Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yesterday I announced the incoming editorial board of HF. And it started to sink in, soon it's over. And I really felt sad. Has it really been a year already? I will still be with HF until early May though and I still do have lots of things to do and work on. But the coming weeks will be the transition period already.I will soon leave the publication which gave me the toughest challenges and where I learned so many lessons in life. I had a good run. I realized despite the downward spiral I experienced towards the last part of my term I should not feel bad. I did my best. I had shortcomings but I accepted it and will bring all those experiences and lessons as I leave HF and DLSU-D. Plus I had lots of good memories during my three-year stay with HF. Three years. Three unforgettable years.
Thank You Heraldo Filipino.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Team 23

The Editorial Board of Heraldo Filipino Team 23 (SY 08-09)

Hanna Corrine Salta
Editor in Chief

James Michael Chiong
Associate Editor*

Michaela Grimaldo
Managing Director

Regilin Hernandez
Office and Circulations Manager

Rizza Mendoza
News Editor

Paul Amiel Salonga
Features Editor

Krisha Lou Doliente
Sports Editor

Patrick Rowell Quintos
Literary Editor

* The Associate Editor will be in charge of the Visual sections (Photo,Art and Graphics) for the time being until the Editorial Board decides to tap someone to be the coordinator of the sections.

** The position of Copy Editor will be appointed by the new Editorial Board

*** There are vacant positions due to the following reasons:
1. No one applied
2. Disqualification due to non appearance on the panel interview
3. The applicant/s have low scores in both the competitive exam and panel interview.

Special thanks to former editors Maycee Mercado, John Xavier Nepomuceno and SPO Director Ms.Brenda Martinez who accepted my invitation for them to seat as panelists during the screening of applicants.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Still in School

It really felt weird when I entered the DLSU-D campus yesterday. Technically, I'm already an alumnus. But I will still be in school until May due to HF duties and I'm not complaining, I do still have lots of responsibilities to take care of. I just don't want to took off without a smooth transition with next year's batch. I had a rough transition when I was appointed as EIC. I don't want my successor to experience the same. Anyway, the next EIC and the rest of the editors were already chosen and they will be announced tomorrow on our special staff meeting. March 26 was the panel interview of editorial board aspirants. I invited Ate Maycee and Kuya Jun Jun,HF Team 20's associate editor and managing editor respectively, to seat as panelists along with Mam Brenda, SPO director. They were my first editors. They were one of the people who took a gamble with me by accepting me at HF. It was nice seeing them especially ate Maycee who was so nice as she filed a leave at Manila Bulletin where she works just to accommodate us. Ate Maycee is the "terror editor" but I love her for that. She is one of my mentors especially since she also came from the News section. I learned a lot from her and that's the reason why I chose her as one of the panelist. I know she will asks the right questions. Kuya Jun Jun is one of the smartest and most approachable I have ever met in my life. He is now a teacher and is currently taking up his masteral degree. He plans to teach in DLSU-D in the future.
Tomorrow is the start of a new beginning for HF. I'm excited.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Big Day

Today is my Graduation Day it was held at PICC. Assembly time was 8 am but me and my parents got there 7am but there were people who were earlier than us and when we went to PICC there was a plethora of people already. The graduation ceremony was okay, not that long to the point of being draggy. But since we had an ineffective rehearsal, we got confused for some stuff like when will we stand up or when will we place our tassel to the right. In the rehearsal we were warned not to "cheer" or "take pictures" but still we were pasaway!But I guess it does not matter since it did not look disrespectful. We could not be stiff and lifeless on our graduation. Jerry , the Magna Cum Laude from Political Science, were in tears during his speech. You know what I felt butterflies in my stomach when I was close to being called to the stage. It was a fast moment but very momentous. Well, we did a lot of camwhoring/picture taking, here's mine. After all, this is the last time we will be in one room together. Some of my classmates cried. I did not but I was sad and I hug all my classmates. It felt good. I love my block. Will never forget this people. I'm so happy for my parents too. I'm glad I did not let them down. I know they really feel jubilant since they were able to send us all four children to college.
So that was it. The end of an era.
What's next for me? I still have HF duties. Tomorrow is the panel interview for the EB aspirants.
I will be still in school for HF stuff probably until May.
After that? Abangan!
I called up a radio station tonight and I was on air! It was my first time! It happened during DJ Kelly's program on MAX 103.5. My voice sucked and talked fast [nothing new haha].Why did I do that? Well, because of the graduation spirit I had, I want to try something I haven't done yet. Calling a radio station is a bit shallow but hey it is a start.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Graduation Eve

