Saturday, December 23, 2006


Its the Christmas season, lets enjoy! Don't be a grinch. I know some of you feels that it isn't Christmas but then again we should not join the "I-hate-Christmas" bandwagon. Merry Christmas to Everyone! and if you don't believe in Christmas, well Happy Holidays! I know life is hard nowadays but this is the time to forget it, even for a while and lets savor the moment. Let's think of the things that we should be happy about, things that we should be thankful for. I have mine and here it goes

1. I'm thankful that my family is okay. No major family crisis this year. There are fights, but petty ones and could be resolved in less than 48 hours. I'm happy that all of us are in good shape. Although early this year we had a scare when my mother was diagnosed that theres a cyst growing in her ovary. Good thing, it wasn't that dangerous and was cured immediately. I'm happy that my previously bum brother found a job, its a job that he did not studied for but it IS the RIGHT job for him. Well, I see how fulfilled he is. I guess thats what matters, He feels now that he has the right direction. I'm thankful that despite the economic crisis, my father is not affected. Although the company he is working was quite affected with the economic crisis, his job held steady.My father is so passionate with his work and I could not imagine what will happen to him if he lost his job. I'm thankful for that my sister I guess found new love, its blooming and I'm happy for her. You see I think she is now recovering (or recovered) from her bad breakup with her boyfriend for 10 years. I'm happy that we are financially okay. We're not rich nor poor. We could afford our needs and have some for our wants.

2. I'm thankful that my parents approved of the course I want to take.I know some (or a lot) of parents decides or influences their kids on what course to take. I'm happy that I never saw an inch of disapproval or skecptisism. When I said to them that I will take Broadcast Journalism, without a doubt they said "Thats okay, its your choice". I know and I think they also know that this course might not that be financially rewarding, but they trusted me that I could do this anyway. Well if they did not support me, i guess it will really hard for me to take this course because my spirits could be dampen.

3. I'm thankful for my block Broadcast Journalism 31 SY 06-07. We had a great run this year. We produced a newspaper, short films, news programs above all. Who thought we could survive this? I'm so happy that all of us in the block are now really into this course. In our freshman year, I' m worried about the future of our block, but first impressions are not always right and I was glad I was proven wrong. We have half a sem, summer terms and one more year ahead of us. And I'm sure we will all survive this.

4. I'm thankful for Heraldo Filipino. I'm so glad I became a part of this family. With HF I met a lot of people that despite of the different personalities could still work together and created a wonderful relationship. Special thanks to the Editorial board of last year who trusted that I could be an asset for HF despite my lack of experience and other flaws, becuase if they did not decide to pass me in the panel interview, I would notbe in HF and miss out on a lot of stuff. With HF, my self esteem blossomed. With HF, I saw the school in a different light, I learned how to explore it and deal with it on its good and bad sides. I have to admit that what at first wanted was just to see my name on print but later on I've learned that being a campus journaliss is not just being able to publish stuff just for the sake of having something published, it is not just being able to write articles with deep and falmbouyant words to impress people with how extensive your vocabulary is, but campus journalism serves a greater purpose. Thanks to HF, I learned how to care not just for myself but for other's people welfare.

Well the above four items were the serious stuff lets go the "lighter" things I'n thankful for:

Thank you...

5. Blogs. Well I really loved this Internet community,its easy to use and provided more avenue to share your thoughts and pieces of your life.

6. Youtube. The one who created this is such a genius with YouTube I could see stuff from Music videos to TV show snippets.

7. TV on DVD. Yeah, I'm so glad that with dvds I was able to watch a lot of shows I miss and be able to watch lots of episodes as long as I can hehe.

8. The Internet. Man, without, communcation and information dissemenatio will be harder, right?

That's it (well the list could go on longer but then again I'm limited with the money I could afford to pay in this Internet house, haha)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is my 100th post. Wow, I've been a blogger for almost three years now. I'm an accidental blogger, I've registered here at blogger without knowing anything about it but alas it became a habit, an addiction.It became an avenue for me to share my thoughts, release stress and even to meet friends. Although,lately I'm not blogging as often as before, well at least here in blogspot, because I'm a little more active at my other blog but still I could not abandon this blog, my original blog. Thanks to all friends and people who took the time to read my entries and leave a comment.

Anyways,let me share to you my favorite posts:

  • Reasons why stereotypically I'm not a man

  • - Here I share why I'm not surprised if people will think of me as gay

    Sunday, November 19, 2006


    Yesterday, some of the of the 2006 Miss Earth contestants visited DLSU-D and they have put the campus under their spell! I was both amused and annoyed with the community's enthutiasm with our visitors. They were really welcomed but some... nah, most of the students (and faculty, discipline officers, adminisrators, police, support staff etc...) became too excited to get the ladies to pose pictures with them that it seems to me that the girls are quite "harassed". The ladies were nice and accomodating to us, I felt embarass with how the other people reacted, parang ngayon lang nakakita ng foreigner . There was this contestant who was quite sick and decided to return to the bus but some fools were so insensitive that they still followed the woman to take her picture, what a shame! Another annoying thing is that during the presentation where the contestants goes to the stage and tells their plea for environmental awareness, the "cheers" for the black women were different, I just hope that the contestants did not notice that. It is just sad to note that most of them think low to the people with African descent and that the concept of beauty is still confined to skin color. Another rant, some cheers for the girls were uncalled for, they are not GROs for crying out loud! Im sure that 98% of the people present in the progran did not care what the girls said. But then again, I'm quite puzzled how could a beauty contest could spread earth care awareness?
    check out Miss Earth visits DLSU-D photos at

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    51 days to go...

    Now that UNDAS is over, our family will start decorating our house for the Christmas season. Although my excitement for the Christmas season was not as it was when I was a kid I'm still looking forward for it. Last year, I had a good Christmas, somehow the magic, which was absent for a couple of years, returned and hopefully this year will be the same or better. But still the best Christmas I had was during my childhood years.By the way, even when I was a child I never believed that Santa Claus is a real person, to me he is just a cartoon character and also my parents did not do those leaving-a-sock-on-Christmas-eve-so that-Santa-could-leave-his-gift antics.


    I had an early Christmas Gift. Well, the prizes I won on the Studio 23 promo arrived in our doorstep yesterday and i was so ecstatic . I have 5 prizes consisting of a Grey's Anatomy notebook, Lost water bottle and multi tool kit, Amazing Race belt bag and a Desperate Housewives shirt (I gave the shirt to my sister since it's designed for females plus it fits her anyway). Those items are perfect gifts especially for a couch potato like me.


    Second semester will start on Monday, November 6. We have fewer subjects this sem (although it does mean less expensive tuition fees ), 18 units= 6 subjects. We have no more classes divided into Tuesday-Thursday or Monday-Wednesday-Friday, all are three-hour, once a week class. Only one minor subject (Technical Writing) the rest are major subjects.I'm excited and nervous, I know it will be hard but I'm ready.

    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    I saw my name on TV

    Yesterday, Millie texted me telling me that she saw my name on Studio 23. I won in the station's contest! I immediately turn on my tv and waited for the plug and there it is my name flashed on screen. I e-mailed Studio 23 to find out how could I claim my prize. I'm so excited!

    In line with my boasting , I received all of my grades for last semester and I'm proud to say that I had my best perfromance ever in my college life. My GPA is 3.32 and I think I qualified to be a Dean's Lister since my lowest is 2.75. I'm so happy....

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Milenyo Aftermath

    Weeks had already passed but the damage the Typhoon Milenyo left is still devastating especially here in DLSU-D. Words could not fully explained it, the pictures below will tell the story itself:

    DLSU-D Before Milenyo

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    DLSU-D After Milenyo

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    When ER meets Melrose Place

    Grey's Anatomy is complex show with complications left and right. Therefore, it is one of the best shows on television due to its cast, storylines, music, and writing. The show brings forth relationshihps for each and every one of the characters from Dr. Bailey and her transformation between Nazi to a Maternal figure, to George's insecurity about relationship and himself, to Izzie Stevens stepping up from the stereotype that she is a dumb blonde, to Christina Yang's transformation from the competitive heartless intern to a more 'human" woman and of course the soapish love drama between Meredith Grey and Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Sheperd. The drama is entirely thrilling in a guilty way, its like watching Melrose Place in a hospital setting.To put it in a nutshell this program is a mix of personal and medical marvel. The main characters are well written each with a two dimensional personality. They are not yout too-good/evil-to-be-true characters. You'll both hate and love them at the same time. You will see relationships formed from unlikely people. The medical dilemmas injected every episode are thought provoking. It's a perfect mix of drama and comedy. If you watch this show on DVD you will find it hard to press the stop button, that's how addicitng the show is.

