Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reasons to sleep a little later

ABS CBN will now have an earlier timeslot for their late night newscast.But it will not be INSIDER anymore, replacing the said show will be BANDILA (which I think is an awkward name for a news program).Personally,I guess it's good to finally move the newscast to a timeslot where most people are still awake plus with the change the current affairs programs will now also be earlier (11pm). I'm a fan of Probe Team and I'm really pleased that I could now watch the show on a better time.I hope GMA7 will follow too because I would prefer watching I witness,Reporter's notebook than their unfunny comedy block.


It's only the second week of classes and I'm already starting to feel how heavy my school load will be. I have tougher subjects this time around, so many things to do, so many things to accomplish. I have this bunch o photocopied reference materials to study on for a recitation/quiz on my subhect Electonic Newsroom. I also have this assignment for my Music Scoring and Audio Desgin to burn 5 classical and opera songs with reflection paper. Plus an essay and assigned readings for my Radio/TV newswriting. To top it off, I also have my duties for the school paper. I have seven articles, four are already okay but I still have three that needs revising, and the revision is not just technical errors but I need to input new data on the articles' content.Oh well, it is just the start.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I'm getting sicked with Pacquiao already. I dont really hate him, just annoyed with the overexposure he is receiving. TV Patrol for the past two months or so "stalked" Manny, reporting every move he does even the frivolous ones. And even his opponent Larios gets [over] exposure, and the slant of their news features on him is obviously to make him look like a threat or to ignite the Filipinos to hate that guy coz he is arrogant [well we're not really sure if he really says those arrogant stuff since his interviews are dubbed]. Dyan Castillego is such a lucky person, coz she travels a lot because of her task to follow the every move of the boxers. My brother noticed that pumuti daw si Pacquiao. I said "Baka nag Vicky Belo" . I intended that remark as a joke but when you come to think it is possible. Pacquio is like the no. 1 endorser right now, you see his tv commercials all day[I personally dislike his EXTREME videoke commercial when he sings and dance!], he has also billboards and radio commercials. Heck, he even has a new single playing on the radio [featuring Francis M!]. I just really hope that he wont run in the upcoming elections because if he does I may dislike him, big time!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back to Uniforms

Classes are here again, Not really back to school since I am always at school just back to uniforms.After two months of wearing civilian clothing, I'm now back wearing my barong and brown pants. I like it this way actually since when you are in uniforms its okay to wear the same stuff everyday (except on wash days of course). I have a limited wardrobe so during the summer months you will see me wearing a shirt that I that I have used so many times. Plus, wearing uniforms is an advantage when riding jeepneys since the moment I step the vehicle its already a given that i'm a student so I should get my discount. Some jeepney drivers are so maarte sometimes but heck the students help them a lot to have a good day in terms of getting their jeepneys full. During the summer months a driver once said to me that passengers are not that many so they don't earn that much. Actually, during the summer months I did not invoke my right of student discount. I believe that's my way of helping them since I also understand that times are hard. But since classes are already resumed, they will have lots of passengers already, so I'm back to my normal commuter state.


This year my block has been "upgraded" form JOU21 to JOU31. Time is flying so fast, I just could not believe that it has already been two years since I first set my foot here at DLSU-D. My third year as Broadcast Journalism student, and base from what I've heard and observed this year will be hard, really hard. 6 out of 8 subjects that I will take this year are major subjects. My schedule is so flexible since all my major subjects are just scheduled in a day for three straight hours. In fact today (Thursday) my first class is on at 2:30PM! And I have no classes on Wednesdays (but I will still go to school). The only subjects in two meetings are the minor ones (Economics and Sociology) and they are scheduled every Tuesday/Thursdays 2:30-4pm and 4-5:30pm. Oh well, I just hope this year will be great.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tape Recorder, School Supplies and Captain Barbel

I'm here right now at an Internet Cafe here at SM Dasmarinas, I went to school today to interview the CSO secretary for an article, this is her only available date since she has OJT on weekdays. The secretary, Mikki, is actually a close friend of mine so aside from the interview we had lots of kwentuhan. In fact, the interview lasted for just 5 minutes but the kwentuhan for nearly two hours! We talked about her initiation as the new CSO sec (which also happened at Caliraya) which was very memorable, her rants over the how disorganized the OJT system of her department and lots of stuff .However, I found out that I recorded some of our conversations which was not related to the topic for my interview! It turns out, I forgot to turn my recorder off when I finished the interview!


Since its too early too go home I decided to go to SM muna , my first stop is National Bookstore to window shop but there were hordes of people in "panic buying" mode. Well, its not surprising since the opening of classes is just a few days away. I kinda felt nostalgic seeing families with tons of notebooks,pens and other school supplies since we were like that before. Since grade 4 until 4th year highschool I had the same brand of notebook, PRO-EARTH, coz its cheap plus I love the cover which are of course centers on environment protection. What's weird though is that those brand is only available during the peak season of May and June only. We would also buy loads of pad paper from 1/4 to 1/2 (crosswise/lengthgwise) to 1 whole. Unlike most of my classmates who only have papers during the first week of classes I have enough that will last or one school year however my packs of pad paper will not reach that long since mauubos agad sa panghihingi ng mga kaklase ko. Still, Most of the time I have a pad of paper so I had of reputation of being the supplier of pad paper. My favorite brand is National's BEST BUY coz I love the texture and it's whiteness, sarap sulatan. I remember a classmate back in elementary who is like a mini national bookstore coz he almost have every needed school supply. He's kinda madamot though.


Also while browsing at National I saw this local showbiz magazine with Captain Barbel on the cover. Man! Richard Gutierrez looks so weird wearing that costume! Hindi proportion yung ulo niya dun sa built ng costume, ang awkward tingnan parang pinotoshop yung ulo niya dun sa costume. I've read in press releases and seen in the plugs that costume is expensive and imported abroad well for me the money is not worth it although I must say that the costume looks good it just dont fit the lead they should have used the services of local tailors/designers

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Big Puzzle called LOST

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LOST tells the story of plane crash survivors stranded in an island full of mysteries. The show is a must see for people who craves for a show full of excitement, adventure and has intelligent writing. This is not your typical American shows which has stand-alone episodes. The first season, which I have recently finished, chronicles the first 41(?) days of the castways. The story is continous journey so it requires the viewer patience so if you have short attention span I guess you will get tired with the show easily. The show is like a large puzzle with every new episode bringing a new piece to the puzzle. Lots of questions will be raise however those will not be answered immediately. And sometimes when a question is addressed it will bring another one. The characters (well there are about 10 major characters) are not one dimensional, aside from what we see in them in the islands, the show also gives us the preview on how they live before the crash through backstories intertwined with each episode. Each episode (except the pilot and the season finale which have various backstories) focuses on one castaway's backstory. Their stories are so engaging and in some ways interconnected. But LOST is not just pure action as the story has a also a of mix of humor, drama and a little romance on the side.This is the type of show that will make you feel uneasy in your couch,make you cry and will definietly will get you thinkin and evaluate on the situation and the charcters' actions. However, I'm worried on how the show will end, the program set high expectations and hopefully the show's writers will not be "lost" since they have to avoid the story to be too dragging but not completely be revealing since it may generate lost of interest. But as of now I'm enjoying the program since this is truly one amazing show.