Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Last June, I went to the wedding of my 4th year high school adviser. On that day, I realized something.... I grew apart with almost all of my high school batch mates. I really felt out of place when I was there. I had a hard time striking up a conversation, after the staples "kamusta, san ka nag aaral" I could not think of something more to say. What made it worse is that almost all of them seems to be having a great time, they talk as if they were never apart.Or maybe they were never apart in the first place. It was just me I guess. When I left RCCS, I never came back. You see the last time I set foot in my alma matter was when I obtained my report card, that's it. I was out of the loop although there are some former classmates who I still see but thats very seldom. The batch mates that I usually see are the ones that studies here at DLSU-D. It just sad when I think of it, I spent 10 years of my life in RCCS. My batchmates, many of whom I was with for a lot years, are now close to being just merely acquitances, worst, strangers. My life now is just so different with what I had before. It wasn't that long when I left RCCS but as I try to recall my previous life it seems like it was really a long time ago.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Forever Kid

A while ago, my friend and I were talking about our elementary days. The games we play, bags, lunch box, classmates, subjects,the 'Good morning teacher Maaaaa Bu Hay' greetings, "aliases" being tagged by students to teachers and a lot more. We came with the conclusion that we had the best time during our grade school years, not high school. I love being a child although I was not that active compared to a regular kid. Back then I dont have that much things to think about or things to consider as problems. I like my innocence, the care free attitude, the simple things that make you smile. A game of SOS in my math notebook will make my day. The kwentuhan on cartoons was really delightful. The dreams. At that age you could wish to be someone and not think about if this career could be "profitable". The friendship you formed, their maybe fights but yu could make up easily. I'm happy that I had a fun childhood [despite the asthma attacks]since the feeling I had when i was a child is priceless. I will not feel that again. Ever. And that makes me sad.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Today, the EB announced that I am promoted to Senior Staff status I wont deny that I really aimed for this and I'm so glad that I achieved my goal. But of course I will not stop doing my best because HF really made my life more meaningful. I love writing news stories, I love scouting for possible news stories, I love interviewing people. A big thank you to all who believe in me and I assure you that I wont let all of you down.

The other promoted staff are cL, Maynard and Ross., congratz!


HF participated in USC's Anti Passivity "rally" .I remember complaining how passive my block are on our first year here. But lo and behold, my classmates are now "active" students now. My classmate Jinky is the yearbook EIC, The Crossbars executive board is dominated by my classmates and same case with USC's publication Periodico (6 of my classmates are editors). I have also have classmates who are officers at Lasalian Speech Club, Friends of the Library and La Salle Radio. Moreover, two of my classmates became a part of HF too. I'm so happy with what's happening with my block becuase now I could see their enthusiasm which was absent a few years ago.