    Friday, September 29, 2006

    Close to the end

    Last three weeks of this semester and as expected I consider these days as the time to get/be haggard. Tomorrow is the taping of our news program and I hope things will turn out fine. I wrote the script/spiels for the said program. But that it just the first stage after the taping will be the editng. And that phase is quite a task since its a bit tricky and complicated. Apart from our news program, we also have a radio news program in which I am one of the anchors [apart from writing the script]. It will go on air on October 9 but we have to do rehearsal for that. Not to be missed is our short film which is also due on the exam week [which is 2 weeks away], my group has a concept already we just need to find the right schedule where we could shoot. Also. we have to write a radio and tv script w/c contains 10 stories for another class as the final requirement. And for Computer Journalism we need to design a magazine coverpage with ourselves us cover boys/girls (I still could not think of a concept, any suggestions?). And the minor subjects are not to be left out, in sociology we need to write a book review where we could relate a sociological principle, the project is quite okay since we only need to write a one page essay. But in economics, we need to write a research paper, we have a topic and the materials already but with all those tasks I'm finding it hard to squeeze it. Haaay, that's how hectic this final term is, but these school stuff soon will end soon anyway, so to the other people who alos have lots of "academic hardships" just remember we're close to the end so hold on.

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Baguio Bits

    It was my first time to be in Baguio and I'm so glad I was one of the "chosen ones" to attend on the 5th OSSEI National Seminar on Campus Journalism. I really like the Baguio aside from the "centralized aircon" , I just love how I feel so comfortable and happy being there. How I wish I lived there. It was indeed one of the best times of my life. Here are some random stuff that relates with my Baguio Trip.

    1. Clean Comfort Rooms
    Every public CR we saw in Baguio is labeled as this. Di ba when a place is labeled COMFORT dapat talaga CLEAN?

    2. Cheap Finds
    Although I did not shop that much, any shopaholic will go gaga over the cheap finds you will see there. There's a wide array of choices, haaayy. If only I had the money...

    3. SM Baguio
    SM Baguio is located in a very high place, what's funny that we thought that it was near our hotel because it seems near. But we were proven wrong hehe. And mas malamig sa labas kesa sa loob ng SM pero when you reach the Veranda things will go great because of the great view and the weather.

    4. Taxis
    Mas honest ang mga taxi drivers dun, may silbi talaga yung metro.

    I'll upload pics soon..

    I miss Baguio already...

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    I'm wearing red

    Because it's my birthday, I'm 19 years old. I don't know when and where did it started but as long as I remember when you are wearing a red shirt, people will comment "Birthday mo?".

    Last night I've read my diaries of the past years (I've started writing one on December 25, 2003) and I notice that my birthday entry will always have this words 'I'm growing old and I hate it". Well, I just cant believe that I'm growing old so fast. This is my last year of being a teenager and next year I'll be a "tweener",the transition stage from your teenage years to adulthood, your not a teen anymore but not yet adultl;in short, in between. I'm thinking of the future too early. I'm like that when I was 9, I was already looking forward on my 10th birthday coz I will be "in double digits' already. haaay... I'm 19 but I can't feel like one. When I was younger I always think that 19-year-old people are mature but now that I'm 19 I don't feel like that, I still feel like I'm 15 or worse, 12.

    So how will I celebrate my birthday? Well, I just treat this like an ordinary day for sure Nanay will cook something delicious tonight. I never hold parties or treat my friends, I'm kuripot kasi hehehe.

    My birthday wish? It may sound a cliche or showbiz but I wish for good health not just for me but for my family also.

    Thank you to all who greeted me happy birthday yesterday and the days before, aga ah.!

    Sunday, September 03, 2006


    I don't feel good, I'm frustrated
    I disappointed myself and most likely other people
    I'm too idealistic
    I set goals that I could not achieve
    In my quest to take the shorter route
    I ended up getting lost
    There are so many obstacls
    I'm scared, worried.
    I really feel useless and incompetent
    I hope at the end of the day
    Things will turn out fine

    Friday, September 01, 2006

    Grade School days rock

    1. The greetings
    "Good Morning Ms.____, Good morning classmates, nice to see you again, Maaaaaabuu-HAY!"
    "Good morning _______, why are you late?"
    "Good Morning Mam, Good Morning classmates, I'm sorry I'm late because_______"
    "Good bye Mam, Goodbye classmate, see you to--mo-ROW!"

    2. Notebook games
    SOS (using math notebooks), "target shooting" sa notebook, guessing game ala wheel of fortune "do you have a letter "a"), FLAMES, PANTS (people, animals, names, things, arrgah I forgot what "s" stands for)

    3. Nutrition Month

    -parades and those production numbes by each grade level.In grade 3, I was an '"ice cream", astig costume ko nun. Cook fests, Nutri Jingle, Poster making contest, Essay writing contest (this really frustrated me because I always join but I never reach the top3)

    4. Stage parents

    -I believe that in grade school sucking up to the teachers are really predominant especially for parents. I remember one parent who gave big gifts to teachers during christmas parties. Parents who are so active in school programs, Parents who complain when their kids drop in the honor's list. Good thing my parents are not like them.

    5. Field Demonstration/ Rhythmic Aerobics

    -The contest where teachers gave their heart out to teach their pupils steps that will make them win. Hmmm.. my favorite was in grade 2, we used pompoms and our music was Total Eclipse of My Heart, we won and we were so colourful. I also like what we did in grade 5, we used sticks and the music is 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon".

    6. Christmas Parties

    -Kris Kringle, I love it, I'm always excited to see what will I get for 'something long, red, sweet" etc... Malas lang pag laging absent yung nakabunot sa iyo. Christmas games, in grade 5 I won at the Stop Dance contest, haha. In grade 3, ang nakabunot sa akin yung MAPE teacher ko, yung nabunot ko naman yung Adviser ko,ang saya. Also, during Kris Kringle I first used"forg" as alias which until now I still use. Wow, during that time you could buy decent gifts for 50 pesos or less. Here were the gifts I received during the grade school Christmas parties:

    Grade 1: 5 briefs (hahaha)
    Grade 2: Chess
    Grade 3: Snake and Ladders
    Grade 4: Picture Frame
    Grade 5: Superman Mug
    Grade 6: Lamp

    7. The Cartoons Chat

    We form circles to talk about cartoons, especially afternoon anime. We would discuss what happened, what will happen, and more stuff. I remember during the time Fushigi Yugi was popular my classmates, the girls in particular, went gaga over Tamahome,as if he is a real person. Also, during the popularity of Pokemon, we would play games like "Anong pokemon yung no. 16", dati memorize ko yun hehehe.

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006


    Last June, I went to the wedding of my 4th year high school adviser. On that day, I realized something.... I grew apart with almost all of my high school batch mates. I really felt out of place when I was there. I had a hard time striking up a conversation, after the staples "kamusta, san ka nag aaral" I could not think of something more to say. What made it worse is that almost all of them seems to be having a great time, they talk as if they were never apart.Or maybe they were never apart in the first place. It was just me I guess. When I left RCCS, I never came back. You see the last time I set foot in my alma matter was when I obtained my report card, that's it. I was out of the loop although there are some former classmates who I still see but thats very seldom. The batch mates that I usually see are the ones that studies here at DLSU-D. It just sad when I think of it, I spent 10 years of my life in RCCS. My batchmates, many of whom I was with for a lot years, are now close to being just merely acquitances, worst, strangers. My life now is just so different with what I had before. It wasn't that long when I left RCCS but as I try to recall my previous life it seems like it was really a long time ago.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Forever Kid

    A while ago, my friend and I were talking about our elementary days. The games we play, bags, lunch box, classmates, subjects,the 'Good morning teacher Maaaaa Bu Hay' greetings, "aliases" being tagged by students to teachers and a lot more. We came with the conclusion that we had the best time during our grade school years, not high school. I love being a child although I was not that active compared to a regular kid. Back then I dont have that much things to think about or things to consider as problems. I like my innocence, the care free attitude, the simple things that make you smile. A game of SOS in my math notebook will make my day. The kwentuhan on cartoons was really delightful. The dreams. At that age you could wish to be someone and not think about if this career could be "profitable". The friendship you formed, their maybe fights but yu could make up easily. I'm happy that I had a fun childhood [despite the asthma attacks]since the feeling I had when i was a child is priceless. I will not feel that again. Ever. And that makes me sad.

    Friday, August 04, 2006


    Today, the EB announced that I am promoted to Senior Staff status I wont deny that I really aimed for this and I'm so glad that I achieved my goal. But of course I will not stop doing my best because HF really made my life more meaningful. I love writing news stories, I love scouting for possible news stories, I love interviewing people. A big thank you to all who believe in me and I assure you that I wont let all of you down.

    The other promoted staff are cL, Maynard and Ross., congratz!


    HF participated in USC's Anti Passivity "rally" .I remember complaining how passive my block are on our first year here. But lo and behold, my classmates are now "active" students now. My classmate Jinky is the yearbook EIC, The Crossbars executive board is dominated by my classmates and same case with USC's publication Periodico (6 of my classmates are editors). I have also have classmates who are officers at Lasalian Speech Club, Friends of the Library and La Salle Radio. Moreover, two of my classmates became a part of HF too. I'm so happy with what's happening with my block becuase now I could see their enthusiasm which was absent a few years ago.

