Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 My uncle who is sick is thankfully negative of COVID19, my aunt informed my father earlier. My uncle's sickness is not really connected to it but as a precautionary measure by the doctor he had a swab test. Thank God! My uncle needs personal care right now so if he was positive of the illness it would have been hard for his family to take care of him as he will be isolated from them. My uncle's journey in battling his illness still has a long way to go but at least one scary possibility has been eliminated already. Praying hard he will beat this life challenge.


My other uncle who passed away will be cremated tomorrow. My father was able to gather more than enough funds for it. He got stressed earlier because his SSS pension was delayed since normally it would be released a day or two before the end of the month. We have been checking his ATM for the past 2 days and nothing! Earlier this morning, still no pension! I went to SSS Facebook page and found it was not just him but seems like all pensioners had delayed release. My father would have used the money to help his my uncle's family so he was really frustrated when it was still not released. Thankfully around 3PM the pension has finally been transferred to his bank account. My father was still quite moody earlier tonight but I figured it out it is because his brother will be cremated tomorrow and he won't be there physically to say goodbye so I understand the frustration. My dear uncle Jesus please guide Tatay, he loves you so much. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

A Reminder

 Earlier I noticed my favorite canteen near our office building has a FOR LEASE sign now. They have been closed since the lockdown but I was hoping they will eventually come back when the situation gets better. But months have passed and things didn't get any better. The total cases in the country is now over 300K and there's still quarantine with no foreseeable. A lot of offices in our vicinity are still working from home or worst have closed down. Sad to say the canteen can't really go back in business because there's limited customers anyway. It's sad because that canteen had been present since I started working with the company for 11 years now. While I usually have packed lunches to save money but in the times I don't or I stayed overnight at the office, that's my go to place because of the home cooked meal feels it had and their place is so clean as well. We are entering the 4th  quarter of the year and I'm so close to giving up hoping that things will be better anytime soon. 

Monday, September 28, 2020

One Last Time

 My father was busy all day contacting relatives to inform them what happened to my uncle who passed away yesterday. He was also asking for financial assistance for the cremation and other needs of his family. The truth is my uncle didn't have a good reputation among our relatives with money matters. My father knows this but his love for his brother is strong enough to overcome any hesitation or shame to ask for financial help. I overheard him talking on the phone telling someone that despite all the problems my uncle had brought upon, I hope for one last time they could help him out. When he was able to gather over 20K today, I saw how his face beamed as we collected the money in the remittance areas and ATMs. I read a text message from my aunt thanking him profusely for all the help he did today. I haven't seen my father cry but I know deep inside he is grieving. He is dealing with this sadness by doing the best he can to help his brother one last time While my uncle gave him some problems too, my father never gave up and continued to support him until the end. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Hard to Believe

 An uncle passed away today and another uncle is hospitalized with a life threatening illness. Both are the younger brothers of my father. My father is of course stressed and devastated with what's happening. Bakit sabay sabay? All we can do is support my father right now as he grieve while at the same worried with his other brother in critical condition. He is coping by contacting relatives to inform about the sad news and coordinating financial help. He sadly can't go my uncle who passed due to the pandemic. And he said to me, he is not sure he can handle his emotions and could cause his blood pressure to rise. Oh dear Lord please guide my father in this very difficult time. May my uncle rest in peace while my other uncle heal as soon as possible.

Tough times

Saturday, September 26, 2020


 Earlier there was a tension at home because of the bad news we received yesterday. It was a result of the stress and sadness because of that news. I was the one who was in the middle to pacify the people involved. It was so stressful but hey I'm quite proud how I handled the situation because things did get better and the friction was resolved. By dinner time everything went back to normal. Emotions are just high because of yesterday's bad news. I guess that moment earlier was needed because there were pent-up emotions involved that needed to be let out. Tough road ahead but I know I need to be stronger than ever so I could be the rock they could lean on.

