Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Manny Pacquiao's boxing match with Erik Morales last Sunday is one unforgettable event in the history of the Philippines. Seriously, when I went outside to buy something, our place was almost deserted. Everybody is tune in despite the long commercials. My family is not exception, even my mother who does not really watch sports stuff was glued to the tv sets, my father had a half day at work. That's how strong Pacquiao's impact. And when he won, there were screams in the house (Me, I did not since I already knew Pacquiao won because I checked the Internet and was spoiled). When I watched I could really the Pacman fever, some even spent 300 pesos just to watch the match with no commercials at the cinema (I think its overpriced). Of course, the politicians "umepal", they are so disgusting! When PGMA called, I was cringing, she sounded like her impersonator Tita Glow. I also found out that the match rated high, it got 60+%. It was a great day and hopefully this thing wont get into Pacquiao's head and also I wish he wont suffer the fates of the other boxers who went broke.
"Namatay na si Ernie Baron kahapon"
"Buhay pa siya nung Friday"
This was my stupid comment when a classmate told me the news. I already knew that but what I was trying to say that I've just heard him on radio having a return from a long break. I was shocked when I found out he died. Since I was a child I have always like Ernie Baron, although I dont believe that he knows everything, I'm still amaze with his wide scope of knowledge. I listen to his radio show and back then I really wish we had a phone so we could call him. When his radio show, knowledge power, was made into a television show, I followed the show religiously and was really bummed when it was cancelled. I still could not grasp the fact the he is gone forever and I could not help but feel sad that I never had the chance to call him. Weather reports will never be the same again. No one will answer the questions of his listeners. R.I.P Ernie Baron


Unknown said...

i believe manny won't go broke. magaling sa pera si jinkee, asawa niya.

fact is, alam ko may palayan na sila sa gen san. at least, naiinvest ang pera hindi lang sa panabong at billiards. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

grabeh.. dami ng naghahabol ng babae kay manny.. buti magaling na asawa si jinkee..