Saturday, January 28, 2006

On Air

Today, in our Introduction to broadcasting class we did a radio drama and it was a fun experience. I was the scriptwriter and the host. Our concept is a counseling program ala Maalala mo kaya . We named our radio program “LA SALLE LOVE NOTES” and the name they coined for me “JEC DE MANGO”. I really find it funny but heck I took the role seriously. Our story is so teenybopper and some of my classmates were surprised that I was the one who wrote the script. The story is full of clichés and so mushy but I actually wanted it that way since I believe that kind of story is easy to write. Plus, I can’t write a full pledge comedy, which I also wanted to do. My attempt to write that genre was so awful. The turn out for the production was satisfactory although we had some problems but it was understandle since we only had a limited time to practice so we werent able to polish the errors of the program. As Jec De Mango, I was terrible! I said one line two times! I also sounded like I had a cold! My attempt to have a modulated voice sucks! Speaking does not really complement me. Anyways, I'm so enjoying this class because we are learning the "real thing", no boring lectures, no memorizations, it will all depend on your skill and team work as well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Manny Pacquiao's boxing match with Erik Morales last Sunday is one unforgettable event in the history of the Philippines. Seriously, when I went outside to buy something, our place was almost deserted. Everybody is tune in despite the long commercials. My family is not exception, even my mother who does not really watch sports stuff was glued to the tv sets, my father had a half day at work. That's how strong Pacquiao's impact. And when he won, there were screams in the house (Me, I did not since I already knew Pacquiao won because I checked the Internet and was spoiled). When I watched I could really the Pacman fever, some even spent 300 pesos just to watch the match with no commercials at the cinema (I think its overpriced). Of course, the politicians "umepal", they are so disgusting! When PGMA called, I was cringing, she sounded like her impersonator Tita Glow. I also found out that the match rated high, it got 60+%. It was a great day and hopefully this thing wont get into Pacquiao's head and also I wish he wont suffer the fates of the other boxers who went broke.
"Namatay na si Ernie Baron kahapon"
"Buhay pa siya nung Friday"
This was my stupid comment when a classmate told me the news. I already knew that but what I was trying to say that I've just heard him on radio having a return from a long break. I was shocked when I found out he died. Since I was a child I have always like Ernie Baron, although I dont believe that he knows everything, I'm still amaze with his wide scope of knowledge. I listen to his radio show and back then I really wish we had a phone so we could call him. When his radio show, knowledge power, was made into a television show, I followed the show religiously and was really bummed when it was cancelled. I still could not grasp the fact the he is gone forever and I could not help but feel sad that I never had the chance to call him. Weather reports will never be the same again. No one will answer the questions of his listeners. R.I.P Ernie Baron

Friday, January 20, 2006


I got a dose of my own medicine today. You see, I love teasing my classmates about their love lives. But when they asked about mine, I don’t know how to answer. In my previous entry [romance isn’t part of my vocabulary] I wrote how I never, as in never, felt my “heart beat” or even had a “real crush”. I tried to tell my classmates that but they refuse to believe it. Some even commented that I’m an abnormal because I never had a crush. I’m not offended with the statement since I understand them and they don’t really mean to hurt me. Besides what they said is true, what I’m experiencing isn’t really normal. And I admit I really wish to have a person that I will really like, someone that will sweep my feet away, and someone that I will really have strong feelings too. It’s not my choice and I’m no love scrooge (if you know what kind of shows/movies I watch). How can I explain it? Even I could not fathom what is really the problem with me. Even a crush, I never had one… I’m such a weirdo. Yeah, I find some girls attractive but not really a crush. I will consider an attraction a crush if I feel “kilig” or I really think about/daydream about that girl. But I never met a girl where I felt that. When a classmate ask me what are my “standards” to make me fall for a girl and I can’t answer that too because even I, I don’t know what I really like. This “thing” about me could also be included in the reasons why I’m mistaken as a gay, you see one time my mother asked me if I have a crush on someone in my class, stupid me, I answered the truth… and what did I get? A “bakla ka ba?” remark. How could I possibly explain to her that even if I don’t have a crush I’m not gay? How I wish I were a normal teen.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Something to smile about

After a gloomy two weeks today I feel so delighted. For the past days, I really feel sad although most of my peers and family are not aware of it. I’m good at hiding it. The reasons well it varies from broken eyeglasses (for the nth time) and bag, disappointing grades, annoying professors and endless worries about stuff not done, half done and clueless on how to do it. I was so down during that time and today an event gave me the biggest smile in recent time. Well, I won at a quiz bee competition. And it’s an interschool match, which even makes me feel proud. This week is Media Awareness Days of my school so they had different activities lined up and of that is the quiz bee. I was not supposed to join since my classmate, Gerard, was selected to compete. But when I was watching a school presentation my classmate told me that they need another participant since the contest needs two participants every group. So there I was dragged into the quiz bee room. I was really nervous but since I’m with Gerard, a quiz bee champion, I know that our team will give a good fight. What made me happy is that I answered questions that I’m not aware that I know, the answer just popped into my head. The other teams did not know the correct answers, of the items I know. So that gave us an edge leading to our victory. To share with you those answers that will be forever in my head from now on
· Screen Test
· Syndication
· Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “I like Christ but I don’t like Christians”
The first two items were stock knowledge I gained from being a couch potato and the last one something that I have read over the net. Another fun thing is that we were interviewed 3 times. Well, the third year broadcast journalism students is currently making a news program and they covered the said event. It’s amusing when they approach you and ask if they could interview us, I feel like a celebrity. This is the first time I have won something big, I join contests but I never win or even close at it. It’s been a great day and thanks to this I felt rejuvenated because my morale that was down got a boost. I was “lost” for weeks and I’m now back on track!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Reasons why stereotypically I’m not a man

