Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Warming up

New year, fresh start.

Its already 2006, when I was a little kid I imagined that by this year the world will now have flying cars, robots that acts like a human, intergalactic relationships and of course the Philippines will be a first world country.And now what has happened? See, the country when I was a kid did not much change except that almost all have a cellphone, the fare is waaayyyy higher than before, the tv war today resembles a frat/gang war,komiks are gone and politicians are still the same. *sigh* when will it change?

Classes will resume on January 4. I am both excited and nervous. Excited because I will be "useful" again, during this vacation I'm just a bum. wake up, take a bath, eat, run errands, surf the net, watch tv, surf the net, eat,listen to the radio, mag ipon ng tubig, watch tv, surf the net, listen to the radio until I doze off to sleep. When I'm in school I have something to do. Nervous because I have three major subjects that I believe will really drain me physically and mentally, I just hope that I could meet my teachers standards. Plus my work at Heraldo Filipino, students elections is coming up and last year it was chaotic, I hope it wouldn't be the case this year coz I don't know if I could handle that.


Anonymous said...

When I was young, I didn't think that by AD 2006, Flying cars and robots will be of fashion. Though I thinked before that computers would soon play its role on the lifestyle of Filipinos during 2006, and I'm right about that, science-fiction writers before predicted such flying cars and human-like robots but they didn't see the "revolution" that was stirring up then with the computers. The introduction of computers in the form of microcomputers such as PC's and Macs to the households of the modern "bourgeoisie" changed and brought the lifestyle of today's generation into a new different level. Along with the development of computers are the communication tech. We could easily nowadays send and transmit information at speed of light, in any point of the globe, easily and cheaply. Another form of mass-media utilizing the advances in technology, the internet, came in fashion. We may not have flying cars and robots by 2006 or by at least another decade or so, so what? I would rather have the convenience of today's computers and communications rather than drive to school flying and be served with robots or worst, find no job in the future because employers have "cheap-labor" robots to run their bussiness.

Anonymous said...

You said about something about the intergalactic relationship with some sort of alien civilization. inspired by the UFO phenomenon of the 50's, 60's and 70's of the previous century, sci-fi writers predicted that by 2006, mankind would be technologicaly advance to set out to explore space. That notion got me disappointed, we can do that If only USA and Russia kept the struggle of supremacy in the fields of space exploration. The collapse of the Soviet Union ended the coldwar which fueled this amazing yet enormously expensive undertakings. The US congress cut the budget of NASA: USA's space agency, soon afterwards into a meager budget.

I agree that almost everyone has cellphones this day but I think that's not a very big innovation. Only the SMS did make the cellphone usefull to everyone since calls were expensive. I've been seeing cellphones for more than a decade, my dad uses cellphones long before, way back 1993 I think. Although the cellphone before were large and cumbersome and can't do anything except receive and make calls, it served us well then.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the gift... ui nga pala pakiremind naman si mars... alam mo na.. -cmc

Unknown said...

astig mga comments mo, emem.