Saturday, March 04, 2006

First and Last

Last Tuesday (Feb 27), I had my very last PE class! yehey! I'm really poor with anything that involves physical agility and competitiveness and ever since I was in grade school I always dread PE class. My very last PE subject is volleyball and for the finals our class was divided into four groups to compete. I was telling my team mates that I will be one big liability, good thing though my team mates were supportive telling me that I can do it. Well I could not. We ranked third with 3 wins and 3 losses, I let out a sigh of relief that we did not end last (the 4th placer had a 0-6 win-loss card). My classmates were really so nice to me since every point I contribute in the game they gave me a pat in the back and for the errors (which are a lot) they will say "okay lang yan". Everytime our team wins a match they include me in the "galing natin" exchanges although I was not really a factor for the victory. During the whole duration of the competition my biggest problem was that I could not properly serve the ball. My attempts were awful and embarassing, the ball would go to different places. However during our last game, I finally did it! There were loud cheers when I was able to serve the ball correctly. Quite ironic, having my first correct service in my very last game.
SO that was it, the PE part of my life is finally over. I will miss PE though but I will not miss the feeling of frustration I felt over my failures in PE.

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Anonymous said...

galeng ah.. nakakablog ka sa sch.. ako dito sa labas..