Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The bottle I always see

Probably the most popular beverage here in DLSU-D will be C2! For those who are not familiar with it, C2 is bottled tea. But of course it tastes better from the regular tea (because if it isnt,it wont sell). C2 means Cool and Clean and it has flavors (the regular green tea, apple, lemon,peach and black tea).
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Accordiing to its manufacturers' website [] "C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea is an invigorating, convenient, and contemporary adaptation of this thousand-year old, healthy drink.Delicately brewed from fresh green tea leaves, Camellia sinensis, C2 captures the Yin and Yang of nature with its soothing and relaxing component, coupled with a mild rejuvenating element that restores vitality."

Meaning to say this is a healthy drink.Maybe this is the reason why it became so popular, people are starting to get health conscious. Goodbye to softdrinks? Well not really but still in our campus you could practically see C2 bottles everywhere, when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. All canteens and concessionaires sells it, every table in those canteens there is 95% chance that you will see someone drinking it. Even if you just walk around you will see someone,whether student, faculty or employee, holding a C2 bottle. Of course trash bins welcomes tons of C2 bottles everyday, I once saw a bin overflowing of C2 bottles. Classrooms are not spared. Seeing a C2 bottle left in a chair is nothing new, I once overheard a professor in his senior years saying as he entered the classroom and saw a C2 bottle in the table "Bakit ba lagi ko na lang nakikita to?" (Why do I always see this). It also left me wondering, bakit nga kaya (why is it)? I drink C2 sometimes and I like the lemon one (and most people too since yellow C2 bottles are the ones I always see followed by the apple flavor). But my loyalty remains with tetra pack juices (zesto, funchum), its cheaper and its not that heavy in the stomach. Will C2 remain the king of beverages or is it just a fad? Lets wait and see.....
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Anonymous said...

I think that the people's rave for C2 green tea is a fad, I mean, the people is just buying it because of the manufacturer's sheer marketing strategy. For tea drinkers like me, nothing beats the taste of the real tea (it just tastes like iced-tea). By the way I think DLSU-D is earning a lot of money by selling used C2 bottles for recycling. I much prefer C2's rival, imported Chinese bottled teas (from taiwan, available at 7-eleven) or the Lipton Green Tea because it tastes much more like green tea than C2's juice like taste, although it is much more expensive by 5 pesos than C2 plus it contains less volume. In the case of C2, I prefer the green colored tea.

Anonymous said...

well.. i heard somewhere that c2 contains double amount of caffeine than a regular coffee.. that is why most people are ADDICTED to it.

Anonymous said...

actually, let me share to you some keyfacts on C2. HF peeps are especially obsessed and addicted to C2 (especially eric, mitz, ayn, sandig, etc.), and I won't exempt myself from the list. just a while ago, i enjoyed apple-flavored C2.

yes, yes. C2 sells like hamburgers (I believe in the fact that hamburgers always outsell hotcakes). i think that all stores selling C2 (whether inside or outside of the school) would profit a lot, knowing that most of us (i don't know if it's really "most" of "us") are really obsessed with the drink. and i think the makers (Universal Robina) are making a lot also.

as to the question whether C2 will stay in perpetuity or end up as a fad (like what happened to Noni Juice, Virgin Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc.), you're right. let's wait and see.