    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    The War, Miss Japan, Glenda and DLSP

    • The war between Israel and Lebanon is so sad. Once again, lots of innocent people die. Honestly, I dont know at first what's the reason behind the dispute so I began reading about it and discovering a lot. Lebanon's Hezbolah are evil people, terrorists. I somehow see the reason why Israel is attacking Lebanon but for how long will this war go on? Until both of them are wiped out?
    • Last Monday, out of boredom due to the suspension of classes, I've watched Miss Universe. The last time I watched the competition was wayback in the late 90s when this thing was as big as a Pacquio match. Our representative won Miss Photogenic through online voting (I guess Pinoys did a massive power voting for her to win hehe). My bet was Ms. Japan, too bad she lost, later on I found out that she "walked out" when she was not announced as winner, she really took it hard I guess.
    • Last Tuesday the classes was suspended but I strongly suspect that the suspension in Cavite was "accidental". Why? On that day, around 5am, I listened to an AM radio program to monitor announcements [but I was quite confident that the classes will not be suspended since its not raining although its gloomy]. The announcer called a CHED official and he asked " Sir wala na bang klase sa Cavite, Rizal etc..." and the official said "O sige na nga". Huh? The official sounded sleepy.
    • The first issue of Heraldo Filipino this school year was released last Wednesday and I'm pleased that my articles did not receive any negative feedback [errors on facts, complaints]. Overall, I believe the first issue was good. However, Pat informed that her classmates thought that the name of the school is changed to De la Salle Philippines, Inc. [DLSP] I guess they did not read the article since on the lead pa lang, it was clearly stated there that the DLSU-System is gone and was replaced by DLSP not DLSU-D. This thing just makes me go...

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    A Trip to WRocK

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    July 22,2006. It was an exciting day to me. This is the day of my interview with Ms. Faith Gonzalvo of 96.3 WRocK. Ms. Faith is a friend of a friend of my friend [haha, but that's true, thanks MR. Deen!] and I was glad that she agree to be interviewed. I was really praying the night before that it wont rain [thank God it didn't]. I have no idea where WRocK's office [it's located at Zobel Roxas] is and so do my groupmates, but then my father, who is a driver for nearly three decades, told me that WRocK is not that hard to find, it is just one bus ride [In my place, there's this bus terminal going to Lawton but is only available on mornings], so with that my transportation problem was solved. So on that day I met Jasmin and Aaron to that bus terminal[my other groupmate,Christian who is from Las Pinas, went directly to the place although he has no exact idea where the office really is, but that guy is a lakwatsero so he will find his way, and he did]. We rode the bus at 7:30 am and the bus took off at 8am. My father said to me that we will get to that place early, I was anticipating that there will be traffic but I was wrong, we arrived at 9am, one and half hour early of our appointment! When we texted Christian that we are already at WRocK, he could not believe it since we were so fast. He came in 40 minutes later so we went to the WRocK which is located at the 11th floor of Fems Building. Because it still early and our interviewee hasn't arrived yet we entertained ourselves by taking pictures and ogling at the posters [with authographs] posted on the wall. The hallway of the 11floor is really small, only half of JFH and the elevator is sort of creepy as it opened three times with no people inside it. And then she came, Ms. Faith Gonzalvo step out of the elevator with her two kids and yaya beside her. When she saw us she apologized for making us wait, we said it's okay since we are way early naman talaga. Few minutes later, she let us in to the WRocK studio. It was spacious but dark. We conducted the interview at the recording room and then we found something that shocked us, WRocK is not aired live, its automated/pre taped, Ms. Faith told us that the djs only come to the stations three times a week to record their whole shift for one or two days. While she and the other newscaster [which we saw earlier wearing pambahay clothes only] come everday but record their news one or two hours in advance. The interview went smoothly[although I was the only one asking questions since my groupmates said 'kaya mo na yan, heraldo ka naman'], she gave us nice , poignant answers. After the interview, she took us in a short trip to the whole WRocK office and she even let us stay to see her record the news, her radio voice is so different from her speaking voice, I wonder how people can do that. After a few more photo-ops we said goodbye to Mam Faith.

    It was a memorable day and a fun, enriching experience. To see photos of my trip click here

    Saturday, July 15, 2006


    Music and Radio

    Current Favorite songs:

    1. Maneater-Nelly Furtado
    2. Promiscuous- Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland
    3. Walang kadala dala-Sandwich
    4. Jesus, take the wheel-Carrie Underwood
    5. Para sa akin-Sitti
    6. Beer-Itchyworms
    7. Unfaithful-Rihanna
    8. Martyr Nyebera-Kamikazee
    9. Buwan-Wickermoss
    10 Better Days-Goo Goo Dolls

    Recurrent favorites (hits of the not so distant past)

    1. Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield
    2. I- 6 Cycle Mind
    3. Stick wit u-PCD
    5. Hiling-Paramita
    7. Because of you-Kelly Clarkson
    8. Heaven Knows-Orange and Lemons
    9. First of Summer-Urban Dub
    10. I'm feeling you-Santana feat. Michelle Branch

    All time favorites:

    1. Hanging by a moment-Lifehouse
    2. You and Me-Lifehouse
    3. Smooth-Santana feat. Rob Thomas
    4. Before I let you go-Freestyle
    5. Goodbye to you-Michelle Branch

    Favorite Radio Stations

    1. rx 93.1
    2. 99.5 rt
    3. magic 89.9
    4. campus radio 97.1
    5. Bomb Fm (A Cavite based fm station, my art appreciation teacher is a DJ there)


    Regularly watched:

    1. Gilmore Girls (season 6)
    2. Lost (season 2)
    3. Grey's Anatomy (season 1)
    4. Survivor (season 12 concluded; season 13 on September)
    5. Amazing Race (season 9 concluded,season 10 on September)
    6. 7th Heaven (season 9)
    7. Will and Grace (season 8)
    8. Goin Bulilit
    9. Deal or No Deal (*hides*, hehe guilty pleasure)
    10. BLOG (Barkada Log) ( a 2-month old show hosted by my favorite Bianca Gonzalez)

    Irregularly Watched:

    1. Desperate Housewives (season 2, I've watched all episodes of season 1) (Studio 23)
    2. 24 (season 4, I've watched all eps from season 1 to 3) (Studio 23)
    3. CSI (Studio 23)
    4. Alias (Studio 23)
    5. Charmed (Studio 23)
    6 Smallville (Studio 23)
    7. Maalala mo Kaya (ABS-CBN)
    8. I witness (GMA)
    9. Reporter's notebook (GMA)
    10. The Correspondents (ABS-CBN)
    11. Probe Team (ABS-CBN)
    12. Y Speak (Studio 23)
    13. RX men (QTV)
    14. Homecoming (MTV)
    15. Iron chef (formerly on RPN 9 now gone)
    16. Balikbayan (QTV)
    17. Wow Mali (ABC 5)
    18. Bitag (IBC 13)
    19. Spongebob Squarepants (reruns on ABC 5 mondays to fridays 6 am)
    20. KNN (ABC 5/NBN ,I actually won a KNN t shirt one year ago, when they read my email on air)

    Wanna watch (On dvd, since these shows are not shown on free tv)

    1. House, M.D
    2. Prison Break
    3. Veronica Mars
    4. Entourage
    5. One Tree Hill
    6. Arrested Development

    Looking forward:

    1. Philippine Idol
    2. Pinoy Dream Academy

    Shows I miss:

    1. Sineskwela
    2. Hiraya Manawari
    3. Sesame Street
    4. As told by Ginger
    5. Invader Zim
    6. Rugrats
    7 Bayani
    8. Home Along da Riles (early years)
    9. Abangan ang susunod na Kabanata
    10. Ispup
    11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    12. Batibot
    13. Adventures of Alex Mack
    14. Black Hole High
    15. 5 and Up

    Celebrity Crushes

    1. Bianca Gonzalez
    2. Kat Alano
    3. Natalie Portman
    4. Alexis Bledel
    5. Michelle Branch

    Saturday, July 08, 2006

    Rainy Thoughts

    It's currently raining cats and dogs and I'm quite freezin here at the HF office. There are only three people here at the office and I'll leave once the rain stops since I have already done my task for the HF style/guide book. The rain reminded me of the movie we watched last Monday in my Music Scoring and Audio Design class, "Singing in the rain". It was an entertaining movie and educational in some way because I had a idea how they did movie production during the late 1920s,it was cute actually. The movie is a musical, so there were lots of song and dance numbers which were good especially the tap dance which I watched in awe. What if we all live like in the musicals, instead of the usual conversations we sing and dance. That would be fun but of course weird. Plus who could sing in the rain, baka ma pulmonya ka lang. And you could not dance when it rains its either baha or you could slip. I don't know where this blog entry is heading too, it just random thoughts inspired from the weather. I just hope the rain stops now.


