Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today I attended a meeting with the other student leaders of DLSU-D, well it was worth my time but it lasted two hours and I was late for my class but my professor was absent, though his secretary showed up and collected our assignments and killed time by having it recited. After my class I went to Bulwagang Jose Basa where I was invited by the Political Science Program (PSC) Council to be a resource speaker in their SONA forum.Yes, you've read it right, I was a resource speaker. I kinda hesitated to accept the invitation but I find it rude if I reject since I know its not easy to organize this kind of event. I'm not really an expert in Philippine Politics, social science in general but heck I've thought that joining this forum will be beneficial to me too. I was right, the other speakers, three professors and a PolSci student were really good, they have given good insights, and not just one sided. As for me, I know among the five panelists I was the weakest, I did not mess up but I did not shine. I felt embarass when the PSC president introduced us the speakers as EXPERTS! Define Pressure hehe. Anyways, the one good thing I said in the forum that the PSC president and the other panelist like is my answer to the question what is the true State of the Nation? My answer was the country is struggling but I'm not losing hope.
Anyways, the token I received was a gold DLSU-D letter opener, a coffee mug and certificate. Well, it was a nice experience but I really felt weird being on the other side, I used to be an ordinary student who attends this kind of seminars,symposium. Now I'm the on the"hotseat".

On Aug. 1, I will also speak about Publication Management for the Council of Student Organizations which will launch a newsletter this sem. I hope I'll do better this time since the topic is my field. I don't want people who invited me to be disappointed but sometimes I can't stop but feel that I don't deserve to be placed on this pedestal, I sometimes think I'm overrated.
But heck, I know I can do this. I just feel insecure at times. It's normal I guess. But I will not let "it" win.


aajao said...

ei congratulations! you are one speaker-of-the-house in the making. lol.

coffee mug?! woah... arbor! arbor! :D

forg/jecoup said...

naku kuya jon imposible yang speaker of the house, dahil well i don't speak well in the first place hehe