Friday, November 30, 2007


Starting 12 midnight until 5 am CURFEW will be implemented in Metro Manila,Region 3 and Region 4.


Bago ako pumasok eh napanood ko nga sa news na nag walkout nga sila Trillanes. Pagdating naman sa school yung ibang classmates ko clueless sa balita although yung iba narinig na yun. Pero we were all pre occupied with sa pag aasikaso ng OJT at thesis. Business as usual


When I got home my mother was watching the news and I asked her kung all day ba yan ang palabas, sabi nya oo. Then ang balita pagkadating ko eh pinosasan ang mga media. I was shocked. Tsaka lang nag sink in sakin na malala na pala ang situation. Then up next sa news eh yung announcement na mag kaka curfew nga. Mas lalo akong kinabahan. Nag text brigade na ako about sa curfew, walang pasok bukas baka gabihin sila.

Hay nakakaba ang mga pangyayari ngayon lalo na yung pangigipit sa media. Kahapon nasa Makati ako at nag aasikaso ng OJT sa People's Journal. Paano kaya kung kahapon ito nangyari o ngayon ako nag asikaso ng OJT?


Sana hindi mangyari ang iniisip ko ngayon. In this situation, you can't help but feel paranoid.


Tapos na yung coverage ng major networks. Back to regular programming. Pero ewan ko lang kung may gana pang manonood ang mga tao ng Princess Sarah o Zaido sa mga pangyayari ngayon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Minor Revision

We had our thesis defense today and the results are great! We were given favorable response by the panelists [sir artin and mam sarile] and Mam Sarile even praised our Chapter 2 [Review of Related Literature] Me and Jasmin were surprised because we did not expect that since we thought our RRL is not that strong. During the defense proper we were not given a hard time, no nerve wracking cross examination and Mam Sarile even commented that she does not see any problem. I am so happy because I know Mam Sarile is hard to please and we are glad that she liked our thesis. The one thing I did wrong according to sir Artin was how I wore my necktie
I am also pround of my classmates because out of the 7 who had defense today [the first batch by the way], 5 were Broadcast Journalism students. Kudos to PIO peeps Ruzelle and Ate Mars, the Mangangalaykay group Jan,Christian,Levin,Cherisvil and ghie ,the ZTE queen Jinky and the Rizalistas Nelly,Bebeth and Jaja.We all did good today guys!

Thank you to our very supportive thesis adviser Mam Nornelyn Cachuela and Communication Research 2 professor Sir Artin Umali for the pushing us to be the best that we could be.

To my thesis partner Jasmin, we did it! What's amazing is that we never really went overnight, we worked on our thesis online, through Yahoo Messenger. All our hardwork paid off.

Thank you to our respondents, the Broadcast Journalism students from first year to to fourth year for cooperating by answering our survey sheets. Without your responses, our thesis will not be possible

To Mr.Leo Katigbak of Studio 23, we are so thankful that you accomodated us and squeeze our appointment for interview despite your hectic schedule.

Thank you God, for guiding us throughout this thesis writing time.

Nabunutan na ako ng isang malaking tinik

PS: LUMINDOL pala kanina, hindi ko naramdaman,kung nagkataon pala na malakas yung lindol napaka eventful naman ng thesis defense namin hehe

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Going Green

The Environmental Special of La Salleno [magazine of Heraldo Filipino] titled GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT had its launching last November 15 at Tanghalan Julian Felipe. It is another breakthrough since this is the first time that HF had a launching for one of its publication. I'm happy to report that the event was a success. Former Actor and Environmentalist Roy Alvarez Graced the event. Kudos to the Features Editor Christine Weizel Gulfan for a job well done as well as all the editors and staff who helped for making this event a success. Special thanks to Environmental Resource Management Center and USC for co-organizing this event and The Filipiniana Dance Company for their performance. To those who attended, THANK YOU! Hope you learn something about the alarming environment issues. See photographs of the event here.

