Saturday, June 17, 2006


I'm getting sicked with Pacquiao already. I dont really hate him, just annoyed with the overexposure he is receiving. TV Patrol for the past two months or so "stalked" Manny, reporting every move he does even the frivolous ones. And even his opponent Larios gets [over] exposure, and the slant of their news features on him is obviously to make him look like a threat or to ignite the Filipinos to hate that guy coz he is arrogant [well we're not really sure if he really says those arrogant stuff since his interviews are dubbed]. Dyan Castillego is such a lucky person, coz she travels a lot because of her task to follow the every move of the boxers. My brother noticed that pumuti daw si Pacquiao. I said "Baka nag Vicky Belo" . I intended that remark as a joke but when you come to think it is possible. Pacquio is like the no. 1 endorser right now, you see his tv commercials all day[I personally dislike his EXTREME videoke commercial when he sings and dance!], he has also billboards and radio commercials. Heck, he even has a new single playing on the radio [featuring Francis M!]. I just really hope that he wont run in the upcoming elections because if he does I may dislike him, big time!


Anonymous said...

i am sick and tired of the pacquiao hype as well, as if the pacquiao fight is the only sports event that we should all watch out for. tv patrol can't even give world cup updates, to think it has TFC correspondents.

ei forg, pls add a link of my blog to your blog

Anonymous said...

actually, it's abs cbn who's over exposing him. the network should learn when enough is enough.

kapuso here talking *lol*

Anonymous said...

oh please jon magat, the kapuso is guilty of overexposing "romy garduce", both networks suck in that sense. :D

Anonymous said...

hellew there buddies! i'm so happy for you to visiting my blogs and also to comment to me! thanks thanks!

yes i am agree to you about manny...they are make so much celebrity over there but i thinking of course he was deserve to it but too much expose is become bad right. i just think in philippines they are wanting to spoiling all the people who is bring a honor to the countries. but still i thinking it is okay as long as manny's head will not be like balloon and get big with airs.

forg/jecoup said...

thanks for posting guys

earl and aajao, no network war banter s here please hehehe

inday nakakatuwa ka talaga mag post