I’m not a homosexual or a bisexual but I’m not surprise if people would mistake me as such. I’m not against them but it’s infuriating when people judge you for being gay because you do not possess “manly” qualities. Let me enumerate the qualities I have that stereotype man lacks off.

1. I cry- Boys don’t cry says the cliché. But I do. In my elementary days I have the reputation of a crybaby. When I look back at it, I’m embarrassed but that’s me I’m really sensitive. When I grew up I don’t cry anymore in front of many people. However, I sob in my solitude especially during bedtime. But I do it silently since I share a room with my brothers.
2.I’m not athletic- lampa ako. Partly because I’m asthmatic (but some people rubs into my face me that some asthmatic people excels in sports). As a kid, I grew up in the four corners of our house doing stuff that does not require me any physical force. During PE, recess or any vacant time I rarely join games because I get tired easily and I’m not that competitive anyway. In taya tayaan, I will easily get ”taya”. I was never into sports; I just don’t like getting tired, sweating hard and panting heavily. In high school most boys play basketball. One time, a classmate asked me “sama ka, mag babasketball kami”. And I said to myself is this guy insulting me? I just (politely) said “Alam nyo naman hindi ako naglalaro nyan”. Even my brothers are persuading me to play basketball but I just don’t see myself doing it.
3.I don’t play computer games. Don’t ask me anything related to sega, playstation or PC games because I will just give you a blank look. I always feel OP (out of place) whenever my peers talk about that, I just could not relate to it . I feel left out really but it just that playing computer games is something that does not really interest me.
4. I don’t check out on girls. You know when guys mumble to each other “tol laki ng boobs nun” and the like. I just find that disrespectful. Of course its really normal to admire a girls physique but for me that is something personal and don’t have to tell the whole world about it. I also despise guys who treat girls as sex toys. For me even if the girl is “liberal” she should be treated with respect.
5. I’m not “wheels” oriented. I know guys love cars but me not that much. Of course I like riding it but I have no interest in driving one. Well, because I think its one big responsibility and I’m "nerbyoso"I might just get into accidents. I don’t really know how to analyze what model of car is good and “astig”. I find drag racing hazardous. However, I want to own one in the future (hopefully I will have a driver) and I will not give a damn what model it is along that it is presentable and working.
6. I don’t smoke- One thing I’m proud about myself is I don’t give in into peer pressure. You could throw any words of persuasion, manipulation games, provoking statement but you could not make me smoke cigarette.
7. I don’t drink alcohol- I just don’t like it. I have nothing against people who drink as long as they know their limits but please don’t force me to drink. Lets just put that me not liking to drink alcoholic beverages is similar to Muslims prohibiting themselves to eat meat.
8. I’m not ma-porma- my taste in fashion is boring. I wear plain clothes and I don’t use gel on my hair. My barber does not need to ask how will he style my hair since its always “barber’s cut”. I will not spend money to buy signature clothes, divisoria stuff as long as in good condition and presentable is fine by me. I’m not aware with what is “uso” and does not jump in the bandwagon.
9. I’m not into action movies. I find other genres more entertaining including chick flicks. If I have to choose between James Bond and Kate and Leopold I would chose the latter.
10. I’m no rocker or hip-hop thug. For sometime I even like boyband songs. I listen to some rock songs but when the song is too loud or has too many curses or sounds demonic naaah. I don’t know many rock bands except for the ones that are popular or in the mainstream. Same case with hiphop, well I did like eminem’s Lose Yourself. Yes, even if I talk fast I’m no rapper. My taste in music is pop, as long as it is pleasant to my ears I will like that song.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Warming up

New year, fresh start.

Its already 2006, when I was a little kid I imagined that by this year the world will now have flying cars, robots that acts like a human, intergalactic relationships and of course the Philippines will be a first world country.And now what has happened? See, the country when I was a kid did not much change except that almost all have a cellphone, the fare is waaayyyy higher than before, the tv war today resembles a frat/gang war,komiks are gone and politicians are still the same. *sigh* when will it change?

Classes will resume on January 4. I am both excited and nervous. Excited because I will be "useful" again, during this vacation I'm just a bum. wake up, take a bath, eat, run errands, surf the net, watch tv, surf the net, eat,listen to the radio, mag ipon ng tubig, watch tv, surf the net, listen to the radio until I doze off to sleep. When I'm in school I have something to do. Nervous because I have three major subjects that I believe will really drain me physically and mentally, I just hope that I could meet my teachers standards. Plus my work at Heraldo Filipino, students elections is coming up and last year it was chaotic, I hope it wouldn't be the case this year coz I don't know if I could handle that.