Saturday, December 31, 2022


 I originally had an angst-driven post but I deleted it. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, I was in a lot of stress so I made that post for catharsis. But thanks are Ok now and my last post for 2022 should not be a downer. Anyway, 2022 is ending in a few hours and with a new year always comes hope for a better year ahead. I really hope so, at least for that main concern I have right now. 

The last day of the year is always the time for introspection. You look back and assess how your life has been. How you are right now. And I do think it is healthy. I do like reading people's year-end posts on social media. It helps you process your emotions as well, well at least on my side. 

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2022

My 10 Favorite TV Comedy Episodes of 2022

   Here is my annual rundown of my favorite episodes of the sitcoms/comedy programs I watched this year. Like in previous years for various purposes I just chose one episode per show. Check out my top 10 lists over the years: 2021 2020,2019, 2018, 20172016201520142013,2012

1. What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Episode 5 "Private School"

2. Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 10 "I Know Who Did It"

3. Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 "Ava vs Superintendent"

4.  Dead to Me Season 3 Episode 10 "We've Reached The End"

5.  The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 4 Episode 1 "Rumble on the Wonder Wheel"

6.  The Wonder Years (2021) Season 1 Episode 15 "Black Teacher"

7. Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 7 "....cheated"

8. Bob's Burgers Season 13 Episode 2 "The Reeky Lake Show"

9. Reboot Season 1 Episode 1 "Step Right Up"

10. How I Met Your Father Season 1 Episode 10 "Timing is Everything

Thursday, December 29, 2022

My Hot 100 for 2022

 My favorite songs for 2022

1. Pano - Zack Tabudlo
2.  Rosas - Nica Del Rosario and Gab Pangilinan
3. As It Was - Harry Styles
4. I Ain't Worried - One Republic
5. Titi Me Pregunto - Bad Bunny 
6. Mahika - Adie & Janine Berdin
7. Paninindigan Kita  - Ben & Ben
8. You Belong to Me - Jason Wade
9. Bad Habit - Steve Lacy
10. We Don't Talk About Bruno - Encanto Cast

11. Asan Ka Na Ba? - Zack Tabudlo
12. Bazinga - SB19
13. Babalik Sa'yo - Moira Dela Torre
14. Bam Bam - Camilla Cabello and Ed Sheeran
15. About Damn Time - Lizzo
16. Dos Oruguitas - Sebastian Yatra
17. First Class - Jack Harlow
18. Give Me Your Forever - Zack Tabudlo
19. Left and Right - Charlie Puth feat Jungkok of BTS
20. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush 

21. Late Night Talking - Harry Styles
22. Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw - Morisette 
23. Enemy - Imagine Dragons
24. Overpass Graffiti - Ed Sheeran
25. Habang Buhay - Zack Tabudlo
26. One Right Now - Post Malone & The Weeknd
27. Pagsamo - Arthur Nery
28.  I Like You - Post Malone & Doja Cat
29.  Bones - Imagine Dragons
30. Anti-Hero - Taylor Swift 

31. Nobody Like U - 4*TOWN
32. Glimpse of Us - Joji
33. abcdefu - GAYLE
34. Emo girl - Machine Gun Kelly feat Willow
35. 2011 - 5 Seconds of Summer
36. Unholy - Sam Smith & Kim Petras
37.  Light Switch - Charlie Puth
38. Complete Mess - 5 Seconds of Summer
39.  Paliwanag - Yeng Constantino and Gloc 9
40. I Drink Wine - Adele

41. High - The Chainsmokers
42. Closer - Saweetie feat H.E.R
43. Viva Las Vengeance - Panic! At the Disco
44. Kumpas - Moira Dela Torre
45. Mag-ingat - Ben & Ben  
46. Tahanan - Adie
47. Unang Sayaw - Nobita
48. The Forever Now - Mandy Moore
49.  Wait a Minute - Willow
50. Sunshine - One Republic

51.  Oh My God - Adele
52. Let Somebody Go - Coldplay and Selena Gomez
53. UP - Inna and Sean Paul
54. ay! - Machine Gun Kelly feat Lil Wayne 
55.  To Be Loved - Adele 
56. You Were Loved - Gryffin and One Republic
57. Paraluman - Adie
58. Super Freaky Girl - Nicki Minaj
59. Comu Tu No Hay Dos - Jessica Diaz 
60. Break My Soul - Beyonce

