Saturday, May 06, 2006

Finding Your Niche

Its already May and its almost a year when I took the HF exam. I so remember that day,it was the last day of the summer term and also the day of the enrolment for the 1st semester then I saw the poster screaming that HF is now open for applicants I immediately dragged one classmate to persuade to take the exam with me.When I found someone we immediately went to the HF office and took the exam, but my classmate did not finish the exam because of some emergency.So I was left alone and ,boy, the exam was hard it took me three hours to finish it.I only answered the features and literary exam since I've realized that the guy is just waiting for me to finish so he could go home, I did not answer the news exam anymore.

When I left school,I thought I will not make it. The features exam was hard, some questions were hard to understand while the literature I just dont have "it".After one month,I did not hear anything from HF so I just concluded that I failed. But on July 5,I received the text I've been waiting for a long time.

I was really happy when I made it even though I did not take the NEWS exam I was still accepted as a news staff. I've learned a lot of things about HF like really discovering what niche really is, NEWSWRITING, before I just wanted to write but I don't know exactly what to write but when I became an HF staff I found out that my writing style is really suited for news writing and I enjoy it. Being part of a school publication has been a dream for me for such a long time and when I became a part of it I could not complain less. Being with HF, I've learned a lot of stuff even more than what I could learn in school Mam Brenda, my newswriting and newspaper management prof and former HF editor, told me that she learned more about journalism with HF than the subjects she took up in the ABCOM course. It makes sense being with HF I am continously learning compared to an academic subject which is just limited to classworks and it is just only for a semester.

I'm so glad being a part of Heraldo Filipino.

(By the way until now I haven't erased the text message telling that I passed HF,I'm such a sentimental dude)

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Anonymous said...

huhuhuhu.. dahil sa hf na yan.. waaaaaaa

im sentimental to you know!
pero okay lang magkalapit naman ang office natin this school year.
miss you!