    We have this project for Radio/TV Newswriting, we need to interview a real radio or tv news writer.The problem is I don't know how and where to contact a news writer.Could anybody help me where to find one?

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    Go Figure

    let out a sigh of relief when my pending articles for Heraldo Filipino Issue 1 are done already.No more revisions and the articles are already laid out (may term bang ganito, past tense ng lay out hehe). My article on the enrolment rate was fun to do, I even used Mathematics on writing the article. The enrolment statistics really fascinated me. Here is something really got my interest, Business Management is the no.1 course of DLSU-D. It has 1, 300 plus students! And they comprise 43 percent of the whole CBA population. And when you add the population of CLE and COE they will still be outnumbered by Business Management! And the gap between Business Management and the no.2 course [HRM] is as wide as the Mall of Asia. Moreover, Broadcast Journalism have 200 plus students compared to Communication's 500 plus students. Even though CIH and CET had higher TFI among all the colleges their enrolment rate are still up. The number of Accountancy drops so fast as years goes by. In fact the 4th year students have less than 20 students. The females still outnumbered the males, but the males witnessed an increase in number compared to last year. Lastly,the enrolment rate is down slightly compared to last year,it declined by 0.59 percent mainly because DLSU-D had fewer enrolles on the graduate programs. Haha I still have article hang over.

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Reasons to sleep a little later

    ABS CBN will now have an earlier timeslot for their late night newscast.But it will not be INSIDER anymore, replacing the said show will be BANDILA (which I think is an awkward name for a news program).Personally,I guess it's good to finally move the newscast to a timeslot where most people are still awake plus with the change the current affairs programs will now also be earlier (11pm). I'm a fan of Probe Team and I'm really pleased that I could now watch the show on a better time.I hope GMA7 will follow too because I would prefer watching I witness,Reporter's notebook than their unfunny comedy block.


    It's only the second week of classes and I'm already starting to feel how heavy my school load will be. I have tougher subjects this time around, so many things to do, so many things to accomplish. I have this bunch o photocopied reference materials to study on for a recitation/quiz on my subhect Electonic Newsroom. I also have this assignment for my Music Scoring and Audio Desgin to burn 5 classical and opera songs with reflection paper. Plus an essay and assigned readings for my Radio/TV newswriting. To top it off, I also have my duties for the school paper. I have seven articles, four are already okay but I still have three that needs revising, and the revision is not just technical errors but I need to input new data on the articles' content.Oh well, it is just the start.

    Saturday, June 17, 2006


    I'm getting sicked with Pacquiao already. I dont really hate him, just annoyed with the overexposure he is receiving. TV Patrol for the past two months or so "stalked" Manny, reporting every move he does even the frivolous ones. And even his opponent Larios gets [over] exposure, and the slant of their news features on him is obviously to make him look like a threat or to ignite the Filipinos to hate that guy coz he is arrogant [well we're not really sure if he really says those arrogant stuff since his interviews are dubbed]. Dyan Castillego is such a lucky person, coz she travels a lot because of her task to follow the every move of the boxers. My brother noticed that pumuti daw si Pacquiao. I said "Baka nag Vicky Belo" . I intended that remark as a joke but when you come to think it is possible. Pacquio is like the no. 1 endorser right now, you see his tv commercials all day[I personally dislike his EXTREME videoke commercial when he sings and dance!], he has also billboards and radio commercials. Heck, he even has a new single playing on the radio [featuring Francis M!]. I just really hope that he wont run in the upcoming elections because if he does I may dislike him, big time!

    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Back to Uniforms

    Classes are here again, Not really back to school since I am always at school just back to uniforms.After two months of wearing civilian clothing, I'm now back wearing my barong and brown pants. I like it this way actually since when you are in uniforms its okay to wear the same stuff everyday (except on wash days of course). I have a limited wardrobe so during the summer months you will see me wearing a shirt that I that I have used so many times. Plus, wearing uniforms is an advantage when riding jeepneys since the moment I step the vehicle its already a given that i'm a student so I should get my discount. Some jeepney drivers are so maarte sometimes but heck the students help them a lot to have a good day in terms of getting their jeepneys full. During the summer months a driver once said to me that passengers are not that many so they don't earn that much. Actually, during the summer months I did not invoke my right of student discount. I believe that's my way of helping them since I also understand that times are hard. But since classes are already resumed, they will have lots of passengers already, so I'm back to my normal commuter state.


    This year my block has been "upgraded" form JOU21 to JOU31. Time is flying so fast, I just could not believe that it has already been two years since I first set my foot here at DLSU-D. My third year as Broadcast Journalism student, and base from what I've heard and observed this year will be hard, really hard. 6 out of 8 subjects that I will take this year are major subjects. My schedule is so flexible since all my major subjects are just scheduled in a day for three straight hours. In fact today (Thursday) my first class is on at 2:30PM! And I have no classes on Wednesdays (but I will still go to school). The only subjects in two meetings are the minor ones (Economics and Sociology) and they are scheduled every Tuesday/Thursdays 2:30-4pm and 4-5:30pm. Oh well, I just hope this year will be great.

    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Tape Recorder, School Supplies and Captain Barbel

    I'm here right now at an Internet Cafe here at SM Dasmarinas, I went to school today to interview the CSO secretary for an article, this is her only available date since she has OJT on weekdays. The secretary, Mikki, is actually a close friend of mine so aside from the interview we had lots of kwentuhan. In fact, the interview lasted for just 5 minutes but the kwentuhan for nearly two hours! We talked about her initiation as the new CSO sec (which also happened at Caliraya) which was very memorable, her rants over the how disorganized the OJT system of her department and lots of stuff .However, I found out that I recorded some of our conversations which was not related to the topic for my interview! It turns out, I forgot to turn my recorder off when I finished the interview!


    Since its too early too go home I decided to go to SM muna , my first stop is National Bookstore to window shop but there were hordes of people in "panic buying" mode. Well, its not surprising since the opening of classes is just a few days away. I kinda felt nostalgic seeing families with tons of notebooks,pens and other school supplies since we were like that before. Since grade 4 until 4th year highschool I had the same brand of notebook, PRO-EARTH, coz its cheap plus I love the cover which are of course centers on environment protection. What's weird though is that those brand is only available during the peak season of May and June only. We would also buy loads of pad paper from 1/4 to 1/2 (crosswise/lengthgwise) to 1 whole. Unlike most of my classmates who only have papers during the first week of classes I have enough that will last or one school year however my packs of pad paper will not reach that long since mauubos agad sa panghihingi ng mga kaklase ko. Still, Most of the time I have a pad of paper so I had of reputation of being the supplier of pad paper. My favorite brand is National's BEST BUY coz I love the texture and it's whiteness, sarap sulatan. I remember a classmate back in elementary who is like a mini national bookstore coz he almost have every needed school supply. He's kinda madamot though.


    Also while browsing at National I saw this local showbiz magazine with Captain Barbel on the cover. Man! Richard Gutierrez looks so weird wearing that costume! Hindi proportion yung ulo niya dun sa built ng costume, ang awkward tingnan parang pinotoshop yung ulo niya dun sa costume. I've read in press releases and seen in the plugs that costume is expensive and imported abroad well for me the money is not worth it although I must say that the costume looks good it just dont fit the lead they should have used the services of local tailors/designers

    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    A Big Puzzle called LOST

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    LOST tells the story of plane crash survivors stranded in an island full of mysteries. The show is a must see for people who craves for a show full of excitement, adventure and has intelligent writing. This is not your typical American shows which has stand-alone episodes. The first season, which I have recently finished, chronicles the first 41(?) days of the castways. The story is continous journey so it requires the viewer patience so if you have short attention span I guess you will get tired with the show easily. The show is like a large puzzle with every new episode bringing a new piece to the puzzle. Lots of questions will be raise however those will not be answered immediately. And sometimes when a question is addressed it will bring another one. The characters (well there are about 10 major characters) are not one dimensional, aside from what we see in them in the islands, the show also gives us the preview on how they live before the crash through backstories intertwined with each episode. Each episode (except the pilot and the season finale which have various backstories) focuses on one castaway's backstory. Their stories are so engaging and in some ways interconnected. But LOST is not just pure action as the story has a also a of mix of humor, drama and a little romance on the side.This is the type of show that will make you feel uneasy in your couch,make you cry and will definietly will get you thinkin and evaluate on the situation and the charcters' actions. However, I'm worried on how the show will end, the program set high expectations and hopefully the show's writers will not be "lost" since they have to avoid the story to be too dragging but not completely be revealing since it may generate lost of interest. But as of now I'm enjoying the program since this is truly one amazing show.

