Sunday, March 13, 2016

That strange feeling

Hey it's not the end of year and I'm blogging hahaha. I don't know I just need to write this down. I just feel incredibly  frustrated and sad today. It's kinda rooted in  money. I'm not broke or anything but I'm not growing. So stagnant. I constantly worry that I may have financial problems eventually. I like my current job but I feel like there's just no growth financial wise.  I'm turning 29 this year and I worry about the future. I have savings of coruse and it's a good amount. I rarely spend money on "wants"these days but I could be spending my money better like lessen buying sancks and fastfood. Oh well. I actually don't have a problem at present, my money is managed well, i get to help around the house expensives, buy essentials. But I wish there was more, I feel like I deserve more. I want financial security. I want to learn about investment but I'm so scared with all the scams I've been reading.
You know sometimes I regret choosing a path that's not really financially rewarding. I regret thinking that but I can't help but feel it. I'm such a weakling.
Maybe this is just normal to feel because of my age.
There are so many things that gets me frustrated. My balding hair, my weight, being stupid in a lot of stuff, Internet speed, the elections, being such a coward, disorganized, caring too much, passiveness, not speaking out, my What Ifs in life.