Friday, September 25, 2020


An hour ago I was informed of a very sad news. I won't go into details yet because honestly I'm still processing what I am feeling right now. It involves one of my greatest fears in life. While I already had a feeling this will happen but now that it is confirmed, I still feel shocked that it is happening. This year is just the worst. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020


 So I've been doing a lot of research about Plantar Fasciitis because of what I've experienced and I've really learned a lot and I must say YouTube has been quite helpful for me to understand about it. There's a lot of verified channels that discusses and shares tips on how to take care of it. I've been trying some of the stretches now and it has helped ease the pain. I was able to walk normally today although from time to time there are still pinches of pain but not that sharp anymore. One thing I've realized because of this ordeal is how poorly have I taken care of my feet. It will change now. 


I'm dealing with a new thing that's stressing me a little. To be honest, I really shouldn't but I don't know why my initial reaction with matters like this is skepticism. I always manage my expectations but maybe it's getting a little out of hand that I always set myself up for disappointment. I always think of the worst case scenario and the likelihood of failure is stronger. Some are just fear and lack of confidence I admit that but I feel that there are cases where I just don't see how it works out but I never tell it to the other people involved because I don't want to be that person who drags everyone down or be exposed as a coward. With this particular matter, I'm on the fence what's really bugging me about it. Oh well, no matter what I still gotta and work my best. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Plantar Fasciitis

 So I found what this excruciating heel pain I've been experiencing is all about - Plantar Fasciitis! Sounds scary but thankfully it's not. It is when a tissue at the bottom of our feet gets irritated or inflamed that causes this sharp pain on my heel! It happens to athletes and well to fat people like me that the weight was just too much for my poor feet to handle so it gets strained. Also can happen when you wear a shoe that's too tight! Another check on my box. Anyway, to relieve the pain I've looked up measures to ease the pain and discovered a doctor's vlog on YouTube! The massage and stretching techniques she shared WORKED! Thank goodness because I had a hard time walking because of this heel pain!


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Heel Pain

 Today was physically stressful because out of nowhere I had heel pain so walking was a struggle! I have no idea why I suddenly had this when I woke up. Could it be a bad sleeping position? In the morning, the pain was not that sharp but when I stepped off the van and walked to my office, dang! I felt a sharp pain when I tried to walk normally so yeah walking was quite a struggle. It was quite bothersome until I got home and my parents noticed I was walking weirdly. And my parents are such worrywarts that they thought I got hit by a car or something --- yes that negative on the first go! It was quite stressful but anyway explained to them it wasn't the case. My mother massaged my heel which gave me some relief. Right now,  the pain is not that sharp anymore and I could walk better now. Hopefully I'll be fully healed tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2020

72nd Emmys Reactions!

So the 72nd Emmys happened and my prediction flopped with only 11 correct ones! I must the awards show went smoothly as the production was competent and quite good given the circumstance. I liked that this still had the thrill of awards when most of the winners accepting their awards in real time even remotely. It was a clean 7/7 sweep for Schitt's Creek which kinda annoyed me because the final season of The Good Place went unrewarded! But I totally can't hate the show even if I'm not a fan (and haven't seen the latters seasons) because the show is a true underdog. As for Drama my favorite Succession but sad they lost in supporting acting because Matthew MacFayden and Sarah Snook are my favorite on those shows. I don't watch her show but Zendaya's win was a pleasure given her family's reaction, that was a sweet moment! My favorite bit though is Sesame Street's The Count showing up to show support for What We Do in the Shadows, clever! This tweet from nominee Ramy Youssef went viral because it showed that there was actually an Emmy intern outside his home in hazmat suit with Emmy in hand in case he wins and when he lost, the intern bid farewell and left! Bizarre but funny!

Anyway, I'm glad Emmys did deliver something not awkward to watch and as the Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel yeah giving awards in the entertainment world is of least importance especially in this world we live in right now but hey this brings in some form of fun and we need that right now.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

My 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions

 The Primetime Emmy Awards happening tomorrow! It will air locally on FOX LIFE and I'm really glad unlike the Oscars, there's local coverage here! The awards night will be virtual given you know what so I'm curious how they will execute this one since they will do it mostly live and they have over 100 camera crews stationed to the nominee houses/hotels/wherever they are staying to capture their winning speech live. I'm more excited how they will pull it off than the actual awards! Anyway, since I'm back on blogging I might as well bring back the awards predictions I used to do here when I was an active blogger!

Here are my predictions!