Today I had a hair cut. Bought a new belt [since my old one does not "satisfy my needs" anymore haha]. All in preparation for tomorrow's "big day". This is it, after 14 years of studying [6 years grade school, 4 years each for high school and college] this chapter of my life will now end.
I wrote three "Senti Blogs" already on my multiply account:

Buhay Third Year
Buhay Sophomore
Buhay Freshman

The 'Buhay Fourth Year' will be posted tomorrow in line with the "big day".

I also begun writing testimonials/comments on my classmates' Friendster accounts which they interpreted as a 'farewell" message. Been listening a lot to songs such as Nelly Furtado's All Good Things (Come to an end), Greenday's Time of Your Life, Matchbox Twenty's How Far We've Come, Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten, Vitamin C's Graduation (Friends Forever), Lea Salonga's The Journey and of course Raymond Lauchengco's Farewell. I also created a Friendster group for our block. I am also cooking up some major farewell blog for my classmates. I think it was just apt to have the Holy Week first before our graduation. It gave us time to think and reflect.

I was never like this during my high school graduation. I am more sentimental and emotional now. Maybe tomorrow I will cry and I will not give a damn about it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Maintain this frequency!

Campus Radio is back! The station has now been resurrected at 99.5 under the name Campus FM. As some of you may know, Campus Radio is formerly at 97.1 DWLS but well on February 14,2007 the station made a complete turn around and became a masa station named Baranggay LS which was one big shock to Philippine Radio enthusiasts like me. The DJs like Triggerman,Jimmy Jam, John Hendrix stayed and were "masafied". But in January 2008, the veteran LS jocks were fired and a brought a new air staff since the old team could not bring the station to no.1. Then well the old LS FM jocks found a way to ressurect Campus Radio at 99.5 formerly HiT FM (which is actually a year old only since it was launched in January 1,2007, before that the station was known as RT). I've been following this radio developments for months already. If you want to know more of the story you could visit Jimmy Jam's blog entries about the incident, you could read it here. You could see the discussion over at PinoyExchange over the rebirth of Campus radio through this thread.
I'm glad Campus Radio is now back! Although I was sad to see HiT FM ago.
The past few months revitalized my love for FM radio. I've been a radio junkie for years, it started when I was in Grade 4. I especially love music charts/countdowns. I have a thread Pinoyexchange about music charts.
I used to have a notebook where I jot down the countdowns. I love texting radio stations and chatting up with radio shows/stations who have YM IDs. But I never called up a radio station I am too shy. Back in the day though, I send messages throught their beepers haha. Old school.
Since 1998,I memorized all FM stations from Jam 88.3 to NU 107 [for a time there was Power 108]. The different changes/reformat several FM stations have over the years. The DJs who come and go or transferred or went back [Chico and Delamar from RX to KC to RX]. I even crIED when my favorite station 93.9 KC FM had their final airing [I-FM is now occupying the 93.9 frequency]. DWKC will be my ultimate favorite radio station, you could see my love for the station here. For AM radio, I grew up with DZRH but now I like DZMM better.
I did have a dream about becoming a radio broadcaster but that dreamed ended when I heard my voice on a cassette tape. Horrible. Haha.
Although, I love radio do not expect me to have "excellent taste" in music haha. I'm just into Pop music/contemporary hit radio/adult contemporary. I also don't discriminate on the masa stations, they have their own audience who genuinely enjoys them. But I know a lot are irritated with the masa stations but I guess kanya kanyang taste lang talaga.
I actually enjoy Love Radio's Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper especially Nicole. Their style on giving advice to people could be "over the top" but beneath the jokes they are somehow thought provoking. Well, people might disagree with me but this my honest assessment on them.
Since, I'm an active participant on some radio stations, it makes me feel happy that some DJs know me already like DJ Kelly of MAX 103.5.Her program Kellybites Nights aired weeknights, 9pm to 12 md is really fun plus she has this multiply conference every episode. And I met a lot of online friends there and DJ Kelly even chats with us. And we are like a barkada there.
There also shows like the ones in RX 93.1 where they have YM IDs and I have chatted with some DJs. Then my sister is actually friends with Ric Rider 101.9 WRR. Ric sometimes greets our family on air.
