Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am now a Yahoo Messenger user. Add me up, my id is jecoup9587. Haha, I'm such a late bloomer with a lot of stuff and one of this is the YM. Well, before i was a complete idiot to what the heck that is. I only use the internet for research, blogging, joining forums, email,friendster,reading hehe. But this month, when we had an internet connection once again at home(we had for a month dial up internet access before which was a waste of time,electricity and money, this time we're using Smart Bro) I decided to try that YM thing. And well its fun pala hehe. So guys add me up, but introduce yourself incase your IDs are different from your name or you don't have an avatar of your real looks hehe.


Today, our yearend proposal got approved already. Preparing that thing was so stressful and not easy. We have to consider a lot of stuff, it was hard and complicated. So I was a bit annoyed when I heard not so good remarks when they find out some details of the seminar/workshop. If they only knew what we went thorugh for the past week just to get things done.


I almost forgot that tomorrow is the distribution of summer grades. But then again I already knew my grade a week ago since it was posted in the dlsud portal already. I will just get the hard copy for filing. I like my grades (3.50 for PublicRelations and 3.25 Rizal). It was not an easy summer term especially PR which was an exhausting subject so thats why I'm so glad to get a high mark (and the highest grade in our class hehe). This summer term also served as a testing ground on how I will balance my academics and HF work. 'm glad I did well. Thank God!


◈lunaluna◈ said...

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aajao said...

2 tanong:

1) bakit magkamukha yung design ng blog natin; at

2) bakit hindi ka sumasagot sa mga comments sa blog mo? :P :P :P

Ederic said...

Subukan mo rin ang GTalk sa GMail. :)