Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Today I interviewed Henry Omaga Diaz of ABS CBN for a school project under sir Jun Del Rosario's class. We haven't had hard time scheduling a interview with sir Henry becuause Sir Jun was the one who actually helped us get an appointment. We did not expect Sir Jun to do that we just asked him if he knows how to contact Mr. Henry Omaga Diaz since they are former co workers and right then he picked up his cell phone and called Mr. Henry and scheduled us an interview. He also helped the other group who will interview Gus Abelgus.
We almost failed to interview Mr. Henry because the guard over at ABS CBN is giving us a hard time good thing though Kate [from the Gus Abelgus group] contacted Sir Jun and asked for help and he asked us to give the phone to the guard and-alas- we were let in. Sir Jun was a big help.
We waited for a while at the ABS CBN newsroom, and right there I could really feel the tension and stress, well it was almost 5 pm that time and the news people were busy obviously for TV Patrol.
We were called up and proceeded to the News and Current Affairs office to meet Sir Henry. He was nice and very accommodating to us. I felt at ease while interviewing him. Our topic was about the use of hidden cameras in Investigative Journalism. I learned a lot from him.
I'm glad we finished one of so many tasks ahead. This will be a stressful last few weeks of the semester. Wish me luck that I could accomplish successfully all the assignments knocking on my door.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome Back

After a month of hiatus, thesis is back. Oh well, our draft one got a poor grade
Draft two is due on October 5. A consolation though is that the chapter 4 has no big problems. That chapter is very vital. We have a weak chapter 2. Need to focus once more to meet the deadline. We need to pass a 95% better output this time.

For three days, I became a student administrator for Students' Week. I became the Student Publications Office Director. I had fun though of course there were problems I have to handle but hey I'm with Heraldo Filipino, so facing stress is nothing new hehe.


Two weeks left for regular class this sem. Once more, how time flies. I'm now loaded with so many school projects, two documentaries, one exhibit for our educational broadcasting, thesis (see above). Plus press work for the second issue of HF and first issue of LS.


As the sem draws to a close, I'm evaluating myself. How was I as student? as EIC of HF?
I think I did fine but not that great as I hope I would become.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My favorite cliche

How time flies...

It really is. It's already the finals period for this sem. I'm now swamped with so many things to do. We will have our thesis defense next sem pa raw according to our prof when I talked to him earlier. It's almost a month since we submitted our first draft. I was thesis-free for the last few weeks. And anytime this week, it will be back. Must get ready.

Last year, I was in Baguio, attending a campus journalism workshop. Now, a new breed of HF people went there to experience it. I had great time last year and I'm sure they will too.

Last week, we [JOU41] had our Retreat. It was really great. Had a nice bonding time with my blockmates.And I'm just glad I belonged to this block. I used to have frustrations on my section but as the years went by, we became better and stronger. I will sure miss them once we graduate.

Tomorrow is the 6th Palad Seminar-Workshop. I just hope things will turn out fine tomorrow. But honestly, I just feel that we are not fully prepared. Or I am just so nervous because Palad is already an establish event at HF, I just dont want to screw that up.

I'm so excited on next sem's OJT. There are two opportunities knocking on my door,one is almost sure while the other 50/50 but what I really want is the latter. So i will take the risk and hope that I'll get in. But if not, I already have my back up plans.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britney and Erap

I watched Britney Spears "comeback" performance at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS over at YouTube and it was awful. Britney is not a good singer but she makes up to it through her dancing but her 2007 VMA performance was dreadful. Lacks energy and she shouldn't have worn that, it highlighted her current figure . She used to have great abs. Britney is train wreck.

I'm glad Erap was convicted guilty. But whether I like it or not Erap is the "star" right at this moment, the sympathy is on him. Thanks to PGMA's bad reputation, bumango si Erap, which sucks because it does not follow that if PGMA is not a good president, Erap was.
I was really smirking when I watched a news report that showed that the Erap supporters prepared two shirts, placards, posters etc. one for if erap is convicted guilty and another if not. Well funded ah?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Must See TV: Brothers and Sisters

ave you been craving for some good family drama on television?
If your answer is yes, then I recommend you to watch Brothers and Sisters. This program has a stellar cast lead by accomplished movie actress Sally Field and some of our TV favorites Calista Flockhart [Ally McBeal] Ron Rifkin [Sloan of Alias], and Rachel Griffiths [Six Feet Under]. This program tells the story of the Walker family as they deal with their issues with one another. This show is classified under the drama category but this show is not heavy drama because it also has its funny moments especially the scenes with Nora [Field], the mother and Kitty [Flockhart] her daughter who is the only Republican in their family. I like the writing of the show because of its sharp, witty and could-relate-to dialogue and conversations that will really tug your heartstrings. The casting of this show is excellent, all of them have chemistry. I also like that the characters in this program are not one dimensional, when there are conflicts, there is no usual protagonist/antagonist. Sometimes, all the people involved in a conflict have their own flaws.This show brings out the best and worst out of each family member and makes us think, hey, they're exactly like my family.

Mondays, 9:30pm, Studio 23

Sundays, 10:00pm, ABC

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No longer a teen

My clock in my cellphone says its 12 midnight. Its already September 5. With that, I turn20. It's my birthday. Two decades. I've been into this world for that long. Goodbye teenage years. I know I was not your typical teen. I may have missed out on a lot of stuff normal teenagers do. But there is no regrets. I used to regret on the things I did not do. But as the years go by, I've learned that every choices I made helped me grow and molded me into what I am today. And I thank God for that.


As some of you may know, this day is not really a "happy" birthday because of the shocking death of my grandmother last Sunday. The last few days were so difficult. I go to school and for a time I forget the pain. But no matter how I distract myself, the pain is still there. I feel so sad. I know someday I will accept that she is no longer with us. But please understand that even though I know that Mama Eyang does not want me to sad on my birthday, I could not pretend not to be sad. But I appreciate the people who are cheering me up. Your words are greatly appreciated. I'm touched.

But please understand why I don't feel like celebrating at all.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Saddest Birthday

My birthday is on September 5. An this will be the`saddest birthday. My father informed just a few minutes ago, that my grandmother (maternal) died. It was sudden. A few hours earlier our relatives from Bohol called telling that mama eyang was rushed into the hospital. My grandmother is a healthy woman so it really shocked us to know that. I feel so sad. When my mother called me, I cried so hard. Her death affected me very mucH. She is the only living grandparent I have since my other grandparents died when I was really young. I admit we are not really close since she could not speak tagalog that much. But I love her and always admire her for being a strong woman. She lives alone in Bohol although almost of her neighbors are relatives. I just feel so sad, because I haven't seen her in like 6 years. My mother saw her last year when they had a vacation. Who would have thought it would be the last? It just painful for me because I know my mother is in pain because she was not with her mother on her last few moments here in this world. We have a plan pa naman that after I graduate we will visit her. It will not happen anymore. I just feel so sad right now. I'm still in shock that Mama Eyang is no longer with us.

God Bless mama Eyang. I love you very much and I'm sorry