My love for radio is one of the reason why I never owned an MP3 player/I-Pod. I do however get the appeal of I-Pods because one could have their own "mini radio station" where they are the boss and controls the playlist. While for me, I like music and DJ interaction. Some people do not like too much talk on radio I understand so they prefer MP3 players. The rise of Ipods inspired me to write "I-Pod killed the Radiostar" for HF a year ago.
Oh well, actually I'm thinking that I could still have a career on radio, not "on air" though. Who know's right? The possibilities are endless.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I enjoyed watching the marathon run of Kyle XY on Studio 23 today. I finished all 12 episodes. I was in front of the television for so many hours [10:30 am to 8:30pm]. But it is nothing new actually for me haha. I did watch a few episodes when Kyle XY premiered a few months back on Studio 23 but I MISSED a lot episodes because of heavy school work [it was the thesis season haha] and I'm glad I was able to catch up a lot episodes. This show is my kind of show, a show for escapism. It is a good mix of suspense, science fiction, family drama and good 'ol teen romance haha. Let us just say the show is The X FILES meets 7th Heaven meets Beverly Hill 90210. The script is well written and what I like is that even the minor characters are not totally useless. The story line is well structured. In a nutshell, the TV show follows the life of a boy who have a mysterious past. It is sort of the teen version of the short-lived TV show John Doe.
Kyle XY is one engaging show to watch. For several hours I was able to "escape" from reality through this show.
You know what one of my dream career is to work for television and produce scripted shows like these. But I don't like the local TV scene, not that I'm placing the foreign productions in the pedestal because a lot of western shows are also bad. But my point is that the local TV scene is so draggy. I don't know if I'm making sense here. But you know the whole network war is overshadowing what TV should be. Anyway, what I don't like about our local TV industry is that it is so publicity-driven. It does not matter if the show is good but as long as it rates high its good . Or maybe I am just too idealistic. I do enjoy some local serialized shows but more on the guilty pleasure level but I don't feel compell to watch it regularly or care about the story or characters. I don't like that we have lots of daily shows. I believe if TV shows here are more on weekly basis there will be more time to produced polished scripts and not just some rushed production where the story lines are not laid out properly. Plus, I want variety in television where our local TV does not offer. It is just the same fare no matter what type of name they want their shows to be called [teleserye, telefantasya, fantaserye, sinenovela, telepiko and so on]. Another problem with our local TV industry is that we are 'star-driven', the networks launch shows just to use as a vehicle to launch a star or keep the star in the showbiz circulation.
Woah, I think I said so much already haha. Anyway, to end this blog entry let me share to you a quote by DJ Kelly of MAX FM 103.5 during the TV NIGHTS episode of her radio program "Kellybites Nights" [I'm also fascinated with radio as well, but that is another entry haha]

"We all have different forms of escape, movies, radio, tv...this is to briefly be somewhere else, in someone else's life, for as long as a couple of hours or as little as half an find yourself forgetting your worries, your troubles for awhile...whatever form of escape you choose, just try to never lose yourself, your true identity...and know that the best escape is still knowing who you really are, wherever you go, whatever you listen to or whatever you watch."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Story

"CONGRATULATIONS! You are qualified for the panel interview on July 7 4pm at the heraldo filipino office. Pls be on time"

I received this text message on July 5, 2005. That text message changed my life.

I have been part of Heraldo Filipino for three years. Three nerve-wracking but wonderful years. There are so many things I have learned because of Heraldo Filipino.

This is my HF story.

How did it all started?

I wanted to join HF even when I was only a freshman. During the freshmen orientation, several school organizations were doing all sorts of gimmicks to lure to join their respective orgs but I was not interested because I was specifically looking for an organization, which was not as aggressive with their promotion as compared to the other organizations. I was looking for the student publication. After scanning the booths for like 15 minutes I finally found the booth of Heraldo Filipino and got an application form.

But I did not submit it.