Schitt's Creek




RuPaul's Drag Race


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


Eugene Levy, , Schitt's Creek


Catherine O'Hara, Schitt's Creek


Steve Carell, The Morning Show


Jennifer Aniston, The Morning Show


Hugh Jackman, Bad Education


Regina King, Watchmen


Mahershala Ali, Ramy 


D'Arcy Carden, The Good Place


Matthew MacFadyen, Succession 


Sarah Snook, Succession 


Jim Parsons, Hollywood


Jean Smart, Watchmen


Modern Family, Finale Part 2


Succession, This is Not For Tears


 Watchmen, This Extraordinary Being


Happy Ending, Schitt's Creek


Succession, This is Not For Tears


Watchmen, This Extraordinary Being

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Snippets 4

My uncle had his MRI today as he had been experiencing extreme body pain that almost made him immobilized. Praying hard for good result. My uncle is such a nice, generous, and hardworking guy and he does not deserve to have such physical suffering. I really hope he will feel better soon enough and this sickness will be cured. 


There's a major change in a work project I have that made me a little sad but I know this will be for the better to help the project's sustainability. It's not really a bad thing but just a major change that I need to get used to. I can adapt with changes but I can't stop my emotion sometimes. 


For the first time since we've been using a prepaid Wi-fi modem over a year ago, we had connectivity problems today that only one phone was able to have a good connection while my laptop and my nephew's desktop struggled to connect and when we did, the connection was slow except for YouTube! It was so odd but we turned off the modem for nearly an hour, when we turned it on again, the connection was good just like it used to. Anyway, good thing it was a not big problem because we're still gonna stick with a prepaid  Wifi, cheaper! 

Friday, September 18, 2020


 Today was one of the busiest day I had at work during this pandemic and I absolutely loved it. I arrived at the office a little past 6 AM and was busy all the way until 3;30 PM! I juggled multiple tasks which were doing quality check for dubbing, video editing revisions, submission of videos to our uplink facility. supervising the task for my work from home video editor and some paperwork! I even found some time to ran some errands for my parents during my break. I totally maximized my day. What I love about being preoccupied is that I didn't have the time for soul-sucking sentiments which I have been dwelling on lately!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Enveloped in Sadness

 Gloomy weather today. It didn't rain but some drizzles. It's the type of weather I actually like: Cool breeze without the stress of hard rains. It's the perfect weather to walk around and relax. And yet with everything going on, it just doesn't feel the same. In fact, the cold weather worries me because I could get the sniffles and THIS IS NOT THE TIME to have one. Six months in and even if I've experienced some liberties now, I still can't shake this feeling off. The gloomy weather even added intensity to what I'm feeling inside. I was listening to a local podcast earlier and one of the host said that the one of the permanent things in our lives is uncertainty and this pandemic placed it on centerstage. So true. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Counting the Days

So we are now on our 6th month of quarantine and coincidentally this day also marks the start of the traditional Christmas countdown with 100 days to go. Frankly, it's so hard to muster the enthusiasm for the upcoming holidays with the uncertain state we are in right now.

Today we were issued a new version of the barangay quarantine pass with QR code now. This pass is not just for a single person per household but for three people now. I should be happy about it because it is less restrictive than the old one but the fact we still need a quarantine pass 6 months later is not something to be happy about. I'm still not comfortable in this so-called new normal. I can deal with it but I can't accept it. 

I saw a mall a few days ago which already has Christmas decorations like we have our normal lives back. It looks so sad because yeah the decorations are festive but so few people inside. It feels like they were trying to get that holiday magic but who can experience that anyway? Still hoping and praying for the country - the world - will be in better shape to celebrate the holidays.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 I discovered the Vox Media online documentary series BORDERS during the lockdown this year and I was mesmerized~ This is basically a travel documentary that focuses on under reported stories about international cultures and conflict. This was so educational and immersive. Excellent journalism! Unfortunately, the show's host Johnny Harris announced on his YouTube channel that the series has now been cancelled due to recent events. He was not direct about the reason but safe to say it's a financial fallout due to the pandemic. Journalism is really hit had by this crisis. So frustrating. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Manic Monday No More