Too bad though, I was not present the whole time because of classes nevertheless I was not worried because I know the event will run smoothly because the people who I trusted to manage this event worked very hard.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Nostalgia Fit [Elementary days]

I studied in a very small private school at Bulihan, Silang, Cavite (note: we are really are far from Silang proper. Dasmarinas, GMA, Carmona are way nearer to us. I really have a hard time explaining where I live because when I say Silang people think we are near Tagaytay and some wonder why I ride a jeep going to GMA,well my barangay is just in front of GMA sandwiched between Dasma and Carmona. The name of the school is Risen Christ Catholic School (RCCS). Sounds Fancy? To be honest my school was not that good. We have no library, clinic, school publication, gymnasium, auditorium,laboratories,clubs (except the student council) and other facilities that is needed. RCCS rarely joins inter school competitions.Our school is just made up of two buildings,the other one during my time was not that completely furnished because the third floor rooms was not painted and had no doors! (Thank God I never had a homeroom there).Our school is also known as Simbahan since before the construction of the buildings. the school was located near the church (Risen Christ Parish) but the name sticked. Incidentally there are other schools in my place with weird nicknames. There are two public elementary schools adjacent each other, one is named Bagong Buhay Elem School the other BSSPES (I forgot the meaning).Their nicknames are "Bago" and 'Luma" The public highschool was previously known as, well 'high school", but later on it became "Annex". So if your new in my place I know you will find it weird when you ask someone where s/he studies and their response will be "simbahan", "bago", "luma" and "highschool/annex". Anyways, back to my RCCS reminiscing, I studied there for 10 years (grade one-4th year).I did not enter pre school because I refuse to be away from home but my mother "forced" me to finally enroll but straight to elementary na since if I became a preschooler first I will be behind since its already late when I started studying. Due to some shock I felt with the new environment, I did poor during the first grading, all my grades were 80 below (but no failing mark). But my mother strive to teach me and later on I had good grades. I even entered the top 10 list on the succeding grading periods but was disqualified to be part of the final top10 come recognition due to my poor first grading performance. But i had a pa consuelo award (Most Diligent). The succeding years I became a consistent honor student (gr.2- top 6,gr.3 and 4, top4). In fifth grade we had a star section (before we did not have and the ranking of the honor students were done per section not the over all batch) and I faced stiff competition but one good thing about it that it did not become personal. I experienced sharing the 10th post with two other people during the first grading then i jumped to 4th the next grading and maintained it the next grading but for the final list I ended up at no.5. During that year the honor's list was comprised of 23 students and every grading the rankings changed,the only one who was not defeated was the top 1 (actually that guy hold that place for 10 years!). The next year, grade 6, the old system came back (the honor students were split up) but it was a bit unfair,in the end I ranked 8th (6th honorable mention).I was surprised with the result and I knew something was wrong. Hindi sa pagyayabang But I knew how I performed in class and I did not think I will end up being 8th.I found out that my other classmates shares the same feeling that something was wrong. But we did not do anything, we were just kids....

In elementary, I love to play but later on because of my asthma attacks I was just confined with just observing them. Although I still play but I restrict my self from playing strenous stuff like habulan and taya tayaan. Teks, jolens,scrabble, dampa those are the stuff that I play.

Despite my 'nerdy' personality I was not really a bully's target. I don't know why...

I love going to school because that is the only place where I have friends.

To sum this up, my childhood is a bit unusual. I'm such a studious, grade-conscious kid back then. But in academics I feel happy because that is the only thing I excel on.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Four Reasons Why I am Happy Today

  • After weeks of delay the second issue of Heraldo Filipino was released today [see entry below].
  • I received my HF evaluation and I'm pleased with the outcome. Thank you team 22 for the trust and the kind words you've written in the comments. I will strive even more in performing my responsibility.
  • The second draft of our thesis was also released today and it only had a few stuff for us to fix. Sir Artin added that if our thesis adviser is satisfied with the third draft, we could now be scheduled for defense. And I believe we are nearing closer since before we submitted our draft 2, our thesis adviser told us that our thesis is already okay. I'm nervous for the defense but I could not wait any longer. Wish us luck.
  • So far I love my subjects this sem because we have the two of the best professors in DLSU-D teaching us. Sir Roel Ramirez, APR for Cross Cultural Communication and Dr. Ricardo "RS" Santiago for Professional Ethics in Media. They are the type of professors that really challenges the students to be the best that they can be. I'm so looking forward attending their classes


After weeks of delay the second issue of Heraldo Filipino was released today. So far the feedbacks we've been receiving are generally good.It really feels good whenever I see a student reading HF. Weeks of hard work paid off. Next week La Salleno magazine will be out and it is all about ENVIRONMENT.

