Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nearing the climax

A Wednesday night and its not raining.
No more [unnecessary] cancelation of classes on a Thursday, finally.

We submitted the chapters 1-4 of our thesis on time last Monday. Thank God. But I know it will have major corrections once our first draft will be returned to us. I admit I'm not really fully satisfied with what we submitted. We could do better. But hey I'm glad were coping up so far

Midterms is already next week, time flies so fast. We only have three written exams while the rest of our subjects we will do productions in lieu of a written exam. A documentary [ala Supersize Me/ Incovenient Truth] for docu field production and a Social Sciences educational radio program for Educational Broadcasting. And for both productions I'm the leader so another hectic week ahead. But I'm enjoying doing it. And I prefer to do productions than take a written exam. I learn more.


On HF, we're close on solving this problem [that we inherited hehe]. I'm really praying that this problem will be resolve already. So that I could have a "peace of mind".

Next month, we will conduct the 6th PALAD Creative Writing Seminar Workshop. The past PALAD seminars were really succesful. I hope it will be the same this year. And I'm really excited since one of our guest speakers is Mr. Lourd De Veyra of RadioActive Project Sago fame. I'm glad he accepted our invitation

Also next month we will also have the ALIPATO Photography Seminar-Workshop as part of the Students' week celebration of DLSU-D. We invited speakers from PDI and they also accepted it.

I'm excited and nervous because organizing back to back seminars will not be that easy. But my experience with Lasallian Press Conference last May trained me very much.

And of course we are also working on the second issue of the broadsheet and first issue of La Salleno magazine [which I'm confident to tell you that this issue,content wise, will be really good].


Despite my busy life, people are noticing that I'm gaining weight. Haha. I love to eat when I'm stressed out.


During the "bagyo break" I found myself watching KOKEY. Haha. What a fun show to watch. Maybe it's the voice of that Alien I found amusing.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a day!

  • The first issue of the Heraldo Filipino broadsheet was released today. I'm glad although it's a bit delayed (thank you rains hehe). I'm a bit disappointed since I found some errors that I overlooked. I'll do better next time.
  • I was so busy with academics. Revising the questionnaire for our thesis, meeting my groupmates for our case study analysis for Investigative Journalism then a radio production for Educational Broadcasting which I am the director. I was literally confused with so many of my classmates calling me , "Jec! Jec!". Next week will be the most stressful since next Friday is the DEADline of the first draft of our thesis.
  • My friend from AB Communication told me that I was included in their quiz. I was suprised reall. Their subject is Editorial Management and their professor (Sir Polo) asked who is the current EIC of HF hahahaha. They were shocked, it's amusing to know that. Never in my life that I would thought that I will be a quiz item haha.
  • A sheet was passed around today in class asking our preffered companies for our On the Job training next semester. Majority of my classmates picked ABS CBN and GMA. I was the only one different since I've written down Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star. Well, I would really love to have my OJT in the print media. Although TV and radio interests me too. Print tops my list!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

No Classes Tomorrow

I should be happy right? But I am not. Having the classes suspended tomorrow means that we will not be able to conduct our survey for our thesis. Arrgh... Cancelling classes is a tricky thing, the complaints of late cancellation of classes has been staple already. It's gut feel sometimes. I remember that I had class that was still pursued despite calls for cancellation early in the morning but midway through the class it rained really hard, so the classes were suspended anyway. On another occasion, classes were suspended a day before because of the weather report that says that a storm will hit the country. On that day, it did not rained hard, just ambon. But of course there were incidents were they got it right like last year's Milenyo.

Oh well, we need the rain because of the dry spell Luzon is experiencing. But along with the rains comes floods and other incoveniences, It's a package deal I guess.

I hope we will have a class on Friday. The deadline for our thesis is fast approaching.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wake Up Call

I became too pessimistic that I almost jeopardized everything. I got too scared, I admit. It's a shame now that I think of it. Because of fear I could have mess up things more. One thing I did right was to consult them. I'm very touched that they understood what I felt yet they still enlighthened me and prevented me from commiting what could have been one of the biggest mistake of my life. I'm so happy I'm with this people, they showed me the light. They did not judge me.I should never be overcomed by my weaknesses.Be tough. Think Positive. I will fight this problem with more courage. Thanks to them.

I'm really praying hard that things will turn out okay in the end.