I usually work from home on Mondays but because of an important task I went to the office today and it was first my time to commute to work on a Monday in the pandemic world. The last and only time I went to the office on a Monday during this "era",  I was fetched by the office shuttle along with other co-workers residing in Cavite. Today the travel was so light and it's a strange feeling since it's a Monday. I don't know why but I can't still fully accept the "normal" we have right now. It's been 6 months and all signs are pointing that we will gonna stay this way for the rest of 2020. Why am I still in denial? Why am I still resistant? 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Go Away Negative Thoughts

 So our relative who is sick right now is worrying us a lot right now. I'm trying to calm my parents down by assuring them that everything will be fine and that he will be cured eventually but they are skeptical and seems to be losing hope. Our relative is bed ridden now, I don't know why he is not being rushed to the hospital but my guess is because of fear of COVID19 as well as the possibility that they could be turned away too because of the pandemic and beds could be full. Our relative is just in pain and has expressed he wants to have peace now, scary thoughts really. My parents are visibly worried and anxious. I'm afraid the stress will affect their health too. That's why I'm pushing for optimism because we can't lose hope.

 Oh dear Lord please save him and let him survive this ordeal.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Snippets 3

Water and Electricity bills came in today and paid them right away via Paymaya! We've been paying via those platforms since April and will definitely stick with it for the foreseeable future. My parents who used to be hesitant with paying without a paper receipt are now comfortable with this system 


A close relative is sick and not in physical good condition. It's quite worrying. I hope and prays he recovers soon enough. I couldn't stress enough how getting sick in the middle of a pandemic is just so complicated and adds more tension


My nephew had his first week of live Zoom classes and I asked him how was it and it was fine. The classes are from Monday to Wednesday and only in the morning. Just 30 minutes per subject. It's more really like a warm up, to test the new way of teaching. This academic year is just so hard because of how everything is so unprecedented. 


I don't have high hopes that things will be better in 2020 but I can at least hope it won't get worse anymore. Let us see the light please.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Normal But Not

Today the office shuttle was back so I went to work at the office instead of at home which I normally do on a Friday. I had an important work task that I need to do in the office anyway. To be honest, I could have gone home earlier via carpool because there's less traffic on SLEX which is the route to our town. In the office shuttle, I'm the last one to be dropped off as most of my co-workers riding the shuttle are from Imus and nearby areas so we go there first where traffic is just more headache inducing. But of course I can save money via the office shuttle so I wouldn't pass that opportunity. Traffic was indeed horrendous!  Before when I get stuck in traffic, it is because there's so much activity going on outside but not the case this time. We were still in the road by 6:30 PM and the malls are already closed or most of their establishments are. It's just a weird look to have a "normal traffic" but the surrounding's atmosphere is not the same busy and active life anymore. During the early days of lockdown, I once said to myself that I miss the normalcy of the traffic! I've experienced heavy road traffic again but definitely it's not a sign of things really going back to our pre-pandemic lives The torture of traffic just found a way to insert itself in this so-called new normal. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020


I was buying something for my parents at the nearby grocery earlier when I saw a single copy of The Philippine Star broadsheet and out of impulse bought it. After what's happening to journalism this year, I have the urge to help out the best way I can which is actually buying printed editions. The newspaper as expected is so thin and my father was also surprised when he saw it when I brought it home. I skimmed the pages and it is very noticeable that they have lesser ads than usual. Damn. I hope the newspaper can still survive. They still bring in quality writing and thorough reporting which you don't find that much online with the fight for clickbait titles and going viral overshadows actual article, so many people comment based on headline alone and not even bother reading the article!

Anyway, PhilStar's headline today is another one that made me sad! Hundreds of private schools ceasing operations!!! I knew this was bound to happen because the challenges of education in this pandemic is unprecedented and difficult to sustain. But there's something jarring to witness several schools closing down. The possibility of this even happening is something that never crossed my mind until this nightmare disrupted our lives. 

What a year this has been, the foundations of many industries are tested to the core. Such a pivotal moment of how we will live in the future. 

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

On Shaky Ground

 Retrenchment on ABS-CBN, Inquirer and now GMA News TV. I bought Philippine Star last Saturday and it only had 3 sections with 22 pages. Comparing it to the March 13 issue (pre-lockdown) that had 9 sections and 64 pages. Challenging times for journalism. No wonder my course was dissolved, it's hard to attract students to study journalism with fewer options left for a career. I'm afraid where the industry is going. 