I chickened out. I felt insecure because I don’t have the experience. I came from a highschool with no student publication. I know that I will face stiff competitions from students who were editors during their high school. I thought, I have no chance at all and junked the idea of applying at all. Why would I try if I know I will fail anyway?

But during my first year in college, I always regretted that decision especially when I read HF’s publications. Whenever I see a student holding a copy of HF, I would immediately run and get a copy myself. I would read every issue from cover to cover and sometimes email them if I have any comments or suggestions. Heck, my topic for my research paper in my Filipino subject that time was about the challenges faced by the Heraldo Filipino editors.

Reading HF opened my eyes on the controversies surrounding the campus like the infamous headline “CHEd declares DLSU-D not a university” and the intense rivalry between Sinag and Partido Independiente. Kampusapusapan manage to both make me laugh and think. HeralDoodles is such a good comic relief and I would always read the magbatian portion, felt envy wishing that I was part of the ones who were greeted. I look at the photo essay for a few minutes and analyze what it was saying. The feature articles gives me a whole a new perspective on various subject matters, the literary articles took me to a whole new world while the sports section gave me front row seats on the battles of our athletes

Yes, I was Heraldo Filipino’s number one fan.

But I said to myself, I am not contended being a fan. I want to be there. So as my first year comes to an end I made the decision to try joining Heraldo Filipino. I was still not that confident that I would make it but then I pursued this still because of the maxim that if ever I failed at least I tried and will not forever be burdened by “what ifs”.


It was the last day of the summer term of 2005 when I saw the poster screaming that HF is now open for applicants I immediately dragged one classmate to persuade to take the exam with me. When I already was able to convince someone we immediately went to the HF office and took the exam, but my classmate did not finish the exam because of some emergency. So I was left alone and , boy, the exam was hard it took me three hours to finish it. I only answered the features and literary exams since I've realized that the guy is just waiting for me to finish so he could go home, I did not answer the news exam anymore although I wanted it.

When I left, I was so sure I will not make it. The features exam was difficult, some questions were hard to understand while for the the literary I just dont have "it". After one month, I did not hear anything from HF so I just concluded that I failed. But on July 5, I received a text message telling me that I passed and is scheduled for interview. I could not believe it. For the whole day, I kept on re reading the message.

I was nervous on the day of the panel interview. When I was called I felt numb but when I was there in the HF room, I already felt comfortable and answered to my very best every question they threw.

After the interview, I waited for an hour to find out if I passed. I became nervous again. Then they called five of us who applied and they informed us we passed. I was smiling from ear to ear, I wanted to shout for joy but I was too shy to do that in front of the editors.

I was really happy when I made it even though I did not take the NEWS exam I was still accepted as a news staff. I did not complain because in the panel interview I did very well in news section-related questions rather than features and literary questions.

It was the start of the most memorable time of my life. Being a news writer, I experienced dealing with so many people with various personalities from regular students to student leaders to professors to administrators. Being a news writer, I was exposed to many DLSU-D stories. I discovered some problems that were not being noticed by the community. I found out some concerns from different people.

Especially, I learned through news writing I cultivated the value of service. I will admit that one of the reasons why I want to be part of the campus publication is because I want to see my name on print. But when I was already part of HF, my view changed. I learned that you are not part of the student publication just because you want to improve your writing skills, you are there for a greater and that is student service.

Being in the student publication, you will encounter stuff that an ordinary student does not know. And it is our duty to inform the students know that. I am one of their watchdogs after all.

HF helped me to care for others even some of those of others do not really care about you. Yes, it hurts whenever I see a copy of HF being neglected or treated like trash but poses an even greater challenge for me to motivate this people to care with what is happening in their surroundings.

I've learned a lot of things about HF like really discovering what my niche really is, before I just wanted to write but I don't know exactly what to write but when I became an HF staff I found out what it is. I am a news writer, my writing style suits it and importantly, the responsibility of being one is something that I enjoyed and find fulfilling. News writing is not just telling the 5Ws and 1H of a story, it goes beyond that. I enjoyed it because I liked the purpose and the responsibility of being a campus journalist.

With HF I met a lot of different people with contrasting personalities. I will say that if you will see the interaction in the HF office it is evident that we are a melting pot of different personalities and culture. But despite the differences, we still managed to work together successfully and harmoniously. Why? Because our diversity is united by one purpose: Student Service.


