Friday, March 18, 2005

Student Politics makes me sick

I'm so disgusted with the student politics here in my school. Since I'm a freshman I had high hopes for these so called student leaders. But heck during the campaign period I already sense the animosity between the two political parties. It is not just simple competition its deeper. I have learned that the political clashes here in my school has a bad history. The opposing parties really have personal grudges with each other. They accuse each other of cheating, corruption blah!blah! Now this election the losing party filed a petition against the winning party. Then the latter was disqualified and the circus began. The disqualified party retaliated bad they are accusing the commit on elections as being biased and even the school organ they diss it too for being partisan. I'm really sick with these students for God's sake we are in one school we should be united. When I entered this school I have heard that one of the problems is that majority of the student population are passive meaning to say they don't care about the school'events, issues and other matters. I promised myself that I wont be part of that group. I joined one interest organization and I also practiced my write to vote. But now I can't blame the students if they really don't care, The student leaders the ones that we should look up to are bad examples. They are unreachable plus look at the election how did it turn out? Chaos! How would the students be interested in participating if they don't see something that could boost them. Its a dirty system and it really disappoints that this small school community has too much politicking that makes me want to vomit.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I was shocked to hear the news that 3o children from Bohol was killed by eating a deadly cassava during recess. I even got depressed when i saw a kid screaming "mamatay na ako" ( I'm going to die) and sadly he really died. Reports says that main cause of this food poisoning was the homemade cassava being sold outside the school. The vendor was nugget by parents and as to prove it is not the source she have eaten the cassava but she too also got infected. So it really was the cassava who caused it. I felt pity fore the vendor because it was unexpected. She just want to earn money to live but disaster struck. Could you imagine how she is feeling right now, 30 young lives is now gone and its because of her? She will have that burden for the rest of her life? Plus 4 of the casualties are her own grandchildren.
I felt crying when I saw the parents crying so hard to the lifeless body of their beloved kid. Losing a child is painful adding to the fact that it is a child, young and innocent. I also thought of how the teachers feel seeing majority of its class suffering. Losing one is hard but they have lost a lot.
To the kids who died may they rest in peace.