Sunday, November 19, 2006


Yesterday, some of the of the 2006 Miss Earth contestants visited DLSU-D and they have put the campus under their spell! I was both amused and annoyed with the community's enthutiasm with our visitors. They were really welcomed but some... nah, most of the students (and faculty, discipline officers, adminisrators, police, support staff etc...) became too excited to get the ladies to pose pictures with them that it seems to me that the girls are quite "harassed". The ladies were nice and accomodating to us, I felt embarass with how the other people reacted, parang ngayon lang nakakita ng foreigner . There was this contestant who was quite sick and decided to return to the bus but some fools were so insensitive that they still followed the woman to take her picture, what a shame! Another annoying thing is that during the presentation where the contestants goes to the stage and tells their plea for environmental awareness, the "cheers" for the black women were different, I just hope that the contestants did not notice that. It is just sad to note that most of them think low to the people with African descent and that the concept of beauty is still confined to skin color. Another rant, some cheers for the girls were uncalled for, they are not GROs for crying out loud! Im sure that 98% of the people present in the progran did not care what the girls said. But then again, I'm quite puzzled how could a beauty contest could spread earth care awareness?
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

51 days to go...

Now that UNDAS is over, our family will start decorating our house for the Christmas season. Although my excitement for the Christmas season was not as it was when I was a kid I'm still looking forward for it. Last year, I had a good Christmas, somehow the magic, which was absent for a couple of years, returned and hopefully this year will be the same or better. But still the best Christmas I had was during my childhood years.By the way, even when I was a child I never believed that Santa Claus is a real person, to me he is just a cartoon character and also my parents did not do those leaving-a-sock-on-Christmas-eve-so that-Santa-could-leave-his-gift antics.


I had an early Christmas Gift. Well, the prizes I won on the Studio 23 promo arrived in our doorstep yesterday and i was so ecstatic . I have 5 prizes consisting of a Grey's Anatomy notebook, Lost water bottle and multi tool kit, Amazing Race belt bag and a Desperate Housewives shirt (I gave the shirt to my sister since it's designed for females plus it fits her anyway). Those items are perfect gifts especially for a couch potato like me.


Second semester will start on Monday, November 6. We have fewer subjects this sem (although it does mean less expensive tuition fees ), 18 units= 6 subjects. We have no more classes divided into Tuesday-Thursday or Monday-Wednesday-Friday, all are three-hour, once a week class. Only one minor subject (Technical Writing) the rest are major subjects.I'm excited and nervous, I know it will be hard but I'm ready.