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Snippets 2

My nephew had his exam earlier with the school delivering the exam straight to our home. GrabExam? LalaExam? Such strange times we are living. My nephew seems to be able to adjust through with this setup at least. 


Glad and relieved my mother's lab test results are generally fine. Lots of maintenance medicines but still better than a more worrying-inducing situation that I cooked up in my mind. 


I accepted a new job responsibility because they requested help. I like the task but this one needs careful time planning. Anyway, it's sort of a good problem because it shows the company is busy and that's good business. 

Monday, September 07, 2020

It? No.

 So today the president gave a pardon to an American soldier who killed a Filipino transgender back in 2014. His justification why he gave the pardon is one you would expect from him. Of course, it is the hotly debated topic now on social media and as expected it went ugly especially those supporting the decision. I know transgender is a concept that won't be easy to grasp here in the country but the hate I'm seeing right now, unbelievable. Personally, I've only learned to understand transgenders fairly recently as well but still we are talking about living people here. They're not an "it" like how that person referred to the victim. 

It's so hard not to be jaded. The negativity never stops. 

Sunday, September 06, 2020


Just like the good old days of Friendster survey, my friend nominated me for this survey chain. Unfortunately, I may stop the chain because I don't know that many people who are still blogging on a personal level, nasa twitter na sila lahat! But I like the questions so here I go

1. If you can blog about something that no one can ever read, what would it be?
Detailed regrets and resentments in life. I sometimes share it here but I try to be vague.

2. What would have been your job if not for your current one?
A regular rank and file employee in an office.

3. Seeing how the pandemic has affected everyone in the world, would you consider migrating to another country?
Before I would say no but now I'm thinking if only I can afford to do so I would. Not really because of the pandemic but because I would want to go to a place with less stressful political environment. 

4.What do you think would have kept your preoccupied if there was no coronavirus?
Watching movies in the cinema maybe every week.

5. What skills would you love to learn?
Driving. I'm just really, really scared of getting into an accident.

6. If you can forget someone in your life, who would it be and why?
Someone that I unwittingly embarrassed because I made a poor decision on a tricky subject where I didn't trust my gut

7. If you can change one person today, who would it be and why?
Myself. I want to be braver in life

8. If you die now, would you like to have another shot to live? If so, would you like to continue living as yourself, or live as a new person?
Living with myself as long as it is with my family all intact and safe.

9. What is your idea of afterlife?

10. If you can talk to anyone in the past, who would it be and what would you tell them?
A certain political figure and I would say to them "Foresight!"

11. Name a song that best fits your life so far
Malayo Pa Ang Umaga

11 Facts About Me

1. I started losing my hair in my late 20s and now I have a terrible bald spot like a middle-aged man. It's a source of insecurity to be honest
2.  I don't drink alcohol simply because I don't like the taste
3. I have two old model of smartphones.
4. I have Globe and Smart SIM cards. The Smart number I've used since college and the Globe one for nearly 10 years now.
5. I have no Facebook/Twitter apps on both my phones mainly because my internal memory is limited
6. I've been wearing eyeglasses since I was fourteen.
7. I have no Instagram because I'm not really a photo person
8. I don't like looking myself in a mirror because I hate looking at myself. 
9. I have an irrational fear of LPGs because I feel like it could explode anytime. 
10. My laptop has flickering monitor for over a year now but I have yet to get it fixed because it's still workable enough. 
11. Knocking on wood each time an extreme negative thought crosses my mind helps me deal with anxiety. 

