Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Over

OJT Day 33 [February 4]

My unexpected last day at OJT, yes I'm already done with OJT at Journal Group of Publications. Technically, I still have 30 hours left but when I inquired to Sir Mike, the published articles I had last December will make up for the remaining hours. It's over. Ang bilis.

I was supposed to submit my my attendance sheet and evaluation form from school today [Feb.5] but due to an emergency academic stuff I need to do, I was not able to come today. I will just submit it tomorrow and pick up the certificate and evaluation form on Monday [February 11]. I still have two days to have a formal goodbye to the people I've met in Journal.

Well, on my last OJT day I saw Sitti! She is gorgeous and friendly because she was the first one who smiled at us, I will not even notice her if she did not gaze towards us. I proofread the associate editor's column which for me was very interesting since he told what will happen on the session on the Congress that night, and he was right. His column is aptly titled "JOE 'DI NA SYA".

Oh well I will miss my OJT, I learned a lot stuff and mostly not about Journalism but life's lessons I will cherish and gave me a taste of the "real world".

side note:

Incidentally, People's Journal's headline today is also It's Over


aajao said...

ei, jecoup. have you had any news stories published by the paper in your name? :)

forg/jecoup said...

kuya jon: yup but not news articles po but two feature articles on their Christmas supplement section noong Dec 20, 2007

aajao said...

uy talaga? have you saved a copy? please do. credentials purposes. me, i wasn't able to save a copy of my police story in Malaya. lol. that was over a decade ago. haha! but i have one feature article written in a weekly magazine. yun talagang nag-save ako ng copy. :)

forg/jecoup said...

yup, bumili po ako ng 2 copies nung issue na yun plus humingi pa ako ng 2 copies sa Journal mismo. pina photocopy ko din at pina scan hehe

OA hehe

aajao said...

lol. ok lang yan. nung minsan nga nasingit ako sa litrato sa isang mag, kumuha ako ng ten copies nun. hahaha. yun ang OA! :P