Friday, November 18, 2005


This second semester will surely be a challenging one. First, we have our three major subjects already. I'm glad that the professors of these subjects are really good. I've heard from the third year students that when they took these subjects last year the teachers they had were not really good, I was really worried that we will have the same ones too.. Thank God that was not the case... Ms. Carillo of Introduction to Journalism is no non sense teacher while Mr.Umali of Intoduction to Broadcasting will surely put out skills to its best... To be honest I'm worried that I will not perform well with this subjects but I'm excited as well since this is it, the subjects that will make or break us [our class].
During HF's midyear seminar workshop, I was promoted from being an apprentice to junior staff. I was so happy that the Editorial Board appreciated for the work that I have done. But I was also sad that some of my batchmates [and good friends as well] did not get promoted. I know they felt sad because if I will feel the same way too if I were in their shoes. Being promoted means more challenges in fact for the fourth edition of HF I have 6 assignments one of which is the banner story. Also, I'm also a trainee of our Office and Circulations manager, so I'm trying my best not to disappoint her. Two days ago, I had my first experience with circulating the the third issue of HF. It was one tiring task but at the same time fulfilling. Being part of HF, mushy as it may sounds, is one the best things that happened in my life.

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hi jec... ano kelan tayo mag-uusap.