The next school year, I applied to become an editor but I failed. It was really a big blow to me since I was expecting that I will make it. I applied for two positions: News Editor and Office and Circulations Manager. I was sure that I will surely get one of the two positions. But I did not. It taught me a big lesson to never be that confident.

And well the next time I applied to be an editor, I made it and well I become the Editor-in-Chief. A dream come true for me. Who knew this will happen?

But to tell you honestly, I was miles better when I was just an ordinary staff rather than editor. I was an outstanding staff but a mediocre editor. But I love my team, they were very supportive and I really thank them a lot because without them I could have quit as EIC long time ago. They were not the problem why I feel this way as an editor, it is all me. I sometimes wish I became a section editor first before I jumped from being a senior staff to EIC. I could have perform better. But its futile for me to think that anymore. But I guess this part of God's plan for me. All setbacks I experience has a reason. I may not know them now but later in life I will understand it.

I have lots of HF stories to tell but the space is not enough because of the rich experience I had but I believe I already made my point.

Being with HF, is no walk in the park. If you want to join HF, you must remember that we does not just look with your skills on writing, art, photography and graphic design but what it is important is that you have the heart that will help you survive this life full of pressures.

Being with HF, I've learned a lot of stuff even more than what I could learn in school. It makes sense being with HF I continuously learned and what I learned was not confined by textbooks and classroom discussions. I learned through experience that I will bring along as I leave this publication and university.

Being part of a school publication has been a dream for me for such a long time and when I became a part of it I could not complain less.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Ticket

Here it is.

I'm just days away to the end of my college life. And the start of a new chapter of my life. This Holy Week I am really reflecting. I need to find myself and discover what will I do for the rest of my life. Unlike in school where everything has a foreseeable end, life after college is unpredictable. I know it is different out there. Wish me luck.


Last Tuesday [March 18] I supervised the Editorial Board examinations. HF is ushering to a new era. A better year I hope. I already committed myself that I will train and guide the future EB this summer since there will be a lot of new faces in next year's slate. I learned from my shortcomings the past year and this will serve as the fuel for me to impart important knowledge to them. March 26 will be the panel interview where I invited two of my previous editors to seat as panelists. This will be exciting.

I love Heraldo Filipino and after my dismal performance this year the least I could do is give my all for the remaining time of my term and help the next batch editors by guiding them and preparing them to the tough road ahead.


The start of the year was a difficult time for me. Well, until now actually. I am still haunted with the events of January. It sucks to feel this way. I want to move on. I tried. I diverted my attention. But in the end I could not escape this feeling. I'm such a coward. I'm so weak. Everything was going fine until January. From there everything went downhill. I have no one to blame but myself. I wish I could turn back time. But I know I cant and have to face the consequences. And somehow my decisions in the future will be affected by this.
How I wish I was stronger.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Far We've Come

Today was the Baccalaureate Mass and we are now just a finger away to the end of our college life. Up to now, I could not still believe how fast it seem my college life has been. I kept saying to myself "Parang kailan lang". I will really miss my block-JOU 41-. I love these people. My block is a melting pot of mix personalities but somehow we could work together and live harmoniously (most of the times haha). We've grown a lot, I could still recall how frustrated I was on how "passive" and "lazy" my classmates were back in freshman year but hey as each semester and summer term ends we are growing and getting mature. We witnessed each other's success and shortcomings. We learned from each other. I will miss their never ending inquiries: "Jec required ba umatend dyan" ,"Jec may pasok?", "Jec may assignment?", "Jec pwede pa ba magpasa?" , "Jec may number ka ni____" I will miss those text messages. There was even a time that I received five to six messages back to back to back asking a same question. Since second year I have been the official "messenger and reminder" of my block through text [Group Message], Friendster bulletin et al. I love doing that, I always want all of us to be well informed and no one is left out. And I'm sure they will miss my GMs too.