Here is the frontpage for the second issue of HF:

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This is the 6th page where I have my column:

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Friday, November 09, 2007


We had our OJT orientation earlier today. And well reality kick in for me. We have to complete 200 hours. And well we could start in two to three weeks, there are just documents needed to be taken care of. Well, as expected, I'm nervous and excited. Worried because on how I will be able to manage and cope this sem, 2nd sem is fast paced compared to the first sem, so there is a limited time for so many things to do. I'm talking about HF stuff, this sem there 2 contests we will organize, 3 more issues of the broadsheet, 1 issue each for LS,Just Play, Alipato,Palad and Decreto. All should be finished and released within this sem.
Oh and There is still the nerve wracking thesis saga. And I'm kinda guilty because this week I'm not being productive. Must get back to work mode.There is no more room for "pa easy easy" lifestyle.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Start of the End

Tomorrow is the start of the second semester. I only have four subjects left plus OJT and thesis defense. Only a few months left before I graduate. I will make the most out of it. This will be a nerve wracking semester. I just hope come tomorrow we will have schedule for thesis defense already or notice if we need a draft 3. The waiting is killing me. I want to move on with my 2nd sem subjects already. But the past [aka thesis] is still haunting us.
I have not made any move regarding my OJT, the semestral break for me was so busy with HF duties and thesis revision. Plus, our department will have an orientation first, but they did not announce when? Hopefully tomorrow, everything will be cleared to us already.
The final semester and for the nth time how time flies...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pathetic Drama

I love my family, but I just could not stand what's happening right now. I'm irked with my older siblings, for pete's sake they are now in their late 20s but they haven't matured. Yes, they have jobs but I still feel nothing have changed, my brother's salary for example is manage by mother, could not blame my mother though since my brother does not handle money properly. But then again my brother should prove to my parents he could do it, he could be independent. But I guess he is not ready yet. But when will he be ready? My sister, our eldest, lately I'm annoyed with her. I salute her hardwork and her being madiskarte but lately she is acting like a brat. Right now there is a drama in the house because of her. She got tampo with Tatay because Tatay was cold to her earlier in the morning, Tatay's reason is valid, he asked something from my sister but she did not do it. I also understand that Tatay is sometimes annoying when is angry to us because he does not scold us or confront us personally but instead he would text us very hurtful words. I experienced that too, but I don't make a scene thus creating a bigger problem. That is what my sister is doing right now. What a drama queen! She should act her age. Add to that Nanay's nagging who does not help because she would just find people to blame. She is worried, i know and she releases that through nagging even if her sermons does not make any sense.
I'm so annoyed right now!I'm sorry if I am releasing it through this. I just want to let it is out!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gawad Abdul: Halloween Edition

Gawad Abdul is the Heraldo Filipino Awards Night which happens every Midyear and/or Yearend Workshop of HF . [By the way, in case you're curious Abdul is our mascot, he is a dog which symbolizes watchdog]. To spice up Gawad Abdul for this year's midyear workshop we decided to have the theme of Halloween and it was fun, because a lot of the staffers really dressed up. I failed to mention in my previous post that we also awarded BEST COSTUME, it was won by an art staffer, Ella. This is how she looked like:

Actually, nag-effort talaga ang art section sa costume, just look at them:

To see more Gawad Abdul pictures, click here

The Art staff and Photographer Andrew were really in Halloween Mode that night and took more pictures and the results were really amazing. Here is a sample:

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See more pictures at Andrew's Multiply account