. I applaud my parents for that, I know its hard for them to do that but their love for their daughter and their grandchild prevailed. I'm so proud of my parents.
Our family is off to expect a lot of changes once my sister give birth. I'm both excited and nervous. But we all know that this baby is a blessing for us.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Overdue Post

After being tagged by four people (Mam Brenda, Edmund, Lorenzo and Japoy) I finally had the energy to do this '10 Things About Me' post. I will not tag anyone anymore though.
Here it goes:

1. I am asthmatic
-My parents told me that I had my first asthma attack when I was 2 months old. When I was a child, I had so many asthma attacks that eventually became a factor why I did not become physically active.

2. I was a consistent honor student.
- I don't consider myself that smart but just studious and diligent. I was so freaking grade conscious in elementary and high school. In College it changed though, I did not become part of the Dean's List during my first two years in college. I got frustrated at first but eventually I felt a sense of freedom, no more pressure. But I did become part of the Dean's List for three semesters during my last two years in college.

3. I love countdowns/charts
- I'm a CHART GEEK. I love lists and charts of anything and everything but I particularly like music countdowns. I started being one when I was 10 years old, I was first hooked sa countdown sa countdown show ni The Count of the defunct WKC. Then it all lead to me monitoring all radio countdowns that I could listen too, I keep a notebook where I list the countdowns, sadly, I lost some of them This year though, I along with other chart afficionados maintain a thread over's Music and Radio forum where we post the latest charts of different radio stations and some music channels as well.

4. I love watching TV
-Though lately I find US shows more engaging to watch. Though I'm still updated with the current local shows but I don't watch them religiously.

5. I prefer FM radio over MP3 players (iPod)
- I know most people prefer the opposite. Well I love the mix of DJ talk/banters and music.

6. Most of the time, I could not sleep without the radio turned on
-Silence creeps me out.

7. Multiply is my favorite social networking site
- I love the features so much. But I like friendster for the fact that I could hunt long lost friends. I also have facebook (which is cute but confusing) and an inactive myspace account.

8. I don't play any sport
- one word: lampa

9. I love blogging
- I was an accidental blogger. I signed up for this out of curiosity and got hooked. When we finally had broadband Internet success I even became more active. =D

10. I don't feel comfortable being outside the home at night.
- Yeah you could not expect me to be a party goer haha.

Monday, June 02, 2008

A Rally and A Debut

My parents told me as they got home from the palengke that there was a rally in the public high school here in Bulihan,Silang,Cavite. And it was huge that the roads were closes. Parents of the students were calling for the principal to resign due to alleged corruption. And the "event" was reallybig as it made the headlines of TV Patrol (my sister told me, I was not able to watch it). My sister and eldest brother studied in that school and they told me that the accused principal is really strict. DepEd officials said that they will investigate and will release the results after 15 days.
I could smell the tension in the school. It would be an awkward school opening for them.
Later that night I attended the 18th birthday of my former HF sports writer and now Managing Director Mica Grimaldo. It was held at Island Cove, Kawit,Cavite. It was my first time there, not just in the resort, but in Kawit as well. Kinda weird I've been living in Cavite for almost 15 years already.
The party was great. And it also became a reunion for the three batches of HF (Teams 21-23). It was nice catching up with my HF friends. I miss them so much. I was part of the 18 memories and I shared how Mica became an asset to HF even though she became part of the publication late in the school year. I admire the attitude of Mica, she seems like a happy go lucky girl but when is committed into something sher pours her heart into it and produces good output plus her social skill is outstanding as well. I said in that she was the hands down choice to be awarded the Outstanding Staff on last year's Midyear Workshop.
I like the last part of the celebration as Mica called her mom on stage and gave her a gift. That was so sweet. She told me before in our conversations that she is pasaway with her mom and they always fight.
That moment really pulled my heart strings. I could see in Mica's mom how happy and delighted she was with the gesture of her daughter.
But I was even more surprised when her mother revealed that Mica is thinking to become a nun.And Mica is seriously considering it. She told me that before but in a joking manner. I guess it was meant.
Hey Mica, if you'll be able to read this, just follow what your heart says. But hey take your time.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Twenty Tunes 6


1. Betamax-Sandwich
2. Bye Bye-Mariah Carey
3. Migraine-Moonstar 88
4. Thunder-Boys Like Girls
5. Emily-Paraluman
6. Pocketful of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield
7. Say it Again-Marie Digby
8. Evidence-Urbandub
9. Maskara-Rivermaya
10. If I Never See Your Face Again-Maroon Five feat Rihanna
11. 4 Minutes-Madonna feat Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
12. Take a Bow-Rihanna
13. The Pedestrian-Foxboro Hot Tubs
14. Forever-Chris Brown
15. Damn Regret-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
16. Closer-Ne-.yo
17. As You Believe-Zelle
18. With You-Chris Brown
19. No Air-Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown
20. Pitong Araw-Hale
Twenty Tunes 5
Twenty Tunes 4
Twenty Tunes 3
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