    Monday, May 29, 2006

    Summer Term Wrap Up

    Today is the distribution of summer term grades and I'm very please with the results.
    I have obtain 4.00 for both subjects (Newswriting & Editing and Newspaper Management & Production). I'm really ecstatic to get the highest grade since I rarely get that kind of grade and it I'm makes me more happy since these are the subjects that I really love and enjoy. It's a great feeling to end summer classes in a very high note.

    Remembering Funny Komiks

    The topic of reminiscing my favorite comics FUNNY KOMIKS [FK] came up when I read a friend's blog. I really love funny komiks,I have collected it for a decade. I started when I was 4, the age when I don't even know how to read yet, my brother just read that to me. Actually, my family is a huge fan of komiks, my siblings were the initial people who collected funny komiks, namana ko lang. Too bad their collection was burned when we had a fire in the place we use to live in (Sta. Ana Manila). When we moved here in Cavite the first thing I looked for is their is someone selling funny komiks, luckily I found not just one but two magazine stalls selling FK. My real motivation to learn how to read is FUNNY KOMIKS, I dont want to depend on my siblings anymore. I want to experience it. I continued my funny komiks for a long time. I even send my drawings (na binakat ko lang naman) and my works were published. That's my first experience in seeing my name on print. It happened twice, the first one though my name was misspelled [Jecusp Asombruelo] I guess that happened because of my awful penmanship that why I made it sure the next time that my handwriting is legible already. I witness how the price of the comics became higher as years goes by.It started at 3.50 then 5 then 7 then 9 until it reached 17.50! I stopped buying FK when I was in 3rd year highschool because I just find not entertaining anymore,it lost it charm,its becoming anime-ish. But my 7 years worth of collection is still with me (too bad I had lots of issues that got lost), and I will never throw it away nor sell it to the junkshop. It's a part of my life already. I dont know if FK is still in circulation but the stall I used to buy it does not sell anymore. Sad.

    Monday, May 22, 2006

    And now I present to you

    Broadcast Journalism 2-1's [SY 05-06] Class Publication for Newspaper Management "The Cavite Voyager"

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    This is the frontpage of our paper

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    This is the opinion page, I wrote the editorial ["Where are they going"] and a column [ "Message Sent"] which I both posted here earlier.

    If you want to see the other 14 pages just
  • click here

  • Kudos to my classmate, Gerard Atienza, who designed the layout. I feel so proud to see the fruit of our hardwork. Well, I believe I did a good job in handling our class publication. Afterall, this is the first [and probably the only] time I became an Editor in Chief.

    Monday, May 15, 2006


    Our dog, Kevin, died yesterday. I could not believe it. I did not saw it coming although he has not been his usual energetic self I did not think that he is really ill. We were shocked, it was early afternoon, my father tought Kevin was just sleeping and when he called him he did not respond. Then when my father came closer he notice that he is not breathing anymore. Our dog left us already. My father and brother buried him in our garden like what we always do when a pet dies. Our family was sad but we are all good in concealing it. I know my mother was the one who is most affected, she remarked "Okay lang yan, mahirap na rin naman alagaan yan" but I knew she meant the opposite. She treated our dog like her own child and although she is always tired due to household chores she never fails to attend to our dog's needs. Today, as I left for school, I glanced at our porch and it was empty. Kevin is no longer sitting there sleeping or eating or barking. It was so sad. It was like loosing a family member. I know when I go home I will even feel more sad since there will be no more Kevin barking as I open the gate

    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    Finding Your Niche

    Its already May and its almost a year when I took the HF exam. I so remember that day,it was the last day of the summer term and also the day of the enrolment for the 1st semester then I saw the poster screaming that HF is now open for applicants I immediately dragged one classmate to persuade to take the exam with me.When I found someone we immediately went to the HF office and took the exam, but my classmate did not finish the exam because of some emergency.So I was left alone and ,boy, the exam was hard it took me three hours to finish it.I only answered the features and literary exam since I've realized that the guy is just waiting for me to finish so he could go home, I did not answer the news exam anymore.

    When I left school,I thought I will not make it. The features exam was hard, some questions were hard to understand while the literature I just dont have "it".After one month,I did not hear anything from HF so I just concluded that I failed. But on July 5,I received the text I've been waiting for a long time.

    I was really happy when I made it even though I did not take the NEWS exam I was still accepted as a news staff. I've learned a lot of things about HF like really discovering what niche really is, NEWSWRITING, before I just wanted to write but I don't know exactly what to write but when I became an HF staff I found out that my writing style is really suited for news writing and I enjoy it. Being part of a school publication has been a dream for me for such a long time and when I became a part of it I could not complain less. Being with HF, I've learned a lot of stuff even more than what I could learn in school Mam Brenda, my newswriting and newspaper management prof and former HF editor, told me that she learned more about journalism with HF than the subjects she took up in the ABCOM course. It makes sense being with HF I am continously learning compared to an academic subject which is just limited to classworks and it is just only for a semester.

    I'm so glad being a part of Heraldo Filipino.

    (By the way until now I haven't erased the text message telling that I passed HF,I'm such a sentimental dude)

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Boobtube Battle Boo Boos

    the Philippines is not only divided on whether you are rich or poor, pro life or pro death penalty, ChaCha lovers or haters, liberals and conservatives but whether you are kapuso or kapamilya. Yes, you heard it right! Our country is also divided on their television preferences. The question “Kapuso ka ba o kapamilya?” has already become a staple query with your friends or even acquaintances (this question has become an effective tool for starting up a conversation). But incase you have live in television solitude and is totally clueless with the aforementioned monikers let’s make it clear that kapuso means a GMA 7 viewer while a kapamilya is an ABS CBN 2 viewer. These tags are the networks ploy to promote loyalty among the audience. However, the competition between ABS CBN 2 and GMA 7 has become more intense than ever. The last five years a couch potato witnessed the clashing of these television giants as they battle for ratings supremacy. But is the competition still healthy? And does this rivalry equate quality programming? Lets’ enumerate the effects of this network war

    Pagkatapos ng…

    Today’s TV schedule there is no more definite time schedule especially the primetime slot. The networks schedule their programs as one package deal for ABS CBN Primetime Bida and Telebabad for GMA 7. And when you see plugs the ads will say “Gulong ng Palad pagkatapos ng PBB Teen Edition” and “Majika pagkatapos ng Extra Challenge (EC)” and what is the schedule of PBB and EC? “Pagkatapos ng (*insert news program here*)”. The reason for this absurd scheduling? The networks hope that a viewer will stay in tuned not just for one but a series of show Walang Lipatan. But this type of scheduling there lays the problem; the essence of time is diminished among the viewers. Hey how can we know the real time if the schedule is that, tantyahan?

    You are nothing but a second rate trying hard copycat!

    The two networks rip each other off, that’s a fact, but they deny it adamantly. They are both guilty of copying each other’s ideas. ABS CBN produced their own “Starstruck” in the form of “Star Circle Quest”, GMA tried to produce a children’s gag show ala Goin Bulilit in the form of Bubble Gang Jr. But whenever a network launches a show with similar concept of the other network, the latter will result to parinigan (more of about this later) and will boast as being the original. But they forgot one thing being the first or original does not mean being the best. But blatant copying of another show’s concept but poorly executed there’s the viewers off. Sometimes they just produce “a similar show” for the sake of giving a “pantapat” to the other, and not to entertain the audience.

    The network war even reached the highest mountain in the world. The Everest Expedition has also become an issue among the networks; “Sino ang nauna sa pag cover at nang gaya?” is what is implied with the networks’ plugs. The expedition instead of being a moment for triumph has become another venue for the bantering and showing off; the networks’ intention of covering the historical event is clearly seen and it’s not good. It is as if they cover the said event just to compete with each other and not to inform the Filipino people. Because of the networks’ coverage, the event is now inserted in the society’s consciousness, but the attention of the viewers is whether which channel will beat the other in the coverage and the actual expedition took the backseat.


    “Si (*insert name here*) kapuso/kapamilya na!” this is usually the headline of showbiz talk shows (and showbiz segments of news programs as well) when a ward from the rival network transfers to their own respective station. This transferee will now be given plenty of exposure of his/her new network sometimes even more compared to the networks homegrown talents. An artist seems to be more viable if s/he “migrates” to the other network. When someone transfers, the showbiz writers always make it to the point to make a big deal out of it. The network grooms the transferee with a reason to slap the rival’s face, which may say “Hey, in your care this talent’s career is dead but when s/he transferred to us it bloomed, we are better in handling talents than you!” The setback, the network sometimes give an unworthy attention to the transferee whose only “appeal” is that s/he came from the other network and neglects their own talents. And what happened to these neglected talents? When they are fed up they will seek opportunities with the rival network and the cycle begins…


    The “parinigan” between ABS CBN and GMA has become so normal with their plugs. The network’s rivalry has become similar to a fraternity feud. A viewer sometimes wonders if ever the people of these networks see each other will they engage in a catfight? The tabloid makes the competition even more. Writers who are taking the side of one network write more (destructive) articles criticizing the other network’s shows and stars. Showbiz talk shows are also guilty with that they sometimes devote a segment bashing the other network. The (unfunny) sitcoms also commit that especially when a “transferee” is a guest, the series regulars will often threw lines that tackles why s/he left the other station. The plugs especially ratings related are so filled with pun intended statements. The mudslinging between the TV stations has become a tool to gain sympathy among the viewers to take their side and loathe the rival.

