Monday, December 31, 2018

My Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2018

Another year where I watched fewer movies than I would want . Anyway, there are 2017 releases but I've only seen them this year (or was released just this year). From the movies I've seen in the theater this year here are my 10 favorites of 2018!

10. Incredibles 2
- A fun and action filled sequel to the Pixar classic.

9. The Greatest Showman
- The story is just okay but the SONGS! The musical sequences elevated it to me.

8. Teen Titans GO! To The Movies
-Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is indeed a movie about getting a movie made. It sounds a little crazy on paper but it totally worked on screen as the humor is so wicked and sharp

7. Searching
Searching is a nifty modern thriller with strong emotional core that will you keep engaged from start to finish.

6. Ralph Breaks The Internet
- An imaginative and action filled sequel to the 2012 original. The sequence with the Disney Princesses was the highlight, so funny!

5. Smallfoot 
Smallfoot is a pleasant surprise as it went beyond simple kiddie entertainment as it explored deep ideas of bending the truth and blind faith

4. Exes Baggage 
I felt that this movie was able to capture a relationship by regular folks in this modern era and the soundtrack just added to a fantastic movie experience. And the ending I love it! Not exactly new but the way they build the scene was glorious.

3. Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes
The movie was marketed as a broad comedy about wives discovering that their husbands are gay and in a relationship. But the movie is so much more than that. It's a great dissection of not just sexual identity but also about relationships and dealing with pain.

2. Changing Partners 
This Cinema One original is a fantastic and unique musical which tells the story of four couples of various gender and age gap (played by four actors switching characters) and firmly expresses that no matter what the differences, romantic relationship have similar struggles and challenges.

1. Signal Rock
-The story of the go-to guy of a remote community. This movie perfectly captured what it's like to be the shock absorber and how one takes the extra mile just to solve out problems and issues even if you are not really directly involved. It is also a loving portrait small town life and how the social community functions.

Favorites from the past years:

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