Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Hundred

I miss having my OJT at Journal Group of Publications. I miss proofreading. I miss the office.
I'll drop by hopefully next week to give tokens of appreciation.
March is just a few days away and with the regular classes over I am feeling the "end" more. Some of my friends and classmates are already asking where I would like to work. I could not answer them straight because I do not know yet. I just sa "isipin ko na lang pag ka graduate na" . Technically, I will still be at school around May because my term as EIC will end on that month though I will no longer have to do a lot of stuff by that time since the incoming Editorial Board will take over.
Speaking of HF, we are late once more :( It is just hard since my staffers and editors were all busy with their academics. Sigh. Anyways, one good thing though the student elections newsletter will be on time.
The EB applications started already. I already invited the panelists for the panel interview and currently preparing the EB exams. Shucks, sometimes it really felt that my EIC stint flew fast.
Memorable year of my life
Last Saturday was our Advertising Management presentation and we placed second. Not bad and I'm satisfied. Congrats to my team, the Viewpoint and to the winners: Izdihar's group 24/7. I'm really happy they won since they were the underdog and that group went to some trouble especially their leader Izdihar who earlier in that day was on the verge of a breakdown because of unexpected problems they faced. Who have thought that in the end they will win? Izdihar later texted me that she felt that their team did not deserve to win and I said to her don't think that way since they won fair and square and she should not feel guilty at all since they did not cheat or what. Do not let anything spoil your achievement.

Anyway, the subject of our advertising campaign proposal is a new light beer in the market. Our product is branded as Chill Lite.

Our Products: from right to left, Cool Drive (1st place), LiQ (5th place), Chill Lite (2nd place), Pivo (4th place), Swabeer (6th place) and Buzz (3rd place).

My Team: The Viewpoint

For more pictures click here

I'm excited to meet this fellow known as real world, sana hindi siya suplado.


This is my 200th blog entry =)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yeah, it's near

Our last meeting with Sir RS was very memorable, right classmates? It's an experience I will never forget. It would have been the perfect subject to end our regular class days. But nah, we will end with the presentation on tomorrow's Advertising Management class. It was an amusing scenario earlier where half of the class were online at YM, doing (cramming?) for the final requirements due the next day. Well this is the last time we would cram for school work. The feeling is starting to sink in. It is bittersweet

Saturday, February 16, 2008



How could I forgot? It's a bit late but as the cliche goes"better late than never", last February 3 this blog celebrated its third birthday!
Pretty amazing that this blog have gone this far. It just started as "wala lang". I used to blog at the library [the ERS for DLSU-D students/alumni] and now I do it more frequent because I now have Internet access at home. This blog has witnessed a lot events in my life haha.
Thank you to all visitors from classmates,to org-mates, to acquaintances, to online buddies and lurkers.

Let me share to you my very first post:


My dream is to become a journalist that's why I took up Broadcast Journalism. But I'm afraid I lack the qualities to be one. First of all I never had any experience. Even highschool journalism, I never experienced. Well my high school did not have a school paper anyway. Why? I really don't know why our school administration did not want to have one. It really frustrates me whenever I think of all the things I missed out. I could have learn the basics IF I had the chance to be a campus scribe. For a while I thought of not taking this course because I'm so scared that I could not do it. But my long time aspiration prevailed so I decided to pursue it anyway. Then comes another dilemma, the school I want to enroll does not offer JOURNALISM ONLY instead a double major BROADCAST JOURNALISM. The "inhibition cell" of my brain worked again? I'm not good in speaking, I stutter and talk fast. Plus I'm a shy person. And lastly I'm not good looking; definitely not a TV type person. But I don't want to go to other schools that offer journalism only because they are far from home. So in the end I enrolled for the broadcast journalism program. I said to myself " Well there is still journalism and I could learn".
Well I'm still here already near the end of my first year and I must say I'm doing okay. But my subjects are still the minor ones, we will having major subjects by next sem. I'm looking forward for it, I know it will be hard but I do hope I could do it.


Oh my. I feel so nostalgic. I wrote this one as a frustrated freshman now I'm near the end! And well who would have thought in 3 years time, my dream will be a reality, well at least in the field of campus journalism.

I love blogging! With my blog looking back is so much fun to do.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chart Geek Moment

Well, as I've mentioned before I'm a CHART GEEK. I love music charts/countdowns whether local or international. And last Friday, I was surprised when my e-mail was chosen in the CHART BEAT CHART portion of It was my first time to e-mail Fred Bronson [the "Ernie Baron" of Billboard charts] and I did not expect my e-mail to be chosden. Here is the link

If you are too lazy to click the link, here it is:


I'm curious if there has ever been an instance when there were songs occupying the same position. I'm not talking about two-sided singles, but two separate songs that were tied for the same position. Is it even possible?