61.  9 Lives - Machine Gun Kelly
62. Wonderful Life - Two Door Cinema Club
63. Langyang Pag-ibig - Ben & Ben
64. Surface Pressure - Jessica Darrow
65. Until I Found You - Stephen Sanchez
66. Isa Lang - Arthur Nery
67. Pink Venom - BLACKPINK
68. Love's Train - Silk Sonic
69. Someday - One Republic
70. Dito Ka Lang - Moira Dela Torre

71. Tayo ang Ligaya ng Isa't Isa - ABS CBN All Stars
72. Made You Look - Meghan Trainor
73. This is Why - Paramore 
74. The Ones We Once Loved  - Ben & Ben
75. maybe - Machine Gun Kelly feat Bring Me The Horizon
76.  Happy Days - Backstreet Boys 
77. Edging - Blink 182
78. Sweetest Pie - Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa 
79. Big Energy - Latto 
80. Ikaw Lang - Nobita

81.  Para Que Tu Me Amaras - Ariadne Diaz 
82. Tumitigil ang Mundo - BGYO 
83.  Sacrifice - The Weeknd
84. ZOOM - Jessi
85.  10:36 - beabadoobee 
86. Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi - Bini
87.  Vegas - Doja Cat 
88. Every Summertime - Niki
89. Dead to Me - Chloe Adams
90.  Sunroof - Nicky Youre and dazy 

91.  Don't Let The Light Go Out - Panic! at the Disco 
92.  Yakap - Zack Tabudlo
93.  Stay With Me - Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake, Halsey, Pharrel 
94. I'm Good (Blue) - David Guetta and Bebe Rexha
95. Me Porto Bonito - Bad Bunny, Checho Corleone
96.  Strings - BINI 
97. Numb Little Bug - Em Beihold 
98. Hrs and Hrs - Muni Long
99.  I Love You So - The Walters
100. Muli - Ace Banzuelo

Wednesday, December 28, 2022


 A co-worker had a major health issue that she decided to resign. Today was last her day and she left a message on our department GC where I received nice words "fantastic motivator and guiding light". It's a great feeling to somehow leave a mark on someone. I really hope she gets well soon and once she recovers she will come back stronger than ever. I will miss her bubbly personality, I always enjoyed talking to her.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

My Five Favorite Movies of 2022

5. Luckiest Girl Alive

4.  Inconvenient Love

3. Turning Red

2. Leonor Will Never Die

1. Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Favorites from the past years:

Monday, December 26, 2022


 Holiday today because well they think people should have an extra day to recover from Christmas! I understand the logic but I dunno there are many people who have filed for leaves already and those who are in the service industry will work anyway. But I digress. I wanted to go to the office today to finish some things. I did try to do it but there are many obstacles, and errands and the weather lured me to take a nap. I know getting rest is good as well but I want to be productive again tomorrow. I always LOVE working in the days between Christmas and New Year, it's relaxing to me in a way!

Sunday, December 25, 2022


 The morning was spent being lazy and the afternoon attending mass. Nothing extraordinary but very glad for today. Thank you, Lord that despite the challenges this year and we went through a lot, here we are still complete. That's all I really ask for. 

Saturday, December 24, 2022


One of my favorite 'newer' Christmas songs from the movie The Polar Express. As I grow older, the lyrics resonate even more. 

"We were dreamers

Not so long ago

But one by one

We all had to grow up

When it seems the magic slipped away

We find it all again on Christmas Day"

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 23, 2022


 Watched Inconvenient Love and I liked it. At first, it was quite didactic with its Gen Z slang but later on it got natural. It was also low-key edgy with some of the themes it touched on. They didn't fully explore it but I appreciate the attempt to make it more than just kilig. 