    These “parinigan” has gravely affected the audience. Internet forums such as PinoyExchange house the “kapamilya vs. kapuso” bickering. Reading how the forum members defend their favorite channel and scrutinize the rival you will see how influential the network has been. The viewers has been so attached with the stations that they seem to get hurt too when bad statements are being thrown to their beloved network. Its quite queer to see that networks created a cult following and it manifested how influential the medium (television) has been.


    It is said that a competition brings out the best among the one involve it. They try to top what their opponent had done by giving the best efforts. In the case of the Kapuso vs. Kapamilya, their rivalry instead of improving the quality of programming has resulted to making their competition a form of entertainment. Yes, the network war spices up the otherwise bland local TV scene but is that what the stations could only offer? The television is a powerful medium and must be used in the proper way and not just a vehicle to boost egos.

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Ironic, isn't it?

    1. When you are in a hurry, there will be a lot of things/occurences that will delay you. But if you have lots of time and even if you still intentionally want to be late you will still arrive on time.

    2. When you are looking for something you could not find it but when you dont need it anymore thus you stop hunting for it out of the blue that thing will pop up to you

    3. You bring an umbrella everyday but it does not rain but the one time you will forget it, it will rain.

    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Where are they going?

    A new school year is nearing; by this time several high school graduates had already made their choice of what course to take and what school to attend. And recently, the most popular course is Nursing.

    Slots for the said course in some schools have been close as early as March due to an overwhelming number of applicants. Since there is a large demand, schools offering Nursing sprouted like mushrooms in the metropolis.

    If you would ask those students why they have chosen to be a future nurse, the answers may vary but it is not surprising if they believe that nursing is the channel for them to land a good-paying job abroad.

    The sudden influx of job opportunities abroad for nurses has resulted for more students to aspire to work abroad. According to an article published at Manila Standard Today the United States alone needs one million nurses by 2010, while in Europe, about 20,000 nursing slots are available.

    The nursing phenomenon does not limit to undergraduate students but college graduates as well. News of doctors and other professionals studying nursing is not new anymore. From 2000-2004 around 6,000 Filipino doctors were reported to be taking up Nursing.

    Statistics from Philippine Overseas Employment Administration stated that from 1996 to 2002, 16, 124 nurses were deployed abroad. But other countries’ gain is our country’s big loss. The exodus of nurses and doctors resulted to the shortage of nurses and doctors especially in the rural areas. An alarming statistical figure stated that there is only one government nurse per nine barangays and ,worse, one nurse per 16, 723 Filipinos

    How could we expect for this country to be “cured” from its “illness” if the people will leave it unaided? Who will take care of the Filipinos if almost all capable health workers have flown out to somewhere but here?

    But can we really blame them if they seek greener pastures? What they earn abroad pales in comparison to what they receive here in the country. These people also have their own families to support and, unfortunately, the prospect of having a stable life in the Philippines is bleak. To be idealistic in this country is one tough road to take. Sad but true.

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Message Sent

    Ten years ago the cell phone was something for the rich and well off only. Back then beepers were the “in” thing, along with tamagotchis. Mobile phones were so large that its only difference with a landline phone is that a cell phone is handy but still bulky (it’s like bringing a landline with you). And as far as I remember, cell phones back then were all on post-paid basis so owners expect bills as expensive as their electric bills arriving in their doorstep every month.
    Five years ago, the cell phone phenomenon started to take over the country. I remember during my early days in high school when a classmate showed his cell phone. (I can’t remember exactly whether it was Nokia 5110 or 3310 but what I’m sure is that it was the model that was then considered “sosyal.”) We were quite amazed, and soon enough some classmates jumped the bandwagon and started buying their own cell phones. There were “competitions” as to who will get the higher score in Snake and debates on how the game Logic is played (up to now I still don’t know how to play that game). I did not have a cell phone until I entered college but I was not out of the loop back then since I always borrowed the “family cell phone”, which I just use at home. Forwarding jokes and quotations was very predominant and of course I had my share of “text mates” (which today I think is just a waste of load).

    Almost every one now owns a cell phone. Every week, a new model is released making your cell phone look so obsolete. Now, a cell phone is not just for calls and text messages but you can now use it to take pictures, listen to music, record voice or video clips, and many more. The ring tones were upgraded from monotones to polytones and now real music. Ring tones are not limited to music only, since I’ve also heard a Mike Enriquez and an “I see dead people” ring tone. Cell phone crimes have climbed the ladder too. Theft cases have risen from snatchings to hold ups. There was even a report that a student was killed because he refused to give his cell phone to a robber. There is also what you call “text scams” where someone will text you saying that you have won a huge amount of money, the catch being, you have to pay first before you receive and a lot of people have fallen to that ploy. And of course, there are the “sex scandals” being passed from phone to phone. From college students to celebrities the choices are endless. No wonder the bold film industry is already dead here because why pay if you could have your pornography right in your hands?

    There are about 30 million phone users in the Philippines, and they send an average of 400 million text messages a day (and that figure was before the “unlimited texting”). Well, China sends more text messages than us, but you have to consider their population. No wonder the telecom companies are one of the richest corporations in the country. I’ve read in Philippine Daily Inquirer that Smart has 20.8 million subscribers, Globe has 13.62 subscribers and the newbie Sun has about 2 million. The total is 36.42 million subscribers or 42.8 percent of the country’s 85 million population. According also to a Philippine Daily Inquirer article, in the first half of 2005 Filipinos spent 165.8 billion pesos for telecommunication services. Ironically, we are a country that is having an economic crisis.

    Many explanations were made why we Filipinos are cell phone-crazy people but it all boils down to the fact that we love staying connected in an instant. If you’re alone and bored, just text someone and you will not feel alone anymore. Text messages became so popular because most of us are shy and is have troubles expressing ourselves. With text messaging, we are more comfortable speaking out what’s on our mind.

    The mobile phone business is still not showing signs of waning. The cell phone is now a part of our lives. The competition between the telecom companies is stiffer than ever. Mobile phone services has became more affordable especially with the introduction of “loads in sachet”, that is electronic loading which has became a common fixture in sari-sari stores, canteens and even the sidewalks. While almost everything has become more expensive, the prices of telecom services have been dropping. In these trying times where the country is in an economic turmoil, an affordable way of getting connected is what we need since a cell phone is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity.

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    How I spent the Holy Week Break

    Excuse the lack of creativity of my title, just could not think of a "catchy" one.It actually reminds me of my elementary days where the first activity every first day of class (and after the Christmas break too) is "My Summer (Christmas) Vacation". Actually this is the first time I had a class after the lenten season (my first summer class was after the lenten season) so this is something new to me, but I'm not complaining, because I love being at school this summer than bore myself at home. Basically,I spent more time on tv even if there is no regular programming because well I had a great time following the marathon of Gilmore Girls and 7th heaven.Yup.I stay tuned from start to finish (on thursday 9 ep marathon of gilmore girls then 6 ep and 12 ep marathon for 7th heaven). Even though, I've already seen the episodes shown I still watched because well its FUN to relieve those episodes.I also watched Maalala Mo Kaya on ABS CBN,I love the story of the girl (fatima) who is sick yet her faith unwaivered and the young actress who played Fatima was excellent.I also watched the "tagalized" tv special on St. Rita, I thought I will get bored watching it but I was wrong,the show was engaging. My parents also listened to Radio Veritas, a Catholic radio station, it the programs were very sacred then I heard MIKE ENRIQUEZ! I dont really like Mike and was annoyed with what he is saying because he was too preachy (plus keeps saying kapuso every start of a sentence which was really annoying and my brother even commented "paano na yung mga kapamilya, hindi na niya pagdadasal" wow,network war on holy week). I attended one mass only and had a first rosary with all 6 of us present. I also ate a lot but there were no meat although I did have lots of chichirias. To sum it up, it was uneventful break but definitely not boring.

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Short term memory

    I was appaled in one of last night's news. IBON foundation conducted a survey about who they want to be the next president if ever Gloria is ousted and guess who came on top? ERAP!!! what are they THINKIN? have they forgotten what he have done? I dont like Gloria too but that does not mean that ERAP is already redeemed. I'm so disgusted how some of the Filipino people are suffering from "amnesia", how could they easily forget that only a few years ago we ousted this president because of all the anomalies and other negative stuff he have done? They want to oust gloria but want erap back? the future is doomed!!!!