Saturday, September 05, 2020


  1. I wish I can go out without a face mask/shield again
  2. I wish I can go to mass.
  3. I wish I can watch a movie at the cinema.
  4. I wish I can commute the way I used to.
  5. I wish I can see more people around the office.
  6. I wish I can see a crowded mall again.
  7. I wish I can go to an establishment without registering.
  8. I wish I can get a body massage again.
  9. I wish I can see kids playing outside again.
  10. I wish students can be in school again.
  11. I wish senior citizens can go out safely again.
  12. I wish I will finally have the courage to learn to drive.
  13. I wish ABS-CBN to return to the airwaves soon.
  14. I hope this nightmare will be over soon enough.
  15. I hope for more empathy.
  16. I hope for more critical thinking.
  17. I hope for healthy discourse.
  18. I hope for more open-mindedness.
  19. I hope for accountability.
  20. I hope for being assertive without arrogance.
  21. I hope for clear and decisive planning.
  22. I hope for realizations of what's really wrong.
  23. I hope for an awakening.
  24. I hope for justice.
  25. I hope for peace.
  26. I pray for my company to continue to be in a good financial state
  27. I pray for me and my family to stay in a good and stable financial situation.
  28. I pray that I stay safe and healthy
  29. I pray for my siblings and their partners to stay safe and healthy
  30. I pray for my nephew to stay safe and healthy
  31. I pray for my parents to stay safe and healthy. 
  32. I pray that I can be more daring and courageous in life
  33. I pray that I can handle the challenges that life will throw at me and will never give up no matter what. 

Friday, September 04, 2020


So it's my birthday tomorrow and per usual I have no plans especially now in the state we live in. I will have the usual cake, pancit, and all those food items to share with my family but nothing really special. I like having low key birthdays. Part of my introvert nature really. Also, I will accompany my mother tomorrow for her routine lab tests and hopefully, nothing scary comes out of it. My family's safety and health are basically my birthday wish every year.

So I will turn 33 tomorrow and geez I am at my father's age when I was born! I still sometimes can't fathom that I am this old, a full-fledged adult but here we are. Not gonna lie this wasn't the life I pictured myself in when I'm this age already but you know what with everything that happened this 2020, I have a new appreciation with my life. All my complaints and whinings before seem so futile right now. I have a lot of things to be grateful. 

But of course, while I'm basically contented where I am, I still dare to dream and hopefully I can manage to reach that even if it's gonna be difficult but reach for the stars, right?

Thank you Dear Lord for another year.  

Thursday, September 03, 2020

My Top 5: Rubbing Alcohol

Aside from face masks/shield, the must have this pandemic season isrubbing alcohol. I've been the one doing the purchasing and stocking up of at home and I've tried nearly every brand available! Here are my top 5 picks


Image result for green cross rubbing alcohol




Band-Aid Isopropyl Alcohol 150ml | Shopee Philippines


Buy Casino Regular 500 ml Alcohol Online | Southstar Drug


Hygienix,Germ Kill Alcohol 150ml | Watsons Philippines

Wednesday, September 02, 2020


So  I activated my dormant GCASH. I had it since 2017 as part of a promo when I watched Coco in Ayala cinemas. I had my ticket discounted 50% when I downloaded the app as a GCASH freebie! But I didn't it use that much after my initial use for mobile load. I just liked Paymaya better because it had a virtual card I can use for Spotify subscription. Actually, only this year due to the lockdown that I used my Paymaya outside of paying for Spotify! Paymaya was very useful in paying bills! Back to GCash, I decided to reactive it since it seems to be the more popular mobile wallet app and you never know I might have the need to use it so I better have it back.

The other online portal I reactivated is my Paypal! I actually had it since 2008! I think it was the time I was thinking of monetizing this blog so I signed up for one. But I didn't move forward because I got lazy to be honest so my Paypal became useless and eventually forgotten. When I reactivated GCASH, I've read that I can link it on Paypal so there, I was reminded I had one before! When I tried to reset my password, the mobile number saved there was my old one that I don't have anymore! But good thing, I answered the security questions correctly but it took me a second try! I reactivated Paypal because well just in case I will need it. There's no specific reason just yet but I just felt like I need to reorient myself with digital money transactions because it is essential in the world we live in right now. To be honest, I still don't fully get how Paypal works so let me study it!

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Please Ber With Me

Ber months are here! Honestly, the endless and tiring Jose Mari Chan jokes has run its course! But I do love Jose Mari Chan's Christmas in our Hearts album. Whenever I listen to it, it gives me warm feelings. I will not listen to it yet, just not in the mood It's already a given this year's holiday season will be so different. I've accepted it. I hate it but what can I do right? I just hope and pray that me and my loved ones will stay healthy and away from any life threatening disease. That's all I want for Christmas.

I will listen to this though to kick things off. It's still my favorite not-so old Christmas song. I love the message it wants to send across. I need to be reminded to keep on believing even if the present feels so difficult and jaded. I need to believe.