Saturday, December 08, 2007

4 Days

Dec.4 Tuesday

2nd Day of OJT at Journal. I went early, around 1pm and when I went to the proofreaders section I was the only one there so basically I did not do anything but browse the issues of the dailies for that day and checked out the pages I've proofread. Then Christian came but Ghie was absent because of some thesis stuff. Speaking of thesis, Jasmin submitted the revised thesis, it was an easy revision since we had minimal changes which I am really glad about.
The first page that was given to us for proofreading was the showbiz section of Taliba. I was amused actually because the blind items struck me haha. Then other the pages came. Since Journal had three dailies it is unavoidable that they have repetitive stories. There was this story on Nina that appeared on all three dailies.There were idle moments when there no pages to proofread since they are still not finished so it was quite boring so we decided to eat and as we leave the building we saw Mam Anne and reminded us of our articles which is due the next day, she was nice but the way she said "Bukas ah" quite gave an impact to us since we were conscious that we could disappoint her. Actually that day I still have no idea what to write about.
Anyways when we got back to the office, it was the peak time for proofreading so we like it since we are busy again. After two of the three dailies are already complete we decided to leave early since we will write our articles pa.
But it was traffic so I was still not able to go home early nevertheless I still worked on the article and slept 1am the next day just to finish it.

Dec. 5 Wednesday

I woke up around 8am and was shocked when I saw that the laptop is not there. Well, my sister [who owns it by the way] brought it at work. I have not printed my article yet since I will reread it. Anyways, I just went to a computer shop here in our place, actually, it has been months since I last went there and I was surprised how the shop has changed. Mas sosyal na sila with all their brand new PCs and I'm glad their printing cost is cheap already, 3 php per page, they used to charge 5 php the last time I went there and 10 php when I was in Highschool.
Anyway I had my article printed there and also emailed it to Mam Anne.
In the office, Ghie was there already so we are already complete. We were busier today than yesterday so it was good. And for the 2nd time, my buena mano was Taliba's showbiz section! haha
Around 3pm Mam Anne was in the office already and we submitted our articles already and a after an hour she said a good response on my article
Also on that day, there were snacks being passed around and they also gave us! We had chips, donuts and C2. Well, it came from Journal's advertisers.
There is also an office girl there who has a "mini sari sari store" and at first we were shy to buy at first but then we got hungry and we bought snacks there. She was nice anyway.
Well we ended our third day around 7pm.
As we go home we felt stranged that we have to go to school tomorrow. We felt that we have been with Journal for a long time already.

Dec. 6 Thursday

Back to school. In the morning I worked on our case study for Cross Cultural. My load was quite light since it was a pair work and Gerard already finished half of the work and he emailed it to me last night. I was not able to work it out when I went home yesterday because my sister went home late already and she had the laptop.
I had a hard time finding a yellow presentation folder where we have to place that case study.We were required to use one specific color of presentation folder only. It is a Sir Ramirez class afterall. For our class, it was yellow. May nag hoard yata ng small starfile yellow presentation folder, wala sa national bookstore ng glorietta,greenbelt, sm dasma,southmall at bacoor!
Anyways, it was good we found one in one of the shops near DLSU-D but it was not starfile but a new brand Focus, incidentally our case study was about a magazine named Focus, what a coincidence. I already brought extra folders for reserve hehe.
So before class it felt like ages since we last saw our classmates and we had lots of kwentos about our respective OJTs.
After class, I went to HF. I miss HF since I was gone for three days. Of course, problems on lay out progress welcomed me but what else is new anyway?

Dec. 7 Friday

We had no classes on Professional Ethics because of a confusion. Our room is at Bulwagang Jose Basa but there was a program there so we were instructed to VBH104 but the room had a class ongoing. And 20 mins had passed but Sir RS was nowhere in the vicinity of VBH. So we got paranoid and went to his department. We found out Sir was absent BUT we had a substitute professor and he went to VBH and did not saw us. We explained that the room had a class and were just in a Kubo near the room. Then the faculty checker called the department, also confused. It was a messy day. And in the end the class was cancelled.

After that I went to HF, presided the staff meeting and edited articles. Before I went home I had a chat with some of the staff and editors about childhood games, schools before, enchanted kingdom and swimming classes. Very random but I enjoyed it and it lasted for an hour. This, random conversations on anything and everything, that I will miss the most about HF when I graduate. Wait....I'm getting premature senti mode already ha!ha!

Before going home I went to a bank in SM to deposit for my and my brother's savings account [so busy with work, he have no time to do it anymore].
As I left the bank, I saw fireworks outside SM. Maybe it was for Dasmarinas Day tomorrow or for Christmas. Anyways, it was a nice way to cap off my day.

Tomorrow, classes are suspended because it is Dasmarinas Day and Immaculate Concepcion so I will use the day for OJT.

I'm excited to see Journal's office once again.


Anonymous said...

busy na talaga sa OJT. =)

Anonymous said...

wow people's journal. why?

eka, just dropped by, magpopost ako ng comment ko pag sa office na ako nagnenet. see you.

don;t forget to save me a copy of yer pics. =)