    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    Miss and Hit

    The new Heraldo Filipino Editorial Board was released last Monday (april 4) and sadly I did not make it. I was really disappointed since I really wanted to be an editor. I blew it. I knew I did mediocre on the EB exams and messed up the panel interview so I somehow sensed that I may not make it, still I crossed my fingers that maybe I could still pass. But my hunch was right,unfortunately. Life goes on and I fully support the new EB, I could still try next year anyway.

    On the other side, I was chosen as the Editor in Chief for our class' laboratory paper El Caviteño (our summer subjects is all about News Writing and Newspaper Management). It will be one big challenge for me. We only have less than 6 weeks to produce that paper. I hope I could manage our paper well. This is the first time I will lead such big task. I will really work hard for this. I want our paper to be a success. Wish me luck!

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Mathematically Challenged

    I received my grades last week and in general my grades were good except for one. The highest grade in DLSU-D is 4.00 then 3.75,3.50, 3.25 and so on and we are under Absolute Grading system which is hard but challenging. As much as possible I dont want to get a grade of 1.75 down to 1.00 (and of course 0.00 but thats already given) unfortunatley I had another 1.75 for Elementary Statistics. "Another" because it's the second time I received a 1.75 first was on the second semester of my freshman on the guess it right..... College Algebra! I don't hate Math I just hate not being good at it! Math could have been an easy subject for me coz it does not involves complex terms, if you know how to solve a problem and knows the correct process you are surely to have great grades! I really envy people who are good with Math. But I am not really dumb at Math since I was able to maintain being a consistent honor student in high school despite difficulty with Math.(But during my 2nd year in highschool I was almost disqualified at the honors' list since I almost did not make the grade cut off for Math which is 85, I got 84.7, thank God it was rounded off.). My problem is that I had poor retention in Math and I do not review my notes that much except when there is exams already.I admit it's my fault why I'm mediocre at Math. However I'm still good at some aspects of math like probability,permutation among others , its too bad that for the other aspects of Statistics I was awful. I'm also good with Math that involves money hehehe. Oh well, good Elem Stat is my last Math subject! Ironically, I was awarded Best in math during my highschool graduation, what a joke! I was awarded with that award because of the following reasons:

    1. My school gave two awards for each category one for each section and almost all of the people who were good at Math were in the other section (we have no honor section, we are mixed up) thus the other section faced stiffer competition while my section not that much.
    2. My math teacher during my final year taught us the same topic (counting techniques) for two grading period and since I was good with those topics I received good grades
    3. And according to my math teacher I was the nicest in my class.Well,since a lot of my classmates dislike her they tend to be unruly on her.

    Still, I do not deserve it and you know what, I failed to bag the award I was hoping to get instead I received the award that I would never thought of getting. Oh well.....

    Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    The Sophomore Saga

    My sophomore year in college is over! (well technically not yet since we have a 6 week summer class but I consider that time as "transition period" for our third year). This year is way better, miles away, from my freshman year. Lot of things happened to me that will be forever in marked in my heart! Well I fulfilled one of my dreams, to be part of a school publication! Being at Heraldo Filipino made me feel more "fulfilled" as a student. Yeah, my life is more complicated than the ordinary student but it is more okay when you are doing something more and being exposed to the community and not be just be confined in the four corners of the classroom. I have learn that being a school scribe is not just about writing no its way more beyond than that. at first i wanted to be in a school paper for the glory of the byline but as time goes I realized that I also enjoy being a student servant. Now I currently finished all three tests for my editorial bid. I hope I'll pass and be a an editor but if not it will be okay since I will have my time.

    Anyways I also witnessed the dramatic change of my classmates, the once passive section has bloomed! They are now active and now shows interest with our course. Before they seem so bored,lazy and has the kanya kanya attitude but now I'm seeing their potentials. In fact we won two competitions and some of the members of the class won awards (including me). Some are already joining extra curricular organizations. I now see hope and I wont be scared anymore that we will not do our productions for our third year, I know our class can do it!

    My academics were better! Maybe because the subjects I have taken were more likable (well except for a few like reed144). I almost became a Dean's lister during the first semester! Next school year it will be a majority of major subjects (only two out of 8 subjects are minors)

    Another chapter of my college life has folded and I'm waiting the next chapter with excitement

    Thursday, March 16, 2006

    The Haircut

    I had my haircut last Sunday and when I entered the examination room my classmates cheered [?]! I was really surprised with that response as if it was my first time to get my hair cut.Though I did not have a haircut for three months. Well, I guess the response was becuase I did not have my usual "barber's cut". I do not know what my new haircut/style is called. Actually, my mother meddled with this, she was actually demanding to change my hair do ["hindi raw pang binata"] for weeks and last Sunday she "forced" me to accompany her to the salon, I knew that I will my have haircut that day. When I was about to say to the haircutter "barbers cut" my mother talked and said that he[the haircutter] should give me a "pang binata" haircut.I was really embarassed with that scene but I choose not to speak and just give in with her "demands". But what can I say,this time the cliche "mothers knows best" was correct, base from the response I received, I looked better with my new hair style.

    Friday, March 10, 2006

    Examining Life

    let me share my article published at Heraldo Filipino (the school paper I'm a part of) last month. It was the entry for Staffers Corner. Staffers' Corner is the section where a staff is given a space on the opinion section of the paper. Every issue three staff members are assigned to write anything they feel and the Editorial Board will choose what to publish. Luckily, my piece made it. This essay is geeky actually since it talks about exams.

    After weeks of partying, feasting, shopping, and other festivities in the Yuletide season, we are now back to reality: classes are back. And what a way to welcome 2006 as we faced the result of our pre-Christmas activity that is the preliminary examination.

    How did you fare? Do you belong to the group of students beaming with pride at their stellar performances, the group that says “okay lang”, or the other set that wants to crumple their test papers?

    Generally, it was okay for me (so I belong to the second group) except for one. I flunked one exam. It was one big shocker since I did not see it coming.

    I was confident that I would get a good score since the exam is more on the subjective type. This is the type of exam I prefer and like since it does not involve memorizing many complicated terms.

    My jaw literally dropped when I saw that my score was so low. I asked myself what went wrong. Did I give out shallow answers? I blamed my penmanship; it is so awful and hard to read. I checked my test paper over and over again; maybe the professor got it all wrong. But in the end, I realized that this happened because I just did not give the right answers.

    Some of my friends tried to console me by telling me “it is just an exam, you could still catch up”. But that’s not the whole point! We are not aware that we are learning more than what we have to in our examinations. A piece of paper may not be the true test of over all intelligence. However, it also tests the other skills that we need to survive in this life.

    In identification, we learn to name the right terms that suit the description in the question. Just like in life, we must be vigilant enough to identify the right decisions so as to avoid committing an error that will probably mess up our life. In identification there are no options for us to choose from, you have to rely on your knowledge and must trust yourself that you are giving the right answer. Decision-making is hard but if we are sure that what we on decide is for the better, then we should go for it.
    In matching type, we pair terms that complement each other. We match terms from column A to terms of column B. There are many choices for us to choose from but there is only one that will exactly suit one term. We have a counterpart that will “fit” in our lives. We just have to be patient for that “someone” to come. Sometimes, the number of choices in column B is greater than in column A; their purpose is to confuse us. In our journey to find our match we will occasionally encounter “things” that could pose as “our match”. We have to be careful, since there are a lot that seems to be the right one only to find out that it isn’t.

    In multiple choice, we are given an array of options for us to pick the correct one. Our life is full of choices and we are in full control of which option you think is correct. Some underestimates multiple choice, they don’t care that much to the point that they are using the “mini-mini-mayni-mo” strategy. It often results in more wrong answers than correct ones. We must take selecting what option is right seriously, each option has its own premise but only one is correct. It seems easy to do but when you are faced with beautiful options and you only have to pick one, it will be an uneasy task letting go of the other choices.

    In true or false, we are tested if the statement is telling the correct information or not. Knowing what is true is like being aware of what is right and knowing what is false is like being alert enough to spot what is wrong. But there are always those tricky statements that will bamboozle your senses.

    You will be confused if the statement is really true because there is a part of you that says it’s false. There will be a point in our lives when we are faced with a situation that we must decide whether to say Yes or No. We will be bewildered by that situation and you might ask, “What should I do? Should I go or walk away from it?”

    That’s why we must spot if there is something incorrect in the situation. Like in modified true or false, in which we will underline the word/s that made a statement wrong. And when we are able to unravel that incorrect situation, if there is something we could do about it, we should stand up and do something. In modified true or false when you identified the wrong word/s you must change it to the correct one.

    The essay type could be taken in two ways: pain, if you don’t like reasoning out and writing too many sentences or joy, if you prefer telling what’s on your mind and be heard out. The essay is the hardest to correct. Why? Unlike the other types, there is no answer key. You could not just randomly give points not until you have read and understand what the person wrote.

