Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second Time

Yesterday, I received a text telling me that I passed the first exam I took last week at that company and now I advanced to the next level, online examination which happened earlier today. It was hard haha! I was asked to write a web content article for RF Online, a computer game, I don't know any thing about computer games! We were given two hours to do research online and write a 750 word article. I think I may have flunked that exam. I was able to make it on time but my output was awful. *sigh* Although, I was told that I will be informed if I pass by Monday.This time my chances of getting in is 50-50 or worse 30-70. Oh well.
After my exam, I went to Paragon Plaza for the second time to claim the five CDs I won during Campus 99.5's Weekend Top 20 @ 12 last Friday night. I arrived just in time when Triggerman was about to play the #1 song for the day and well I was greeted on air--full name-- haha!. The Triggerman was very nice and he said that he was glad to finally meet me, I felt the same way too as I met one of my favorite DJs since I was a child.
I love my prize! I got five CD samplers from Warner,MCA,Viva,Sony and EMI!
At least my day had a good time after the stressful exam I took.

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