Monday, February 20, 2006

A Reco to Remember

Our class had its recollection (reco) today and I enjoyed it so much. The reason is that my class is now united compared to the divided kanya kanya class I had a year ago. I felt how tight the bond is. Inside the bus they were all enjoying each other’s company. There was also reconciliation between two of my classmates who had a dispute over a guy. My classmates were cheering when they finally patch up their differences. It was fun seeing that, I actually seated alone in the bus but although I was in my solitude I still felt the belongingness. Why? During the recollection we had this envelopes where you can leave notes for your classmate and I receive a lot. It was very flattering reading those kind words. Before that we also had this activity where the facilitator asked us to give eight notes that says “Thank you for being a special part of my life” and “I hope we could get close to each other” and when the facilitators tallied who got the most number of notes and to my surprise I was the one who receive the most number (18). I never thought that I would end up as one of the people that everyone considers as a friend. During the first few months of my freshman year I really felt out of place, it seems that I could not find my place to any of the groups in my class. So I ended up being not a part of any group. But that thing proved to be a blessing in disguise since I became flexible; I was not confined to hanging out to a specific group. I could work with all of my classmates thus bringing me closer to them. If there is something I learned in this recollection is how important pakikisama is and people could still like and accept you without changing your personality just to pretend that you are someone you are not.


Anonymous said...

well, i actually felt the same, and let me tell you the great thing about not belonging to a particular group is that you have control of your whereabouts and you don't really depend yourself on them. -cmc

Anonymous said...

^^ wow~ ang dami mong letters.. and good that u had fun. ^^