Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I feel bad

I was supposed to blog about OJT stories but I am not in the mood anymore after finding out a very bad news during a YM conference with a couple of my classmates earlier. Our classmates who did a docu thesis failed the defense. And they are back to zero. I was shocked. I know their group has some problems but I never thought they will end up facing that. They only have two options, accept their fate and take comres2 next sem or they will do another thesis, individually, with a submission on January 15. Very difficult situation. I could not imagine what they are feeling right now. As one of my classmate said, they could not feel jubilant after their defense [which was after them] because our other classmates suffered a very devastating result.
On Thursday, where we will have classes I do not know what will I say but definitely I will not say "It's okay" because I know it is not. They invested a lot for this thesis and it was all for nothing.
Lord, please guide my friends. I just hope this will not leave them a wound that will not heal.

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