Saturday, January 07, 2006

Reasons why stereotypically I’m not a man

I’m not a homosexual or a bisexual but I’m not surprise if people would mistake me as such. I’m not against them but it’s infuriating when people judge you for being gay because you do not possess “manly” qualities. Let me enumerate the qualities I have that stereotype man lacks off.

1. I cry- Boys don’t cry says the cliché. But I do. In my elementary days I have the reputation of a crybaby. When I look back at it, I’m embarrassed but that’s me I’m really sensitive. When I grew up I don’t cry anymore in front of many people. However, I sob in my solitude especially during bedtime. But I do it silently since I share a room with my brothers.
2.I’m not athletic- lampa ako. Partly because I’m asthmatic (but some people rubs into my face me that some asthmatic people excels in sports). As a kid, I grew up in the four corners of our house doing stuff that does not require me any physical force. During PE, recess or any vacant time I rarely join games because I get tired easily and I’m not that competitive anyway. In taya tayaan, I will easily get ”taya”. I was never into sports; I just don’t like getting tired, sweating hard and panting heavily. In high school most boys play basketball. One time, a classmate asked me “sama ka, mag babasketball kami”. And I said to myself is this guy insulting me? I just (politely) said “Alam nyo naman hindi ako naglalaro nyan”. Even my brothers are persuading me to play basketball but I just don’t see myself doing it.
3.I don’t play computer games. Don’t ask me anything related to sega, playstation or PC games because I will just give you a blank look. I always feel OP (out of place) whenever my peers talk about that, I just could not relate to it . I feel left out really but it just that playing computer games is something that does not really interest me.
4. I don’t check out on girls. You know when guys mumble to each other “tol laki ng boobs nun” and the like. I just find that disrespectful. Of course its really normal to admire a girls physique but for me that is something personal and don’t have to tell the whole world about it. I also despise guys who treat girls as sex toys. For me even if the girl is “liberal” she should be treated with respect.
5. I’m not “wheels” oriented. I know guys love cars but me not that much. Of course I like riding it but I have no interest in driving one. Well, because I think its one big responsibility and I’m "nerbyoso"I might just get into accidents. I don’t really know how to analyze what model of car is good and “astig”. I find drag racing hazardous. However, I want to own one in the future (hopefully I will have a driver) and I will not give a damn what model it is along that it is presentable and working.
6. I don’t smoke- One thing I’m proud about myself is I don’t give in into peer pressure. You could throw any words of persuasion, manipulation games, provoking statement but you could not make me smoke cigarette.
7. I don’t drink alcohol- I just don’t like it. I have nothing against people who drink as long as they know their limits but please don’t force me to drink. Lets just put that me not liking to drink alcoholic beverages is similar to Muslims prohibiting themselves to eat meat.
8. I’m not ma-porma- my taste in fashion is boring. I wear plain clothes and I don’t use gel on my hair. My barber does not need to ask how will he style my hair since its always “barber’s cut”. I will not spend money to buy signature clothes, divisoria stuff as long as in good condition and presentable is fine by me. I’m not aware with what is “uso” and does not jump in the bandwagon.
9. I’m not into action movies. I find other genres more entertaining including chick flicks. If I have to choose between James Bond and Kate and Leopold I would chose the latter.
10. I’m no rocker or hip-hop thug. For sometime I even like boyband songs. I listen to some rock songs but when the song is too loud or has too many curses or sounds demonic naaah. I don’t know many rock bands except for the ones that are popular or in the mainstream. Same case with hiphop, well I did like eminem’s Lose Yourself. Yes, even if I talk fast I’m no rapper. My taste in music is pop, as long as it is pleasant to my ears I will like that song.


Anonymous said...

what's so gay about that?

a lot of young men are just like you, but they're not gay.

the choice of clothes to wear, hobbies, favorites, and the tendency to cry are never bases for sexuality.

- red

Anonymous said...

I found nothing "gay" if you, a man, cry or don't drink and smoke, or check on the girls. The essence of manhood lies on its humanity. Don't get surprised to be a subject of stereotyping for Filipinos are "experts" on that matter. We think if a man is like you - he's gay, if he's a muslim - he's a terrorist, an Indian - got bad odor, a Chinese - rich, bussinessman, if he's from the Visayas - he's poor on tagalog, he's Ilocano - kuripot, Kapampangan - mayabang, If one have a car - he's rich. I mean people are very judgemental. I too are sometimes a subject of stereo-typing. The best way to show 'em is to prove that their wrong.

twistedman said...

Stereotyping is passe. What metters most is you know who you are and what you want.

- joey -

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

gyah,... i understand that. hey i know you naman and when i say you're not gay, you're not. ^^ i have a very reliable gay-dar in me. ^^ -cmc

japanesenagi said...

it's how you carry yourself. don't mind other people.
stereotyping sucks.

btw, block ba ang blogs sa server sa school?

Unknown said...

Except for F1, i'm not into cars. i don't smoke, and preferably, I don't drink.

You could see me wearing my 'best' during wash day. hell, just look at my hair.

i'm into comedy movies.

does that make me gay?

and don't stereotype. just because you couldn't understand what jonathan davis is saying doesn't mean korn is already satanic.

fyi, dya know that davis worked as an undertaker?

. said...

How I ironic dude, cause you know what, I'm gay yet...

1. I make nobody ever see me cry (except my buddy on one of our fights)

2. I am not athletic but you can always engage a conversation with me about politics, history, things that are feature in Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

3. I play computer games. The more it involves strategies, the more I am familiar with such games.

4. I check out girls, not because I am interested in them or something. I don't know, just have this eerie feeling that I'd turn bisexual if I were single.

5. Cars. Thats why, I cannot drive because some cars are real headturners.

6. I smoke.

7. I drink and the more I get drunk, the more I drink.

8. I'm not ma-porma and it is my greatest cover up for my preference.

9. I'm not into action movies, but Im not into chick flicks or drama/romance movies either.

10. I don't usually patronize HipHop, but when it comes to alternative/indie, then I can go soundtripping with you.


You see, don't stereotype yourself, cause you know what, except for my sexual preference,I don't really relate well with many gay men.