Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One Down

Today was the Literary Festival of my school and my class participated. It was really stressful since our World Literature professor was pressuring us since its her "legacy" to win. We only had little time to prepare and she (the prof) want us to wear grand costume (suits and gown) plus other ambitious props (float ala MMFF). Our five minute presentation was not polished because we had a hard time to have the complete cast for the rehearsals since some of the cast members were irregular students and our schedules did not match. I was really worried that we will mess this up but good thing we pulled it of and won Best Presentation, Actress and Costume (we so deserve to win that award, its not easy to walk suffering from scorching heat wearing formal attires) Plus my classmates sweep the Poetry Writing contest bagging all the three awards. I'm so relieved that one burden is already crossed out from my list. Our class will face a lot of pressures that will once again challenge us. To give you an idea what awaits our class here is my "to do" list.
* Organize a seminar for my Introduction to Journalism class (our resource speaker is campus journalist from another school)
* Television productions every week for my Introduction to Broadcasting class (last week news program, this week talk show,coming soon drama program)
* Write a term paper about a tv program for Introduction to Broadcasting class again
* make a website for my Computer class
* Interview a company for REED (by the way I got a low Midterm grade with this subject what terrible performance since last sem I got the highest score for my REED)
* Harder topics for my Elementary Statistics class

Few weeks to go before this school year ends I cant wait for the day that all this stuff are done already.

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nice, cozy place you got here :)..