Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I feel so uneasy about how the world operates now. How perception is easily manipulated. Culturally, I feel that even if there are new and more convenient ways to communicate now, it becomes more dangerous. I'm rattled by the fact that people can set aside basic human decency and principles, just not to be proven wrong. Just not to be on a losing side. I'm so disappointed with the way people behave now. So irresponsible. So careless. Critical thinking is dying now. People cherrypick the information content they want to consume. Heck, even a clickbait title is enough for them to believe without reading a damn word. As long as it validates what they are feeling it must be true because this is what they have been suspicious about.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Hey! After I posted that angst-filled entry awhile ago I realized that TODAY is the 15th anniversary of my blog. My first post was full of angst, worries and fear. It's surreal to me that 17 year old me and 32 year old me feels basically the same but just on another spectrum. Different fears but same anxiety.

For what it's worth this blog is therapeutic to me. This is how I deal with overwhelming emotions. Shouting out to the void. It's the equivalent of literal screams. It helps me process my emotions and keeps me in check

So thank you FORG FILES. This blog had been through a lot but 'm happy you are still here with me in my life journey. Don't give up on Blogger, Google! Let us have this space.


Today was another reminder how I lack a lot of life skills needed to be a legit adult and basically I'm useless.

Today was also a reminder how some of things I devoted time and effort to ended up pointless in the long run.

 Today I was a reminded how careless I've been in the past and how I'm suffering the consequences of those actions

 Today life reminded me that I needed to be fearless in order for me to achieve what I've been dreaming of.

 Today I feel so helpless.