Thursday, December 22, 2022


Alice in Borderland Season 2 now streaming! I translated the final episode and it was one of the toughest translations I ever did with one character having long series of monologues! I had to redo it after the dubber had trouble synching it the first time so I was quite ashamed when I learned that so I really gave my all to that very tough sequence and luckily when the dubber returned to redub that part, it was smooth sailing! Anyway, the second season is good and I hope a lot of people will stream the Filipino-dubbed version (and enjoy it!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

On a High

 I do feel a little wary about what I'm feeling right now. I'm happy but I can't help but feel that this won't last and that this has a price. So trying to contain myself really. But on the other hand, I need to let loose as well. I deserve it with the way I tortured myself with endless negative thoughts. But anyway despite this quirk I have, I am really deeply grateful my worst fear didn't happen and I will savor this feeling and perhaps pass upon it too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Thank YOU!

 A sigh of relief that nothing bad/alarming happened. Lord thank you very much for hearing my prayer. I hope that it will stay that way. But of course, I always need to be prepared for anything but for now I'm really happy that my worst fear didn't happen. Thank you so much

Monday, December 19, 2022


 One of these days again where I want to stay hopeful while also trying to protect myself if things turned out not what I hoped to be. I make things hard for me. But I need to be strong regardless but I'm so afraid deep inside. Dear Lord please hear my prayer.

Sunday, December 18, 2022


 Nephew has a new monitor for Christmas so he gave me his old one so I can have an external monitor. It takes awhile before it opens but other than that it still works pretty well!'

Saturday, December 17, 2022


 I just finished working on a telenovela English dubbing script! It was a longer episode than usual because it has key plot development where the protagonist sets her revenge plan in motion. It's so lengthy but to be honest it's fun to write these overdramatic lines. The director of this dubbing project is great too and one of the few who ever commended me for my work. Not that I fish for compliments or anything, as long as I don't get bad feedback I'm fine. But having someone praise you for your hard work is a morale booster!

Friday, December 16, 2022


 After buying last month's 100th-anniversary edition, I decided to buy the December issue of the new Liwayway magazine. And since it's now easy to buy this online, I plan to buy monthly from now on. It's my way to support one of the last surviving print publications right now plus it's a really good read to read Filipino prose, comics, and essays so it's good food for the brain as well. Everything is so digital right now but there's still value for print publications.


Thursday, December 15, 2022

10 Days

 Christmas is near I'm getting a little stressed. I'm anxious yet again, thinking about life's worries. Personal and national. Also, this area of interest where I'm not directly affected yet I can't help but feel sad. So I'm stepping back from it because there's a lot to deal with life right now and getting stressed about unnecessary things shouldn't have space in my mindset right now. Oh well, I hope I won't be stressed all the time.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022


 Netflix canceled Warrior Nun which is too bad because well first it is one of our dubbing projects so a third season would have benefited us! But aside from that, I did really like the show as we were working on it, especially the second season where the storyline about a fake prophet was so good and so apt in today's world. Oh well, it sucks! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2022


 It's been 3 years since we had a regular Christmas party! Who knew how things will change drastically in the coming months. So, I was really glad that yesterday we were able to have it again.  The past 2 years were very challenging and I'm really grateful that we managed to survive and rise from all of the setbacks.  I'm not the party type, never was,  but I was definitely happy to see my officemates very happy last night.  When our big boss sir AMF made his speech, I got a little emotional because you could feel how happy he is. Of course, I am happy too (nabunot na ulit sa raffle after many years!)  but it feels extra great to be surrounded by people who are very happy, especially after what we've been through the past 2 years. Merry Christmas and cheers to a great year ahead to my 20 Plus Studios family. 🙂

Monday, December 12, 2022


 As much as I don't want to lose my cool each time it happens, I can't help myself. It's so frustrating and yet I feel so bad. For all involved. Everything is just fragile. It could break anytime. There are scratches, one wrong mistake it's all over. Carrying it is hard. But I have to. I need to.

Sunday, December 11, 2022


 I'm feeling sad again about this particular interest of mine. It's not personally related but it's something I've grown up with and in a way influenced what I wanted to do in life. I guess it's also my "sport" like I'm on their against in their rivalry with their main competition in the industry. My rooting interest for them is like how sports fans are. They have been through a lot in the past years and just when I think they are beginning to rise from their darkest moments, setbacks and farewells are coming again. I know why these are happening but I still can't help but feel sad that the road to what they once were is not cleared. Maybe they are pivoting to another field indeed as a way to survive but still what they were before. And still, I hope someday I can see what they were before. 