Senti Moment again *sigh*

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Although the graduating students are already allowed to enter DLSU-D on civilian clothings I opted not to. I chose to wear my uniform. I will wear civilian clothes all my life anyway. Today was the last time I will ever wear my DLSU-D uniform. Unlike other students, I love wearing school uniforms, it is more comfortable for me. And I really feel like a student when I'm in my uniforms.
From now on, my uniforms will now stay in my closet. I'm gonna miss wearing it.
Also today, fixed up some stuff for thesis and now we are now on the next level, printing the thesis using DLSU-D thesis paper and book bind. Yehey! Got my Globe DLSU-D SIM which we unknowingly paid for on our tuition this sem, so even though I will not maximize the features of this SIM (access of grades? no-classes announcements? I'm graduating!) I still claimed my SIM since I paid for this. But I did not change my number and just gave my SIM to my sister.
I also applied for the Alumni ID today, it was easy. In a few weeks time, my ajb2091 portal account will be gone forever. And will now use my new identity A08-08541, my alumni portal account.
After a year of gathering dust at the Dean's office, I claimed my certificates for becoming a Dean's Lister during the two semesters of my Junior Year. However, one certificate misspelled my name: JEOCUP.
Muntik ko nang malimutan na kunin ang mga certificate ko, better late than never.
I am also a Dean's Lister for this semester so I still have a certificate to claim by 1st sem next school year. Yehey!
Had my last last general staff meeting on a regular class day. But a few came. So I will still call for another meeting on March 28, the distribution of grade sheets. But anyway, I still captured the moment, here are the photos.
Had an impromptu heart-to-heart talk with Dr.Martin, Dean of Student Services. It was out of the blue, so sudden but I'm glad it happened. I cried during our talk. Quite embarrassing. But it felt good.
Thank You Dean Martin! I will never forget you.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Jestoni and Kittens

Today was our graduation rehearsal, it was chaotic. Disorganized. And there was one quite funny incident as the registrar got angry at the Business Management students because one of them wrote JESTONI ALARCON in the attendance sheet. Me and my classmates find it odd why of all people that guy will write Jestoni Alarcon? As my classmate Ish said "Why not Sam Milby, Piolo Pascual or Jun Lozada?"

Later at 6pm,the Communication Arts Department held its recognition night. I was awarded the Leadership award for Broadcast Journalism. Thank you so much. I'm flattered. Ish and Apple bag Best Thesis for Broadcast Journalism and Jan for Academic Excellence for Broadcast Journalism.

However, I feel envious over the Communication students since their subjects such as Editorial Management,Advertising Management and Developmental Communication gave special citations on their achievements on their subjects. We? Zero. We receive no love from our subjects.
I'm sorry for the sour graping but we can't help but feel sad. It was always like that like when we were in third year, we produced publications, news programs, documentaries,music videos, short films and other media productions but we were not eligible for the Gawad Tala, where the Communication students' efforts on their media productions are recognized.
We are not competing with our Communication brothers and sisters. But we just felt that we should also be recognized for our efforts. We are ignored.
While the Communication students cheered as they bag awards after one another we Broadcast Journalism students felt out-of-place since we could not relate. Parang saling pusa lang kami.
Our department advocates that we should be one family but with this kind of system we could not help but feel isolated.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Final Touches

Tomorrow is our graduation rehearsal from 9-11 am. Then in the evening we are invited to attend to the Recognition Day of our department where we, the graduating students will be treated to something special daw.
On Monday, we will have the Baccalaureate Mass and Class Picture taking.
My digicam will be busy.
Every moment is important.
I feel bad with some of my classmates who will not graduate since they failed their thesis. Whenever I send out GM (group message) regarding graduation-related reminders I will almost include their numbers, good thing though I realize it before I punched their numbers. If I did that I will just make them feel bad.
Our block started with 40 students, now about 20 people will march at PICC on March 25. Some shifted course, transferred schools, became irregulars due to flunked subjects, stopped for a semester while others failed pivotal subjects.
We are the survivors.
But how I wished my other classmates will be with us in PICC. We will be incomplete.
I saw some of the third year students today who were busy with their thesis topic proposal defense.I felt nostalgic. One year ago, I was just like them, so nervous thinking on how will the defense eat you alive haha. Back then, I decided to leave my original group since I felt that it will not work out and went solo. It was frightening to do it alone but I survived and well, I got the highest grade, defense performance and paper combined.
In summer, when I already was chosen to be the next EIC of HF. I thought that it will be difficult for me to do the rest of my thesis alone. And well I absorbed my classmate Jasmin, who broke up with her original thesis partner since their partnership is not working out and they want to save their friendship. Jasmin had apprehensions at first since our classmates might think that she will just have a free ride on my thesis.I told her that do no mind what they will think and prove to them that you will be an asset to the study. She did and our partnership worked.
She was nervous at first that she might pull our team come defense since she is not confident that she could present well. I assured her that do not be anxious as long as we believe in our study and know it by heart, we could survive the defense. And we did. I was so proud of Jasmin during our thesis defense, she was so prepared and ready. She was nervous but she shined.
And guess what, we had the highest grade in the oral defense (97 % according to Mam Cachuela, our adviser). I said to Jasmin, we deserved it! She thanked me for absorbing her but I also said to her that I am more thankful to you since this thesis will not be successful without her help.
Now we are currently doing the final touches of our thesis. I feel so proud. Our topic may not be a "best thesis material" (as said by our panelists) but I don't care since I enjoyed doing this thesis and learned so many stuff and not just about the topic per se but life lessons.
Communication Research is indeed one of the highlights of my college life.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


