Monday, December 31, 2018

My 10 Favorite Comedy TV Series Episodes of 2018

Here is my annual rundown of my favorite episodes of the sitcoms/comedy programs I watched this year. Like in previous years for variety purposes I just chose one episode per show. 

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1.  The Middle Season 9, Episode 24 "One Heck of a Ride"
- The final episode of one of my all time favorite TV shows. It was perfect end to this simple but relatable show. The finale had a great final shot of just the Hecks in a car where there best scenes of the series usually occur. I will definitely not forget this show.

2. Young Sheldon Season 2, Episode 3 "A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens"
- Sheldon's mother Mary had a crisis of faith and Sheldon unlikely helps her restore it. This is such a sweet episodes that showcased that no matter what the difference of beliefs, love can unite us all.

3. Superstore Season 4 Episode 5 "Delivery Day"
- Dina and Amy goes to labor at the same day and the episode showcased in a funny yet enlightening way the importance of health insurance you get from work and how drastically different it is for the working class. 

4.  Will & Grace Season 10 Episode 4 "Who's Sorry Now" 
-  Grace reads an old letter from Will back in the day they were dating and how he was struggling to tell her who he really is. I've been enjoying this series' revival and I'm glad that in an episode like this they never forger the root for the duo's strong friendship

5. The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 24 "The Bow Tie Symmetry" 
- Amy and Sheldon gets married! Such a fun episode and glad to see it didn't have the classic sitcom wedding hijinks because that would be predictable. Later on they released two scenes that didn't make the final cut and it's a pity because those scenes involve MeeMaw and the late Stephen Hawking

6. The Good Place Season 2 Episode 9 "Leap of Faith"
-  In this episode, Michael reveals to Eleonor and company that they are indeed in the bad place and just when you thought the story jumps the shark but nope it takes them to another level which is exciting. I'm constantly amazed how this could reboot itself and still not run out of creative ways to move the story forward.

7. Speechless Season 2 Episode 18 "N-o-Nominee"
JJ wins two awards at a film festival and discovers one chose him because of his disability. I'm impressed with how the show handles having the central character with special needs without the usual patronizing like a lot of shows do and this episode perfectly showcased it

8. Bob's Burgers Season 9 Episode 3 "Tweentreprenuers"
- The Belcher kids encounter a taste of "corporate life" for a school activity. This show is just so clever on how they presented the essence of corporate politics on an Elementary school setting. 

9. Mom Season 6 Episode 9 "Jell-O Shots and the Truth about Santa"
- After nearly two years of absence, Christy talks to her daughter Violet again but in a podcast! This episode is again another example of how the show masterfully balances comedy and it's more serious tone of the struggles of redemption.

10. Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 1 "A Princess, an Elf and a Demon Walk into a Bar"
- My favorite new show of the year is this animated comedy from Netflix, Disenchanted is not the fairy tale you expect s it shakes up the medieval fantasy genre with its brand of imaginative wit and sharp puns

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