Jecoup Asombrado
Cavite, The Philippines

Dear Jecoup,

Under current chart policies, there are tiebreakers in place and those rules have been sufficiently explicit to eliminate all ties. In general, ties are broken by awarding the title with the greatest increase over the previous week the higher position. If neither title has an increase (in sales and/or airplay, depending on the chart), then the title that has the smallest decrease is listed in the higher position.

You did ask if there has ever been a case where two songs occupied the same position, and if we're talking about the Hot 100, the answer is yes. On the chart dated March 7, 1960, "I Was Such a Fool" by the Flamingos fell from 74-100 and "Down by the Riverside" by Les Compagnons de la Chanson debuted at No. 100. The people who compiled the Hot 100 in 1960 are either no longer with Billboard or no longer with us on Earth, so it's not possible to ask them why this tie occurred.

Prior to the introduction of the Hot 100 in August 1958, ties on charts such as Best Sellers in Stores, Most Played by Jockeys and Most Played in Juke Boxes were commonplace. If two songs were tied at No. 11, there would be no song No. 12. The next song on the chart would be No. 13.

My e-mail was short but his answer was very comprehensive. With my "exposure" on the website it just raised up the ante on my chart geekiness ha!ha!

Anyway when you google my name that webpage will now show up!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Twenty Tunes 2

1.Cat and Mouse-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
2.Shadow of the Day-Linkin Park
3.Whatever It Takes-Lifehouse
5.Love Like This-Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston
6. Low-Flo Rida feat. T-Pain
7. With You-Chris Brown
8. I Dont Want You To Go-Kyla
9. Love Song-Sarah Bareilles
10. Don't Stop The Music-Rihanna
11. Wont Go Home Without You-Maroon Five
12. Guillotine-Urbandub
13. No Air-Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown
14. Pasubali-Spongecola
15. Cruschcrushcrush-Paramore
16. Simula-Mojofly
17. Nangangawit-Sugarfree
18. Evidence-Urban Dub
19. Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis
20.One Word-Elliott Yamin
Previous Twenty Tunes

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Over

OJT Day 33 [February 4]

My unexpected last day at OJT, yes I'm already done with OJT at Journal Group of Publications. Technically, I still have 30 hours left but when I inquired to Sir Mike, the published articles I had last December will make up for the remaining hours. It's over. Ang bilis.

I was supposed to submit my my attendance sheet and evaluation form from school today [Feb.5] but due to an emergency academic stuff I need to do, I was not able to come today. I will just submit it tomorrow and pick up the certificate and evaluation form on Monday [February 11]. I still have two days to have a formal goodbye to the people I've met in Journal.

Well, on my last OJT day I saw Sitti! She is gorgeous and friendly because she was the first one who smiled at us, I will not even notice her if she did not gaze towards us. I proofread the associate editor's column which for me was very interesting since he told what will happen on the session on the Congress that night, and he was right. His column is aptly titled "JOE 'DI NA SYA".

Oh well I will miss my OJT, I learned a lot stuff and mostly not about Journalism but life's lessons I will cherish and gave me a taste of the "real world".

side note:

Incidentally, People's Journal's headline today is also It's Over

Sunday, February 03, 2008

35 hours left

OJT Day 30 [January 28]

30 days. Wow, I could not believe how fast my OJT went. I'm now in the homestretch. Well, Mam Vilma commented to me that she though I was already finished with my OJT since I was absent last Wednesday. Hehe. Well, if my duty was 8 hours I've finish by now but then my duty is only for 5 hours a day only [sometimes 6 hours]. Anyways, I'm not complaining since I'm enjoying my stay here anyway.
Anyway, another day when food flooded in the office coming from advertisers. I could not refuse since as Kuya Buddy said "Dito bawal tumangi, ito na lang yung bonus namin dito kasi wala kaming pera haha". Such a strong statement from him that really got me.

OJT Day 31 [January 29]

It's a Tuesday and my co-interns are back. They are okay now, well some. There is one who still gets to my nerves, the way she bosses her classmates irritates me. But it is none of my business.
Anyways, I had a nice chat with Mam Vilma, we talked about her ex husband. It was a very interesting story and I feel happy that she opened that to me. I will definitely miss Mam Vilma when I end my OJT

OJT Day 32 [January 30]

I asked if I could seat on Ate Beth's cubicle since it was her day off plus we are already congested in the interns table, thank God they allowed me too. Yes, I will admit it was also a way for me to escape my co interns. Yeah I'm bad. But to my defense, I still do my best to help them if they ask me. I still have them use my highlighter [but not my pen anymore no, sa dami nila ni isa sa kanila walang ballpen? Come on].
Anyways, because I was separated from them I had more jobs to do since I no longer have to give way to them. Selfish? Maybe. But I do not want to be bored to death just watching them proofread while I do nothing for hours.
They stayed a little longer and for the first time I was the first one to go home.
I tallied my hours and I'm just 35 hours away until I leave Journal group. Sad.