For the past two days, I stayed at home since I felt sick. I miss going to school. Although basically I don't have anything to do yet. Well I do have some HF responsibilities left but the press work for HF4 is done and I'm giving way to the finals exam week of the other students. After that back to work on finishing the remaining publications.
The past two days gave me time to think. To be honest, I feel so disappointed on how I performed as the EIC of HF team 22. I do not want to wallow to self pity but I have to be honest to myself: I did mediocre.
It is the sad truth. I just felt that I was just like the caretaker of this year's batch. I took some risks that flopped. I became so complacent. I became so passive. I was spineless. I took it easy.
One of the reasons why I did not submitted an application for the Student Awards for Campus Journalist of the Year is because I don't deserve it.
I feel guilty when some people praise me, I am overrated.
But all the stuff I experienced as EIC will be forever in my heart. I learned so much. I do hope that somehow my co-editors and staffers learned something from me too. I hate being emotional. I just need to let this out.
Still, I'm thanking God that he let me experience this. This is definitely one unforgettable experience. How I wish I have done better.
After graduation, I will still spend my summer with HF, doing my remaining responsibilities and making it sure that there will be a smooth transition with Team 23 editorial board.
After that I will not go job hunting yet. I am fortunate that I'm not really pressured to work immediately and I already told my parents that I will have a "vacation" first before I face the real world.
I just need time to think and reflect what I really want in my life.
What career path I would like to pursue.
Time to recover from all the disappointments I caused.
Time to heal.
Time to recharge.

Because I want to face the future with a better and stronger me.

Sunday, March 09, 2008



The grade for OJT which was delayed was finally uploaded today. I am now, finally, an official graduating student since I no longer have deficiencies. Yehey!


I got the edited thesis by the Languages department. Yehey! Attended a career talk by an AB COM Alumnus which is just okay. We also now have the winners of PALAD Creative Writing Workshop, disappointing since we don't have winners for the short story and essay categories this year since the average scores of the entries were so low [it did not even reach 75%] so we decided not to have a winner for the said categories. The judges were: yours truly, Grace [literary editor], Ate Heidi [former Literary editor who now works with Cavite Studies Center and Sir Mok [Palad Adviser and EIC of HF in the early 90s who now works for the Institutional Communications Office of DLSU-D]. Ang pangit naman mag-award for the sake na may manalo lang even if the work is not really that good.

Two days ago

HF4 finally finished. Yes, the 4th issue is embarrassingly late. Because of that HF5 will now be released on April in time for summer classes and to address the students who don't have summer classes, we will circulate hf5 copies on the enrollment sched for 1st semester on May.
I actually have something to pitch to the incoming EB to solve this problem [delayed release]. It is just sad that I did not realize this earlier on, it could have help my term prevent this problem.

Three days ago

Spent all day the HF office doing a lot of stuff. Stressful indeed. Anyway, its the home stretch anyway. Bumigay na yung pinto ng locker ko. Well, the HF lockers are really old already, since 1990s pa.
I also helped out some of my editors on their thesis [chapters 1 to 3] through advices and tips. Feeling expert? I really feel proud of our thesis, yes it was simple but nevertheless it was praised during the defense and the criticism I've gotten was sort of a complement as well since they said I conducted a study who is beneath my capacity. Well, I said to myself if I will pursue my plans in the future to have an MA, I will do a better thesis. Anyway, I believe our thesis got the highest grade in my block (3.25). I'm so proud!

