Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Something to smile about

After a gloomy two weeks today I feel so delighted. For the past days, I really feel sad although most of my peers and family are not aware of it. I’m good at hiding it. The reasons well it varies from broken eyeglasses (for the nth time) and bag, disappointing grades, annoying professors and endless worries about stuff not done, half done and clueless on how to do it. I was so down during that time and today an event gave me the biggest smile in recent time. Well, I won at a quiz bee competition. And it’s an interschool match, which even makes me feel proud. This week is Media Awareness Days of my school so they had different activities lined up and of that is the quiz bee. I was not supposed to join since my classmate, Gerard, was selected to compete. But when I was watching a school presentation my classmate told me that they need another participant since the contest needs two participants every group. So there I was dragged into the quiz bee room. I was really nervous but since I’m with Gerard, a quiz bee champion, I know that our team will give a good fight. What made me happy is that I answered questions that I’m not aware that I know, the answer just popped into my head. The other teams did not know the correct answers, of the items I know. So that gave us an edge leading to our victory. To share with you those answers that will be forever in my head from now on
· Screen Test
· Syndication
· Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “I like Christ but I don’t like Christians”
The first two items were stock knowledge I gained from being a couch potato and the last one something that I have read over the net. Another fun thing is that we were interviewed 3 times. Well, the third year broadcast journalism students is currently making a news program and they covered the said event. It’s amusing when they approach you and ask if they could interview us, I feel like a celebrity. This is the first time I have won something big, I join contests but I never win or even close at it. It’s been a great day and thanks to this I felt rejuvenated because my morale that was down got a boost. I was “lost” for weeks and I’m now back on track!


Unknown said...

congrats, dude!

Anonymous said...

whaw!!!! nice one jec! more awqrds to come -cmc

T____T blocked pa rin ang blogs sa DLSUD.. it's hard to transfer to another bloghost.. please help me.. at saka si mars pa pala.. T___T

Unknown said...


kahit ba sa internet explorer ayaw din? must either have something to do with the proxy or browser you are using.

Anonymous said...

jp & mikki: it's the itc's fault. no matter what proxy/browser you are using, all sites with the word "blog" are blocked. i was asking itc why, but they didn't. and i'll follow it up for everyone, including you two.

jecoup: congrats sa 'tin! jou21 rocks!!! bravo broadjourn!!! we do indeed make a good pair!!! :P