    The essay tests our critical thinking. What do we think of a certain issue, statement or problem? It seeks the deepest corners of our brains. Even if you have a photographic memory, it does not guarantee you a perfect score in the essay. It will all depend on how you present your ideas, stand, and arguments. We face so many situations that will test how we think. If we are not a critical thinker we could be easily fooled. What if the person talking to you very enthusiastically and convincingly is lying? If you don’t analyze the content of his message you will easily believe what he is saying which could probably harm your life. We all face problems that thwart us from achieving personal goals; we need to think well on how to handle those problems for us to be able to survive. If we just sit and rant and not think of the solution, we’re doomed.

    Life is like an examination; if you did not study, expect the worst; but if you prepared yourself, there will be a good outcome. But if you failed don’t give up. There will be another chance and hopefully this time, you are better prepared. However, always expect the unexpected since life, like an exam, is unpredictable sometimes.

    Saturday, March 04, 2006

    First and Last

    Last Tuesday (Feb 27), I had my very last PE class! yehey! I'm really poor with anything that involves physical agility and competitiveness and ever since I was in grade school I always dread PE class. My very last PE subject is volleyball and for the finals our class was divided into four groups to compete. I was telling my team mates that I will be one big liability, good thing though my team mates were supportive telling me that I can do it. Well I could not. We ranked third with 3 wins and 3 losses, I let out a sigh of relief that we did not end last (the 4th placer had a 0-6 win-loss card). My classmates were really so nice to me since every point I contribute in the game they gave me a pat in the back and for the errors (which are a lot) they will say "okay lang yan". Everytime our team wins a match they include me in the "galing natin" exchanges although I was not really a factor for the victory. During the whole duration of the competition my biggest problem was that I could not properly serve the ball. My attempts were awful and embarassing, the ball would go to different places. However during our last game, I finally did it! There were loud cheers when I was able to serve the ball correctly. Quite ironic, having my first correct service in my very last game.
    SO that was it, the PE part of my life is finally over. I will miss PE though but I will not miss the feeling of frustration I felt over my failures in PE.

    Monday, February 20, 2006

    A Reco to Remember

    Our class had its recollection (reco) today and I enjoyed it so much. The reason is that my class is now united compared to the divided kanya kanya class I had a year ago. I felt how tight the bond is. Inside the bus they were all enjoying each other’s company. There was also reconciliation between two of my classmates who had a dispute over a guy. My classmates were cheering when they finally patch up their differences. It was fun seeing that, I actually seated alone in the bus but although I was in my solitude I still felt the belongingness. Why? During the recollection we had this envelopes where you can leave notes for your classmate and I receive a lot. It was very flattering reading those kind words. Before that we also had this activity where the facilitator asked us to give eight notes that says “Thank you for being a special part of my life” and “I hope we could get close to each other” and when the facilitators tallied who got the most number of notes and to my surprise I was the one who receive the most number (18). I never thought that I would end up as one of the people that everyone considers as a friend. During the first few months of my freshman year I really felt out of place, it seems that I could not find my place to any of the groups in my class. So I ended up being not a part of any group. But that thing proved to be a blessing in disguise since I became flexible; I was not confined to hanging out to a specific group. I could work with all of my classmates thus bringing me closer to them. If there is something I learned in this recollection is how important pakikisama is and people could still like and accept you without changing your personality just to pretend that you are someone you are not.

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    One Down

    Today was the Literary Festival of my school and my class participated. It was really stressful since our World Literature professor was pressuring us since its her "legacy" to win. We only had little time to prepare and she (the prof) want us to wear grand costume (suits and gown) plus other ambitious props (float ala MMFF). Our five minute presentation was not polished because we had a hard time to have the complete cast for the rehearsals since some of the cast members were irregular students and our schedules did not match. I was really worried that we will mess this up but good thing we pulled it of and won Best Presentation, Actress and Costume (we so deserve to win that award, its not easy to walk suffering from scorching heat wearing formal attires) Plus my classmates sweep the Poetry Writing contest bagging all the three awards. I'm so relieved that one burden is already crossed out from my list. Our class will face a lot of pressures that will once again challenge us. To give you an idea what awaits our class here is my "to do" list.
    * Organize a seminar for my Introduction to Journalism class (our resource speaker is campus journalist from another school)
    * Television productions every week for my Introduction to Broadcasting class (last week news program, this week talk show,coming soon drama program)
    * Write a term paper about a tv program for Introduction to Broadcasting class again
    * make a website for my Computer class
    * Interview a company for REED (by the way I got a low Midterm grade with this subject what terrible performance since last sem I got the highest score for my REED)
    * Harder topics for my Elementary Statistics class

    Few weeks to go before this school year ends I cant wait for the day that all this stuff are done already.

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006


    happy anniversary forg files!
    I should have posted this last February 3, the exact date of my blog’s first year anniversary but because I was preoccupied with some other plus our Internet connection at home is malfunctioning again I wasn’t able to do it anyways cliché as it may sounds its better late than never. Blogging for me started as a curiosity that led to a habit. A year ago, I was at the ERS [the computer section of out Library that became my second home when I was a freshman] the student who used the computer before me forgot to log out at his blog. So, as a good Samaritan [for luck of better term or just plain laziness to think] I did it for him but I got curious with this blog so I signed up and typed my first ever entry and it was all about my writing frustration.
    I like having a blog because as a frustrated/budding writer this site is my avenue where I say stuff I could not do orally. I admit my write-ups are full of grammatical errors and disorganized thoughts but what matters most for me is that I was able to express what’s in my mind. Having this blog is like having my own column. It is also good that other people could read what you are about to say. I always feel glad whenever someone leaves a comment [I want to thank these people who always have the time to waste their precious surfing moments reading what’s in my blog. Your comments, feedback, thoughts, reactions are truly appreciated]; it is really good to hear what they have to say with my ramblings.
    I bought the latest book of Bob Ong [stainless longganisa] and it was all about the author’s passion for writing [of course Ong presented it in a funny way]. I loved the book and it even inspired me to continue writing. I don’t think I could ever reach the caliber of writing Ong and Jessica Zafra [my other favorite writer] has but I hope someday I could also write a book. I have an idea actually. I’m planning to print all my blog entries [a total 56 including this one] for the past year and compile it and have it book bind [if that’s what you call it]. I will also include all my published articles I have written for our school publication and the radio and TV scripts I have written for my Introduction to broadcasting class. This collection will be my “first book”. Somehow, I could feel like a real writer!

    Saturday, January 28, 2006

    On Air

    Today, in our Introduction to broadcasting class we did a radio drama and it was a fun experience. I was the scriptwriter and the host. Our concept is a counseling program ala Maalala mo kaya . We named our radio program “LA SALLE LOVE NOTES” and the name they coined for me “JEC DE MANGO”. I really find it funny but heck I took the role seriously. Our story is so teenybopper and some of my classmates were surprised that I was the one who wrote the script. The story is full of clichés and so mushy but I actually wanted it that way since I believe that kind of story is easy to write. Plus, I can’t write a full pledge comedy, which I also wanted to do. My attempt to write that genre was so awful. The turn out for the production was satisfactory although we had some problems but it was understandle since we only had a limited time to practice so we werent able to polish the errors of the program. As Jec De Mango, I was terrible! I said one line two times! I also sounded like I had a cold! My attempt to have a modulated voice sucks! Speaking does not really complement me. Anyways, I'm so enjoying this class because we are learning the "real thing", no boring lectures, no memorizations, it will all depend on your skill and team work as well.

    Tuesday, January 24, 2006


    Manny Pacquiao's boxing match with Erik Morales last Sunday is one unforgettable event in the history of the Philippines. Seriously, when I went outside to buy something, our place was almost deserted. Everybody is tune in despite the long commercials. My family is not exception, even my mother who does not really watch sports stuff was glued to the tv sets, my father had a half day at work. That's how strong Pacquiao's impact. And when he won, there were screams in the house (Me, I did not since I already knew Pacquiao won because I checked the Internet and was spoiled). When I watched I could really the Pacman fever, some even spent 300 pesos just to watch the match with no commercials at the cinema (I think its overpriced). Of course, the politicians "umepal", they are so disgusting! When PGMA called, I was cringing, she sounded like her impersonator Tita Glow. I also found out that the match rated high, it got 60+%. It was a great day and hopefully this thing wont get into Pacquiao's head and also I wish he wont suffer the fates of the other boxers who went broke.
    "Namatay na si Ernie Baron kahapon"
    "Buhay pa siya nung Friday"
    This was my stupid comment when a classmate told me the news. I already knew that but what I was trying to say that I've just heard him on radio having a return from a long break. I was shocked when I found out he died. Since I was a child I have always like Ernie Baron, although I dont believe that he knows everything, I'm still amaze with his wide scope of knowledge. I listen to his radio show and back then I really wish we had a phone so we could call him. When his radio show, knowledge power, was made into a television show, I followed the show religiously and was really bummed when it was cancelled. I still could not grasp the fact the he is gone forever and I could not help but feel sad that I never had the chance to call him. Weather reports will never be the same again. No one will answer the questions of his listeners. R.I.P Ernie Baron