Four days ago

We were required to attend this job fair in school but it was a bit useless since there were no companies present in the fair that is suited for our field. Well, I don't count call centers as an area suited for us. I have nothing against call centers. The call center industry really helped provide employment to a lot of Filipinos. For me its okay if you will be a call center agent for the meantime due to financial reasons but don't ever consider that field to be something for the long term.

Five days ago

I claimed my toga today. I was tempted to wear it and look at the mirror to see how I will look but I resisted the urge thinking baka mausog haha.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Twenty Tunes 3


Akala Mo Lang-Zelle
2. Whatever It Takes-Lifehouse
3.Under Repair-Imago
4. Procrastinator-Sandwich
5. Evidence-Urban Dub
6. Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis
7. No Air-Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown
8. Love Song-Sarah Bareilles
9. Pasubali-Spongecola
10. Cat and Mouse-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
11. Love Like This-Natasha Bedingfield feat Sean Kingston
12. See You Again-Miley Cyrus
13. Shadow of the Day-Linkin Park
14. With You-Chris Brown
15. Boys Do Fallin Love-Parokya ni Edgar
16. Nine in the Afternoon-Panic! at the Disco
17. Low-Flo Rida feat T-Pain
18. Wont Go Home Without You-Maroon Five
19. Feedback-Janet Jackson
20. Monobloc-Pupil

Twenty Tunes 2

Twenty Tunes 1

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I've been talking about graduation since my senior year started and now that I am days away to the culmination, I just could not explain the feeling I have right now. But definitely this feeling is so overwhelming.
I'm sure I will graduate. No more worries about that. I have to admit that how I wished I will graduate with honors,but then what I learned about college that is not just all about grades. It's the experience. It really is. But I wont deny it would have been great if I achieved that. But I'm satisfied that I survived and gained a lot [not just weight ha!ha!]. Some say that they love high school more than college but not for me. I love college! I will never forget this chapter of my life.


This is the first week of no more regular classes. So this week I spent my time at Heraldo Filipino, doing work but savoring each moment by chatting with my editors and staffers. Reminiscing with my batch mates. Seriously, I think I'll cry during our year end workshop. When the time has come that I will clean out my locker, what would I feel?
I'm a sentimental guy and I'm not ashamed of it [defensive? haha]
You know what, last the general staff meeting we had yesterday after the regular HF matters were announced and discussed, I started sharing to my staff the things I've realized and learned during my stay at HF and as a college student as well, the obstacles you will face and how you will grow over the years. It was an unplanned talk actually. Unconsciously, I was sort of having a farewell speech already. We still have two regular general staff meetings left and I could just imagine how I will act on my last general staff meeting ever. Ack! It kinda sucks to be a senti guy sometimes.

Other stuff that happened this week:
  • Halalan, HF's Student Elections newsletter released
  • Exit Interview and Graduation Guidelines discussion with Associate Dean
  • My last time to vote on the Student Council Elections
  • Got my grad pics already
  • Supported Bebeth, my classmate who joined Fashion Eclipse [formerly called Fashion Exposure]. I watched it with Patricia, our former classmate during our freshmen year and who represented us in the Fashion Exposure of that year and won. She stopped attending school in our sophomore year when she got pregnant and returned to school last semester. We had a nice talk and motherhood really changed her and I have to say she is an inspiring person.
  • Grades released and I'm happy with the results
  • Did the most exciting part of thesis writing: Acknowledgment
Ate Babes, DLSU-D's traffic enforcer was hit by a jeepney. She is in the hospital right now and I'm really praying she will recover soon. She is a sweetheart. Everytime you will see her you will really feel blissful because of her genuine and warmth smile. It was said before that a student who was on the verge of suicide was stopped because s/he felt inspired when s/he saw ate Babes smiling wholeheartedly despite the strenuous atmosphere she was in.
And if you have seen her personally you will understand why.

Get well soon Ate Babes, DLSU-D needs you.