Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feeling Better

Today I'm glad I was able to fix already all the financial stuff needed for the UNIGAMES coverage in Bacolod and the INKBLOTS seminar in UST. What a relief. Also, the layout for HF2 is almost finished. Just one page not yet laid out [doodles]. But I already printed the galley for proofreading. I will be very careful and observant this time because last issue we committed a HUGE error, our issue was dated June-July 2006 in the front page, instead of 2007! Although in the succeeding pages, 2007 was printed. Still, an embarrassing boo-boo
On Monday,I will go to DLSU-Manila to attend a meeting with my fellow Lasallian campus journalists. Well, its passing the torch sort of, as we will talk about La Sallian Schools Press Conference (LSPCON) in University of St. La Salle,Bacolod next year, Time flies, it was just a few months ago when we were going gaga and very nervous about LSPCON because this is a big event.But I'm glad we pulled it off and we got glowing reviews. It is now Bacolod's turn.


The Glorietta bombing is very tragic. May God Bless the souls of those who passed away.And whoever did this, will pay. I'm very sure of that.

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