Saturday, January 28, 2006

On Air

Today, in our Introduction to broadcasting class we did a radio drama and it was a fun experience. I was the scriptwriter and the host. Our concept is a counseling program ala Maalala mo kaya . We named our radio program “LA SALLE LOVE NOTES” and the name they coined for me “JEC DE MANGO”. I really find it funny but heck I took the role seriously. Our story is so teenybopper and some of my classmates were surprised that I was the one who wrote the script. The story is full of clich├ęs and so mushy but I actually wanted it that way since I believe that kind of story is easy to write. Plus, I can’t write a full pledge comedy, which I also wanted to do. My attempt to write that genre was so awful. The turn out for the production was satisfactory although we had some problems but it was understandle since we only had a limited time to practice so we werent able to polish the errors of the program. As Jec De Mango, I was terrible! I said one line two times! I also sounded like I had a cold! My attempt to have a modulated voice sucks! Speaking does not really complement me. Anyways, I'm so enjoying this class because we are learning the "real thing", no boring lectures, no memorizations, it will all depend on your skill and team work as well.

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