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Watch Time

 So I decided to finally try out Disney+! I just signed up for a month because I'm thrifty! But looking at the lineup under the Star hub which includes TV shows that I like or am interested to watch and looks like this is gonna be a good month for me. Of course, granted I will have enough time to watch but I will make time for it in between doing work staff, and family duties. This is I guess gift to myself, I need to go back to watching for personal entertainment again which I neglected since I've been so preoccupied with work lately especially doing dubbing scripts which I really enjoyed! But you see watching these shows did help me enjoy writing dubbing scripts and also helped me widen my vocabulary which helped me in adapting scripts for dubbing! Anyway, back to streaming for me!

Friday, December 09, 2022


 Today I learned ELECTION movie will have a sequel! I discovered this movie by browsing Video City looking for movies to rent and the back cover synopsis of it got my interest! And it was so good and really looking forward to this sequel! I did miss the days of just browsing titles to rent! But oh well, I guess the current streaming era has the same era as well, I guess?

Thursday, December 08, 2022


Company Christmas/Year-End Party on Monday! And looks like it's gonna be a "normal" one! They were already asking for production numbers! I was not asked to thank goodness and I would have declined anyway. I already did that thing in my first two years and swallowed any shyness I had back then! But I'm a bald, fat 35-year-old man already so yeah don't have the enthusiasm for it anymore! And also games! Hopefully. there will be none or if there is, don't pick me too! Yeah, I am that person during parties! It's an introvert nightmare! But seriously, I do want my officemates who are into this to have fun, especially the newbies. It's been quite a year for this company and we survived. Gotta celebrate that

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Worry Later

 Nothing more excruciating than thinking things will be confirmed only to find out there's still gonna be a wait. Testing my patience once more.  For now, I will just try to set aside my anxiety and focus on immediate concerns. 

Tuesday, December 06, 2022


 I'm scared that today my fears will be confirmed. There's already pre-worrying happening from the armchair analysis. This is really making me go insane. I can't rest easy and the added fear surrounding me, makes things even more difficult to handle. That's why I keep myself from being happy because I know it won't last and that something will happen to spoil it. Better be miserable already so I don't lead myself to false hopes. NO. It's not the right way of thinking but I'm already so miserable and it's really just hard to fight back. 

Monday, December 05, 2022

As usual

Afraid and paranoid yet again as the day looms. I'm feeling things are turning bad again. Or I was just overthinking it. It's so repetitive but I can't break the cycle. All I can do is to distract myself from thinking about it way too much. Dear Lord, please no. Don't let my bad thoughts manifest.

Sunday, December 04, 2022


 I was reading an article on how kids/teens today are not good at typing but have a great command of touchscreen gadgets. Very true. During online school, my nephew could write an essay with just the Word app on his phone. I could NEVER do that. He first had his desktop computer in 2020 due to online school and he was a slow typer at first but he is now a fast typer mostly thanks to Roblox, Discord, and a typing test online that he got obsessed with for a time.

Saturday, December 03, 2022


 I had a good nap and I needed it so much. I worked extra hard this week so my weekend won't be as tight and there could be space for me to do nothing! I know I needed a day like this from time to time. So I can recharge as next week will be another challenging one. I hope and pray, things will turn out fine although I'm always in fear no matter what but gotta live on the best way I can.

Friday, December 02, 2022

Bad feeling

Once again whenever this thing is near I'm overwhelmed with worries. Every single thing that could be just normal I find another meaning. Hopefully, I'm wrong and this isn't what I am thinking right now. I'm afraid to be happy because there might be something that's gonna happen that will be the opposite. I wish I didn't think this way but struggling not to do so. 

Thursday, December 01, 2022


So it's Spotify Wrapped day today and of course, as a chart geek, I love a personalized customized chart! Anyway, let me share my top 5 songs and podcasts!

My top 5 songs:

1. As It Was - Harry Styles

2. Pano - Zach Tabudio

3. I Ain't Worried - One Republic

4. Titi Me Pregunto - Bad Bunny

5. Rosas (Extended Version) - Nica Del Rosario and Gab Pangilinan

My top 5 podcasts:

1. Dear MOR 

2. TV's Top 5

3. Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast 

4. Abroad In Japan

5. This American Life